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UK's military horses bolt through London AGAIN, regiment source says frequency of spooking incidents is unprecedented

horses london
© @Davenoisome/PA WireA black cab driver caught some of the drama on his dashcam. Equine specialist questions whether the animals' behavioural needs are being met and says capital may be overwhelming.

Comment: Note that the latest incident occurred 6 days ago on July 1st. This article was published 4 days afterwards, and it reviews the incident, as well similar ones that occurred previously, and provides some speculation as to the possible causes.

It also occurred just a few days prior to the election of a new UK government, and we're about a year or so into King Charles' reign, which, taken together, could be seen as rather ominous.

The stress of life as a military horse could explain why several of the animals have bolted through London on two occasions in the past three months, an equine expert has suggested.

On Monday three horses from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR) broke loose and ran through central London. Video footage showed one colliding with a car. It is thought one of the horses had been spooked by a bus, causing the other two to unseat their riders and run.

In April, five horses from the regiment bolted during an exercise in Belgravia, apparently after being spooked by rubble being dropped through a plastic tunnel.

Comment: For a rundown of the strange coincidences surrounding the previous spooking incident, as well as detail on the others preceding it, including during the coronation of Charles, see: Royal Household Calvary horses bolt through London after throwing riders off, just as Big Ben clock 'stops working'

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Culture minister flashes breasts (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Lubna Jaffery
© Social media
Norwegian Lubna Jaffery has celebrated receiving the "Fag Hag" award for her support of queers by exposing herself

Norwegian Minister of Culture and Gender Equality Lubna Jaffery has exposed her breasts at an Oslo Pride event, where she was awarded the "Fag Hag 2024" award for her work. The controversial act received praise from the country's top leadership.

Last week, Jaffery was featured on the Skeiv Preik ('Queer Sermon') talk show, affiliated with Oslo Pride, where she was given the prestigious award recognizing her as the top patron of queers.

Comment: The Wiki has:
Lubna Boby Jaffery (born 2 April 1980)[1] is a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party. She has served as minister of culture and equality since 2023
Born in Norway to parents of Pakistani origin she grew up in Bergen.[2] She took her secondary education in Åsane in 1999, and at the University of Bergen she took the cand.mag. degree in 2004 and the master's degree in 2007.
It is possible the applause from the Prime Minister, and her own choice to make this performance, is in part motivated by her having a Muslim background.

Her FB page shows Jaffery is willing to celebrate whatever comes within the firing range. On April 5, when Norway had decided to spend 52 Billion Euros more on defence over the next 12 years, she wrote:
Our most important job is to keep Norway safe. The government strengthens Norway's defense with 600 billion kroner in the next 12 years, from this year to 2036. That's a historic boost for the Armed Forces. The biggest promise is for the Naval Defense. An important boost for Norway, Western Norway and Bergen. The Navy will get a minimum of five new frigates with anti-submarine helicopters, a minimum of five submarines and a standardized vessel class with up to ten large and eighteen smaller vessels. A historic day and an important day!
Since Norway already spends about 7-8 Billion Euros, the above increase is significant. Celebrating war, along the lines of NATO and the Norwegian Secretary General Stoltenberg has the potential bring back the stone age to Europe which for some could have the consequence that there will be a lot more body to show, not because of decadence, but because there could be little available that can cover. However the perspective, does not register with Ms Jaffery. A few days later, she was celebrating Muslim traditions:
On April 10
Eid Mubarak to all who are celebrating! Today is an important holiday for Norwegian Muslims after a month of fasting, spiruality and solidarity. At the same time, it is a celebration that many have Palestine and Gaza in mind. Rarely has six months been filled with this much pain, anger and sorrow. The government is working with other countries to bring about a ceasefire and ensure enough humanitarian aid into Gaza. I wish everyone a happy celebration!
Lubna Jaffery may be sincere about Gaza and Palestine, but we can't know for sure.


Covid vaccine injuries go mainstream in Australia

some guy
© screenshot
Propaganda narratives shift slowly over time to absorb aspects of undeniable reality, whilst minimising damage to the interests of those benefiting from the big lie.

First, the Covid vaccines were safe and effective, and we were set to experience a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Get vaccinated to protect your community!

Next, the shots were safe and effective, but with rare side-effects, mostly mild. Still, the benefits outweighed the risks. Get vaccinated to protect your healthcare system!

In the latest narrative update, experts say all the shots except AstraZeneca's are safe and effective, and they admit that vaccine injuries can be life-ruining, though still very rare. But Covid is worse. Get vaccinated to protect against Long Covid!

