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Tue, 25 Oct 2016
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Belgian police missed 13 opportunities to catch Paris attackers before tragedy - report

© Michel Euler / Reuters
A man places flowers at the monument after a ceremony for victims of terror attakcs in Paris, France.
Belgian police missed at least 13 opportunities to arrest the Paris attackers before the tragedy occurred, a leaked police report says, as cited by Belgian media. In about half of the cases, the information wasn't followed up on due to a lack of staff.

The report from the Permanent Oversight Committee on Police Services, also known as Committee P, was released in Belgium's De Tijd newspaper on Saturday.

"After the attacks in Paris on November 13 last year [2015], Committee P began to figure out what our [Belgian] police knew about the perpetrators," the paper said, citing police.

All in all, in six of the 13 "missed chances," police didn't examine suspicious conversations that the Paris attackers had, or forward them to higher authorities, due to a lack of resources.

Comment: While France has portrayed these operations as essential for maintaining global stability and security, it has done anything but. In addition to creating chaos from which torrents of refugees are now fleeing - all the way to Europe - it should be noted that a component of French involvement abroad is also the arming and funding of militant groups. This was especially so in Libya, where France helped install into power terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda. See also: Nice, France attack: A harvest of horror


Russia: 8 Chechen militants killed in shootout with police

© Sputnik
The Chechen Interior Ministry troops during a counter-terrorism operation in Grozny.
Eight militants planning attacks in Russia's Republic of Chechnya were killed in a shootout with local police, the Interior Ministry said.

The incident took place early on Sunday morning.

"As the police were about to inspect two cars in Chechnya's Gudermes District, a shoot-out began" when the passengers opened fire at the officers from inside the vehicles, a representative of Chechnya's Interior Ministry branch told RIA-Novosti.

All eight militants were killed by return fire, and both cars caught fire and burnt, he added.

Four officers were wounded and taken to hospital.


Cop aims at dog and shoots 10 y.o. boy instead; family files lawsuit

Deputy Michael Vickers and Dakota Corbitt
The family of an innocent 10-year-old boy has recently filed a $4 million lawsuit on behalf of their son after he was shot by a trigger happy Georgia cop. The boy, Dakota Corbitt was shot in the back of his leg while officer Michael Vickers was attempting to kill his dog.

Dakota Corbitt and the rest of his family had done nothing wrong when they were swarmed by cops who held them at gunpoint before shooting the child.

The incident happened in July of 2014 when officers were looking for the suspect of an armed robbery and police shooting. The suspect, 19-year-old Christopher Barnett had fled to the woods near Corbitt's home.

During Barnett's apprehension, all hell broke loose as this innocent family had their rights violated at the hands of public servants.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants, Coffee County, Sheriff Doyle Wooten and deputy Michael Vickers, "jointly and severely deprived the plaintiffs and plaintiffs' minor children of their rights secured by the 4th and 14th Amendments of the United States and as a direct and proximate result of said deprivation defendants' negligence, gross negligence, and the wanton and willful indifference to the rights of the plaintiffs individually and the rights of the plaintiffs' minor children, caused the physical pain, suffering, mental anguish and ultimately the permanent restriction of one minor's right leg.

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Another family terrorized: Cops raid wrong home after mistaking innocent man for suspect

An innocent woman and her family were terrorized this week as cops looking for a murderer decided to raid her home after mistaking an innocent man for a suspect. Thanks to a vigilante cop watcher, the incident was captured on video.

De'Ana Brown, the victim of this gross act of police incompetence took to social media to complain that Sycamore Police raided her apartment while police were searching for suspects involved in a shooting that occurred in an apartment complex on Kimberly Drive in DeKalb late Thursday night.

Illinois State Police, DeKalb Police and Sycamore Police were reported to be at the Sycamore residence at the time of the raid. Audio on police radio can be heard saying that they do not believe the subject in the apartment was involved.


2 officers in serious condition after being pelted with molotov cocktails in a Parisian housing estate

© Ronsard Mbokolo / YouTube
Four police officers have been hurt, two seriously, when their cars were set ablaze in the troubled Paris working class housing estate Grande Borne on Saturday.

