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Tue, 30 Aug 2016
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Two killed, one injured in plane crash on Tom Cruise movie set

© Fire Department of San Pedro/EPA
A handout picture from Colombian authorites of the crashed plane.
A small plane assigned to the crew of a movie starring Tom Cruise crashed in the Colombian Andes on Friday, killing two people including a Los Angeles-based film pilot and seriously injuring a third, the country's civilian aviation authority said.

An official with the aviation agency said Cruise was not on the aircraft.

The official said an American, Alan Purwin, was killed along with a Colombian, Carlos Berl. A third person on board, Jimmy Lee Garland, a pilot from Georgia, was rushed to a hospital in Medellin where he was in intensive care.

The official said the twin-engine Piper Aerostar ran into bad weather late on Friday afternoon after taking off from the colonial town of Santa Fe de Antioquia for a short flight to Medellin. No emergency was reported to air traffic controllers.

Comment: Alan Purwin was featured in the following video on aerial cinematography.


Over a hundred passengers stranded after New York City subway train derails

Over a hundred passengers, including a 4-day-old baby, were rescued from a New York City Subway train that derailed in Brooklyn. Two passengers were injured. Damage to the tunnel is causing major delays for commuters and visitors.

One car of the G-line train slid off the tracks around 10:30 pm on Thursday, outside the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station in Brooklyn, the Metro Transit Authority (MTA) confirmed Friday. Two passengers were taken to a hospital with minor injuries, while another complained of dizziness.


Florida gun store offers 'Muslim' coupon for 9/11 anniversary; free car wash and beer!

© FLGunsupply/Twitter
Courting controversy again, a Florida gun shop used Twitter to offer a free car wash and beer in remembrance of the September 11 terrorist attack, plus $25 off any gun purchased online with the coupon code "Muslim."

"At the end of the day, I am compelled to stand up for what I believe in. And I believe Islam is evil at its core," Andy Hallinan, owner of Florida Gun Supply, told MSNBC.

The Twitter post featured an image of the American flag with the caption "Never Forget" and the date 09.11.2001. It also featured text saying: "It's 9/11 week. Use coupon code "muslim" at our site for $25 off any gun. Come in Fri for a free car wash and beer!"

Hallinan also displayed the same image on his Facebook page, but without any mention of the coupon code "muslim."

Comment: As Islamophobia Rises, Moral Values Decrease


California cops illegally ransacked apartments and threatened poor minority residents

© Associated Press/Damian Dovarganes
Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones discusses "implicit bias and use of force" at a news conference
In an invasive, war-like operation known as the Neighborhood Blitz, police officers in Stockton, California illegally searched the apartments of poor minorities and physically disabled people, according to a class action lawsuit filed Wednesday. Under the guise of standard housing inspections, armed officers routinely burst into homes with little to no warning, ransacked the premises without warrants, demanded personal information from tenants that had nothing to do with their homes, and threatened renters with arrests and homelessness.

The nine plaintiffs — all of whom are African American, Hispanic, or disabled — allege the Stockton PD stormed into their Gateway Court apartments and subjected them to unconstitutional searches. Rather than giving tenants 21 days' notice, per Stockton's municipal code, police entered the units with less than 24 hours' notice and often walked in without the permission of the people living there. Lacking warrants, the cops examined mattresses, closets, drawers, and cupboards — throwing the contents on the floor. They also searched plaintiffs' medications and demanded to see personal documents, including bills and rental papers. Officers would come at any time of day or night — barging in when people were eating or sleeping — and several searches of pregnant women's apartments were conducted without taking the women's health into account.

Comment: This is all too typical of the attitude and behavior of police departments around the country. They deliberately target minority groups and poor people, who they know are generally unable to fight back legally. They often wind up in the highly profitable for-profit prison system, which is generally why these types of searches are instituted - to keep the jails full.

Airplane Paper

Hysterical society: 13-year old charged with assault for kissing 14-year old girl on a dare

Pikesville Middle School 13-year-old charge with second-degree assault
© Dreamshine
A Pikesville, Maryland, 13-year-old will be charged with second-degree assault for kissing a 14-year-old girl on a dare. The "assault" happened at Pikesville Middle School on Friday. Police were called to the scene.

According to WBFF:
School officials took a report regarding a 13-year-old boy who kissed a 14-year-old girl during school hours. The unwanted kiss was allegedly the result of a dare made by students.

Police confirm that the boy is now facing a second-degree assault charge as a juvenile. No one was injured during the incident, police say, and disciplinary actions related to suspension or expulsion will be handled by the school system.
No one was injured. Is that really surprising?

It's of course true that every 14-year-old has the right not to be kissed. I'm not saying the boy's transgression should go unpunished. What I'm saying is this: he should not be charged with assault. He's 13. Thirteen-year-olds do stupid stuff. They screw up. And when the consequences of their actions are as minor as this, it's better to reprimand them in a manner that does not involve the criminal justice system.

By all means, give this kid detention. Make him apologize to the girl. Tell his parents to teach him better manners.