In an 'After Covid' Spotlight special on commercial media channel 7NEWS over the weekend, a panel of experts reflected on Australia's Covid response. Tellingly, vaccine safety (or rather, lack thereof) occupied 17 out of a total 53 minutes, more than a quarter of the airtime.

Comment: The vaccine was a con job from beginning. It still is.


Lockdowns were Britain's biggest ever peacetime mistake, says Farage

© UnknownLocked down, locked in
The second and third Covid lockdowns were the biggest ever mistake made by a British Government in peacetime, Nigel Farage has said. The Telegraph has the story.
The Reform U.K. leader was speaking to 1,000 people at the Rainton Arena which is in the constituency of Houghton and Sunderland South, currently represented by Labour's Bridget Phillipson.

Mr. Farage told the rally:
"The Tories say we're in economic trouble because of the pandemic. But hang on, you didn't need to lock us down for a second and a third time.

"You didn't need to take away our freedoms in a way that weren't even done during World War Two and all of it with Labour support.

"I actually believe the long-term economic and psychological damage from lockdowns two and three perhaps represents the biggest mistake any British government, supported by the opposition, has ever made in peacetime."
He went on to say he treated the second and third lockdowns with "contempt".
It's about time someone in this election drew attention to the proverbial pachyderm behind many of the country's current woes, from NHS waiting lists to the mountainous debt, record tax levels and sky-high welfare bill stemming in part from a degraded work ethic.

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Green New Scam is dying

green paint
It's no secret that the vast majority of the so-called elites are advocates of climate alarmism and are taken in by the Green New Scam.

Whether this preference is based on ignorance of the science, ideological zeal, a willful desire to hurt American growth or simple greed because of their investments in Green New Scam infrastructure varies case-by-case.

The typical upper-income supporter of the climate cult including academics, media figures and celebrities is probably ignorant of the fact that there is no evidence that CO2 emissions cause climate change and that the real causes are solar cycles, volcanoes, ocean currents and atmospheric moisture not caused by humans.

Climate Alarmists Have It Backward

The historical record actually demonstrates that warming periods produce higher CO2 levels — not the other way around. CO2 doesn't cause warming. It's caused by natural warming. In other words, climate alarmists have causation completely backward.

Climate alarmism is based almost entirely on computer models, which depend on the inputs the modelers themselves build into them. A model is only as good as the inputs and assumptions programmed into it.

Virtually every one of these models has overestimated warming, sometimes by orders of magnitude, because it's based on faulty assumptions that overestimate the impact of CO2 on climate.

In other words, it's junk science. But they keep relying on these models because their political agenda requires it.

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The British Government?

© Off-Guardian
Well, here in the UK we have a new, sorry, I meant Labour government, led by the charismatic Keir Starmer.

Likened to a dish rag, and not without good reason, Keir Starmer now commands the government with a whopping 170+ seat majority after nearly 80% of the British electorate didn't vote for either him or the Labour party.

This all makes sense because people imagine that representative democracy has something to do with democracy, which it doesn't. Still, who cares!

Government is a shit idea anyway so if we are going to be ruled by anyone, why not the man who went out of his way not to prosecute Britain's worst ever paedophile, necrophiliac pimp and was still listed as a "former" member of the Trilateral Commission in 2022 with their little explanatory note: "former members in public service."

He's not an active member of the Trilateral Commission. Honest, he's not!

Why should we care you may ask? Well, the Trilateral Commission that Keir serves...sorry, there I go again, "served," is just a Rockefeller owned — my mistake — aligned globalist think tank that promotes ideas like the "pursuit of the European unification" and brings together a global public-private partnership of policymakers, business leaders, media moguls and selected academics who have taken it upon themselves to decide what the "solutions to some of the world's toughest problems" are.

Sure, you voted to leave the EU but now you've elected to rejoin it. OK, so you didn't vote to have policy decisions forced upon you by some remote oligarch think tank either, but that's just too bad. If you voted in the UK general election, this is what you voted for so you don't have any right to complain.

Of course, the largest single group of voters didn't elect any government at all. With 60% general election turnout — with a turnout below 50% in 59 constituencies — Labour's paltry 34% of the vote was resoundingly trounced by the 40% of the UK electorate who couldn't be arsed to vote for anyone. The most popular choice in the UK is no government.

Whether it was apathy, the wet and absolutely bloody freezing July weather — global warming eh? — or just the terminally depressing prospect of having to partake in the state's quinquennial anointment ceremony, who knows? And frankly, who gives a damn?