"[A group of] fifteen people attacked the police cars at around 1500 hours," a representative of the police officers' union told BFM TV. "Stones were thrown, preventing the police from leaving their vehicles while they were targeted by Molotov cocktails."

"The burns were so severe that the two officers had to be treated onsite before being taken to a hospital. One of the officers had burns on over 30 percent of their hands. Other officers who arrived as reinforcements in a second car were also pelted with Molotov cocktails," added the spokesperson.


Oil refinery blast in Nanjing, eastern China (PHOTOS)

© Google Maps
A powerful blast has ripped through an oil refinery in Nanjing in eastern China, but the fire has reportedly been brought under control, with no casualties, according to local media.

CCTV posted photos of the Jinlingshihua Nanjing Refinery in smoke on Twitter. Xinhua cited the local fire department as saying that the blast may have been caused by production equipment catching fire on Sunday afternoon.

Comment: See also:
  • Power plant explosion in Dangyang, China kills over 20
Also worth considering: Is their more to the 2015 Tianjin, China, explosion than meets the eye?

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Poll finds Americans hold more favorable views of Putin than either presidential candidate

© REUTERS/Mikhail Metzel/Pool.
Russia's President Vladimir Putin (L) meets U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton upon her arrival at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Vladivostok September 8, 2012.
A poll released Tuesday found Americans like Russian dictator President Vladimir Putin more than presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The poll, conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, is a telling reflection of the 2016 presidential race. Results show that Putin came in with a fairly low 38 percent of respondents holding a "very negative" view of him. Hillary Clinton came in just ahead of the dictator with 41 percent, while the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump came in with a total of 44 percent.

Comment: And interestingly, despite the continued demonization of Putin and all things Russian, his popularity continues to grow, while ratings have not improved for either of the U.S. scandal plagued candidates.


German police storm another flat in Chemnitz; arrest suspected accomplice with links to 'bomb plot'

© Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters
German police search a housing area in the eastern city of Chemnitz on suspicion that a bomb attack was being planned in Germany, October 8, 2016
German police have detained a man in Chemnitz who allegedly maintained contacts with a 22-year-old Syrian suspected of planning a bomb attack.

An anti-terrorist operation was launched in Chemnitz on Saturday after police discovered "highly sensitive explosives" in an apartment belonging to Jaber Albakr, who has now been put on the wanted list.

In a Twitter post, police confirmed the detention of a person having links to Albakr.

Comment: See also: Manhunt for Chemnitz 'bomb plot' suspect: German police looking for 22-yo Syrian man

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Pipeline protest at Sacred Stone encampment now a city of 4,000 with a growing infrastructure

© Earchiel Johnson/PW.

As several of us from Chicago approached the camp here that is known now around the world we saw the flags of many Native tribes, tents, tepees, makeshift buildings, horses and motor vehicles spread across a valley near where the Missouri and Cannonball Rivers come together.

The Sacred Stone encampment, as it is called by the thousands protesting here on any given day, is near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation.

It is a place where Native tribes from all over the continent have come to join the Standing Rock Sioux in their battle against the Dakota Access pipeline. They fight to protect sacred sites but they fight also to protect water - the Missouri River alone provides all the water needs for millions of Americans.

This struggle has become much more than just another massive civil disobedience action, however. The "water protectors," as they call themselves (preferring that term to 'protesters'), have literally constructed what looks like an almost permanent new settlement in North Dakota. With the population each day averaging 4,000, the Sacred Stone Camp is already twice the size of the average North Dakota town.

Comment: The Sacred Stone Camp has almost double in size since the following article was carried back in late August: People power: 2,500 Native Americans successfully block oil pipeline construction — state of emergency declared


Suspected killer of two cops arrested in Palm Springs, Ca., third cop injured

© Gus Ruelas / Reuters
Police have arrested the suspected killer of two officers after an hours-long manhunt in in Palm Springs, California. The officers were killed while responding to a domestic disturbance call. A third officer was reported injured by the gunman.

Comment: See also: Police State Roundup: History and current events indicate the police are a danger to themselves and the public