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Mon, 27 Feb 2017
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Israeli woman who admitted to lying about being raped by Palestinian child avoids charges while child faces prison

© AP Photo/ Sebastian Scheiner
The actual rape victim, a young Palestinian under the age of consent, will face prison time for unlawfully entering Israel while the perpetrator walks away free after making false accusations.

On Monday, a mentally-ill Israeli woman admitted to police that her allegation that a Palestinian child raped her while another man filmed the incident in Tel Aviv was a lie.

The woman now says that she was in a consensual relationship with the child, who himself is below the age of consent, and that the story of rape was a fabrication developed by her family in an attempt to put an end to the relationship.

The young man and a second individual, who purportedly filmed the incident, were both charged under Israel's sex-crime ordinance, and for entering Israel unlawfully. Police have requested that a court in Tel Aviv release both individuals and the public defender's office is expected to seek the release of the second suspect, since the absence of a rape precludes his alleged recording of a crime.

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Sick! Young bear found mulitated in California; paws, gallbladder missing

Wildlife officials Friday were investigating the mutilation of young bear that was struck by a vehicle in Canyon Country.

Caltrans workers found the bear, believed to have been about two years old and around 150 pounds, on Highway 14 near Sand Canyon Road, according to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife. Its four paws and gallbladder had been removed.

"For somebody else to come over and maim the animal after it's already dead or wounded, that's just night right at all as far as I'm concerned," said Todd Werner of Canyon Country.
Fish and Wildlife spokesman Andrew Hughan told the Los Angeles Times investigators believe the bear was mutilated after it was hit.

"There were no signs of a gunshot, broken legs or hip — this was a crime of opportunity," Hughan was quoted as saying. "We are very confident it was hit by a car. This desecration of the body was done afterward." The department of fish and wildlife says cutting animal parts off road kill is illegal.

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18 women allegedly sexually assaulted at German music festival, 3 refugees arrested

© Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters
Eighteen women in Germany have filed complaints to police saying they were sexually assaulted at a musical festival in Darmstadt. Police arrested three refugees from Pakistan at the scene after three of the women immediately reported their attacks.

The sexual assaults are reported to have taken place at the Schlossgrabenfest music festival in the city of Darmstadt, near Frankfurt, on Saturday night. Three of the women immediately alerted police at the festival that they had been assaulted. They said they had been surrounded and then sexually harassed by a group of men who were of South Asian appearance.

"Unfortunately several women were sexually harassed on Saturday, when the dance floor area was completely packed," the police said in a statement, as cited by Die Welt. However, due to the quick intervention by the law enforcement officers, they were able to apprehend three suspects, who are asylum seekers from Pakistan and aged between 28 and 31. Police say that there could be more who took part in the attacks that are still at large.

Since the arrests were made, a further 15 women have come forward since Tuesday, to say they were sexually assaulted at the festival. The women added that the pattern of the attacks was similar, as they were surrounded by a group of men, who proceeded to assault them sexually. The festival in Darmstadt took place over four days and attracted some 400,000 revelers.

These attacks come just over two weeks after two female teenagers, 17- and 18-years-old, were sexually harassed by a group of 10 men during a street festival in Berlin. The men allegedly pressed against the teens and groped them, blocking their attempts to escape.


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Texas woman faces multiple criminal charges for torturing stepsons

© Burkburnett police department
Sara Anne Woody
A woman has been charged with 27 counts of injuring a child after being accused of punishing her young stepsons by burning their tongues with a charcoal grill lighter and forcing them to lick a dirty toilet seat.

Sara Anne Woody, 24, faces a total of 30 criminal charges, which also include allegations of torturing the minors, aged 7 and 12, by making them drink a concoction that made them vomit, and beating them on the genitals with a belt, according to police.

The woman, who is from the Texas city of Burkburnett, had her bail set to over $3 million by authorities, the Times Record News reported. Burkburnett police had been working on the case since March after one of the children was taken to hospital suffering from a lip injury.
Both boys were then interviewed by a children's advocacy center where the harrowing accounts of abuse were revealed.

Meanwhile, her husband, Jonathan Darrell Woody, was also charged with three counts of child endangerment and an additional charge of tampering with a witness - believed to be one of the victims, who was allegedlyinstructed by the father to give a false account of his injury.


15-year-old girl knifed policewoman 'under orders from ISIS' says German media

© Axel Schmidt/Reuters
A teenage girl from Germany who stabbed a policewoman in the neck in February in Hannover could have been acting under orders from Islamic State, according to media reports. It also emerged the girl praised the Paris attacks, calling the date "her favorite day."

The 15-year-old girl, Safia S., said she had traveled to Turkey and had been in contact with members of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and broadcasters WDR and NDR reported after they were able to access chat logs between the teenager and another Islamist in the central German city of Hanover.