The government was threatening us with violence if we didn't do as we were told yesterday — a threat it can certainly back up by the way — and the government is still threatening us with the same today. Yesterday the government was blue, today it is red, what's the difference apart from a wallpaper change? It's still the same government.

Globalist thinks tanks like the Trilateral Commission were controlling government policy yesterday and they still are today. Your "vote" meant absolutely jack-shit.

Still, It's nice to imagine you have some sort of democratic oversight, I guess. That is, of course, if controlling other people matters to you.

So what have we got at the end of the day?

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National Rally wins first round of French elections with leader Marine Le Pen declaring President Macron's alliance was 'almost wiped out'

marine le pen
Marine Le Pen's far-right National Rally (RN) won the first round of legislative elections on Sunday, leaving incumbent president Emmanuel Macron's centrist alliance lagging in third behind the left, projections by polling groups said.

The projections gave the RN 34% of the vote, compared to 29.1% for the left-wing New Popular Front alliance, and just 22% for Macron's centrist camp.

Many French voters are frustrated about inflation and other economic concerns, as well as Macron's leadership, seen as arrogant and out-of-touch with their lives. The National Rally party has tapped that discontent, notably via online platforms such as TikTok.

Comment: See also: French elections: Nationalist party wins first round, socialist party comes second, Macron's 'centrist' party third


Parachute voters? Washington state removes residency requirement for voter registration

washington state attorney bob ferguson ballot forms
© Elaine Thompson / AP / The Post MillennialWashington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson
People registering to vote are no longer required to have been a resident of Washington for 30 days and the requirement has already been removed from voter registration forms.

Washington's Secretary of State (SOS) has removed a residency requirement for registering to vote enshrined in the state's Constitution, according to a new report. The Center Square reported that the agency rulemaking occurred when Secretary of State Steve Hobbs and Washington's Attorney General Bob Ferguson agreed to a consent decree to settle a 2023 lawsuit arguing that the constitutional provision violated federal law due to a 2018 state law.

Currently, according to the state's Constitution, to register to vote, a person must be a resident of Washington for 30 days "immediately preceding the election at which they offer to vote."


China to cap salaries on finance executives in bid for 'common prosperity', sources say

china financial district
© BloombergPedestrians cross a road in the Lujiazui financial district in Shanghai. China is planning to cap the salaries of finance executives. The 3 million yuan (US$412,460) yuan annual salary limit will be applied to all state-backed financial institutions, sources say.
China plans to cap the annual salaries of financial workers at around 3 million yuan (US$412,460), as the government doubles down on its campaign to eradicate extravagance and hedonism from the industry and narrow the wealth gap amid a persistent downturn in economic growth, according to people familiar with the matter.

The limit will be applied to all state-backed brokerages, mutual fund firms and banks, except financial institutions backed by private investors, the sources said, adding that the information is not meant to be made public.

The measure will be applied retroactively, meaning those who earned more than 3 million yuan over the past few years will probably have to return the excess money to their companies, the sources said.

Comment: This seems in line with other legislation that is intended to guide China's economy, and its society, towards productivity and fairness, and away from speculation and fraud, problems that have brought Western nations to near collapse.

For China this also closes off vulnerable areas that the Western establishment have often used as a way to subvert a country.

Other noteworthy initiatives include billion dollar agricultural funds; tight regulation of cryptocurrencies; educational reforms; cultural guidance; and the death penalty for banking fraud:

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The next election fix is in: Wisconsin Supreme Court reinstates use of ballot drop boxes after most were banned

ballot drop boxes wisconsin supreme court
© The Post MillennialThe Wisconsin Supreme Court reinstated ballot drop boxes for the 2024 election.
Wisconsin's Supreme Court on Friday ruled to reinstate the use of most ballot drop boxes in the state. The 4-3 ruling from the court overturns a previous decision it made that banned the use of most of these boxes. This comes around four months before the 2024 election.

"Our decision today does not force or require that any municipal clerks use drop boxes," the justices wrote, according to NBC News. "It merely acknowledges...that clerks may lawfully utilize secure drop boxes in an exercise of their statutorily-conferred discretion."

In the 2020 election, the Wisconsin Elections Commission approved funding for the expanded use of drop boxes for ballots due to the pandemic. Following a case brought forth by conservative groups, the state Supreme Court ruled in July 2022 that drop boxes could only be located at offices of election clerks, and that only the state Legislature, not the elections commission, had the power to enact laws on drop boxes.