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Tue, 30 Aug 2016
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California Highway Patrol officer arrested for secretly videotaping sister-in-law in bathroom of her home

Jose Roid
A California Highway Patrol officer is accused of secretly recording his sister-in-law in the bathroom of her home.

Jose Ignacio Roid, 30 of Roseville, was arrested on five counts of surreptitious recording. Investigators say nearly 20 videos were found on Roid's phone of the sister-in-law from a hidden camera in her bathroom.

Roid's wife found a receipt for a pen camera dated around the time her sister moved into a suite attached to their main house two months ago. When she confronted him about the camera, investigators say he said it was for his work as a CHP officer.

His wife later found an app on his phone that was linked to the camera with multiple videos of a naked woman. Thinking it was pornography like they had watched together in the past, she watched and instead found it was her sister.

Investigators do not believe the sister-in-law knew about the recordings or was part of an illicit relationship with Roid.

In all, 19 videos from five separate days between July 17 and Aug. 8 were found on the phone. All featured a nude woman in the bathroom believed to be the sister-in-law.

CBS13 is not identifying the victim of this case by name.

The CHP issued a statement saying it is cooperating with the investigation and that Roid has been placed on administrative leave.

Christmas Lights

Last days of raves in California? Drug deaths cause backlash against wild music festivals

© John Valenzuela/AP
People attend the Hard Summer music festival at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, on 31 July.
Los Angeles may be the entertainment capital of the United States, but rave concerts are migrating from the metropolis to valley communities near the Mojave desert - and it's not for the fresh air.

Concert promoters have relocated festivals to poorer, inland cities in the wake of restrictions in LA over drug-related deaths.

They have found an official welcome in cash-strapped San Bernardino County despite lawsuits and recrimination in LA, where concertgoers used to flood hospital emergency wards.

But the death of three young people and the arrest of hundreds of others on drug offenses at a concert last month in Fontana, a city in San Bernardino, has triggered a fresh outcry which could eventually force festival organizers to move again.


No Cinderella story: Father and son jailed for forcing pregnant Polish woman into domestic slavery

© Yves Herman / Reuters
In a story reminiscent of the most unpleasant parts of 'Cinderella', a father and son were jailed for keeping a pregnant woman as a slave in their London home. The men threatened her with "grave consequences" if she didn't keep the house spotless.

Reni Parczewski, 25, and Ioan Berlan, 47, were jailed for three years and 20 months respectively at Southwark Crown Court on Tuesday.

The sentencing came after the men made the 19-year-old Polish woman clean in exchange for accommodation in their home in Tottenham, north London. If she didn't keep the house immaculate she was threatened.

"She was forced to work in the house as a servant. She was told if she didn't clean the house there would be consequences, grave consequences," said prosecutor Andrew Frymann, the Mirror reports.

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'Prison would not do this kid any good': Iowa teen who raped disabled girl to be given probation

© Facebook
A former high school tennis star will escape jail after prosecutors offered him a plea deal following charges he sexually assaulted a mentally ill woman he met through an online dating service.

According to the Des Moines Register, Nicholas Fifield, 18, was scheduled for a court date on Aug. 18 to face a felony charge of third-degree abuse of a person "suffering from a mental defect or incapacity, which precludes giving consent."

On the criminal complaint, authorities state that the unidentified woman has clinical diagnoses of mild mental defectiveness, autism, and alcohol and drug-related birth defect syndrome. She also suffers from PTSD, a language disorder that makes communication difficult and a major depressive disorder with that produces brief reactive psychotic episodes.

Red Flag

Human rights lawyer who represented Julian Assange dies after being struck by train

© Bio pic
John Jones, QC
ONE of Britain's top human rights lawyers who represented Julian Assange and war criminals has died in an apparent suicide.

Married dad of two John Jones QC, 48, who worked alongside Hollywood actor George Clooney's wife Amal, passed away on Monday.

He acted for Wikileaks founder Assange, 44, holed-up for four years in the Ecuador Embassy in London, when the Swedish government initially tried to extradite him for questioning on rape charges.

Comment: Suicide or pushed?


US Customs bars man from bringing AK-47 art exhibit into country because guns were made in Russia

© Andrew Winning / Reuters
US customs has refused entry to contemporary art installations featuring three decommissioned AK-47 assault rifles brought by a British man for an exhibit. The artist found it "ironic" in a country which allows citizens to freely carry guns.

Bran Symondson, a prominent British artist and a former soldier, was supposed to display the art pieces at an exhibit hosted in the city of Houston by London's Maddox Gallery. The three installations titled "Spoils of War", "Beat of a Wing" and "Virtue of the Vicious" are made from guns plastered either with butterflies or real dollar bills.

"Our pieces got refused entry to the United States because of the ATF laws and regulations of firearms. But my pieces were decommissioned...The ATF seized them. They basically said they weren't allowed into the country," Symondson told RT.

Originally, the weapons were used in war zones and were found en route from Afghanistan to Syria. In 2011 Symondson received the Amnesty International Media Award for the unusual installations.


IOC executive arrested in Rio over sales of illegal tickets

© Osman Orsal / Reuters
Hickey was reportedly taken into custody in an ambulance
International Olympic Committee (IOC) executive and President of the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) Pat Hickey reportedly has been arrested in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Hickey has been at the center of a controversy surrounding illegal ticket sales at this year's games, although it is not clear why he has been detained.

The former Judoka was reportedly picked up in his Windsor Marapendi hotel room on Rio's west side and asked for medical help as he was detained. One tweet claims he was taken away in an ambulance.

The high-ranking Olympic official is the second Irishman to be arrested in connection with illegal ticket sales at this year's games.

Kevin Mallon, director of British sports hospitality company THG, has been in custody since being arrested on August 5 in possession of hundreds of tickets including some from the OCI's allocation.

Comment: It's ironic that an organization as crooked as the IOC went after Russia. They should clean up their own house first before trying to paint anyone else as criminals.

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Berlin breaks contract with refugee shelter over leaked emails talking about purchasing child guillotine

© Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters
Authorities in the German capital decided to tear up all contracts with the refugee shelter managing company after emails leaked to the local media showed that its senior employees were cracking sick jokes about refugee children.

Building a child guillotine in a Berlin's refugee center located in the eastern Berlin's district of Hellersdorf was suggested by one of the facility managers as a way of spending a €5,000 ($5,640) donation after the idea of building a sandpit for the refugee children was dismissed on the basis that the shelter's "residents would quickly turn it into an ashtray or a local toilet."

"What about if we instead have a small child-guillotine? Or perhaps a basketball hoop," the shelter's managing employee identified as Peggy M., said in one of the emails leaked to the local BZ daily.

Other senior employees working for the Professional Housing and Assistance Company (Pewobe) that managed the shelter alongside with about a dozen similar facilities in Berlin quickly picked up the idea and made fun of it by sending Peggy M. photos featured real guillotines, beheaded people and a children's slide with a barbed cheese-grater at the end.


WADA reports 98 positive drug tests for Olympic competitors since village opened on July 24

© Ricardo Moraes / Reuters
Since July 24, the date that the Olympic Village opened in Rio de Janeiro, the independent World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has conducted 2,701 probes, a total of 98 of which tested positive for anabolic steroids, according to IOC medical and scientific director, Dr. Richard Budgett.

"Since the Olympic village opened we have carried out 2,701 doping tests. We are interested in the quality of work, and not the quantity of probes taken. We are thankful to WADA, the various International Federations, and the Brazilian Olympic Committee for their cooperation. Four stages of rechecks of previous probes have been undertaken, which found 98 positive specimens. I cannot comment on the previous situation, but for anabolic steroids there are positive results." Budgett said, R-Sport reported.

On Monday, August 15 CAS upheld an appeal from Russian Darya Klishina contesting the decision of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) to prohibit her from competing at Rio.


First burqa ban, now burkini ban: Why Europe prohibits full-body swimsuits for Muslim women

French seaside resorts are one by one joining a widening taboo on a burkini, swimwear for Muslim women that covers the whole body except the face, feet and hands. Authorities name a number of reasons why clothes, which were designed to help followers of Islam to integrate into Western society, became an "unwelcome" thing that causes danger.

The word "burkini" has appeared in the past decade in Germany. By that time German Muslim women in large numbers began to refuse attending swimming lessons: mothers did not want their daughters to be stared at by strangers. A solution to the problem came from a Lebanese-born citizen of Australia — Aheda Zanetti. She has created an original version of swimsuit, similar to pajamas with a tight hood attached to the collar. This swimwear was called the "burkini," from the words "burqa" and "bikini."

However, designed for Muslim women to dress modestly according to Sharia (Islamic law), the burkini has now became an unacceptable garment, especially in France.

Comment: Islamophobia in Europe has reached new highs with no one listening to each other. Knee-jerk declarations are made for everyone to conform to according to the dictates of the elites, religion be damned. Society is failing.

And now French Prime Minister Manuel Valls adds his two cents:
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has supported mayors who have banned burqinis, saying the swimwear is "not compatible with the values" of the country. His statement comes as more French towns announced plans to ban the female Muslim swimwear.

"The burqini is not a new range of swimwear, a fashion. It is the expression of a political project, a counter-society, based notably on the enslavement of women," Valls said, as cited by La Provence newspaper.

According to the French PM, the idea that women are not pure by nature and that they should be completely covered is archaic.

Wearing of the burqini as "not compatible with the values of France and the Republic," Valls added.