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Sun, 27 May 2018
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Journalist Tommy Robinson arrested in for 'breach of the peace' after chasing down accused child abusers

Tommy Robinson
© Joel Goodman
Tommy Robinson surrounded by police in April, 2017.
EDL leader-turned independent journalist Tommy Robinson has been arrested in Leeds after confronting defendants outside a courthouse as they entered to face trial over sexual abuse allegations.

Robinson and his team were producing a live video for social media as several of 29 defendants accused of child sex abuse and neglect entered the courthouse.

In a video posted to social media, Robinson - a self-modeled defender of free speech - can be seen arrested by a team of police officers. He is put in the back of a police van, with officers telling him that he was being arrested for "incitement" and"breach of the peace."

RT spoke to Robinson's producer, Caolan Robertson, about the confrontation outside of Leeds Crown Court and Robinson's subsequent arrest.

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Classic liberal fail: White 'trans-black' activist Rachel Dolezal faces 15 years in prison for welfare fraud

Rachel Dolezal
© Aaron Robert Kathman / Wikipedia
Rachel Dolezal speaking at a rally in Spokane.
Rachel Dolezal, the white activist, author and entrepreneur who famously 'self-identified' as black and eventually became the subject of a Netflix documentary, is now facing up to 15 years in prison for welfare fraud.

Dolezal is charged with: theft by welfare fraud of $8,847 allegedly stolen between August 2015 through November 2017, perjury and making false claims to receive public assistance. Dolezal reportedly received $8,747 in food assistance and $100 in childcare benefits according KHQ-TV, a local NBC affiliate, reported. She allegedly reported that her only income was from child support payments (she is a mother of three) which amounted to less than $500 per month, which was contradicted by her bank records that were subpoenaed by state officials.

"The state of Washington seeks prosecution and restitution in this matter. In addition, the Department requests Nkechi Diallo (formerly Dolezal) be disqualified from receiving Food Assistance for at least a 12-month period for breaking a Food Assistance rule on purpose. This is known as an Intentional Program Violation," court documents read as cited by KHQ-TV.

An investigator at the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Fraud office heard that Diallo had recently published a book 'In Full Color,' in a deal reportedly worth between $10,000 to $20,000. She was also the subject of a Netflix documentary entitled, 'The Rachel Divide.'

Comment: It's nice to see that the activist ideologues have such good character. Dolezal isn't the only one. Scratch the surface and you'll find a surprising number of activists are just masking their own criminal mentality and personality disorders. There's a reason the vast majority of revolutions create totalitarian systems.


Head of Russian watchdog claims terrorists used Telegram messenger in all recent attacks

Telegram support rally
© Valeriy Melnikov/Sputnik
The head of Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor told the St. Petersburg Economic Forum that he has "irrefutable proof" that all recent terrorist attacks in Russia and abroad were coordinated through the Telegram messenger.

"The proof is irrefutable. All of the latest terrorist attacks committed in our country and abroad have been coordinated through the Telegram messenger. This is why, when choosing between convenience and security, I personally choose security," Aleksandr Zharov was quoted as saying by Interfax.

The official stated that the demand of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) that Telegram hand over encryption keys to user traffic on demand was completely justified. He added that a similar situation developed around the Zello internet walkie-talkie, which is also currently banned in Russia.


Kiev: Masked thugs attack Liverpool football fans

football match
© Carl Recine / Reuters
Masked thugs in Kiev have attacked Liverpool fans in the city for Saturday's UEFA Champions League final.

A video, published by the Mirror, shows a 20-strong gang throwing glasses, tables and chairs, causing their targets to scatter. Two men were arrested while others were able to flee the scene without being detained.

Witnesses described the troublemakers as a 'pack of dogs' as they laid into Liverpool fans who were eating dinner at a restaurant called Rooster Grill, not far from the final venue Olimpiyskiy Stadium, the Independent reports.

Liverpool fans were left battered and covered in blood with wounds to their heads and necks as they ran for cover.

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The left and the right don't hear the same Jordan Peterson

A New York Times Magazine hit piece says more about the mainstream media than it says about Jordan Peterson.
Dr. Peterson
Dr. Jordan Peterson, who has enjoyed a surge into fame over the past year, has become a bit like the Yanny and Laurel audio meme. People listen to what he has to say but disagree wildly about what they are hearing.

