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Fri, 29 Jul 2016
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Israeli rights group blasts military court for Palestinians as 'hollow formality'

© Reuters / Ammar Awad
Thousands of Palestinians are brought before Israeli military courts each year on charges ranging from stone-throwing to illegal entry. Most end up in custody awaiting a verdict, the judicial process reduced to a "hollow formality," a rights group says.

The Israeli B'Tselem group has stated in its 41-page report, based on 260 case files that with the exception of individuals accused of traffic violations, "remand is the rule rather than the exception. The military prosecution routinely asks for remand in custody and the courts approve the vast majority of the motions."

According to the group, most Palestinian defendants enter plea bargains simply because they may end up being in jail longer if they choose not to.

"Defendants know that if they go to trial while in custody - even if going to trial would mean eventual acquittal - they may spend more time behind bars than the prison sentence they would receive in a plea bargain. As a consequence the prosecution is seldom required to go through a full trial, in which it must present evidence to prove a person guilty," B'Tselem concludes in the report entitled 'Presumed Guilty: Remand in Custody by Military Courts in the West Bank'.

"In many cases the decision to arrest an individual effectively means a conviction. The case is decided at the time the remand is approved rather than on the basis of evidence against the defendant. When remand - a pre-trial decision regarding a person not yet convicted - is approved on a regular basis, the judicial process as such becomes a hollow formality," it adds.

Snakes in Suits

Cancer charities busted by Feds for defrauding $187 million from Americans

A string of cancer charities -- the Cancer Fund of America, Cancer Support Services, the Breast Cancer Society and the Children's Cancer Fund of America -- have turned out to be manipulative frauds run by a family of con artists. The money they raised for cancer patients actually went to pay for personal luxuries instead -- Disney World trips, jet ski outings, new cars, college tuition and luxury travel.

"This is as about as bad as it can get: taking money away from cancer victims," said Jessica Rich, chief of the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection. The FTC was joined by the attorney general and law enforcement officials from all 50 states in the case against the fake cancer charities.

Their benevolence doesn't end there. The con artists also gave junk food and bad drugs to cancer patients. Some children were given out-of-date antibiotics that made their condition worse. One federal complaint revealed that the charities gave breast cancer patients certain drugs that "are not typically used for the treatment of breast cancer and, in some instances, are not recommended for use by persons who have had cancer."

Arrow Up

Sanity prevails: Meitiv family cleared of second case of neglect for free-range parenting

Police and Child Protective Services in Maryland twice removed the Meitiv children, 10 and 6, from their parents for child endangerment because they played alone at a nearby park.

The generation that grew up as latchkey kids is now being called "free range" parents if they let their children play outside unattended. And they're being charged with neglect.

Today it's being reported that CPS has cleared parents Danielle and Sasha Meitiv of a second case of neglect. They were cleared of wrongdoing in their first case less than a month ago.

No harm ever befell the children except when they were kidnapped by overzealous authorities and kept away from their loving parents.

Comment: Hopefully, other communities will follow suit. The incidences of CPS kidnapping children using flimsy excuses has passed the point of being ridiculous and now poses a real danger to children by putting them at grave risk.

People 2

Transabled? Really?

Did we just cross over into the Twilight Zone?

This is what our politically correct society has wrought.

Now we don't just have men or women who want to be respected as the opposite sex, or white girls who want to be thought of as black girls because they feel they were born the wrong race, but we now have otherwise completely healthy people who feel inside as if they are really disabled people. Some have gone as far as to cut off their own limbs to really be the disabled person they feel they are inside (and get that handicapped parking tag).

Yes, this is really a thing.

Via The Daily Caller:

Comment: Transabled? Or chronically unable to face reality?


Russia: Defense ministry begins ecological cleanup in Arctic region

© www.theantarcticbookofcookingandcleaning.com
Debris removal, housecleaning in the Arctic
Clean-up operations will be held on Arctic territories, where military formations are stationed

Servicemen of the Russian Defense Ministry have begun "'ecological clean-up" on Arctic territories, where military formations are stationed, Deputy defense minister General Dmitry Bulgakov said on Monday. More than 170 servicemen have been involved in clean-up of the contaminated territories, he said.

Clean-up operations are going on on a number of islands of Novaya Zemlya archipelago, the islands of Kotelny and Wrangle. Around ten clean-up brigades have been dismantling shabby houses and constructions to be followed by land reclamation there, Bulgakov said. The ministry's servicemen have been also removing scrap metal, including metallic containers for liquid substances, pending their shipment away from the Arctic territory by auxiliary ships of the Russian Navy, he said.

Russia to build military Arctic environmental center

"To control the ecology of the Russian Arctic zone, a regional environmental center of the Northern Fleet is to be created in the near future, which will carry out ecological monitoring and control compliance with Russian and international environmental legislation," Bulgakov said according to Portnews.