Comment: How utterly ridiculous. Everything is a crime these days!

The Police State is upon us

Stock Down

Five indexes that signal an impending recession

© unknown
At some point or another, we've all wished that we had a crystal ball that could tell us what's going to happen next. The world can be a hell of a scary place sometimes, and having an idea of what the future may hold can be a lifesaver. Nowhere is this more applicable than with the economy.

The global financial system is a force that none of us have any substantial control over. All we can hope to do is ride the booms and busts of our economy as best we can. However, if we can catch even a small glimpse of what's to come, we can brace ourselves and our families for the hard times that are ahead.

Obviously, when an economy is enduring a downturn it affects every facet of society and the signs are everywhere, but some of these trends actually begin before the economy collapses. Here are a few that you may not have been aware of.

Comment: There is more than enough evidence that the economy is in dire straights, but the PTB are unlikely to give the masses any warning as they are too busy preparing for the aftermath.

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Wondering why the stock market has gone insane? People's expectations play a huge role

© Unknown
If you've been following the markets for the last three weeks, you've probably figured out that something is wrong. The markets are no longer behaving the way they should, and that has people worried. Very worried. In the last 15 trading days, the Dow Jones has experienced an unprecedented 13 triple-digit days, which means that stocks have been sharply rising and falling without any rhyme or reason. The financial media has tried to explain-away the extreme volatility by pointing to slower growth in China, troubles in the Emerging Markets or various dismal data-points. But none of these adequately explain what's going on.

What's really going on is a tug-of-war between current high stock valuations - which are the product of Fed intervention - and much lower valuations, which are based on fundamentals. Some analysts think that the volatility indicates that the Fed's zero rates policy has damaged the market's price-setting mechanism, that six years of overmedication has spawned an unresponsive, drug-addled system that can no longer perform its primary function. This is a persuasive argument, but it's wrong. In fact, stock valuations are not really inflated at all given the colossal amount of support they've gotten from QE and zirp. (Zero interest rate policy) Since 2009, the Fed has made it clear that it is committed to asset-price inflation as a way create the "wealth effect" which is supposed to stimulate growth. Naturally, investors followed the Fed's lead and took on more credit risk, reached for more yield, and loaded up on stocks and bonds confident that the Fed had their back. And the Fed did have their back. The "Bernanke Put" is a term that reflects investors confidence that the Fed would prevent stocks from falling too fast or too sharply. And the Fed has honored that commitment. Stocks have more than doubled in a six year, Fed-fueled "monster" rally.

Comment: Also see: The ponerization of finance - and the irrelevance of mainstream economics


Breakfast tragedy: At least 60 dead in blast at packed Indian restaurant

People gather around the site of an explosion at a restaurant in Jhabua district in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh on September 12, 2015.
At least 60 people have been killed and dozens have been injured after an explosion destroyed a two-story restaurant in India's Madhya Pradesh, police reports.

"The restaurant was in a tightly packed locality and a lot of people were here having breakfast, that is why the casualties are so high," Seema Alava, additional police superintendent for Jhabua, told Agence France-Presse from the site by phone.

The blast, which ripped through the restaurant in Jhabua district, is believed to be a burst of a gas cylinder.

It occurred in the town of Petlawad at about 8:30 a.m. local time (5 AM GMT).


German intelligence: Radical Muslims recruiting youths in German refugee camps

© Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters
Migrants walk past tents inside a refugee camp at a former police compound in Berlin, Germany September 7, 2015.
Bavaria's Interior Ministry has confirmed media reports that radical Islamists are trying to recruit young male asylum seekers arriving in the country unaccompanied. Up to 800,000 asylum seekers are set to be taken in by Germany by the end of the year.

"Salafists are trying to talk with unaccompanied youths who have come to Germany without their families and who are in particular need of support and connections," a spokesperson from the Bavarian internal security service (LfV) told Süddeutsche Zeitung.

This has been reportedly happening not only at refugee camps, but also at Munich Central Station, where tens of thousands of refugees have arrived over the past week alone.

"The Salafists are trying to use the desperate situation that refugees find themselves in for their own purposes," the spokesperson added.

Comment: Replace the term 'Salafists' with 'Americans' and you'll be closer to the truth. See: 'SOTT Focus: 'ISIS among the refugees' - Prelude to another European "terror attack"?

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U.S. Department of Defense labs under investigation for improper handling and shipping of plague samples

© Manuel Balce Ceneta / Reuters
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating laboratories run by the US Department of Defense for possibly mishandling, and improperly storing and shipping potentially live plague samples.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered a plague sample in a freezer outside the containment area of the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center in Maryland last month, according to USA Today.

The sample was labeled inactive, yet the CDC "is conducting additional testing" for an ultimate determination on any potential infectiousness, Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said, according to Stars and Stripes. The CDC is also investigating a strain of equine encephalitis discovered at Edgewood.

Comment: The question one might ask is whether theses incidences are just complete incompetence on the part of these labs or is there something more sinister going on?