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Tue, 25 Jan 2022
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'F*** Dr. Phil': Leftists freak out about Matt Walsh appearing on 'Dr. Phil' to discuss radical gender theory

matt walsh dr. phil
© Courtesy Of Matt Walsh
"And f*** [Dr. Phil] for having Matt Walsh on his show and giving him a platform..."

Leftists are incensed this week at Dr. Phil for daring to have a conservative, Daily Wire host and author Matt Walsh, on his show to offer a differing opinion on pervasive radical left-wing gender theory.

The general outrage was aimed at Walsh, who was smeared as a bigot for stating biological realities and defending women-only spaces, but also at Dr. Phil for "platforming" Walsh, who holds an opinion shared by most Americans.


Texas synagogue hostage taker explains his actions prior to death

Malik Faisal Akram texas hostage synagogue
© OurCalling, LLC via AP
Malik Faisal Akram
Malik Faisal Akram promised to martyr himself.

In an expletive-laden phone call, the brother of Malik Faisal Akram urged the 42-year-old to surrender as he held four people hostage in a synagogue in Texas on Saturday.

The chilling phone call, obtained and published by the Jewish Chronicle on Wednesday evening, captures the last conversation between Akram and his brother, Gulbar Akram, who spoke to him from a police station in Blackburn.

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'Simpsons' moment comes to life as Biden turns to Tom Hanks to sell first year 'progress'

tom hanks simpsons
© 20th Century Fox
Still from 'The Simpsons Movie' Dir. David Silverman (2007).
The new video suggests Joe Biden's got a friend in the Hollywood actor.

President Joe Biden's presidential inaugural committee is marking his first year in office by blasting out an ad featuring Academy Award winner Tom Hanks. It was paid for with millions in leftover inaugural funds, according to a Thursday report from Axios.

In a statement to the outlet, the inaugural committee said it felt it was important to "celebrate the strength and perseverance of the American people" one year into Biden's presidency.

Comment: Maybe they should have gone with Morgan Freeman.

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Government Announces End of Pandemic Restrictions - Including Mask Mandate From January 26th

Boris Johnson
As Boris Johnson's premiership unravels following the backlash from the 'partygate' revelations of illicit Downing Street lockdown shindigs, the Prime Minister has announced not only the end of Plan B measures from January 26th - including vaccine passports, work-from-home guidance and face masks - but his intention to end the remaining measures as well. He told the Commons:
Today's latest ONS data show clearly that infection levels are falling in England and while there are some places where cases are likely to continue rising, including in primary schools, our scientists believe it is likely that the omicron wave has now peaked nationally.

There remain, of course, significant pressures on the NHS across our country, and especially in the North East and North West, but hospital admissions which were doubling every nine days just two weeks ago have now stabilised, with admissions in London even falling. The numbers in intensive care not only remain low but are actually also falling.

So, this morning, the Cabinet concluded that because of the extraordinary booster campaign, together with the way the public have responded to the Plan B measures, we can return to Plan A in England and allow Plan B regulations to expire.

As a result, from the start of Thursday next week mandatory certification will end. Organisations can, of course, choose to use the NHS Covid pass voluntarily but we will end the compulsory use of Covid status certification in England.

Comment: While the UK is easing its austerity measures, some other countries like Austria and Australia are tightening even more the authoritarian grip over their population.

Is there any malicious and hidden game behind this, or just another experiment?

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Sweeping abolition of COVID-19 restrictions proposed by NPHET revealed

Tony Holohan
© Colin Keegan/Collins Dublin
NPHET has advised the Cabinet that it can remove almost every covid-19 restriction from social distancing to covid passes and hospitality curfews in the coming days Extra.ie can reveal.

As early as tomorrow the Government will be able to announce an end of grinding restrictions that have been imposed on the Irish population at various degrees of severity for almost two years.

NPHET advised the Government this evening that guidance on household visiting; early closing for hospitality and events; capacity restrictions for indoor and outdoor events and even social distancing can be ended as soon as the Government decides it is appropriate. In a major surprise, NPHET has advised that covid passes will not be required in venues and activities.

NPHET has also advised that the work from home advice can be eased on a phased basis.

Cabinet meets on Friday and is likely to consult with Dr Tony Holohan to decide the exact sequencing but pubs, restaurants and even nightclubs are likely to reopen fully as early as Monday. NPHET has set no timeline and has left that open to Government Extra.ie has learned.


I was pilloried for being a lockdown sceptic - now it's clear I was right about quite a few things

children's playground lockdown
© PA
Activity equipment in the children's playground area of a park in London is closed off during lockdown
At the end of the Second World War, Gaullists and Communists insisted that the majority of the French people had played a part in the Resistance. Actual figures for those who actively opposed the Nazis vary between 400,000 and 75,000. Something not entirely dissimilar is happening now as the Government prepares to lift Plan B restrictions next week, and fervent advocates of lockdown try to distance themselves from its dire consequences. Scientists whose mathematical models persuaded anxious ministers to impose drastic restrictions on human freedom not even seen during the Blitz are suddenly keen to emphasise that these were merely worst-case "scenarios", not something on which you'd want to base actual policy.

