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Wed, 28 Sep 2016
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Comparison to torture: Suit against Australian 'Abu Ghraib-style' youth detention center reaches court

© ABC News (Australia) / YouTube
Court hearings over alleged abuse of youngsters at Don Dale, a juvenile detention center in Australia's north, have started with claims of unlawful use of tear gas, shackles, spit hoods and handcuffs, slammed as "manifestly unnecessary and unreasonable."

A civil trial began on Monday, with four boys, whose names were not made public due to legal concerns, suing the Australian Northern Territory Government over alleged mistreatment at Darwin's Don Dale Juvenile Detention Center. They accuse it of assault and battery.

Two more former detainees are also suing Don Dale, but their cases are being heard separately because apart from mistreatment, the plaintiffs complain of involuntary deprivation of liberty at the facility.

The current case revolves around an incident which took place on August 21, 2014, when six inmates were abused by prison guards after one of them allegedly attempted to escape.


Kiev cuts water supplies: Several Lugansk People's Republic districts impose state of emergency

Water supplies to the LPR were cut from the Petrovsky water intake facility and Western filtering station controlled by Kiev, reports a news agency

A state of emergencies has been imposed in a number of districts of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) after Kiev stopped water supplies, Lugans Inform Center said on Monday.

"The LPR Council of Ministers has issued an instruction to impose a state of emergency in certain districts of the republic over insufficient water supplies to cities and villages under sanitary norms," the agency said.


Baltimore man calls police for help, ends up dead after being 'attacked' by police

© Reuters
The family of Tawon Boyd, 21, who died in Baltimore's Franklin Square Hospital after calling the police requesting an ambulance while fighting with his girlfriend, are questioning the way he was treated by authorities claiming it might have led to his death.

Tawon Boyd died at the age of 21 on Wednesday. While the autopsy is still pending, his attorney claims that brain swelling along with kidney and heart failure all contributed to his death. All three things can theoretically be attributed to blunt force trauma, which witnesses believe he incurred while the police roughly subdued him.

Tawon Boyd called the police last Wednesday while having an argument with his girlfriend, Deona Styron. Officers responded to his emergency call, requesting an ambulance, citing that he felt disoriented and needed to go to the hospital, attorney Latoya Francis-Williams said in a statement.

"They really were supposed to be there to get him to the nearest healthcare facility," Francis-Williams wrote. However, when police found him, he was described in reports as "confused and paranoid" while he claimed that his girlfriend "got him intoxicated and is secretly recording him while someone else is in the home," the police report read.


When it comes to Wall Street money, Trump is no purer than Clinton

© Joshua Roberts / Reuters
Donald Trump has made a big deal about Hillary Clinton being beholden to Wall Street. That's true. Wall Street's mega banks and hedge funds have been major donors to Clinton's campaign committees after showering her and Bill Clinton with millions of dollars for speeches. But Donald Trump is just as beholden to Wall Street's mega banks because they are financing his business empire, doing so frequently behind an opaque curtain.

Comment: Well, it's one thing for a businessman to do it, it's well another for an elected official. We don't elect CEOs, they don't have the public trust, they don't take oaths to represent their constituency. We aren't the Department of Pre-Crime here, this isn't Minority Report.

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Second European bison found decapitated at Spanish wildlife reserve

© Alamy
European bison
Spanish authorities are investigating the death of a second European bison, which was found decapitated just days after staff discovered the headless body of the herd's dominant male.

The death of the bison was similar to that of Sauron, the 660kg (1,455lb) male whose decapitated body was found nearly a week earlier at the reserve.

A spokesman for the central government's representative in the eastern Valencia region where the private Valdeserrillas reserve is located said the animal had been decapitated after death. "Either it died of a natural death, or it was poisoned before being decapitated by an axe," he said.

The European bison, the continent's largest wild land mammal, once roamed across most of the continent but it was severely hunted until it finally became extinct in the wild in 1927, according to the WorldWildlife Fund.

Neither of the dead animals had any bullet wounds, and reserve spokesman Rodolfo Navarro told AFP earlier this week he thought that Sauron might have been poisoned and decapitated by hunters who wanted its head as "a trophy".

