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Sat, 27 Aug 2016
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12 Mexican tourists and guides accidentally shot dead by Egyptian security forces

© Reuters
Egyptian soldiers keep guard during a military operation in Rafah, near the border with the southern Gaza Strip.
At least a dozen tourists and their guides have been killed in what is reported to be an accidental attack on their convoy by Egyptian security forces.

The tourists are reported to be Mexican and as many as ten other passengers in a convoy of four cars are said to have been injured.

A statement from Egyptian interior ministry said that while police and armed forces were pursuing "terrorist elements" they accidentally engaged with a tourist convoy.

Bad Guys

Refugees crisis: Thousands gather at protests in Poland

The EU wants Poland to accept 12,000 refugees
Thousands of protesters have gathered in several Polish cities, as right-wing groups rallied against plans to resettle refugees in Europe while counter-protesters marched in solidarity with those seeking safety.

Around 10,000 right-wing protesters clutching the national flag assembled on the streets in the capital of Warsaw on Saturday, and chanted slogans including "Today refugees, tomorrow terrorists!" and "Poland, free of Islam!".

Police in riot gear watched over the crowds as some lit flares, however there were no reports of violence.

Miroslaw Kadziela, 24, who was among those at the protest, told an AP reporter: "The refugees are threat to our culture, they will not assimilate with our society."

Elsewhere in Warsaw, a few hundred people at a pro-refugee rally played music and held banners aloft reading "Refugees, Welcome", with similar rallies being held in Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan and Szczecin.

EU leaders have suggested that Poland should accept 12,000 refugee as part of a proposed quota system. Warsaw has agreed to take in at least 2,000 refugees within two years, but has said it cannot welcome economic migrants.

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12 tourists killed, 10 injured as Egyptian security forces 'accidentally' shoot Mexican convoy

At least 12 people were killed and 10 others injured when a convoy transporting Mexican tourists through Egypt's Western Desert was attacked by the military, which had mistaken them for militants, an official statement said.

"A joint force from the police and military, whilst chasing terrorist elements in the oasis area of the western desert tonight, accidentally engaged four four-wheel drives belonging to a Mexican tourist group," Egypt's Ministry of Interior said in a statement on Monday. "The incident resulted in the death of 12 Mexicans and Egyptians and the injury of 10 others who have been transferred to hospitals."


Munich, Germany: Central rail station temporarily closed due to bomb threat

© demotix.com
Passengers waiting outside the Munich central station after a bomb threat forced an eviction.
Munich central railway station was closed for about two hours on Sunday evening after a sniffer dog alarmed near a suspicious piece of luggage.

Police closed the station immediately after the alarm and no trains were allowed in. Experts were called in to the scene, who then examined the luggage very carefully and gave all-clear.

"There had been no danger to passengers at any time," according to German federal police.

"The incident had nothing to do with refugees," a police spokesperson reiterated.

On the same day, German railway company Deutsche Bahn put in for the first time a regular Intercity-Express train for further transport of refugees. Before Sunday there have only been special trains to transport refugees.

Comment: Very suspicious. Was this a false-flag attack that fizzled?

'ISIS among the refugees' - Prelude to another European "terror attack"?


Nepal suicides increase by 41% following devastating earthquake in April

There is a significant rise in the number of people committing suicide, after the devastating earthquake of April 25 and subsequent strong aftershocks. A three months comparison before and after the earthquake shows that there is a 41 percent increase in people choosing to take their own lives, according to Nepal Police data.

The data from January 15 to April 13 show that 965 had committed suicide, while the number rose to 1,363 in three months till July following the earthquake.

"We observed that people were more insomniac, anxious and had chronic fear," said Dr Saroj Ojha, psychiatrist at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, who had visited Sindhupalchowk for counselling after the earthquake. "However, I should admit our system is yet to reach to as more people as we could. Had we reached these people, we could have saved their lives."

This appears to be a familiar pattern across the world: number of suicide cases spike after a disaster. Studies across the world show that there is increased suicide after floods, hurricanes or earthquakes. The papers basically state that people who have lost their loved ones and property are likely to remain mentally distraught that might proliferate into severe mental illness to a point where they choose to take their lives.

The World Health Organization estimates that 5 to 10 percent of people impacted by humanitarian emergencies will suffer from a mental health condition as a result.

Police data shows that over 4,000 commit suicide each year—which is four times more than people who die in road accidents. A total of 4,332 people committed suicide last year. Apparently more male resorted to suicide and with a majority of them choosing to hang themselves followed by the use of poison.
© kathmandupost.ekantiput.com

Comment: How the elites cash-in on natural disasters

Light Sabers

German riot police charge, knock down bystander amid right-left clashes in Hamburg

German riot police were filmed knocking down a random bystander as a leftist group clashed with both police and right-wingers in the port city of Hamburg. Meanwhile, thousands of demonstrators peacefully rallied elsewhere in the city to support refugees.

Clashes with riot police erupted during a reportedly spontaneous Antifa demonstration in the Schanzenviertel neighbourhood of Hamburg on Saturday. Some reports suggest it was directly linked to the rival anti-immigration march of right-wing radicals that had been banned from the same area.

Protesters fought off police at Hamburg's main railway station, smashing windows, attacking officers with pepper spray, and throwing fire crackers.

Ruptly's footage shows police knocking down a seemingly innocent bystander by barging into him at full speed after blinding him with pepper spray. They are then seen running past him to attack other protesters.