Did they mention that at the time, I wonder? Or has the Eddie-the-Eagle reliability of their predictions given rise to a certain hasty revisionism? Sorry, that's unfair. Eddie the Eagle never predicted up to 6,000 Covid deaths a day this winter (actual number: 250).

Michael Gove, the Cabinet's most hawkish lockdown supporter, admitted last week to the 1922 Committee of Tory MPs that he was a "bedwetter" who got things badly wrong (unlike Boris) when he called for further restrictions over Christmas. Wes Streeting, the shadow Health Secretary, now says that we must never lock down again without explaining why the useless, No-opposition Opposition party not only failed to challenge any of the destructive rules, but continually called for them to be stricter.

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Insane: Nearly a third of Democrats support unvaccinated losing custody of their kids

parent against vaccine kids
© Getty Images
Anti-vaccine activists hold signs and chant in front of the Massachusetts State House against Gov. Charlie Baker's mandate August 20, 2020.
Democrats were more than twice as likely as other voters to favor harsh government restrictions being placed on unvaccinated people's lives, ranging from fines to loss of child custody, according to a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute.

Forty-eight percent of Democratic voters said the government should be able to fine or imprison those who publicly question the COVID-19 vaccine's efficacy, while only 27% of all voters supported the proposal, according to the poll results.

Comment: The ghouls are starting to see the beginnings of such a policy, and not just in the U.S.

Black Magic

Dangerous rhetoric: CNN covidian Lemon says unvaccinated "idiots" like Novak Djokovic shouldn't be part of "polite society"

don lemon cnn vaccine
Don Lemon shows once again why Joe Rogan is pulling in eleven times the size of CNN's audience
CNN host Don Lemon declared Tuesday that those who choose not to take coronavirus vaccines are "idiots" who need to be ostracised from "polite society" for the "greater good".

Referring to a viral rant against the unvaccinated by a Mexican news anchor, Lemon stated "He's right," further noting "I've gotten criticized for saying that we need to stop listening to the people and they should not be part of polite society, so to speak."

Lemon continued, "the unvaccinated people in the U.S., they're key to the reason that coronavirus, the variants are emerging. And that the reason - I'm looking at the stats from the CDC - and the reason why it's replicating and mutating. It's because of unvaccinated people, who are doing their own research online!"



Didn't kill himself the first time: Did Epstein really attempt suicide?

© New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
Jeffrey Epstein
Billionaire pedophile prison papers leave many questions unanswered

US Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) documents released to RT investigative unit The Detail pose serious questions about Jeffrey Epstein's alleged attempt to kill himself while incarcerated in the Metropolitan Correctional Center. The files, released in response to a Freedom of Information request, cast doubt on this key component of the official narrative surrounding his ever-mysterious alleged suicide - namely, did it even happen?

According to the established timeline of events, Epstein was found injured and semi-conscious on the floor of his cell in the early hours of July 23, 2019, 17 days after his imprisonment on charges of child sex trafficking, with marks of an unspecified nature around his neck. Claiming to remember nothing about what happened, his cellmate, former NYPD officer Nicholas Tartaglione - who has coincidentally shared the same legal representation as Epstein's partner and 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell - likewise pleaded ignorance.



Corporate media calls for 'abolishing parenthood', forcing parents to turn children over to the State

California abolish parenthood
The publicly traded Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI) is the largest newspaper publisher in the United States reaching over 173 million people monthly with hundreds of subsidiary outlets. These outlets give readers a sense of diversity, but in reality, they are all part of the same billion dollar media conglomerate. The USA Today network controls more than 260 daily local newspaper brands, digital marketing service companies ReachLocal, WordStream, and ThriveHive and U.K. media company Newsquest.

This massive media conglomerate has no problem using its multiple news properties to create narratives to shift public opinion. In fact, last March, TFTP caught the paper in an unscrupulous propaganda tactic — pushing identical content written for different states to stoke fear over guns. At the time, if you Googled, "mass shooting surge," you were returned results with exactly the same headlines, but for different states.

The headline read as follows: "Mass shootings surge in South Carolina as nation faces record high." As you continued to scroll down the results, you'd see this exact same headline for other states like Florida, North Carolina, New York, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan, and others.

In states which didn't see a rise in mass shootings, a different title was used but with the exact same point. For example, "Mass shootings fall in Georgia, but nation faces record high." This title was applied to states like George, Indiana, California, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Alabama, and others.

Comment: This type of pathological propaganda is being used to destroy what's left of our already fractured Western society. And make no mistake, it is being "think-tanked" into existence by the highest and most malevolent in the elite echelons of power.

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