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Mon, 20 Sep 2021
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Georgia hospital refuses to honor pleas from gravely ill couple to be treated with effective COVID protocols

© LifeSite/Screenshot The BL/YouTube
Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet
Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, President and CEO of the Truth for Health Foundation, excoriated a Georgia hospital that refused to consider specific, known to be very effective treatment protocols for a married couple dangerously failing from severe COVID-19 in the hospital.

"This is medical tyranny," said the independent physician to LifeSiteNews, "[it is] a huge violation of every tenant of medical ethics and legal rights of patients."

Joseph and Beverly Rickels, both in their mid-60s, were admitted to Piedmont Hospital on Sunday with a diagnosis of COVID pneumonia, according to their daughter Courtney Rimmer. While not being allowed to be present with her parents, she is their off-premises advocate and power of attorney. Due to the lack of effective treatments for pneumonia, Joseph has been put on end-of-life care and is expected to pass away within 24 hours.

Based on reports of disastrous results, and despite the hospital pressing them to do so, Joseph and Beverly each stipulated very strenuously that they did not want to be put on a ventilator. Having read extensively on the success of alternative treatments, they requested a different protocol than the one involving the controversial, extremely expensive Remdesivir which the hospital had put them on.

Even the normally routine use of antibiotics for pneumonia is claimed to have been refused for the couple, but finally administered yesterday in response to repeated pleas. The family also solicited a second opinion from Dr. Vliet, whose organization considered the case and recommended a protocol involving hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

The hospital refused.

Comment: More doctors need to stand up and fight the system. If they don't there is no turning back from dictatorial medical practice and protocol:
Dr. Vliet said her research turned up a 2005 report "that Anthony Fauci's own agency had published in their own journal of virology," demonstrating that "hydroxychloroquine [and] chloroquine were potent antivirals of then SARS COV-1."

Vliet observed that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin had no serious side effects in her patients. Furthermore, she learned about experimental mRNA jab adverse effects, which she claims were far more harmful than previously thought.

The doctor added that she began receiving reports that the "COVID jabs" were "affecting the testicle [in men] and the ovary in women."
"Because I saw immediately that if we had data to show the female ovaries were damaged by the spike protein that the mRNA vaccines tricked your body to make, and if male testicles were damaged by the spike protein, we didn't just have a fertility problem, we had a long term health problem affecting all the other organ systems: the brain, the heart, the lungs, the bones, the muscles, the immune system, the gut. Everything in the body is regulated with the metabolic effects of these critical reproductive hormones."
She also had to treat those who had developed complications as a result of the jab, saying:
"And the risk of the medicines I was using was miniscule. So I didn't have any serious effects with hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin. I didn't have those problems with the patients for the treatment, but I sure was seeing it after people got this experimental jab."
Furthermore, Vliet claims that the "coordinated government-media-big tech collusion" lies about the COVID vaccine's effectiveness to "drive people" to take it.
"And the tragedy of it is that people are being totally lied to when they are using the Delta variant as a reason to rush out to get the experimental COVID shot, because the COVID shots don't protect against the Delta variant. And the Delta variant is the mildest of all of them. It's like a bad cold."
She says that as viruses get more transmissible, they become less harmful, which is "basic virology 101." When questioned if there was any precedent for the suppression of medical information, Vliet replied:
"Never in my career, never ever has there been this degree of censorship across the board: medical boards, governors, media outlets, government agencies, health systems, hospitals, medical schools, research institutions."
When asked why she believes medical knowledge is being censored and suppressed, Vliet replied,
"There are 3 things that tend to motivate decisions like this: Money, power, and control.

"They are directing the money expenditures to healthcare to the highest cost settings, which are hospitals. So the hospitals are making a fortune with the high cost of taking care of people in the hospital. They're benefiting, big time.

"So people are blindly going into one of the largest experiments in human history, asking no questions, and that's not what they do in any other aspects of their lives. So the common sense thing to me is, why wouldn't you be asking these questions? And why wouldn't we as doctors ask these questions? It's irresponsible to ignore them."


