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Sat, 22 Oct 2016
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UFO researcher on verge of exposure of politicians and celebrities practicing black magic dies suspiciously

© Facebook
Max Spiers
He believed the truth was out there.

The UFO expert whose death has sparked out-of-this world conspiracy theories was about to "expose" a cabal of politicians and celebrities practicing black magic, his fiancee claimed.

Max Spiers, a 39-year-old father of two found dead on a couch in Poland over the summer with "black liquid" oozing from his mouth — reminiscent of the "black oil" that alien beings used to inhabit human hosts in the TV series "The X-Files" — spent his final months researching the dark arts.

"He was going to expose black magic. He was going to expose some of the stuff he was working on involving political leaders and celebrities," his gal pal, 31-year-old Sarah Adams, told Yahoo.

Adams said she spoke to Spiers about his fear of dying numerous times.


San Francisco: Four men open fire on high school students

© AP
San Francisco Police stand at the site of the shooting.
San Francisco cops are on the hunt for four men who opened fire outside a San Francisco high school on Tuesday afternoon — injuring four students, including one critically — as they were being let out of class, police said.

Authorities told NBC Bay Area that the suspects were wearing dark hoodies and jeans when they approached the June Jordan School for Equity on foot just after 3 p.m. and began blasting rounds at a 15-year-old girl and three young men, striking them all as they stood in the parking lot.

"It was terrifying," said Fernando Rodriguez, a 16-year-old junior at the school.

He told the San Francisco Chronicle that he heard at least six "pops" before students and faculty began running in every direction.

Authorities said it appeared that the girl who was shot may have been targeted. She was taken to San Francisco General Hospital, where she was listed in critical condition.


Answers sought after NYPD cop kills naked, mentally ill woman wielding a bat

© William C. Lopez
Police at the scene of the shooting.
An NYPD sergeant fatally shot a troubled 66-year-old woman who charged at him with a baseball bat in her Bronx apartment Tuesday evening, leading the officer to be placed on modified duty — and ­local officials calling for a full investigation.

Cops responded to the Deborah Danner's building on Pugsley Avenue in Castle Hill at 6 p.m. after neighbors reported a resident screaming, according to police.

When they entered the apartment, the disturbed woman threatened them with scissors.

They convinced her to drop it, but then she grabbed a wooden bat and charged at a Sgt. Hugh Barry.

He fired two shots and struck Danner in the torso. She was rushed to ­Jacobi Medical Center, where she died.

Comment: This woman needed professional help, not a belly full of lead. This is what happens when you send cops to do a social worker's job.


1 dead in shooting incident in Dueren, Germany

© Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters
A shooting and hostage situation in the town of Dueren in northwest Germany has ended with one hostage injured and the gunman, who was also the hostage taker, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to police.

The incident began with a shooting at a hairdressing salon, DPA reported, citing police. There was "at least one shot," a police spokeswoman told journalists. Police later confirmed that there had been no casualties at the salon.

According to local media, a man entered the hairdressing salon and insulted a woman before firing several shots and taking one woman hostage.

The man later fled the scene and barricaded himself in a nearby apartment with the hostage. German media reported that Old Town had been closed off due to a "heavy police presence" at the scene.


Half of Americans in 'virtual lineup' face-recognition police programs - study

To help identify a culprit, police may ask people to volunteer to be in a line-up. But that scenario is fast becoming obsolete, as more than 117 million Americans are now part of face-recognition software programs used by law enforcement, a study finds.

Whether they like it or not, about half of all Americans are pictured in a digital "perpetual line-up," composed of databases handled either by the FBI or local police departments, the Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law Center finds in a new study published Tuesday.

According to "The Perpetual Line-Up: Unregulated Police Face Recognition in America," about one in four police departments have access to face recognition technology, but only one of the 52 which acknowledged use of the software had legislative approval, the Miami Herald reported.

Furthermore, just one police agency shared evidence its use had been audited. And meanwhile, many departments reportedly used the tool to identify people not suspected of any crime.


DOJ files criminal charges against corrupt Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

© Darryl Webb / Reuters
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Maricopa County's notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio is about to see the criminal justice system from the other side. Arpaio is being charged with contempt of court after violating a 2011 injunction to stop enforcing federal civil immigration law.