Comment: The Russian Northern Fleet is planning to conduct a large exercise in 2015, focusing on the defense of Russia's assets in the Arctic, involving two Arctic brigades, airborne forces and special detachments. The NF will also conduct drills along the Northern Sea Route and begin the process of reopening an old Soviet air base that had been abandoned in the 90s.
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Russia puts Northern Fleet on full alert amid NATO war games

Eye 1

Telling it like it is! UK terror police 'radicalised and groomed our ISIS runaway wives'


In a letter to the chairman of the home affairs select committee, husbands of two of the women say police allegedly encouraged them to contact their radicalised brother
Downing Street tonight denounced as 'wrong and dangerous' a claim that British police 'actively encouraged and promoted' the radicalisation of three sisters who took their children to join Islamic State terrorists last week.

The suggestion by two of the women's husbands that the police played a part in sending them towards IS by encouraging contact with their radicalised brother in Syria was also angrily rejected by senior officers and branded 'ludicrous' by MPs.

Lawyers for Mohammed Shoaib, 39, and Akhtar Iqbal, 48, have written to the Home and Foreign Secretaries, and chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, Keith Vaz.

The letter said: 'We are alarmed by the fact that the police have been actively promoting and encouraging contact with the brother-in-law of our clients whom, it is believed, is fighting in Syria.

'It would appear that there has been a reckless disregard as to the consequences of any such contact on the families.

'Plainly the North East Counter-Terrorism Unit (Nectu) has been complicit in the grooming and radicalising of the women.'

Arrow Down

Business as usual? Traffic camera CEO pleads guilty to bribing elected officials

As time goes on more Americans are becoming aware of the fact that many of our laws are not written for our safety, but exist as nothing more than tools of revenue generation for the government. But what we often forget is that the police departments aren't the only ones making a buck at our expense. When it comes to traffic cameras, the manufacturers have a lot at stake, and they're more than willing to bend the rules if it means making a new customer.

At least, that seems to be the case with Redflex Traffic Systems, whose former CEO Karen L Finley, recently admitted in court that she had bribed elected officials in Columbus, Ohio and Cincinnati, to maintain the contracts her company had with these municipalities.

Comment: Given the current state of society in the U.S., one wonders how often these types of transactions occur. It's a safe bet that this is not an isolated case.


2 teens, 2 adults injured in Jersey City public shooting

© Reuters
Four people, including two 15-year-old teenagers, were shot in a park in Jersey City, New Jersey amid a large basketball court party. This is the third mass open-air shooting to target partygoers in the US in the space of two days.

Police are looking for a silver minivan following the incident, which took place at Ruby Brown Place near Mercer Park, NBC 4 New York reported citing investigators.

Witnesses said several shots were fired, as dozens of people outside cooking in the vicinity, as they celebrated Father's Day.

At least one of those injured in the shootings is in a critical condition, according to police. It is not known who carried out the attack.

According to witness accounts cited by PIX11, people initially mistook the shots for fireworks, but upon realizing it was actually gunfire, they started to run in different directions. One man said he grabbed his underage son and charged away from the scene.

The interrupted event is described as a peaceful large barbeque party that takes place on the same spot every year.

Comment: America's escalating race war: Who benefits from a mind controlled Charleston shooter?

Red Flag

10-year-old incest victim denied abortion by Paraguayan authorities

© Norberto Duarte/AFP/Getty Images
The 10-year-old is staying at a Red Cross hospital in Asuncíon.
  • Mother reported in January 2014 that stepfather was sexually abusing child
  • Catholic country only allows abortion if pregnancy is 'life-threatening'
Paraguayan authorities have ruled out abortion for a pregnant 10-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by her stepfather, unless she develops complications that put her life in danger.

Despite a plea from the girl's mother and an international outcry, senior medical officials in Asunción told the Guardian that more than 22 weeks into the pregnancy, there are no health risks that would allow doctors to circumvent the Catholic country's stringent anti-abortion laws.

"Right now, there is no reason to interrupt the pregnancy," Lida Sosa, director of healthcare programs at the ministry of public health and wellness, said. "In fact, given the stage of the pregnancy, it's even more dangerous for the girl to undergo a procedure [to abort] without a well-considered medical, obstetrical evaluation."

The stance of the Paraguayan authorities has enraged human rights groups and feminist activists, who believe the girl - whose name has been withheld because she is a minor - faces psychological and health risks if the baby is born because of her young age and the circumstances that resulted in the pregnancy.

The 10-year-old is one of three children who share a rented room in the city of Luque with her mother and stepfather.

Comment: Abortion, Psychopaths and Mother Love

Red Flag

Number of veterans who are waiting over a month for treatment has grown 50% since last year

It's been over a year since it was discovered that the Department of Veterans Affairs had been using "secret lists" to conceal the fact that they had abysmal wait times for veterans in need, some whom died while waiting to be treated. Unfortunately, not much has changed with the VA, save the fact that they can no longer cover up their incompetence/lack of resources.

Now the number of veterans who are waiting one month or more for their treatment, has grown 50% since last year, and they're currently facing a $3 billion budget shortfall. The VA is now considering furloughs and hiring freezes to continue their operation.

Comment: It's a sickening truth that those in Congress are always ready to send soldiers off to war and to publicly congratulate them for service, but when it comes time to actually take care of these same people, those in charge cannot be bothered.

Why Does The U.S. Government Treat Military Veterans Like Human Garbage?