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Tue, 26 Jul 2016
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Germany in tension: Four attacks in one week

© Michaela Rehle / Reuters
Police secure the area after an explosion in Ansbach, Germany, July 25, 2016.
Four violent attacks against the public in Germany in a matter of just one week have left the country stunned and fearful that another incident could take place anywhere and at any time. German officials have said that attacks will only intensify.

Ansbach blast

The latest attack took place on Sunday in the Bavarian city of Ansbach, where a 27-year-old Syrian who had been rejected asylum set off a bomb reportedly containing metal fragments designed to maximize injuries. The blast from the improvised device, hidden in a backpack, killed the bomber and injured at least 12 people. The man reportedly tried to initiate the explosion twice, also trying to enter a music festival where about 2,500 people were gathered. After being denied entry to the event, the man blew himself up in front of a nearby restaurant.

"My personal view is that it is unfortunately very likely that a real Islamist suicide attack took place here," German newspaper Die Welt quoted Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann as saying.

Comment: Is he suggesting that fake Islamist suicide attacks have taken place in Germany or elsewhere? Very interesting!

Comment: RFE/RL reports:
German authorities are investigating 60 asylum seekers suspected of possible links to terrorist organizations, including Islamic State, the Federal Criminal Police Office BKA said on July 25.

"Considering the ongoing migration movement into Germany, we have to assume that there are active or former members, supporters and sympathizers of terrorist organizations and Islamist war criminals among the refugees," the BKA said in a statement.

The statement said police did not currently have any concrete indications of attack plans.

Police have received a total of 410 tip-offs from local authorities in Germany's 16 federal states on possible terrorists among refugees, the statement said.


Munich shooter planned attack for year, left manifesto at scene of crime

© Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters
A woman lays flowers in front of the Olympia shopping mall, where yesterday's shooting rampage started, in Munich, Germany July 23, 2016.
The Bavarian crime office has carried out a search of Munich shooter's home, and found materials consistent with the theory that he had been planning the attack for a whole year prior to the act. Police also say a manifesto was left at the site of the shooting.

The prosecutor's office announced the news in a statement on Sunday. It added that the victims in the shooting were not classmates of the shooter. They were subsequently discovered to have been children of immigrants.

According to Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the shooter identified by police as David Sonboly, 18, bought the illegal weapon he used online. The Glock was bought through Darknet - the concealed area of the internet accessed normally by a minority of people looking for illegal services or items.

The first to identify Sonboly was his own father. He was the one who contacted the police after seeing a video filmed by one of the witnesses, as the attack was in progress.

Comment: The SOTT editors discussed this story (and others) in the second half of Sunday's episode of the Truth Perspective: Beyond Iran-Contra: The secret history of America's covert wars, with Hugo Turner

Light Saber

Cleaning house: Turkish Airlines dismisses suspected Gulen supporters

Turkish Airlines has dismissed 211 employees for reasons including allegedly supporting the movement of US-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, the company said on Monday in a statement.

The Turkish authorities believe that the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETO)/Parallel State Structure (PDY), allegedly run by Gulen and designated as a terrorist organization by the country, played a key role in the recent coup attempt.

Comment: Erdogan purge continues: Closes over 1000 schools, 1200 charities, 15 universities, trade unions, med institutions


Iran destroys 100,000 satellite dishes for their negative impact on society - Rouhani and others disapprove of the ban

© AFP Photo/Hoseein Zohrevand
Satellite dishes and receivers being piled up before being destroyed during a ceremony in the Iranian capital Tehran on July 24, 2016
Iran destroyed 100,000 satellite dishes and receivers on Sunday as part of a widespread crackdown against the illegal devices that authorities say are morally damaging, a news website reported.

The destruction ceremony took place in Tehran in the presence of General Mohammad Reza Naghdi, head of Iran's Basij militia, who warned of the impact that satellite television was having in the conservative country.

"The truth is that most satellite channels... deviate the society's morality and culture," he said at the event according to Basij News.

"What these televisions really achieve is increased divorce, addiction and insecurity in society."

Naghdi added that a total of one million Iranians had already voluntarily handed over their satellite apparatuses to authorities.

Under Iranian law, satellite equipment is banned and those who distribute, use, or repair them can be fined up to $2,800 (2,500 euros).

Comment: The Western approach: anything goes, entraining society with the lowest level of values 'humanly' possible. The current alternative: ban such influences. There's a third option: 'throw out your TV', think critically, don't swallow the garbage broadcast 24/7 on hundreds of mindless channels. Unfortunately, that third approach isn't taken by very many people.

Road Cone

Residents who dare to complain about bad road work are retaliated against in Lompoc California

The city of Lompoc is demonstrating how government can and will retaliate against its own citizens when they dare to challenge even the smallest mistake made by government — road work.

