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French authorities backtrack on scheme forcing homeless to wear yellow triangles revealing their illnesses

Homeless french man
© Flickr/ Alex Proimos
French authorities in Marseille have abandoned requiring homeless people to wear yellow triangle ID cards that identify their suspected illnesses, The Local reported on Friday.

The original intention of the initiative, a procedural streamlining for health workers in emergency situations, was slammed by human rights groups and government ministers, equating it to the Nazi-era Star of David, which the Jewish people had to wear.

"It's finished. There won't be any more cards," Rene Giancarli, head of local medical emergency services said to the Local, adding that the cards had been stopped. "We just wanted good to come out of this, but I made a mistake. I admit that and I can accept when I'm wrong."

Authorities and human rights groups alike were outraged, with Social Affairs Minister Marisol Touraine saying to Le Parisien "Forcing homeless people to carry a yellow triangle indicating illnesses they might have is outrageous. You don't point the finger at the poorest."

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Military grade weapons now being used on civilians: NY police use sonic device on Garner protesters

sonic weapon used protesters
Long range acoustic devices (LRADs) have been previously implemented by police at protests throughout the world.

Thursday night at about 1am, at the intersection of 57 East and Madison Avenue in Manhattan - a populated area about four blocks from Columbus Circle - the NYPD used a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) to disperse about 100 protesters who were on the streets.

Footage captured by YouTube user James C shows the weapon in use beginning at the 1:58 mark. Protesters scattered in response to the sound, and either a live officer over a PA system or an automated voice intermittently told protesters between sound blasts that they could not interfere with "vehicular traffic" without risking arrest. The LRAD is deployed multiple times throughout the 5:00 minute video clip.

Comment: The Pentagon has been supplying police forces, cities and schools systems throughout the US with military grade weapons, so of course the police have been anxious to use their 'toys'. The police in the US now regard us as the enemy, and will use any amount of force to corral citizens, knowing that in all likelihood they will get away with their crimes.

Police State: To terrify and occupy

Too late: Homeland Security wants to stem use of military weapons during protests by forcing police agencies to repay federal grants


Doctor killed himself after mother asked him to seek 'gay cure'

harley street
©'He always wanted to help other people, always put other people first'
A Harley Street doctor killed himself by jumping from his luxury penthouse apartment after his mother asked him to seek "a cure" for being gay, an inquest heard.

Dr Nazim Mahmood, fell four storeys to his death from the balcony of his £700,000 flat in a mansion block in West Hampstead, London, in July.

An inquest at St Pancras Coroners' Court heard Dr Mahmood had told his mother he was gay and was in a 13-year relationship with his fiancée, Matthew Ogston, just days before his death.

The court heard Dr Mahmood had kept his sexuality secret from his Muslim family in Birmingham, fearing they would refuse to accept it on religious and cultural grounds.

But having returned to the family home to celebrate Eid, the 34-year-old revealed his sexuality after his mother asked him if he was gay, the court heard.

Mr Ogston, who lived at the penthouse flat with Dr Mahmood, told the inquest yesterday: "She had suggested to him he needed to see a psychiatrist to see if he could be cured. Together I think they agreed they would get through it.

"Telling someone they needed to be cured would not be the easiest thing to take."

The court heard that Dr Mahmood, who had never suffered from depression or any other mental illness, had taken drugs mephedrone and ketamine shortly before his death.


Mentally disturbed Milwaukee man chases cops with a butcher knife and lives!

Alfonso Martinez
© Wiki Media/FoxNews6Alfonso Martinez
A Milwaukee man has been arrested after allegedly chasing two police officers with a large butcher knife and threatening to kill them.

Alfonso Martinez, 26, was charged with two counts of recklessly endangering safety by using a weapon on Thursday.

Authorities said the incident occurred Monday when two police officers were investigating a double homicide. The officers discovered two dead bodies when they entered a home on the 3200 block of N. Richards Street. Once they encountered Martinez, the officers said he threatened to kill them and began chasing them around parked cars while wielding a large butcher knife. The officers eventually arrested him after Martinez dropped his weapon.

Comment: This is exactly how it should be done. Police officers should be doing anything and everything, including running around in circles and getting tired, to avoid a senseless killing. No one is dead, Martinez's mom isn't in mourning and the cops aren't facing charges...oh wait. Scratch that. They wouldn't be charged with killing him anyway. But you all get the point.


Bhopal: Industrial, chemical violence

© weebly.comFollowing the disaster, Bhopal was in a state of death-laden chaos.
The pattern of double standards, of privatising profits and socialising disaster runs through the pattern of corporate rule being institutionalised since the Bhopal tragedy.
December 3, 2014, marks the 30th anniversary of the terrible Bhopal gas tragedy, which killed more than 3,000 people almost immediately, another 8,000 in the following days, and more than 20,000 in the last three decades.

Despite the tragedy of humongous proportions, the people of Bhopal are still fighting for justice despite the apathy they continue to face.

Bhopal was a watershed moment. The tragedy woke up the world to industrial, chemical violence. The chemicals being manufactured at the Bhopal plant had their roots in warfare.

Comment: Dr. Vandana Shiva has written and lectured extensively about GMOs, the failed science surrounding the biotechnology industry, the genetic modification of plant and animal genes, and the control and corruption of industrial based agriculture systems that are destroying the world with their toxic chemicals. Read the following articles written by Dr. Shiva to learn more:


Pregnant woman's well-said rant silences anti-abortion protestors

An argument between anti-abortion protesters and a man asking the group to leave the London sidewalk where they were stationed was quickly ended with an impromptu argument by a pregnant woman who happened to be walking by. The exchange of words was captured by journalist Sunny Hundal, who uploaded the footage to YouTube.