Communists, observers report violations in Russian election

Putin Zyuganov
© AP/duma.gov.ru
Russian President Vladimir Putin casts his ballot at a polling station in Moscow, Russia
Communist Party head Gennady Zyuganov (inset)
The head of Russia's second-largest political party is alleging widespread violations in the election for a new national parliament, in which his party is widely expected to gain seats.

Communist Party head Gennady Zyuganov said on Saturday — the second of three days of voting in the election — that police and the national elections commission must respond to reports of "a number of absolutely egregious facts" including ballot-stuffing in several regions. The Golos election-monitoring movement and independent media also reported violations including vote-buying and lax measures for guarding ballots at polling stations.

The United Russia party, which is diligently loyal to President Vladimir Putin appears certain to retain dominance in the State Duma, the lower house of parliament, but some projections suggest it could lose its current two-thirds majority, which is enough to change the constitution. The Communists are expected to pick up the biggest share of any seats lost by United Russia.

Comment: See also:

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The horror of the Haitian migrant camp in Texas shows why America MUST end its woke approach to immigration

Migrant crowd
© Twitter/@tedcruz
Migrants at Texas Border
With Joe Biden halting deportation flights to Haiti, a massive camp has been created under a Texas bridge with over 10,000 migrants. More crises are sure to follow unless the administration starts to take immigration seriously.

Joe Biden's administration has lurched from one embarrassment to another on immigration policy. From the unedifying spectacle of another 'kids in cages' controversy to the Supreme Court forcing the reinstatement of the 'Stay in Mexico' policy, and the empty platitudes of Kamala Harris' "do not come" speech, this administration has been completely lost on what to do. Now, after canceling deportation flights to Haiti, it has another humanitarian crisis on its hands, with a migrant detention camp underneath a border bridge swelling to more than 10,000 people.

It gets worse. The Federal Aviation Administration has imposed a no-fly zone for drones in the area after shocking footage of the migrants under the Texas bridge emerged. The no-fly zone will last for two weeks, with the FAA citing "special security reasons." That's really a roundabout way of saying that the US government was praying that this would go under the radar somehow, and didn't want media coverage.

Breitbart has now reported a law enforcement source within US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as saying that the agency will be shutting down all sector checkpoints to allow full staff reallocation to the bridge crisis. The makeshift camp is receiving hundreds of migrants per hour, and photographs suggest it is unfit to actually house human beings.

Comment: See also:


Pfizer recalls anti-smoking drug due to high levels of ingredient tied to increased risk of cancer

© Getty Images/KJN
Pfizer recalled its anti-smoking drug Chantix due to high levels of an ingredient that is tied to an increased risk of cancer.

In a notice posted to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) website on Thursday, Pfizer said it was recalling Chantix 0.5 mg and 1 mg tablets to the consumer level due to the presence of N-nitroso-varenicline.

Long term ingestion of N-nitroso-varenicline can be associated with a "theoretical potential increased cancer risk in humans," the notice said. However, there is no immediate risk to patients taking the drug.

The company said it is undertaking the recall as a precautionary measure, adding that the benefits of stopping smoking "outweigh the theoretical potential cancer risk from the nitrosamine impurity."

The company is recalling all lots of the drug that were distributed to wholesalers and distributors in the U.S., US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico from May 2019 to September.

In a Friday update, the FDA said patients should continue taking their medicine until their pharmacists provides a replacement or their doctors prescribe a different treatment.

Comment: Smoking has multiple benefits that include a possible buffer to Covid. As for Pfizer's Chantix recall, nothing like curing an unsupported cancer risk with a proven one! In the meantime, the company profited until someone figured it out.

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German Antifa burn barricades & clash with police in protest against trial of left-wing activist

antifa protet germany activist trial
© Sebastian Willnow / dpa / AP
Protesters behind a makeshift barricade in Leipzig, Germany, September 18, 2021.
Antifa activists erected barricades in Leipzig, Germany and clashed with officers outside police headquarters on Saturday. They are demanding the release of a young radical activist accused of attacking members of "the far right."

The activists from Schwarzer Block (Black Bloc) and other left-wing groups carried lit flares as they marched to a police headquarters.

The building was then pelted with firecrackers and paint bombs that left red stains on the walls, as well as with other objects. At least one window at the HQ was damaged, according to a Deutsche Presse-Agentur reporter.