Elaine Valla and Lompoc councilman James Mosby intend to put a stop to it in their city. According to the Lompoc Record:
"Lompoc resident Elaine Valla, who owns several properties in the city, said she had gone decades without receiving any notices related to code enforcement violations.

That all changed, she said, about five years ago when she complained to the city about what she felt was inadequate street construction work that was done by city crews near one of her properties."
Valla said the road work created a large bump at one of her properties, making it inaccessible without a large truck. Understandably, she and her late husband refused to sign the completed work form, and that's when the trouble started.

Bad Guys

Police report Ansbach attacker pledged allegiance to ISIS, had materials for another bomb

© Michaela Rehle / Reuters
The attacker who left a bomb outside a bar in Ansbach, Germany, had enough materials to make another explosive device, according to police. The man also pledged allegiance to Islamic State in a video found on his phone.

The attacker, identified as Mohammad D., possessed gasoline, chemicals, and other material that could be used to make a bomb, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann said, as cited by AP.

The attacker had also pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on one of his phones.

"A provisional translation by an interpreter shows that he expressly announces, in the name of Allah, and testifying his allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a famous Islamist leader, an act of revenge against the Germans because they're getting in the way of Islam," Hermann said at a news conference.

"I think that after this video there's no doubt that the attack was a terrorist attack with an Islamist background," he added.

IS has also claimed responsibility for the attack, according to Amaq news agency.

Comment: For previous updates on this story, see: Ansbach bomb blast witness speaks to RT, tells of 'confusion' and 'conflicting reports'


Dallas Police Department job applications skyrocket after shootings; 344% increase

© Salwan Georges/Detroit Free Press/AP
Dallas police officers salute as the casket of Dallas Police officer Michael Ktrol after his July 19 funeral mass in Redford Township, Mich.
The Dallas Police Department saw a rise in job applications after the city's police chief gave a rousing speech following the July 7 shooting that left five officers dead.

Four days after the Dallas shooting, Dallas Police Chief David Brown gave a press conference where he urged viewers to join the force to better help their communities, reports Fox 59.

"Serve your communities. We're hiring. Get off that protest line and put an application in. We'll put you in your neighborhood and we will help you resolve some of the problems you're protesting about," Brown said.

After his speech, the Dallas Police Department saw a 344 percent rise in the number of received job applications. The department posted the statistics on its Facebook page Friday.

Comment: See also: Dallas police shootings: Social Engineering and the American Police State


Drunk, hungry cop pulls gun on Jack in the Box employee for not getting his burger fast enough

© ABC 7 news
Benjamin Lee

A Santa Clara County Sheriff's deputy was arrested after a standoff with on-duty cops, who were responding to a call saying that the off-duty deputy, Benjamin Lee, had pulled out a gun instead of his wallet at the Jack in the Box drive-thru.

Lee was arrested earlier this year for the incident, when he reportedly drove through the drive-thru drunk at 2:40 AM.

According to witnesses, Lee became frustrated after waiting in line for a long time and wanted his food quickly. Instead of pulling out his wallet when he reached the drive-thru window, he pulled out his gun and pointed it at the employee.

The employees were naturally scared and called 911 to report the man, who they did not know was a cop. Cops arrived before his food did, however, and a standoff ensued with Lee, who continued to wait for his food because he thought he had done nothing wrong. Video of the incident was posted online anonymously this week, raising more questions about what ensued from people who have seen it.

People 2

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse: 'Naked attraction' and the apocalyptic rise of nude dating shows

© Channel 4 Images
In Naked Attraction, people pick their favourite genitalia from a lineup.

In the terrible new dawn of dating shows, desirability is judged by genitalia alone. Is this it: the death of all civilisation?

That's it. There's nowhere left for the dating show to go. Between TLC's Undressed and Channel 4's Naked Attraction, the entire genre feels like it's reached its natural endpoint.

We've had shows like Blind Date, where desirability is judged by personality. We've had shows like Take Me Out, where desirability is judged by physical appearance. And now we find ourselves at a terrible new dawn, where desirability is judged by genitalia.

Comment: It almost seems too vulgar to be true. The objectification of the human form is nothing new, but this is taking it to new limits.

Post-It Note

Shame! Debbie Wasserman Schultz booed off stage at Florida delegate meeting

© LesGrossman2015 / YouTube
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic Party's governing organization, was booed off stage while speaking at the Florida delegation breakfast before delegates headed to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia.

Ahead of the DNC, Wasserman Schultz was introduced on Monday to Florida as "an unbelievable leader to the party," but the crowd seemed to disagree.

As soon as Wasserman Schultz - who currently serves as a US representative from the state - took the podium, constant booing from the crowd drowned out anything she tried to say.