The YouTube clip begins with the anti-abortion protesters claiming that they were not filming women walking into the abortion clinic adjacent to where they set up their protest, which featured a large, grotesque image of an aborted 10-week-old fetus. Hundal accuses the protesters of wanting to expose the women arriving at the clinic for treatment. A protester responds that they're actually recording to document when "people make false accusations that we're harassing people." The protesters are part of the group Abort67.

Comment: Kudos to this woman for having the courage to speak back to these protestors. One wonders how many anti-abortion protestors actually spend any time trying to understand the complexity of the situations that lead women to seek abortions, and the difficulties that women with young children undergo who have little to no resources to raise children in an era when global poverty is epidemic and social safety nets are disappearing.

Abortion, Psychopaths and Mother Love


Two Sierra Leone doctors die on same day from Ebola

© AP Photo/ Markus Schreiber
Two doctors from the West African former British colony of Sierra Leone have succumbed to Ebola on the same day, according to local officials; the overall number of doctors claimed by the virus in the country has reached ten.

"The worst Ebola outbreak on record has torn through some of West Africa's weakest health systems, killing nearly 350 medical personnel, including 106 in Sierra Leone, which is still rebuilding from years of war in the 1990s," Reuters pointed out.

Sierra Leone authorities have announced they would pay $5,000 in compensation to the families of health workers who have died while fighting the Ebola virus outbreak. Questions remain as to how the two deceased doctors, Dr. Dauda Koroma and Dr, Thomas Rogers, contracted the deadly disease, since they were not working "on the frontline" in the Ebola treatment center.

Comment: While the Ebola virus is dangerous, using that as a reason to ban rallies and public gatherings ahead of an election is not based on facts.

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All major US cities hit with minimum wage rallies

minimum wage protests
© Reuters/Brian SnyderFast food workers calling for a $15 minimum wage at a McDonald's restaurant in Chelsea, Massachusetts
Workers in the fast-food, home-care, and airline industries are involved in demonstrations and engaging in walkouts all over the United States on Thursday in a call for a heightened minimum wage of $15, among other labor demands.

Organizers of the "Fight for 15"campaign, which began in November 2012 and then spread to hundreds of cities and "33 countries on 6 continents," expect Thursday's actions to take place in 190 cities at fast-food chain restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's, as well as major airports like John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Comment: The 'Empire of chaos' is witnessing a lot of protests. Students are protesting for protection from sex offenders, black people are protesting for protection from out-of-control police, minimum wage workers are protesting for better wages, Charity organizations are protesting for their right to feed the homeless. US society appears to be falling apart. And for good reason.

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Belgium next to repatriate gold reserves? (good luck)

Just after I reported on the repatriation of 122.5 tonnes of gold by The Netherlands from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) and about the Eurosystem allocating as much of its gold reserves as possible - a global run on gold which can only be seen in advance of a reform of the international monetary system, the next Eurosystem member has come forward, Belgium.

Comment: This "reform" of the international monetary system is likely to take the form of a violent/chaotic system reset in which the US Dollar Reserve is the loser and countries that have amassed gold reserves (like China/Russia) are the winners.

Comment: It is wise to follow the lead of the many countries and central banks - secure some physical gold in exchange for fiat while prices remain suppressed.

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Vladimir Putin's biggest fan club: Media-savvy youth group is churning out propaganda and clothing to promote Russia's leader

putin t-shirt
© Maxim Shipenkov/EPAA customer inspects a t-shirt printed with an image depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin, who now has an 84% approval rating.
Anastasia Zakharova's desk is a chaotic mess. Several images of Vladimir Putin are scattered across the surface, along with a few pictures of Russian Olympic women champions and old copies of the Soviet Union's Pravda newspaper. This week, the 18-year-old designer is working on a new collection of T-shirts called "For".

The meaning is "quite transparent", she says, in a country where 84 per cent of the population is for Putin. On one of the newly designed T-shirts, half of the president's face is visible. The words below read: "Iron Putin."

Zakharova is an enthusiastic and active member of one of the fastest-growing organisations in Russia: a youth movement of Putin's adoring admirers named Set, which in Russian means both "Network" and "Fishing Net". The movement's Moscow office recruits creative young people to produce stirring patriotic products with a hint of style about them. To enroll, members simply need to provide a positive answer to the key question: "Are you for Putin?"

In the early years of Putin's rule, artists felt comfortable satirising him. No longer. And his most eager fans can see nothing to joke about in the president's demeanour or personality. Like Zakharova, they are earnest and serious.

Born in Kaliningrad, a remote Russian city bordering Poland and Germany, Zakharova grew up without a father and without seeing her mother too often. The only true family she had was her grandmother, a devoted Stalinist who for the last 15 years of Putin's rule - most of Anastasia's life - had repeated the same words: "Putin is Russia's saviour." So naturally, Zakharova, like so many of her generation, does not know a cooler superhero than Iron Putin.

Many of Network's members, who are mostly aged from 17 to 27, have been brought up by single mothers, missing out on a powerful male role model in their lives. "To us, Putin is our father," Network's 30-year-old leader, Makar Vikhliantsev, tells me.

putin chivalry
© APVladimir Putin puts a shawl on Peng Liyuan as they arrive to watch a fireworks show at the opening ceremony of the APEC summit. Putin is now a 'role model' and 'father figure' to many young Russians

Comment: The vast majority of Russians see foreign media companies demonizing Putin as an attempt to destabilize their country. Putin's popularity in Russia and around the world is rapidly growing and is undeniable: