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Tue, 07 Feb 2023
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Sasquatch Stun Takes a Tragic Turn

A man dressed in a military-style "Ghillie suit" who was attempting to provoke a Bigfoot sighting was struck by two vehicles and killed on U.S. 93 South of Kalispell Sunday night.

"He was trying to make people think he was Sasquatch so people would call in a Sasquatch sighting," Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Jim Schneider said. "You can't make it up. I haven't seen or heard of anything like this before. Obviously, his suit made it difficult for people to see him."

The Flathead County Sheriff's Office identified the man as Randy Lee Tenley, 44, of Kalispell.

Schneider said Tenley's motivations were ascertained during interviews with friends who were not in the immediate area but were nearby when the man was struck at about 10:30 p.m.

"Alcohol may have been a factor," Schneider said. "Impairment is up in the air."

Tenley was on the southbound side of the highway, about a half mile south of the highway's intersection with Rocky Point Road.

"He was in the right-hand lane of travel and the vehicle was unable to avoid him and struck him," Schneider said of the first vehicle driven by a 15-year-old girl from Somers.

A second vehicle driven by a 17-year-old Somers girl also struck Tenley as he laid on the highway.

Ghillie suits are commonly used by military snipers and some that are advertised on the Internet have a Bigfoot-like appearance.

"This one was a store-bought version, just a commercial Ghillie suit that was pre-made," Schneider said.

Tenley was pronounced dead at the scene.


Parents Condemn ESP Course for Kids

Several local parents have leveled fraud charges against the organizer of a 100,000 yuan ($15,728) summer course that promised to teach their children to read a book in less than 20 seconds, local media reported Monday.

The organizer, the Shanghai Xinyu Education Training Center, advertised that it could help students learn to identify a playing card while blindfolded, among other feats of extrasensory perception (ESP), according to a report in the Oriental Morning Post. The 10-day course ended Friday.

About 30 children between 7 and 17 years old took part in the course, which was taught out of a makeshift classroom in a hotel in Qingpu district. On the last day of the course, a teacher with a microphone checked how many students had mastered the skills, according to the newspaper.

"I found that my child learned nothing except how to cheat," a parent surnamed Yang told the Oriental Morning Post.

The teachers there claimed that they could help students learn to correctly identify a playing card even after covering their eyes, but Yang found that his child could only do it by peeking through the cloth blindfold. A father of an 11-year-old told the newspaper that he confronted the training center and got his money refunded.

Star of David

Gaza not "liveable" by 2020 barring urgent action: U.N

Gaza will no longer be "liveable" by 2020 unless urgent action is taken to improve water supply, power, health, and schooling, the United Nations' most comprehensive report on the Palestinian enclave said on Monday.

"Action needs to be taken now if Gaza is to be a liveable place in 2020 and it is already difficult now," U.N. humanitarian coordinator Maxwell Gaylard told journalists when the report was released on Monday.

Five years into an Israeli blockade supported by Egypt, and living under one-party rule, Gaza's population of 1.6 million is set to rise by 500,000 over the next eight years, say the authors of the U.N.'s most wide-ranging report on the territory.

Comment: It looks like Israel's slow-motion ethnic-cleansing perpetrated on Gaza is bearing fruits.


San Francisco archbishop-elect, Rev. Salvatore Cordileone, arrested for DUI

© Michael Short/AP
In this photo from Friday, July 27, 2012, newly-appointed Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone speaks during a press conference held at St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco.
San Francisco's Roman Catholic archbishop-elect has been arrested for driving under the influence in San Diego, The Associated Press reported.

Rev. Salvatore Cordileone, who last month was named the next archbishop of San Francisco, was arrested early Saturday morning, according to police. Authorities stopped him at a checkpoint near the San Diego State University campus, the AP reported.

Cordileone, a San Diego native, posted bail after being booked into county jail on the misdemeanor DUI charge, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune. The AP reported that there was no record of him being in custody on Monday, and the San Diego city attorney's office has not gotten a report on the arrest.

Cordileone, 56, is currently the bishop in the Diocese of Oakland, Calif. Previously, Cordileone was an auxiliary bishop in San Diego, the AP reported.

He is expected to take over San Francisco's top spot when the current archbishop, 76-year-old George H. Niederauer, retires in October. Cordileone must make a court appearance on Oct. 9, the AP reported.

Michael Ritty, a private practice canon lawyer in upstate New York, told the AP that since Catholic bishops are accountable to the pope, potential discipline would have to come from the Vatican.

"If there was anything, it would be handled in Rome, most likely by the Congregation for Bishops. Depending on the question or type of criminal charge, it might go directly to the Pope or as directly as you can get," Ritty said.

Cordileone is known for being a strong, public opponent of same-sex marriage, and he is expected to govern 432,000 Catholics under his new post in San Francisco.

The Archdiocese of San Francisco office declined to comment. A voice mail left in the office at the Diocese of Oakland was not immediately returned Monday afternoon.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Comment: Oh come on! Did the Vatican get to the Bishop to administer a breathalyzer in time? Now Rome will deliberate on the rights of drinking and driving, after it did nothing about parasites doing things to children. This is truly a bizarro-world.


Two deputies shot in central North Carolina

Authorities were searching Monday for a man who shot two deputies during a traffic stop in central North Carolina, according to local media reports.

Law enforcement officials identified the suspect as Jamie Lee Ashley, 35, according to WXII-TV in Winston-Salem. He is suspected of shooting the deputies about 2:30 p.m. in the area of the U.S. 220 bypass and U.S. 311 in Randolph County, the station reported.

There was no word on the deputies' conditions. One was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, while the other was taken to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, WXII-TV reported. The deputies' names were not released.

