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Mon, 20 Feb 2017
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Farmer studies law for 16 years to sue chemical company for polluting his land

© Xie Xinyuan
Wang discusses wastewater pollution.
Chinese farmer Wang Enlin and his neighbors sued Qihua Group, a mineral processing and chemical production company, for polluting their homes and farmland. Wang, who spent 16 years studying law to pursue this goal, and residents of the Yushutun village won an initial judgment against the multi-billion dollar state-run company, the Daily Mail reported.

Wang, who is in his 60s, began to pursue this case after his home and the surrounding farmland were flooded with toxic waste from Qihua in 2001. The 2001 Qiqihar Angang River District Council minutes reveal a mayoral determination that the polluted land could not be used for a "long time," the People's Daily said.

The Qihua plant created a "71-acre wasteland with calcium carbide residue and a 478-acre pond with its liquid waste," according to the Daily Mail. It released 15,000 to 20,000 tons of annual waste.

"I knew I was in the right, but I did not know what law the other party had broken or whether or not there was evidence," Wang said.


Russian Embassy to UK: 'BBC film on Russian football hooligans aims to sow fear' of 2018 World Cup

"Russian football hooligans" asked by film producers to put on masks and balaclavas for the interview
'Russia's Hooligan Army', a new BBC documentary on violent Russian football fans, is shocking and aims to discredit Russia and its upcoming World Cup, Russia's embassy in London said, adding that the film apparently aims to "sow fear" in British society.

"The film titled Russia's Hooligan Army shot and broadcast by BBC Two with the Russia-hosted 2018 FIFA World Cup in mind is quite shocking. One gets the impression that its goal is to sow fear in British society and warn the fans against travelling to Russia," the embassy said in a statement.

The documentary is based on "edited footage" of clashes involving "violent Russian fans" in Marseille, according to the embassy.

"The filmmakers from the government-funded channel [BBC] did their best to discredit Russia and the forthcoming [2018] World Cup," it said, adding that a similar campaign had been launched prior to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

The embassy also noted that people "prone to violence exist in every society."

Comment: The relentless and almost surreal drive of the Western Empire to demonize and propagandize Russia continues.


Poll suggests four NATO states prefer Russia to protect them from security threats

© AP Photo/ Geert Vanden Wijngaert
Residents of four NATO member states would prefer a military alliance with Russia, if their countries were attacked. This is evidenced by results of a global survey conducted among residents of 66 countries by sociologists from WIN/Gallup International.

Russia was chosen by residents Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia and Turkey as the main guarantor of their security. In case of an attack, all these countries want to see Russian forces fighting on their side, the survey revealed.

The poll comes as US Defense Secretary James Mattis threatened to cut US defense commitments unless all NATO members met the spending target.


Self-proclaimed psychic detective brings the paranormal to police work

Troy Griffin walked across a bridge in Colorado, searching for a body.

He brought search dogs and a team of volunteers with him, but his main set of tools are his visions.

Griffin is a self-proclaimed psychic detective. Shunning the crystal ball, tarot cards and tea leaves of his fellow intuitives, he says he uses his psychic powers to solve crimes.

"I've worked on ... about a 100 cases overall," Griffin said.

He says he's built a business out of bringing the paranormal into police work, charging up to $250 an hour for his investigative work.

He recently worked a missing person's case that gripped the nation. Kelsie Schelling, 21, was eight weeks pregnant and disappeared in February 2013 after making a late night drive from her home in Denver to see her boyfriend in Pueblo, Colorado. Her family never saw or heard from her again.

Four years after her unsolved disappearance, Schelling's mother Laura Saxton is still searching for her daughter and is grateful for Griffin's help.

Brick Wall

Another brick in the wall - modern education and the system of deception

© Canadian Education Association
Like many things — the food industry, the medical-pharmaceutical establishment, the mainstream media - the hidden corporate/bankers who control our governments have also standardized the education system through funding.

Many years ago in the USA, for example, much money was poured into education by the Rockefeller-created National Education Association, with the help of the Carnegie Foundation and later on the Ford Foundation. The result of the efforts of such organizations can be seen worldwide today in the real purpose of the education system which is to teach children and young people: 1) Reward comes from accurate memory recall from heavy repetition. 2) Non-compliance will be punished. 3) Acceptance that 'truth' and what is 'real' comes from authority.

Thus, the real purpose of the education system is to cultivate conformity and prohibit critical thinking about anything of real importance.

Starting at 4 years old (and what could be a better age to start a mass indoctrination?)and finishing by the time an individual comes out of the education system, some 12 years plus on, children have had more than their fair share of programming and brainwashing, and as a result are unable to really think for themselves. Moreover, any genuine outside-of-the-box thinking with significant potential humanitarian or Mother Earth-friendly benefit is ignored, quashed, ridiculed or suppressed by the influence of those hidden controllers if it is perceived as a threat to any of their businesses.

But, as Einstein said, 'real thinking is to think the unthinkable...'

Comment: The Health & Wellness Show: Weapons of mass instruction: The perils of education - Brainwashing, Indoctrination and Robot Factories

Brick Wall

800 Mexican students build 'human wall' in defiance of Trump's hostile rhetoric (VIDEO)

© Ruptly
The human wall protest in Juarez was one of many planned throughout the coming days and saw over 800 students form up along the US-Mexico border in solidarity and protest.
A 'human wall' of over 800 students was formed along the border between Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas, in a show of solidarity against US President Donald Trump's anti-Mexican rhetoric.

The chain began at the site where Pope Francis gave his speech at Cruz del Migrante on the banks of the Río Grande a year ago, in which he decried forced migration as a "human tragedy."

Comment: See also: Not a wonderful plan: Trump calls for 20% import tax on Mexican products to pay for border wall


New Cleveland prosecutor uncovers dozens of child sexual assault cases that have been ignored

Michael O'Malley
In the land of the free, those tasked with 'protecting' society — often and with extreme prejudice — fall far short of providing anything resembling actual safety. Instead, law enforcement in America often chooses profit over people. An outrageous case out of Cleveland Ohio proves this point by illustrating that authorities are more interested in making pot busts than they are prosecuting those who rape children.

When prosecutor Michael O'Malley first took office last month, he began looking into hundreds of cases marked 'inactive' in the computer system. As he began reviewing those cases, he found dozens of instances of rape and sexual assault cases involving children that he said prosecutors "ignored."

"There was a conscious decision (by prosecutors) to make some of these cases inactive," O'Malley said. "It's outrageous."

O'Malley has discovered around 70 cases so far, but because there are more than 1,900 cases in the system, he expects to find even more.

The incompetence and sheer failure of prosecutors to close these cases are more glaring than the thousands of rape kits that are collecting dust in police departments across the state as many of these cases involve an actual confession from the suspect.

Comment: This child sex abuse coverups are nothing new. Police all over the world have been implicated.


Tested for your safety: Book publishers hire 'sensitivity readers' to flag potentially offensive content

Recently, author Veronica Roth - of "Divergent" fame - came under fire for her new novel, "Carve the Mark." In addition to being called racist, the book was criticized for its portrayal of chronic pain in its main character.
Before a book is published and released to the public, it's passed through the hands (and eyes) of many people: an author's friends and family, an agent and, of course, an editor.

These days, though, a book may get an additional check from an unusual source: a sensitivity reader, a person who, for a nominal fee, will scan the book for racist, sexist or otherwise offensive content. These readers give feedback based on self-ascribed areas of expertise such as "dealing with terminal illness," "racial dynamics in Muslim communities within families" or "transgender issues."

"The industry recognizes this is a real concern," said Cheryl Klein, a children's and young adult book editor and author of "The Magic Words: Writing Great Books for Children and Young Adults." Klein, who works at the publisher Lee & Low, said that she has seen the casual use of specialized readers for many years but that the process has become more standardized and more of a priority, especially in books for young readers.

Sensitivity readers have emerged in a climate - fueled in part by social media - in which writers are under increased scrutiny for their portrayals of people from marginalized groups, especially when the author is not a part of that group.

Comment: Its understandable that authors would want to portray their characters in a culturally realistic way but certain social climates, like this one, fear of offending peoples' delicate sensibilities can override an author's artistic license.


Mystery illness plagues residents one year after historic US gas leak

A year after the largest methane leak in U.S. history was sealed in Porter Ranch, California, residents are continuing to experience significant adverse health consequences. As SoCalGas — the company responsible for the blowout — uses fabricated gas shortages to justify reopening the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility, which has been shut down indefinitely since the leak occurred, a local doctor is now speaking out.


Two F-15s scrambled to intercept unresponsive aircraft over West Palm Beach where Trump is staying

© Reuters
Two F-15s caused a 'sonic boom' as they raced from their base in Homestead, Fla., Friday to intercept an unresponsive general aviation aircraft that flew near Palm Beach during a stay by President Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

The jets flew at supersonic speeds and residents were startled by the loud boom, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD, said in a statement. The two fighters were able to establish communication with the aircraft. This incident occurred at about 7 p.m. ET. No further details were immediately available.

"The intent of military intercepts is to have the identified aircraft re-establish communications with local FAA air traffic controllers and instruct the pilot to follow air traffic controllers' instructions to land safely for follow-on action," the statement read.