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Tue, 19 Oct 2021
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Revolt: Pennsylvania School Board Association quits NSBA over Biden letter asking for parents to be classified as 'domestic terrorists'

School board meeting pennsylvaia
On Thursday, the Pennsylvania School Board Association (PSBA) became the first school district in the US to officially end their membership with the National School Board Association (NSBA). The Pennsylvania members voted unanimously to leave the group after the National board sent a letter to Biden that asked him to use federal agencies to investigate, disrupt, and prosecute concerned parents who speak out against radical school policies and CRT-based curriculums.

The unbelievable NSBA letter called on Biden to use every available federal law enforcement agency to crack down on dissenting parents and implored him to categorize them as "domestic terrorists."

Just days later, Biden's DOJ went along with the request and sicced the FBI on these concerned American parents.

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Loudoun County superintendent apologizes for 'failing to protect teen victims'

Loudoun County Scott Ziegler
Loudoun County Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler apologized on Friday for failing to provide a 'safe' environment for students
Amid backlash over two alleged sexual assaults that occurred on school grounds, the Superintendent of Loudoun County School District in Virginia issued an apology Friday, while a school board member who was targeted by a recall petition resigned.

According to Fox News, Superintendent Scott Ziegler spoke at a press conference where he apologized to both of the alleged victims and their parents for not doing more to ensure their safety.

"First, let me say to the families and students involved — my heart aches for you and I am sorry that we failed to provide the safe, welcoming, and affirming environment that we aspire to provide," Ziegler said at the press briefing Friday. "We acknowledge and share in your pain and we will continue to offer support to help you and your families through this trauma."


Million dollar lotteries did 'nothing' to help boost vaccination rates

vaccine passport
A shot at winning $1 million did nothing to budge the number of people who got the COVID-19 jab.

According to a new study, lotteries in 19 states designed to encourage people to get vaccinated for COVID-19 did not alter the rate of those who got the shot. In fact, vaccination rates were the same in lottery and non-lottery states.

"It's possible that the group that you're trying to convince to get vaccinated is not convinced that they want the vaccine at all," said researcher Andrew Friedson, an associate professor of economics at the University of Colorado in Denver.


'This is totalitarianism': Unvaccinated doctor fired by UCLA hospital vows to keep fighting for freedom

Christopher Rake
Dr. Christopher Rake, an anesthesiologist at UCLA Health, took a video of himself as he was being escorted out of his workplace for refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine despite a state mandate for health care workers.
A shocking video of respected anesthesiologist Chris Rake being kicked out of his job has gone viral. He explains to RT.com why he opposes mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations and is prepared to never practice medicine again.

"This is totalitarianism. I've come out and said, 'No, you're not going to do that, not on my watch'... I'm willing to give my life to this cause."

These words prove just how divided America is.


Report reveals 'no legitimate justification' for murder of Ashli Babbitt

Ashli Babbitt
A DC Metropolitan Police Report on the Ashli Babbitt shooting was obtained by Judicial Watch. It shows one thing clearly. There was no legitimate justification for Lt. Michael Byrd to shoot and kill Ashli Babbitt.

The standard requirement for use of deadly force was in effect which requires an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury. None of the statements by officers at the scene show that standard was met.

"Sergeant [redacted] observed Lieutenant Byrd step back just after hearing the gunshot. He did not see anything in the female protester's hands prior to the gunshot"


Leaked audio: Army doctor tells retiring soldier with medical issue to 'take vaccine or face court martial'

military us army
A retiring soldier has been threatened to take the vaccine or face a court-martial. In a shocking leaked audio clip, an Army doctor is heard telling the soldier she must either get the shot or possibly face a court martial. Terminal CWO broke the story and Jack Posobiec broadcast it on his hit podcast Human Events Daily, where he analyzed the entire clip.

"If we were civilians and you said, 'Doctor, do you think it's reasonable for me to not get the vaccine for a few months until I feel comfortable?' I'd say, yeah, that's reasonable, you're young and healthy, it's reasonable to wait a few months until you feel more comfortable," the Army doctor said.

"The Army doesn't allow me to do that, though. So I recommend that you submit an administrative waiver because I can't grant you a medical waiver unless you had specific medical conditions such as severe allergic reaction to the first shot, unfortunately."


Cyberattack shut down Ecuador's largest bank

Banco Pichincha
Ecuador's largest private bank Banco Pichincha has suffered a cyberattack that disrupted operations and taken the ATM and online banking portal offline.

The cyberattack occurred over the weekend, causing the bank to shut down portions of their network to prevent the attack's spread to other systems.

The shut down of systems has led to widespread disruption for the bank, with ATMs no longer working and the online banking portals showing maintenance messages.

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New York to scrap gifted programs in a bid to 'fight discrimination'

kids masks school
© Reuters / Stephane Mahe
New York's educational program for talented children is under threat, as it is said to promote racial segregation. But ending it will simply mean that gifted pupils, whatever their background, are discriminated against.

Irrational woke activism is working hard to dismantle the American education system. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has unveiled a plan to phase out the 'Gifted and Talented Program', effectively denying talented poor kids a special curriculum and opportunities for advancement. The 'reasoning' behind this is that the program is a 'glaring symbol of segregation' in NYC public schools, due to the perception that the gifted students are disproportionately white and Asian.

While 70 percent of all students are black or Latino, about 75 percent of the gifted class students are white or Asian. However, the language associated with de Blasio's new plan sounds angry and misleading. The suggestion is that the gifted program has contributed to "racially segregated" classrooms.


Common sense: Texas bill requires trans students play on sports teams according to birth gender

texas bill trangender sports play birth sex gender identity
© New York Post
Texas House passes bill banning transgender athletes from participating in school sports based on gender

The Republican-controlled Texas House has approved a bill that will make transgender students play on school sports teams based on their biological sex.

House Bill 25 was passed 76-54 on Thursday after Texas lawmakers debated for more than 10 hours.

The proposed legislation means students in K-12 public schools will only be allowed to play on school athletic teams that align with the gender they were assigned at birth.

Comment: Kudos to Texas for recognizing the fact that there are differences in performance between male and female bodies, with the advantage being overwhelmingly to the males, however they may feel about their "authentic selves". In some sports, this puts female participants in real danger.


US: Deputy killed, two others injured in Houston 'ambush'

© NBC News
A Texas sheriff's deputy working a second job was killed, and two colleagues hurt, in an apparent ambush outside of a Houston nightclub, officials said.

"We believe they were ambushed, shot from behind," said James Jones, executive assistant chief of the Houston Police Department.

The Harris County deputies were working "police-related extra jobs" at the 44 North Bar and Lounge in northern Houston when the fatal incident unfolded around 2:15 a.m. Saturday outside a nightclub on the North Freeway, Jones said.

"This is a terrible time," Jones said.

Comment: See also: Weekend of gun violence in Chicago: 7 killed, 41 injured including 3-year-old boy