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Tue, 21 Aug 2018
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UK: Another huge tax bill for wedding of minor royal Princess Eugenie who carries out no official duties

Princess Eugenie with her fiance Jack Brooksbank
© Getty
Princess Eugenie with her fiance Jack Brooksbank announce their engagement
Taxpayers will pick up a £2million security bill for Eugenie's wedding.

The minor royal will get married at the same venue as Harry and Meghan.

Labour's Chris Williamson said: "It really is an outrage."

Security expenses for Princess Eugenie's wedding have more than doubled amid increased terror fears since she announced her engagement in January, sources say.

Extra firearms officers may have to be drafted in when the ninth in line to the throne weds tequila brand ambassador Jack Brooksbank on October 12.

Eugenie, 28, who carries out no royal duties, has nevertheless chosen to marry at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle where Prince Harry wed Meghan in May.

Comment: While 'austerity' forces doctors, nurses, teachers and police to suffer pay freezes and cutbacks, while public services are slashed, and while poverty and homelessness skyrocket, apparently the UK has a spare couple of million for some random royal's wedding. It should be clear by now that the UK establishment does not have the best interests of the many at heart and it is dangerously out of touch with reality: Also check out SOTT radio's: Behind the Headlines: Perfidious Albion: If Russia is a Rogue State, What is the UK?

Stock Down

Whistleblower exposes culture of "excessive risk taking" at Royal Bank of Canada's London office

RBC canada
The City watchdog's whistleblowing regime faces a crucial test after an employee was sacked for speaking up at Royal Bank of Canada.

Trader John Banerjee raised the alarm over a complacent culture and inconsistent rules at RBC and was forced out because he dared question the lender. Banerjee has won a tribunal against the bank, which was slammed by the judge for sacking him 'for making a public interest disclosure'.

The result appears to suggest that senior RBC staff broke strict rules set by the Financial Conduct Authority which state that workers cannot be victimised for raising concerns. It will pile pressure on the FCA to take action against those responsible - potentially opening the door for senior bankers to be banned from the finance industry over the issue for the first time. Regulators are facing calls to take tough action against RBC.

Georgina Halford-Hall of campaign group Whistleblowers UK said: 'We continue to press the Financial Conduct Authority to take action on the findings exposed in this case.'

Comment: It comes as no surprise that little has changed in the institutions which led to the global banking collapse of 2007/08. This is likely because the failures in these banks went unpunished, the public purse paid their gambling debts, and bankers continued to receive their bonuses as though nothing had happened. It's clear from the scandals which still plague the rotten financial sector that we're not far off another collapse of the markets:


Mainstream US 'news' media not interested in facts, especially when it comes to Russiagate

mainstream news headlines
William Binney, the U.S. National Security Agency's former technical director for global analysis, has, for the past year, been globe-trotting to investigate the actual evidence regarding the official Russiagate investigations, and he finds that the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, who is prosecuting Russia's Government, can only accuse Russian officials, not convict any of them on at least the important charges, because conclusive evidence exists and has already been made public online, making clear that the important accusations against those officials are false. However, Binney can't get any of the U.S. major 'news' media's interest in this fact, nor even into openly discussing it with them. Apparently, they don't want to know. Binney is knocking on their doors, and they refuse to answer.

Patrick Lawrence, at the non-mainstream U.S. newsmedium Consortium News, headlined on Monday August 13th, "'Too Big to Fail': Russia-gate One Year After VIPS Showed a Leak, Not a Hack" and he reported what Binney has found and has been trying to get the major U.S. 'news'media to present to the American public.

The "VIPS" there is Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and they are 17 whistleblowing former high officials of the CIA, NSA, State Department, and other U.S. officials with top secret national-security clearances, who jointly signed and published on 24 July 2017, their report, which likewise was at Consortium News, "Intel Vets Challenge 'Russia Hack' Evidence", in which they confirmed the validity of a 9 July 2017 report that had been published by Elizabeth Vos of Disobedient Media.com, which was titled "New Research Shows Guccifer 2.0 Files Were Copied Locally, Not Hacked" and which I then reported in more ordinary language seven days later under the headline "Russiagate Exposed: It's a Fraud". I quoted there the analysis's basic finding "that the DNC computer network which the media tells us and the DNC tells us was hacked by the Russians, ... was physically accessed by someone within close proximity of the DNC" and not outside the United States (Russia or anywhere else). The original research-report had been done by an anonymous person who called himself "the forensicator," and he had sent it to Adam Carter, another highly technically knowledgeable person, who happened to be at Disobedient Media, and who then worked with Vos to prepare her article on it.

Comment: See also: Whether it's Russiagate, Skripal or Syria, it's clear the mainstream media have lost their grip on reality


Pro-Palestine page Occupy London latest to disappear from Facebook

facebook censor
Occupy London has just had its Facebook page taken down by the social media giant. This follows a period of "continual removal of posts related to Palestine", a spokesperson told The Canary.

One of the administrators took to Twitter to announce the closure:

The web page has been around since 2011, with over 150,000 followers.

