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Mon, 26 Sep 2016
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Gruesome Japanese dolphin hunt begins despite protests

© Wikipedia Org
ARCHIVE: Fishermen kill dolphin pods using spikes which sever the spinal cord, Taiji, Japan.
Controversial annual dolphin hunt has begun in Taiji, Japan despite protests of animal rights activists. Hundreds of dolphins are going to be killed in the bloodied waters of the town's infamous cove.

"We finally caught them. I'm relieved," Yoshifumi Kai, senior officer of the local fishermen association, told Kyodo News agency.

Hunters in diving costumes brawl with dolphins to select the best ones for aquariums. According to Dolphin Project, the best-looking and rarest live dolphins can cost up to hefty $300,000.

This slaughter is 'lawful', says Japan: More than 200 dolphins trapped in a remote bay are expected to be killed by hunters tomorrow

Annual Japanese dolphin hunt spurs social media outrage

Japanese town's controversial dolphin hunt begins

Japanese Dolphin Slaughter Caught on Video

Filmmaker who documents Taiji dolphin drives detained in Osaka

Piggy Bank

Warning to the general public: Stop the Fed before it kills again

Why has the Fed created incentives for US corporations to loot their companies and drive them deeper into debt?

Despite four consecutive quarters of negative earnings, weak demand and anemic sales, US corporations continue to load up on debt, buy back their own shares and hand out cash to their shareholders that greatly exceeds the amount of profits they are currently taking in. According to the Wall Street Journal: "SandP 500 companies through the first two quarters of the year collectively returned 112% of their earnings through buybacks and dividends."

You read that right, US corporations are presently giving back more than they are taking in, which is the moral equivalent of devouring one's offspring.

These companies have all but abandoned the traditional practice of recycling earnings into factories, productivity or research and development. Instead, they're engaged in a protracted liquidation process where the creditworthiness of their companies is used to borrow as much money as possible from the bond market which is then divvied up among insatiable CEOs and their shareholders. This destructive behavior can be traced back to the perennial low rates and easy money that the Fed has created to enhance capital accumulation during a period when the economy is still mired in stagnation. The widening chasm that has emerged between the uber-wealthy and everyone else since the end of the financial crisis in 2008, attests to the fact that the Fed's plan has succeeded beyond anyone's wildest imagination. The rich continue to get richer while the middle class drowns in an ocean of red ink. This is from CNBC:


Brothers accused of planning most "significant" terrorist plot against London in 2 yrs arrested - zero evidence offered to public

© Eddie Keogh / Reuters
A worker looks at his phone at the Canary Wharf business district in London.
A suspected Islamic State-inspired bomb attack has reportedly been uncovered by London's counter-terrorism officers in what has been described as the most "significant" terrorist plot against the capital in two years.

During dawn raids in west London on Thursday, detectives arrested two brothers, aged 19 and 20, over fears they were trying to acquire automatic weapons and chemicals to make bombs.

Their alleged targets were unclear but were thought to be random members of the public rather than the military or police. MI5 reportedly fears the pair were plotting to build a bomb similar to those used to kill 52 people on public transport in the capital on July 7, 2005.

The alleged plot was said to be at the very early stages, but security chiefs suspect those arrested were inspired by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria and are investigating if they were in direct contact.

Comment: And Western governments wonder why everyone thinks they're full of you-know-what.


Water crisis in Gaza: Israel's blockade could force Palestinians to drink sewage

In this Saturday, April 16, 2016 photo, A Palestinian boy uses a homemade wagon made from a plastic crate to wheel bottles full of drinking water in front of a water supply station in Khan Younis refugee camp, southern Gaza Strip. Poor sewage treatment is a feature of life in Gaza, a result of infrastructure damaged during Israel’s bombing campaigns and ongoing blockade.
Unreliable electricity, an ongoing blockade on building supplies, and a failing waste treatment plant have spawned a sewage crisis in Gaza that experts warn could permanently damage Palestinians' access to clean water.

The crisis is now spilling over into Israel and threatening its water supply. According to an Aug. 25 report from Middle East Eye, floods of sewage flowing into the Mediterranean Sea have caused Israel's Ashkelon desalination plant, the source of 20 percent of the country's drinking water, to shut down at least four times in recent months.

In the report, Kieran Cooke wrote: "[E]ach day an estimated 90m litres of untreated or partially treated sewage flows into the sea in Gaza — only a few kilometres south of Ashkelon."

Comment: This tragedy will continue as most of the world turns a blind eye.


Paris: Police detonate unattended luggage in Gare du Nord bomb scare

© Yves Herman / Reuters
Police patrol the Gare du Nord train station.
Thousands of people were forced to abandon the Gare du Nord station in central Paris after police found what eyewitnesses described as an unattended piece of luggage. The bomb squad then carried out a safe controlled detonation of the object.

A video posted on Twitter showed a tightly-packed crowd being held back by train station attendants in the atrium of the station, one of the busiest in the French capital, while an explosion rang out in the background.


Ohio police shame drug users with shocking photo of them passed out with four-year child in backseat

© City of East Liverpool, Ohio / Facebook
Ohio police posted shocking images online of two parents in the middle of a heroin overdose with their four-year-old child in the back seat.

Police in the city of East Liverpool say they came across an SUV on Wednesday driving erratically before braking hard to avoid hitting a school bus.

Although the bus eventually moved on, the SUV stayed still.

When officers approached the car, they found the driver, James Acord, "bobbing" his head back and forth while his speech was "almost unintelligible," according to the police report.

The 47-year-old told police he was trying to bring his partner, Rhonda Pasek, to the hospital, who was described as being"completely unconscious and turning blue."

Acord attempted to make a getaway, but the officer reached into the vehicle and removed the keys.

It was at that point police spotted the 4-year-old child sitting in the back seat, later identified as Pasek's son.

Comment: See also: Drug prohibition and the backstory behind the recent wave of heroin overdoses

Piggy Bank

How your clothes are DESIGNED to fall apart - Planned obsolescence in the fashion industry

We've all experienced the irritation of a much-loved dress or top shrinking in the wash, coming apart at the seams or fraying at the hem.
We've all experienced the irritation of a much-loved dress or top shrinking in the wash, coming apart at the seams or fraying at the hem. Many clothes don't seem to last for more than a few wears these days, no matter how carefully we look after them.

Yet in our throwaway society, we often accept this lack of longevity as one of those things. After all, we can just go to a High Street shop - or online - and buy a new item for the cost of a cinema ticket.

Comment: The planned obsolescence of America

Red Flag

Porous borders: Austin, TX serial rapist was deported five times before his most recent arrest

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said a man accused of serial rape in the Austin area was deported five times before his most recent arrest in August.

Nicodemo Coria-Gonzales faces six charges including aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping.

In one case, a victim told police he poured gasoline on her and tried to set her on fire.

Police said Coria-Gonzalez admitted he had picked up prostitutes and beat them out of anger. He is currently being held without bond on an immigration detainer.

"There's bad, really bad people, who want to do us real harm who are coming at us from all different directions north, south, east and west," said Immigration specialist Thomas Esparza, Jr.

If the allegations against him are true, Nicodemo Coria-Gonzalez illegally immigrated to the United States six times and then sexually abused several women.


French police arrest three women planning attacks on Paris railway stations

© Khaled Abdullah / Reuters
French police have arrested three radicalized women who were reportedly planning to bomb the populous Paris Gare de Lyon railway station to avenge the death of top Islamic State leader Abu Muhammed al-Adnani, France's interior minister said.

The women were detained in the Boussy-Saint-Antoine commune of the Essonne department in northern France on Thursday, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said at a press conference.

The commune is located some 20 kilometers from the French capital.

"These young women, aged 39, 23 and 19, [are] radicalized fanatics, presumably preparing new violent and imminent actions [in France]," Cazeneuve said.

Comment: Terrorists in Paris attacks were known to French intelligence beforehand


Shades of Joseph Goebbels! French writer predicts French army will eliminate Muslims from France as Israel did in Gaza

© www.bfmtv.com
Eric Zemmour
Social media is furious after controversial French writer and TV personality Eric Zemmour said that the French Army will reconquer its metropolitan areas and suburbs and clear them from Muslims as Israel did in Gaza. Zemmour was talking to the French RTL news channel about his latest essay A five-year term for nothing, published Wednesday. "French people have become foreigners in their own land," he said.

Zemmour said that in all metropolitan areas "there are no French people, but there are only Muslims. When a woman is totally veiled [wears a Muslim veil], when a man wears clothes resembling the ones of the prophet of the 7th century, when they [Muslims] call a young girl "a whore" for wearing a mini-skirt, when they look [with disapproval] at people drinking alcohol, then it's not France."

Zemmour criticized the French policy of integrating Islam into society. "We build mosques, we organize 'Islam for France' [movements]. This is the worst solution to solve the problem," he said, adding that French society should be "de-Islamized."

One of the extracts of his book speaks about a possible operation against Muslims led by France with the help of Israeli military consultants. "The General Staff of the [French] army knows that a day will come when he will regain the lands [in France] which have become foreign in our own soil.The plan has already been developed, it is called 'Operation Ronces,'" the writer says.

Comment: Islam is a religion, as is Judaism. Bold, brash statements from someone who is part of a relatively recent (1950s) immigrant family of Algerian Jews. Is he willing to listen to himself and leave France as well?