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Wed, 22 Nov 2017
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Social agitator Amos Yee and a taste of things to come in Singapore

Amos Yee
Singaporean Amos Yee fits the description of virtually every foreign-backed agitator used to target and undermine political orders worldwide as part of Washington's "soft power" toolkit.

He is a young individual who, at 18 years old, was not particularly bright in school and possesses no practical talent or skill with which to contribute to society. Incapable of achieving positive attention based on his merit, he has embarked on a life of seeking negative attention based on his ability to agitate, insult and defame. Much of his behaviour bears the hallmarks of clinical narcissism and other forms of mental illness.

It is very likely that no one at all would have even heard of Amos Yee were it not for the constant attention provided to him by US and European media outlets as well as assistance provided to him by politically motivated "rights advocates" like Amnesty International. More recently, a US court has ruled that Amos Yee qualifies for political asylum in America.

An article published by Quartz titled, "A US judge has granted a Singapore teen blogger political asylum, calling him a "young political dissident"," would report:
A United States judge has granted asylum to Amos Yee, an 18-year-old blogger from Singapore, who has been jailed on two occasions for his public views on religion and politics. Yee came to the US in December under the visa waiver program and requested asylum before an immigration judge, expressing a fear of returning to Singapore.

Judge Samuel Cole approved his asylum, describing him as a "young political dissident" and saying that his "prosecution, detention and general maltreatment at the hands of Singapore authorities constitute persecution."


Poverty & exploitation: Hardships in the life of UK's Syrian refugees

© Yves Herman / Reuters
Syrian refugees in the UK face a stark choice between extreme poverty and exploitation in the black market economy, as they fear being detained or deported if they report to the Home Office.

The Observer found that many Syrians seeking refuge in the UK are living on less than £10 (US$12.60) a day as they subject themselves to exploitative labor, while many have stopped signing in at the Home Office after being detained in centers for months at a time.

The paper interviewed 10 Syrian refugees and found that eight of them have stopped reporting to the Home Office, fearing removal or deportation.

Since the beginning of 2015, up to 50 Syrians have been deported under the Dublin regulation, by which refugees must be returned to the first EU member state they set foot in.

Heart - Black

Philadelphia cop arrested for placing adopted dog in trash bag, dumping in park

© AP
This March 9, 2017, photo provided by a Malvern, Pa., resident who recently adopted a dog now named Cranberry shows the female pit bull mix sleeping in her new home in Malvern, PA.
A Philadelphia policeman has been accused of putting his adopted dog in a trash bag and dumping it at a park.

The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says Officer Michael Long was arrested Thursday on animal cruelty and related misdemeanour charges.

A passer-by came upon the trash bag Nov. 23 and noticed a dog's head visible inside. Animal welfare officers took the emaciated pit bull mix to a shelter for medical care.

The PSPCA says the dog was microchipped and a search of Long's home turned up a sheet that matched one inside the trash bag.

The 3-year-old dog is named Cranberry. The dog has recovered and been adopted.

Police say Long has been suspended with the intent to dismiss.

Long can't be reached for comment because there's no listed telephone number for him.

Eye 2

2.2mn Yemeni children 'teeter between life & death' thanks to Western-backed Saudi intervention

© Mohamed al-Sayaghi / Reuters
Children in Yemen are teetering between life and death, as 2.2 million suffer from acute malnutrition, while those killed by hostilities jumped 70 percent last year, UNICEF warned on the second anniversary of the war in the Middle East's poorest country.

Two years into the Yemeni conflict, children continue to suffer the consequences and will soon succumb to starvation without prompt humanitarian assistance and viable efforts to bring peace to the war-ravaged country, UNICEF said in areportentitled 'Falling through the Cracks.'

Nearly half a million children suffer from severe acute malnutrition, which is manifest in grotesquely slim bodies and stunted growth - a 200-percent increase since 2014, the report warned. The fighting and devastation has forced Yemenis into buying cheaper food or skipping meals, while around 80 percent of families are in debt or borrowing money just to feed their children.

Comment: Thanks to Western-backed interventions untold millions are struggling in absolutely nightmarish conditions. For one more recent example, check out:

Turning children into monsters: Mosul's lost generation of ISIS fighters
"It's a cruelty that has no end. For us it is a violent pain - we know we have to fight against children who have been indoctrinated in the name of a sick religion."

This is the reality of war in northern Iraq, where IS is throwing everything - and everyone - at Iraqi forces as they slowly take back Mosul and the surrounding areas in a bitter war that has destroyed the very social fabric of the city.