Comment: While the social media gatekeepers do tend to go after right leaning sites, the reality is that anyone who diverges from 'The Narrative' is fair game. It doesn't matter where you lie on the spectrum and that's why you are seeing sites like TeleSur and people like Caitlin Johnstone being taken down, even if for a moment, for whatever reason they see fit. See also: Modern Newspeak: How internet giants censor us to make sure we only hear what they want

Mr. Potato

Check your 'thin privilege,' says lingerie expert

Cora Harrington
© Instagram
"You don't have to 'feel thin' to have thin privilege," tweeted author and lingerie expert Cora Harrington. "Thinness isn't a feeling. If other people perceive you as thin, you are thin." Her tweet has been retweeted nearly 5,000 times and has 22,000 likes. This idea of "thin privilege" - which Harrington says means that "societal discrimination and prejudice does not target you" and "your weight/body type are seen as 'normal'" - is part of the concept of "body positivity." Which is ironic, since this tweet certainly seems to be calling people out for having a certain body type.

Comment: The 'Oppression Olympics' continues to ramp up, with more and more SJWs claiming victim status for increasingly ridiculous things. Next we'll have those with gingivitis claiming victim status and requiring others to check their healthy-gum privilege, those with flat feet decrying the lack of appropriate footwear in shoe stores and the incontinent railing against bladder control privilege. The insanity would be laughable if it weren't so sad.

See also:


Majority of millennial women reject feminism - poll

Feminist website Refinery29 got more than it bargained for when it teamed up with CBS to poll 842 women ages 18-35 about - among other things - feminism. When asked, "Do you consider yourself to be a feminist, or not?" over half (54 percent) of respondents said, "No." Not only that, only 19 percent of respondents identified as Republican. In fact, the largest group of women polled (34 percent) identified as Democrat, with 27 percent identifying Independent, and 20 percent unsure of their political party.

"These are surprising results," writes Refinery29's Ashley Alese Edwards. "Feminism seems to be more en vogue than ever," she insists, "even men call themselves feminists now." And what about "the Women's March, the 'resistance' (which is largely women-led) and #MeToo," Edwards laments. How could you not be feminist?!

To her credit, Edwards actually interviewed some of these strange non-feminist creatures, presumably to find out what on earth was wrong with them. Leah, a 22-year old independent, told Edwards, "I feel like the movement has been largely taken over by far-left wing activists that make it nearly impossible for me to identify with." She also called feminists "disingenuous" for denying "any negative emotional backlash or health risks for women having an abortion." She continued, "Although not all women suffer emotionally or physically after an abortion, many do, and their stories are ignored by mainstream feminism because it doesn't fit the narrative of abortion being a good thing for women."


Cardinal tries distracting attention away from the church's sexual abuse of children, says it's a homosexuality problem

pride flag
© Borja Sanchez-Trillo/Getty Images
Cardinal Raymond Burke has called for "open recognition" of the Catholic church's homosexual culture in light of recent revelations of sexual abuse.

"I believe that there needs to be an open recognition that we have a very grave problem of a homosexual culture in the Church," Burke said in an interview Thursday, "especially among the clergy and the hierarchy, that needs to be addressed honestly and efficaciously."

The former head of the church's equivalent of the Supreme Court said it was already "clear after the studies following the 2002 sexual abuse crisis that most of the acts of abuse were in fact homosexual acts committed with adolescent young men."

"There was a studied attempt to either overlook or to deny this," he said, referring to the mainstream media cover-up of the homosexual nature of the abuse as well as such denial within the church itself.

Comment: Just because the large majority of victims were postpubescent, it doesn't mean they were adults. While these clergymen might not have been mainly going after young children, they are obviously sexual predators going after teenagers. Saying this is just an issue of homosexuality is sweeping the issue under the rug by trying to draw attention to something more socially acceptable while blurring the lines between sexual predation and homosexuality. These aren't men having sex with other men. These priests are sexually abusing children. Teenagers are still children. The loss of trust in the church is perfectly well deserved. Cardinal Burke should be ashamed of his lack of integrity in not taking the challenge full on.

Arrow Up

Trump approval from African Americans at 36%, nearly double from last year

blacks for trump
Support for US President Donald Trump among black voters is currently at 36 percent, almost double the number from last year, according to a new poll. It comes despite reports that a tape exists of Trump using the N-word.

The 36 percent approval rating, revealed in a Rasmussen poll on Thursday, is a huge surge from the same day last year, when his approval among black voters was 19 percent.

The number is also a massive jump from the 2016 election , when Trump was found to have received just eight percent of the black vote.

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Cops taser 87yo woman who was gardening with a knife because 'she could have hurt us'

© Ethan Miller / AFP
An 87-year-old Syrian woman who was cutting dandelions near her home in Georgia was tasered by police because she approached an officer with a knife. The police department has defended the move, despite outrage from her family.

When Martha al-Bishara grabbed a knife and headed to a Boys and Girls Club near her house in Chatsworth, Georgia to cut dandelions, she didn't expect that her journey would end with being tasered. In fact, she didn't even know what a Taser was.

To an employee of the club, however, she appeared to be a threat, because they called 911 to report that an old woman was walking around with a knife.

Bizarro Earth

The three-headed monster driving the nation toward danger, darkness, and incoherence

Ghidorah the three headed monster
The faction that used to be the Democratic party can be described with some precision these days as a three-headed monster driving the nation toward danger, darkness, and incoherence. Anyone interested in defending what remains of the sane center of American politics take heed:

The first head is the one infected with the toxic shock of losing the 2016 election. The illness took hold during the campaign that year when the bureaucracy under President Obama sent its lymphocytes and microphages in the "intel community" - especially the leadership of the FBI - to attack the perceived disease that the election of Donald Trump represented. The "doctors" of this Deep State diagnosed the condition as "Russian collusion." An overdue second opinion by doctors outside the Deep State adduced later that the malady was actually an auto-immune disease.