Comment: European bison 'Sauron' poisoned, decapitated at wildlife reserve in Spain


Disgruntled Houston shooting suspect wore 3rd Reich uniform, collected Nazi symbols in his apartment

© Bob Levey / Getty Images / AFP
Investigators looks over the scene where nine individuals were shot at a strip mall along Weslayan St. on September 26, 2016 in Houston, Texas.
A "disgruntled lawyer" who is believed to be responsible for shooting nine people in Houston has reportedly been collecting Nazi paraphernalia and was wearing a vintage military uniform with swastikas when going on the rampage.

Nathan DeSai, as the shooting suspect has unofficially been identified, injured six people near a Houston shopping center on Monday morning before being neutralized by police. Another three people were struck by debris and glass.

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Germany orders Facebook to stop collecting, storing data from WhatsApp users

© Dado Ruvic / Reuters
An illustration photo shows a man using WhatsApp messenger in a smart phone behind a Facebook logo.
Social networking giant Facebook has been ordered by German authorities to stop collecting and storing data from WhatsApp after users claimed their digital privacy was at risk. The privacy regulator also ruled that the data that has already been forwarded should be deleted.

The pushback comes after the messaging app announced last month it would share some users' personal information, such as phone numbers and analytics data, with parent company Facebook as part of a program to synchronize the two businesses.

However the controversial scheme means businesses would be able to send messages to customers on WhatsApp.

"After the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook two years ago, both parties have publicly assured that data will not be shared between them," Johannes Caspar, the German data protection commissioner said in a statement.

Comment: 'Betrayal of trust': WhatsApp to start sharing user data with Facebook and corporations


Drug lab explosion in Bronx, NY kills fire captain, injures ten police and firefighters

Falling Debris Kills Firefighter When Suspected Drug Den Explodes in Bronx
A New York City fire captain has been killed and multiple police and firefighters were injured after a "drug lab" exploded in the northern borough of the Bronx.

Initial reports spoke of at least five people injured, including two firefighters, following a "gas explosion" at a house on West 234th Street.

Firefighters showed up at the location around 6:30 am local time, to investigate reports of a gas leak. What they found was a homemade drug laboratory, which exploded as police and firefighters were investigating, local media reported citing law enforcement sources.

The explosion took place just after 7:30 am local time, injuring four police officers and a FDNY battalion chief, reported the New York Post. He was rushed to the hospital but "could not be saved."


Oops: Ex-military MPs attack anti-war artwork unaware it was commissioned and endorsed by veterans

© Rob Edwards / RT
Former British soldiers have responded fiercely to ex-military MPs who attacked their satirical anti-war art project. The ex-services group accused them of being "self-appointed veterans' champions" who "trade off the backs of ordinary soldiers."

The response by Veterans for Peace UK (VFP UK) follows a verbal attack on the satirical art project, parts of which were displayed at a Momentum event on the fringes of the Labour Party Annual Conference in Liverpool on Sunday.

The veteran-endorsed 'Army: Be the Meat' artwork was originally commissioned by military veterans in 2015 to highlight a number of issues relating to the poor treatment of veterans and soldiers, and opaque military recruiting practices.


Okinawan villagers sue local government over construction of U.S. helipads causing unlivable noise pollution

© Toru Hanai / Reuters
Four Sea Knight transport helicopters and a Super Stallion helicopter are parked at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Ginowan on Okinawa.
Two Okinawa villages filed a lawsuit last week against the local government after it allowed US military construction of two heliports on the only virgin forest remaining in Okinawa Prefecture, home of a US base in Japan.

While the government maintains that the completion of helipads will benefit the people of Okinawa, after months of protests, the villages of Higashi and Kunigami around the Northern Training Area have filed a lawsuit at the Naha District Court, citing noise complaints.

The two helipads, which were completed in 2014, are currently being used by the US Marines. Helicopters taking off and landing at these two sites cause constant noise pollution, the villagers say.

Comment: While construction of the helipads began in 2007, only two have been built thanks to the continuing protests and legal challenges by residents. The villagers are also fighting against the central Japanese government which has been ignoring their protests against the offensive U.S. military presence for years.