Children have been spared nothing: poverty, malnutrition and cruelty under IS control; then forced onto the frontlines to be used as spotters, fighters, human shields and suicide bombers as the battles began to rage.

Star of David

Broad coalition attends conference on Israel lobby ahead of AIPAC meeting in Washington

The leading pro Israel group AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is meeting this weekend in Washington and ahead of that conference yesterday I went to the annual teach-in against the Israel lobby at the National Press Club. There was an audience of 600 and a lot of excitement. The political atomization of the Trump era had not penetrated this hall. The speakers represented many different points of view, from US nationalist to leftwing/Palestinian to realist to Arab-American. Only at the end did I count the number of Jewish speakers. One out of 12 (Ilan Pappe). But it was an afterthought. There is no soreness around that question, Are Jews here or not? Of course they're here.

If there was a theme to the day (full video) it was that the Israel lobby is losing ground to Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) in the 100-years-war of Zionism in the United States, and the American people are waking up; but it won't matter much for the Palestinians. They're screwed for as long as anyone can see; and this is the Israel lobby's achievement. It blocked a Palestinian state. No one at the conference said the two-state solution is alive. "There is zero time for the two state solution," Hanan Ashrawi said. She and almost everyone else described the occupation as "apartheid."

Comment: Awareness of Israel's crimes against Palestinians is gaining greater traction with every day. We are rapidly approaching a tipping point where the World will turn against the policies of the Zionist State and Israel will feel compelled to act "in its own defense". And when it does, the ugly maw of its pathological underpinnings will only be further revealed to confirm what many have already been saying.


Canada to legalize cannabis for recreational use

© Steve Dipaola / Reuters
In an effort to devastate drug profits in the criminal underworld, Canada's Liberal government is reported to be preparing a move to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Next month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's party will announce plans to permit the use and possession of a certain amount of the psychoactive drug, according to CBC News.


'Need to speak with President Trump': Woman arrested on White House grounds for 3rd time in a week

© Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
A woman has been arrested for trying to scale the fence and get to the White House grounds for the second time this week. This, and her third arrest for violating a stay order, are all due her urge to "speak with President Donald Trump."

Marci Anderson Wahl, 38, was arrested after setting off an alarm while trying to scale the fence. She was charged with unlawful entry and contempt of court.

The incident took place in the early hours of Sunday morning on the southeast corner of the Treasury building, local ABC affiliate WJLA reported.

The woman previously tried to break onto the White House grounds as recently as last Tuesday when she was discovered by Secret Service dangling from the fence by her shoelaces.

Comment: See also: U.S. Secret Service stops intruder before reaching White House grounds


'People under rubble': Over 30 injured in huge 'gas explosion' in NW England - Update

© LewHopkins / Twitter
More than 30 people have been injured in a powerful suspected gas explosion that destroyed and damaged buildings in Wirral on Merseyside, the local ambulance service reported. Footage from the scene showed streets scattered with bricks and devastated businesses.

"Wirral incident update: 30 'walking wounded' patients (minor injuries) and 2 patients with serious injuries gone to hospital," the North West Ambulance Service wrote on Twitter. It later updated the total number of injured to 34.

Comment: UPDATE March 27 RT: Drone footage from a Wirral-based cameraman, who goes by the name Pixels In The Sky, has revealed the large scale devastation from the explosion. A local resident described the the scenes as something from a "war zone."

More images from Twitter:


Violence erupts in California beach town as Trump supporters clash with protesters leading to arrests (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

© Patrick Fallon / Reuters
A pro-Trump rally participant is punched in the face by an anti-Trump protester as the two sides clash at a Pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach
The seaside community of Huntington Beach, California, was the scene of chaotic, violent, brawls as supporters and opponents of US President Donald Trump clashed, leading to four arrests.

Trump supporters were holding a rally Saturday in the popular southern Californian beach town when multiple fights broke out with demonstrators who had come to protest the event. The Los Angeles Times reported that the violence was sparked after one of the protesters pepper sprayed a woman who was one of the rally's organizers.

Comment: See also:


Stephen Hawking appears at conference via hologram, discusses Trump and other topics

© Anthony Wallace / AFP
World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking appeared via hologram at a conference in Hong Kong, and had some interesting things to say about the rise of US President Donald Trump.

"Can you hear me?" Hawking asked the audience in his iconic computerized voice. "Yes!" came the enthusiastic response from hundreds of people gathered for the event in the Hong Kong Science Park.

In a speech that went on for more than an hour, the 75-year-old discussed a wide range of topics, including Brexit, Donald Trump, life on other planets, and his life and research, Global Times reports.