Witnesses told WXII they heard at least six shots in the area, and did not believe the shots were fired from the deputies. One of the deputies was dressed in plainclothes, while the other deputy was in uniform, authorities said.

Cow Skull

If you don't have money, you don't matter: Millions in U.S. Forsaken And Forgotten

Forsaken And Forgotten
America is becoming a very cold place. If you don't have money, you don't really matter much in our society. The ads on television aren't for you - they are directed at people that actually have good jobs and that can afford to buy the nice little "extras" in life. The politicians aren't really interested in you either - they figure that they can buy your vote with all of the money that they are getting from the wealthy people. When you don't have money, even friends and relatives start to distance themselves from you. Perhaps they are afraid that you will ask them for money or perhaps they are afraid that your "failure" will start to rub off on them. When people know that you are struggling for money, the barriers immediately go up.

In the United States today, there are tens of millions of people that have been forsaken and forgotten. They mostly stay at home (if they still have a home), and for most of them quiet desperation has become a way of life. You won't ever read much about them or see them appear much on television because nobody really cares too much about them. As far as society is concerned, there are just way too many of them and they are a problem that "the government" should be able to handle anyway. Sadly, the truth is that many communities all across America want absolutely nothing to do with those that can't take care of themselves. All over the country cities are passing laws making it illegal to feed the homeless, and in other instances cities are actually making it illegal to be homeless. Unfortunately, this problem is not going away. In fact, the number of Americans living in poverty increases with each passing day. So where do we go from here?


Miners with explosives barricade themselves in Italy coal mine

© Unknown
Up to 100 Sardinian coal miners who say they see a future in clean energy have armed themselves with hundreds of pounds of explosives and barricaded themselves nearly 438 yards underground to put pressure on the Italian government to protect the mine's survival.

The miners, from a 460-strong workforce, seized 772 pounds of company explosives and locked themselves inside the Carbosulcis mine -- the country's only coal mine -- west of Cagliari overnight on Monday, one of them said, ahead of a government meeting this week to discuss the pit's future.

"We are worried that the mine may close. We are afraid for our jobs," Sandro Mereu, 54, a miner who has worked there for 28 years told Reuters.

"We are prepared to stay here until we hear a response from the government that secures the future of the mine. We will stay here indefinitely," Mereu told Reuters by telephone.

According to The Associated Press, miners at the mine told Sky TG24 TV that they wanted the government and Parliament to quickly approve funding for a project to capture and store underground carbon dioxide that otherwise would add to polluting greenhouse gases.

The miners want the mine to be diversified into a combined mining and carbon capture site to protect its future.

Carbosulcis was estimated to have 600 million metric tons of coal reserves in 2006 but has struggled to stay productive. It was previously occupied in 1984, 1993 and 1995, when protesting workers stayed in a tunnel for 100 days.

Reuters and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Comment: Forget About Global Warming: We're One Step From Extinction!
Global Warming Caused by Cosmic Rays and the Sun - Not Humans
The Utter Desperation of Global Warming Liars


Student shot at Maryland high school on first day of class

A student was shot Monday morning by another student on the first day of school at a Baltimore County high school, county police said.

The wounded student was flown by helicopter to a hospital from Perry Hall High School in Maryland. Details of the student's condition were not immediately released.

Another student was in custody, according to Baltimore County Emergency Management. WJZ-TV showed video of a shirtless male with his hands behind his back being put into a police cruiser.

Parents told WBAL-TV they heard the shooting happened inside the cafeteria. One student told the TV station the shooter was being teased. The student said the shooter left the cafeteria, came back with a shotgun and opened fire.


Dozens hurt as Metro train and bus collide near downtown Los Angeles

© Unknown
A Metro bus and a blue line train collided in Los Angeles on Monday. No injuries were considered life-threatening, according to fire-rescue officials.
A transit bus and Metro Blue line train crashed near downtown Los Angeles on Monday morning, injuring dozens of people, Los Angeles Fire Department officials say.

Officials say at least 40 people were on board the bus. Medical personnel were attending to as many as eight people who were traveling on the train, according to NBCLosAngeles.com.

None of the injuries was life-threatening, according to fire-rescue officials. The number of patients hospitalized was not immediately available.

The Line 51 bus collided with the train at about 7 a.m.. The bus then crashed into at least two light poles, fire officials say.

The intersection at Washington Boulevard and San Pedro Street remained closed. Major delays were expected, and authorities were adding more buses to the area for morning commuters.

Bizarro Earth

Maryam Keshavarz: 'In Iran, Anything Illegal Becomes Politically Subversive'

The Iranian-American director of Circumstance, a teenage lesbian romance, knows a thing or two about causing trouble, and the link between desire and dissent
© Peccadillo Films
Nikohl Boosheri and Sarah Kazemy in Circumstance.
"I've always had the tendency to cause trouble," says Maryam Keshavarz. The 36-year-old is speaking down the line from an idyllic-sounding writers' retreat in Portugal, but with the release of Circumstance in the UK this week, the first-time director is not far from controversy.

Set in Iran, the film follows two girls: Atafeh, raised in a rich liberal home, and Shireen, an orphan whose conservative uncle cannot afford to pay for her schooling. Against a backdrop of hedonistic underground parties, the teenagers' intense friendship spills over into a passionate love affair. With homosexuality illegal in Iran (punishable by lashings or even death) their happiness is threatened by the jealousy of Atafeh's brother, an ex-drug addict who finds religion and with it the ear of the powerful morality police.

Replete with illicit sex, drugs and alcohol, and furious in its criticism of the Islamic Republic, the movie's forthright style has made Keshavarz a target of death threats, she says. On the phone from Lisbon she sounds nonchalant, saying that "in the beginning I was more frightened", but insisting there have been so many, they no longer have the power to terrorise her. Yet she is cautious enough to refuse to reveal much.