Police also forcefully blocked paramedics trying to reach the unconscious man, as the crowd screamed around them.

Officers were seen wielding batons, while demonstrators threw bottles and pyrotechnics. The chaotic scene reportedly ended with several dozen arrests.


Class stopped and student threatened with expulsion for telling the truth about Native American genocide

The fact that genocide was committed against Native Americans is indisputable and should be obvious to anyone who has taken an honest look at history. Unfortunately, there are still some people so deeply attached to American nationalism that they generally accept the philosophy of expansionism and colonialism practiced by conquering Europeans generations ago and carried on as the "Manifest Destiny" by the U.S. government in the 19th century. In many cases, teachers in public schools and government-regulated universities simply pass along the same lies about the founding of America that they were told in school.

In one such case, a California State University, Sacramento professor not only rejected one of his student's claims that there was a genocide against the native people — he ended the class early and threatened the student with expulsion. According to 19-year-old student Chiitaanibah Johnson, her professor refused to allow her to make comments about the Native genocide during class — a time when it was appropriate to discuss the issue at hand. Instead, U.S. History Professor Maury Wiseman argued with her and insisted the native people did not face a genocide.

Comment: If you want to learn true history don't expect to get it from a classroom. The student is right.

Genocide Wiped Out Native American Population


'Disturbance' leaves three inmates dead, five injured in Oklahoma correctional facility

© Reuters
Authorities are investigating an incident that left three inmates dead and five others injured Saturday at a private correctional facility in Cushing, Oklahoma. Prison staff at the privately owned Cimarron Correctional Facility reportedly stopped an "inmate disturbance" around 4:40 p.m., according to a statement released by Corrections Corporation of America, the facility's parent company.

The five injured inmates were taken to a local hospital for treatment, KOTV, Oklahoma City, reported. Local officials are investigating the incident, the cause of which has not been determined. No names have been released.

KOKI-TV, Tulsa, reported the disturbance was confined to a single housing pod and lasted about 40 minutes. The facility was put on lockdown as prison staff worked to control the commotion.

Earlier this year, at least 11 maximum-security inmates were injured at the same facility after a brawl involving 200 to 300 inmates broke out.

Cimarron is located about 44 miles west of Tulsa. The prison houses some 1,650 inmates, with 1,470 medium-security and 180 maximum-security beds.

Tulsa World reported state-run and privately owned prisons have been suffering from staff shortages throughout Oklahoma for the past decade, with many facilities pushing full capacity.

Black Magic

Medical professionals warn of disease risk at refugee concentration camp in Hungary

© AP/Matthias Schrader
People gather at the railway track in a camp near the Hungarian border with Serbia, in Roszke, southern Hungary, Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015.
Medical workers at the Hungarian border warned Saturday of desperate conditions for pregnant women and the risk of disease spreading at the under-equipped camp where thousands of refugees are streaming in daily.

A huge outpouring of sympathy from across Europe has brought dozens of vehicles loaded with aid supplies from Britain, Austria, Germany and elsewhere to the filthy camp in the border town of Roszke.

But while blankets, clothes and food pile up around the muddy fields, doctors say they are worried about the lack of sanitation and medical supplies.

"When you have no running water, no way to clean and people are arriving with contagious diseases, you have a problem," said Teresa Sancristobal, head of the Doctors Without Borders site team.

A priority for the doctors on site is pregnant women, many of whom have walked for weeks on their journey from the warzones of the Middle East.

"We have a lot of pregnant women who are just exhausted and can't take it anymore," said Sarah Schober, 28, a medical student leading a volunteer team from Vienna.

"All we have to give them is magnesium and small doses of schnapps for the cramps, and there are very few field beds for them to rest."

Exhaustion and dehydration are common. One volunteer described finding a 12-year-old girl who had walked several kilometres with a broken knee after being hit by a taxi in Serbia.

An over-stretched UN refugee agency has organised for more toilets and clean-up operations, but faces big challenges as government buses are slow to move refugees on to registration centres, leaving thousands to sleep in the fields every night.

"People are defacating and peeing between tents because there is nowhere to go. With the warmer weather, we are one step away from an epidemic," said Schober.
© AFP/Peter Kahalmi
A migrant woman holds a child and food in a refugee camp near Roszke, Hungary, at the border with Serbia, on September 11, 2015.

Comment: Conditions in Roszke refugee camp in Hungary reminiscent of WWII atrocities


Armed Oath Keeper extremists threaten to defend anti-gay clerk

Never ones to shy away from controversy, the Oath Keepers, a heavily armed group of right-wing constitutionalists, are offering to step in to defend Kentucky's Rowan County clerk Kim Davis, as she refuses to do her job and issue same-sex marriage certificates.

Group founder Stewart Rhodes and members comprised of former military, police and first responders, released a video on Wednesday discussing the Davis scandal.

Three US Anti-Gov't Militia Members Sentenced for Plotting Deadly Attacks
Rhodes recently spoke in New York, where he claimed President Obama is trying to start a race war.

"[T]he leftists in this country hate this country, they hate it," Rhodes said, "and they will get in bed with radical Islamists because they have a common enemy, western civilization."

Comment: Rhodes is worried about radical Islamists, but what about radical Oath Keepers? You don't see the Oath Keepers protecting same-sex couples marriage rights.