The Arizona sheriff's legal troubles continue to plague Maricopa County. Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys filed criminal charges against Arpaio on Monday after US District Court Judge Susan Bolton requested to continue criminal proceedings against him.

The charges stem from violating a December 2011 injunction that barred both him and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office "from enforcing federal immigration law or from detaining persons they believed to be in the country without authorization but against whom they had no state charges," according to the court filing.

The court filing explained that Arpaio violated that order by continuing to detain people that were believed to be in the country illegally without any state charges. In layman's terms, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office had taken it upon themselves to enforce federal laws when that was not their job.


Fire breaks out on premises of Russian space rocket center

© sam.olkets / Instagram
A huge fire has broken out at a warehouse of the Progress State Research and Production Rocket Space Center in the southern Russian city of Samara, local media report. Up to 1,000 sq meters may have been affected.

"A two-storey warehouse... on the center's premises is on fire," Tatiana Kovaleva, of the press service of the Samara emergency services, told RT.

At least 60 people and 17 vehicles are currently battling the blaze, Kovaleva said. She added that there are no reports of casualties or evacuations. A 400-sq-meter area has been affected by the blaze, according to Kovaleva.

A source in the Samara emergency services, however, told RIA Novosti the fire has engulfed 1,000 sq meters. The cause of the fire may have been a short circuit, Interfax reported, citing sources close to the incident.

The Progress State Research and Production Rocket Space Center is the developer of Soyuz rockets. The Progress Center's press service said the fire has been contained. The warehouse affected did not contain items "connected to the space industry" and was used for storing syringes, said spokesperson Yulia Izumova.


The time is now: Human rights group B'Tselem calls on world to act and stop 'more perfect occupation,' Netanyahu goes ballistic

Hagai El-Ad, director of B'Tselem
This is an important developing story about Israel's moral crisis/delegitimization in the eyes of the world.

Last Friday, Hagai El-Ad, the head of the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, spoke at the United Nations Security Council in a special discussion on Israeli settlements and urged it to take action at last against the occupation because, as he explained later, "The reality will not change if the world does not intervene. I suspect that our arrogant government also knows this, so it's busy fearmongering against such an intervention."

At the U.N., El-Ad described the administration of the territories as "a legal guise for organized state violence." He itemized how every aspect of the illegal colonization project receives the legal blessing of Israeli judges and officials, and how human rights atrocities against Palestinians are never investigated.
We have had plenty of time to work towards a more perfect occupation.... Look at the occupation and all the legal pretense surrounding it, and call it for what it is: a legal guise for organized state violence.
And he threw in this challenge to the U.S.


Man who held 15 hostage in robbery gone wrong at Belgian supermarket has been captured by police

© Yves Herman / Reuters
The armed attacker, who took people hostage in a supermarket in the Forest suburb of Brussels, has given himself up to the police, authorities have confirmed.

Eyewitnesses told local channel VRT that the hostage-taking unfolded at about 7 p.m. local time, in a Carrefour chain store, after what they claimed was a robbery attempt gone wrong. Those who managed to leave the supermarket said the suspect was armed with a knife, and forced shoppers to lie down on the floor.

Heart - Black

Cops with riot gear, armored vehicle, LRAD surround 5 praying Native Americans at Dakota pipeline protests

Over the past several weeks, the police state has come out in full force as Native Americans fight to protect their water sources from the threat of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Mainstream media remained largely silent as federal, state and local authorities worked on behalf of Energy Transfer Partners to squash dissent.

Even prominent journalists found themselves targets of the State, charged with dubious "crimes" such as "inciting a riot" and "conspiracy to theft of services" - for doing nothing more than filming protests and the ensuing violent crackdowns.

The First Amendment is no obstacle when it comes to advancing the interests of the corporatocracy.

This was put on display again on October 15 when five Native American Water Protectors left a protest near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to pray on the shoulder of a public road.

In response to this peaceful behavior, 40 cops from at least eight departments in three different states - complete with riot gear, automatic rifles, an armored vehicle and even an LRAD acoustic weapon - swarmed the five praying, unarmed Native Americans.