These revelations show that Safia may not only have been inspired by the terrorist group, but had also been under their orders to carry out attacks. The conversations on the chat logs reveal that the 15-year-old was persuaded to return home to Germany from Turkey, following a "change of plans" rather than head towards Syria.

IS members are alleged to have told her that "it would be of great use" and that she could "surprise the unbelievers." Her mother eventually flew to Turkey to pick her up and take her back home.

However, shortly after arriving back in Hanover, she stabbed a policewoman in the throat near the city's main train station with a knife. The woman suffered life-threatening injuries, but eventually made a full recovery after undergoing surgery.

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Thousands of Romanians 'unwittingly used as guinea pigs to test drugs' in latest health services scandal

© Reuters
Former mayor of the fifth district Marian Vanghelie is escorted outside his office as Romania's corruption scandal deepens
Thousands of Romanians were used as unwitting guinea pigs by psychiatrists to test drugs, an investigation by Romanian prosecutors has revealed.

Digi24, a Romanian news service, put the number of victims at around 3,000 while prosecutors reported they had detained 50 psychiatrists allegedly involved in the clandestine trials that apparently left some people in hospital.

Investigators and police have now searched 31 hospitals and clinics suspected of involvement in the unauthorised trial, and the number is expected to rise.

The scandal is the latest in a series of hammer blows to the beleaguered Romanian health service that has shredded its reputation and credibility.

Earlier this week Romania was left short of cancer specialists after anti-corruption agents detained 77 of them, a quarter of the country's total, on suspicion of accepting bribes and a free holiday in India in return for prescribing certain drugs.

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Only half of Ukraine wants peace in Donbass, most still support criminal government

Nearly half of citizens of Ukraine (47%) support full implementation of Minsk Agreements by Ukraine. It is said in the result of research by R&B Group.

22.5% of Ukrainian do not support implementation of Minsk Agreements by Ukraine at all, 22.7% could not say, 7.8% were indifferent to this question.

It was also reported that 61% of citizens of Ukraine suppose that president of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko chose right policy in general in attitude off the settlements of the conflict in Donbass.

The poll was held since 18th to 25th May 2016 in all regions of Ukraine despite uncontrolled Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

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Cops shoot at man with a knife in populated area, bullets hit innocent people's cars

Disturbing video was released this week, capturing multiple police officers fire at least 36 rounds into a man holding a knife. Cops were firing so rapidly and dangerously that vehicles of innocent bystanders were hit by the gunfire.

"One of the (bullets) ricochets came and ended up hitting the fender, going through my fender. Me and my girl are sitting there and she is pregnant, I mean, it was a scary situation for us," Richard McCory, an innocent bystander told WFTV.

McCory's truck was one of several vehicles hit by the police gunfire.

McCory, who says he witnessed the entire ordeal, explained that "they told him to put his hands up and comply, and he went back and forth yelling and screaming, (and) things got escalated."


Multiple train cars carrying oil derail near Mosier, Oregon, smoke visible for miles

© _D_Rock78/Twitter
A multi-carriage train carrying oil has derailed in the Columbia River gorge, just outside the town of Mosier, some 68 miles east of Portland. Smoke from the resulting fire is visible from miles away. There are no reports of injuries.

Mosier residents are being warned that a 1-mile mandatory evacuation could be put into effect at any time, KGW-TV reported.

The train was operated by Union Pacific, according to The Oregonian. "I can confirm it's ours," Union Pacific spokesman Justin Jacobs told the newspaper. Union Pacific hauls both the thick, waxy Utah crude and the Bakken crude from North Dakota through the Columbia River gorge, The Oregonian reported.

Multiple cars have derailed near the Rock Creek overpass, just west of town, KOIN-TV reported.

Union Pacific later confirmed that eleven cars from the 96-car train were involved in the accident, and that oil was released from at least one car. The train was hauling Bakken crude, the company said.

Comment: Could this be a result of what is going on beneath the earth?



At least one dead, seven trapped in Thailand as beach resort hotel collapses

A two-story hotel at a beach resort on Thailand's Ko Chang island partly collapsed on Saturday morning, burying several families, including a two-year-old child, local police said. At least one foreign tourist has died and seven remain trapped.

The Siam Beach Hotel is a popular destination for tourists on an island located in Trat Province in the Gulf of Thailand.

Koh Chang police chief Pol Col Arwat Pibulsawat told local outlet The Nation that a two-year-old child was among the trapped tourists.

Social media reports suggested that torrential rains had led to the collapse, and district chief Kamthon Wehon speculated the deluge had caused the land to subside, adding that the hotel is built next to a mountain.

Rescuers, who have already freed several tourists from the rubble, are working at the scene.