Some hear a man with important ideas that can help people live a more fulfilling life, others hear a dangerous misogynist who wants to set back the cause of liberated women, trans people, and the rest of the cast(e) of oppression. In a feature for The New York Times Magazine this weekend, Nellie Bowles clearly came down on the latter side.



At least 15 injured as two men blow up IED inside Indian restaurant in Canada

Two suspects entering in restaurant
© Peel Regional Police / Twitter
Police have released a photo of two suspects who detonated an explosive device in a restaurant in Mississauga, a city in the Canadian province of Ontario. At least 15 people have been injured.

Police say they received a call for "an incident" at 10:32 pm and have cordoned off the area. Local media report that there has been an explosion at an Indian restaurant in the central area of the city.

Law enforcement is asking for public assistance in the hunt for the two male suspects who "fled the scene immediately after the incident." Apart from pictures of the suspected perpetrators, they published a detailed description of the men's outfits. Both wore jeans and hoodies, and had their faces covered.


The mainstream media want you to see only one collusion story

© Jim Bourg/Reuters
President Trump speaks with reporters outside the White House, December 21, 2017.
Anyone examining FBI and Justice Department abuses is smeared and ridiculed.

President Trump is opening a whole new chapter in the war between him and the investigators pursuing him. Today, he tweeted: "I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes - and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!"

It's unclear how the Justice Department will respond. In March, Justice's inspector general, Michael Horowitz, announced he would be examining exactly how the DOJ set about employing the so-called Steele dossier to help obtain permission from a special court, the FISA court, to eavesdrop on Trump foreign-policy adviser Carter Page. Apparently, Trump is demanding that the DOJ now look at a range of recent developments, including the news that an FBI informant was fishing for information from Trump officials before any Justice investigation of possible Trump-campaign collusion with Russia was supposed to have begun.

Comment: Indeed, the possibility that a spy was planted in the Trump campaign organization is gaining strength.

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RT exposes mainstream media's pro-Israel bias when reporting on Gaza massacre

Russia today logo
© RT
RT makes a huge contribution every day to the public's understanding of world events. No wonder the deep state hates them.

RT does invaluable work in challenging the Western (largely Jewish influenced) media monopolies. The media's coverage of the Gaza massacre is a great chance to look at how the media's portrayal of ethnic conflicts is distorted when Jewish interests are involved.

When Syrian President Bashar Assad violently suppresses protests (or actual terrorists) the western media immediately demonizes him as an "animal" and a monster. When "white supremacists" in Charlottesville have a rally that ends in the death of one of the violent "counter-protestors", the western media pushes for vicious consequences.


Family removes Alexa devices after it sends recordings of their private conversations to a stranger

A concerned family is speaking out after they claim that their Amazon Alexa device recorded a conversation they were having in their home, and sent it to a random contact who alerted them to the fact that he had heard everything they said.

A homeowner named Danielle, who asked for her last name to remain anonymous, told KIRO 7 that she and her husband were in their house, discussing home improvement projects and hardwood floors when they received an urgent call from one of her husband's employees in Seattle.

"The person on the other line said, 'unplug your Alexa devices right now, you're being hacked,'" Danielle said.

"We unplugged all of them and he proceeded to tell us that he had received audio files of recordings from inside our house," she said. "At first, my husband was, like, 'no you didn't!' And the (recipient of the message) said 'You sat there talking about hardwood floors.' And we said, 'oh gosh, you really did hear us.'"

The employee sent the couple the email he had received with the audio files, and Danielle confirmed that it was, in fact, a direct recording of their conversation. She told KIRO 7 that the Amazon Alexa had access to every room in her house because it controlled the heating, lighting and security system in her home.

Comment: Amazon has a plan to put one of these in every home. How well can you trust them with your privacy? The creepy laughter is just a bonus feature.

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Australian parents furious as city council seeks to ban use of "boy" or "girl" in books

gender neutral
"For goodness sake, this is social engineering gone crazy...

Leave kids alone to be kids. Stop trying to destroy kids' childhoods..."
That is an example of the furious reaction from parents in Victoria, Australia where the local city council has announced plans to audit children's books and toys with a plan to ban them from kindergartens, schools and libraries if they don't meet strict gender guidelines.

The Herald Sun reports that the local government's justice warriors were inspired by research from the Australian National University that showed children were influenced by gender stereotyping, and urged a ban on the terms 'boy' and 'girl'.

ban the books

Comment: And the gender-neutral madness continues. See also: