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Thu, 19 Oct 2017
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Two US lawmakers want to make secretly removing condom during sex the same as rape

© imagebroker/ Bernd Leitner / Global Look Press
Two federal lawmakers are asking Congress to consider classifying 'stealthing' - the act of removing a condom, unbeknownst to one's partner during sex - as rape.

Democratic Representatives Ro Khanna of California and Carolyn Maloney of New York sent a joint letter to Congress Wednesday requesting the House judiciary committee hold a hearing to address "the practice of nonconsensual condom removal, popularly known as 'stealthing.'"

"Nonconsensual condom removal done without the other partner's knowledge is an emerging section of policy and legislation on sexual assault and rape," reads the letter.

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Testimony reveals Jeffrey Epstein paid $5.5 million to settle under-age sex lawsuits from 3 women

© Uma Sanghvi / The Palm Beach Post
Jeffrey Epstein, a former Palm Beach resident, pleaded guilty in Palm Beach County Circuit Court in 2008 to two prostitution-related charges in connection with having teenage girls give him sexual massages
Ending years of speculation about how much Palm Beach billionaire Jeffrey Epstein paid young women who claimed he used them as sex toys, court documents filed last week show he shelled out $5.5 million to settle lawsuits with three of more than two dozen teens who sued him.

Responding to requests from Epstein's attorneys in a complex lawsuit that was spawned by the sex scandal, attorney Bradley Edwards said the politically-connected 64-year-old convicted sex offender paid more than $1 million to each of the three women Edwards represented.

Identified in court papers only by their initials or pseudonyms because of the nature of the allegations and their youthful ages, L.M. was paid $1 million, E.W. $2 million and Jane Doe $2.5 million, Edwards said of the settlements he negotiated with Epstein to end the lawsuits.

Comment: For more on Epstein's sordid past, see:

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'Forward' finally publishes Stephen Walt - but it's ten years too late now

Stephen Walt
This is historic: the Forward has published an article by Stephen Walt, the co-author of the Israel Lobby, laying out the argument in his article/book of 2006/2007 and describing the continued power of the lobby, witness the Israel Anti-Boycott Act in Congress and the opposition to the Iran deal.

There is just one big problem with the article, "That Israel Lobby Controversy? History Has Proved Us Right." It is ten years too late. The Forward could have commissioned the Harvard professor back in '06 and '07. No, the Jewish newspaper deferred to the voices inside the Jewish community that said that Walt and co-author John Mearsheimer were anti-Semites. They were simply off limits. That policy held across Jewish spaces. Yivo hosted a long night of diatribes against the authors as bigots and though Yivo is dedicated to scholarship and learning, Yivo didn't invite the authors to defend themselves. Too afraid to hear their ideas. The 92d Street Y and the NY power synagogues also ignored the authors at their many forums on Middle east policy; and it was rumored that Leon Wieseltier and Michael Walzer refused to appear on stage with them. Various establishment institutions duly cancelled Walt and Mearsheimer gigs, because of that intolerant mood. The New Yorker's David Remnick made them out to be tin-foil-hatters. And any hope Walt had of serving in the White House or State Department went out the window.


NFL Players Union partnered with Soros-backed groups to fund anti-Trump leftist advocacy organizations

© Associated Press / Matt Dunham
If you ever wondered why the NFL Players Association has never cracked down on their players, for disrespecting the flag and advocating leftist politics. It turns out that's because the NFLPA is every bit as radical as their players.

In tax documents recently released by 2ndVote, a conservative watchdog group, we learn that the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) made a donation of $5,000 in 2015 to the Center for Community Change Action, a George Soros funded and adamantly anti-Trump organization.



New level of crazy: Johns Hopkins University says 'nyet' to Russian language program

© Google map
Johns Hopkins University
Incoming students at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore will no longer be able to major or minor in Russian. The decision has perplexed faculty and students in the Russian language and literature program.

The director of the Russian program at Johns Hopkins University said she was "blindsided" by the cancellations.

"This is a crazy decision based not on the merits of the program but on something we can't even grasp - we don't understand it," said Olya Samilenko, associate professor of Russian at Goucher College who directs the Johns Hopkins-Goucher Russian program in language and literature, according to Inside Higher Education.

While Hopkins students were never able to select Russian as a primary major, they could opt to add it as a second major or minor through a cooperative program with Goucher College.


Ben Shapiro gets 2 minutes to defend free speech before California legislature

Tuesday the California State Legislature held the first of three planned hearings on the topic of free speech. Conservative author and speaker Ben Shapiro, who has been at the forefront of these discussions, was invited to appear at the hearing by GOP State Senator John Moorlach. However, Democrats determined he would only be allowed to speak in the comment portion of the hearing, i.e. he would be given exactly two minutes at the end of the 3 1/2 hour meeting. When his time finally came, here is what Shapiro said:


Russian soldier deserts, kills officer, lethally wounded in shootout

© Sputnik/ Pavel Gerasimov
A Russian soldier was fatally wounded in a shootout with counter-terror forces after killing an officer and two servicemen and deserting the training ground in Amur region.

An armed soldier who shot dead an officer on Friday before fleeing a routine exercise at a firing range in Russia's eastern Amur region has been killed in a shootout, the Russian military said Saturday.

"As a result of a search operation, a counter-terror division from the Eastern Military District garrison found and stopped an armed serviceman who had fled a training ground in the Amur region," the Military District's press office said.

The soldier put up resistance that was assessed as a direct threat to the lives of counter-terror officers, prompting them to open fire on him. "The serviceman offered armed resistance and was lethally wounded," the statement read.

A special commission has been sent to the scene by the Russian Defense Ministry to investigate.

The man, identified by the ministry as 23-year-old Dagestan native Hasan Abdulahadov, fired an assault rifle at a group of military personnel during a night-time shooting practice in the city of Belogorsk. Two soldiers were also killed and two others injured. The fugitive fled with the rifle and four ammunition magazines.

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A spy's life: Germany's James Bond gets two years in jail for tax evasion

© AP Photo/ Oswaldo Paez
Werner Mauss - a former secret agent who has been dubbed "Germany's James Bond" - has been handed a suspended two-year prison sentence for evading taxes on the sizeable fortune he amassed over the course of his three-decade intelligence career.

On October 5, former German secret agent Werner Mauss - often referred to as the country's very own James Bond - was found guilty on 10 charges of tax evasion, handed a two-year suspended sentence and asked to donate over US$260,000 to charity.

​On his website, Mauss claims to have had an illustrious career, repeatedly going deep undercover to investigate criminal agencies the world over.

Operations boasted of include thwarting an attempted poisoning of Pope Benedict XVI by the Mafia; freeing hostages held captive by Colombian rebels; mediating between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas; tracking down treasure stolen from Cologne Cathedral; arresting Red Army Faction terrorist Rolf Pohle in Athens.

Comment: Mauss sounds like quite the character: glib, charming, manipulative, self-aggrandizing, and with the ability to lie effortlessly and endlessly. What does that sound like?


Reports: Mysterious substances around the world baffle experts

Reports of discoveries of unidentified substances keep popping up in the news around the world lately. As if the proliferation of nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants wasn't terrifying enough, this first story is enough to make you build another closet in your bunker just for extra potassium iodide tablets. Earlier this month, officials with the Washington state Department of Ecology levied a fine against the U.S. Energy Department for what they're calling an "unidentified substance" left out in the open on the grounds surrounding the Hanford Nuclear Reservation's Plutonium Uranium Extraction Plant.

Apparently, Washington health officials warned the plant about the unidentified white powder for over two years and nothing was done about it. But you know, let's keep dismantling the government agencies responsible for overseeing these types of things. I'm sure we'll be fine.


South Carolina woman orders yoga mat and receives $400K worth of oxycodone pills instead

© York County Multijurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit
Roughly $400,000 worth of oxycodone pills were delivered to a woman in South Carolina who expected the package to be a yoga mat, reports said.
A woman in South Carolina called police Saturday afternoon after she reportedly received a large package of illegal drugs in the mail, worth around $400,000, instead of the yoga mat she ordered.

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, said she was expecting a yoga mat to be delivered that day and was shocked when she was handed the box full of oxycodone pills, WSOC reported.

There were reportedly so many pills in the box that she said they were spilling out of the bag they were packaged in.

After opening the box, she called the police and said she didn't know who would've used her name and address, the Rock Hill Herald said.

Comment: It's easy to see why so many US communities are crumbling in the wake of the opioid addiction crisis.

Trump declares opioid crisis a 'national emergency'
Government data reveals number of opioid drug overdoses in US break new record