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Insanity: Cuba begins vaccinating children as young as two

cuba vaccination covid children
© (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)
A mother holds her daughter who is injected with a dose of the Soberana-02 COVID-19 vaccine, in Havana, Cuba, Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021. Cuba began inoculating children as young as 2-years-old with locally developed vaccines on Thursday.
Sitting on her mother's lap, 2-year-old Lucía looked at the illustrations in her book while around her several children watched the doctors in white coats and nurses with thermometers in amazement. In an adjoining room, Danielito, also 2, sniffled while getting a shot as a clown tried to distract him.

Cuba on Thursday began a massive vaccination campaign for children between the ages of 2 and 10, becoming one of the first nations to do so. Health officials here say Cuba's homegrown vaccines have been found safe to give to young children.

"Our country would not put (infants) even at a minimal risk if the vaccines were not proven save and highly effective when put into children," Aurolis Otaño, director of the Vedado Polyclinic University, told The Associated Press in a vaccination room.

Comment: What significant risks do children and young people face? They are overwhelmingly likely to survive if they contract coronavirus and just as unlikely to develop severe symptoms. It is reprehensible to jab them with an experimental shot when the potential risks far outweigh any supposed benefits.

Cambodia has also started vaccinating children aged 6-12:
Almost a month after Cambodia started vaccinating teenagers against coronavirus, the government has also initiated vaccine campaign for six to 12-year-olds.


The decision was taken even after the World Health Organization (WHO) urged countries to prioritise vaccinating vulnerable population in poor countries, instead of first vaccinating children.

This has come a few weeks after Cambodia's government also launched a booster programme for some selected citizens. Nearly 500,000 to one million frontline workers and their family members in seven provinces bordering Thailand were first ones to receive the booster shot in the country.


Cambodian Prime Minister had earlier, too, stressed on the importance of vaccinating teenagers and children. The leader urged parents to get their children and grandchildren vaccinated as soon as possible to keep them safe from the deadly virus.

"The vaccination for children today is a key step to herd immunity in communities," said the Cambodian leader. "Children are like bamboo shoots. If the health of children is damaged now, we won't have good bamboos."

In addition to Cambodia, Denmark, France and Lithuania have also started vaccinating teenagers. Meanwhile, Israel has offered booster shots to all eligible citizens.


Maricopa County agrees to settle with Arizona Senate over providing routers and vote logs for 2020 election

maricopa election board of supervisors fraud
© Maricopa Count
Maricopa County, AZ Board of Electors have been locked in a struggle with the State Senate over access to elections records and voting machines
Special master hired to provide answers to senate

The Arizona Senate reached an agreement with Maricopa County on the routers and splunk logs withheld from senate investigators.

Senate Leader Karen Fann released a statement on Friday evening.


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Non-event: Police and media OUTNUMBER 'Justice for J6' protesters at Capitol Hill rally

police protest Jan 18 capitol hill
© AP Photo/Nathan Howard
When they give a protest and nobody comes. Police stage at a security fence ahead of a rally near the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021.
In a city still on edge after the Jan. 6 insurrection, law enforcement bore down in large numbers on the Capitol on Saturday over concerns that a rally in support of the jailed rioters would turn violent. It didn't.

The crowd was sparse and incidents were few. The only clear parallels to the riots more than eight months ago were the false claims put forth by the rally organizers about the violence that January day when Congress met to certify the election of Joe Biden.

Saturday's rally turned out to draw more press and police than protesters.

Comment: Things were so bad that the man being "arrested" in the photo above turned out to be an undercover cop.

Questions about the individual remain:

People are wising up to the potential for agents provocateurs being inserted into valid demonstrations with the goal of turning them violent. Social media was full of warnings to stay away from the event:

Bad Guys

US Marine gives eyewitness account of Kabul airport attack

ben sutphen bomb kabul airport eyewitness
US Marine Major Ben Sutphen was 15 feet away trying to disperse the crowd when a suicide bomber detonated an explosion at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul
US Marine Major Ben Sutphen gave the first eyewitness account of the suicide bomb explosion that killed 13 American service members and an estimated 170 Afghans at an entrance to Kabul airport last month.

Sutphen is one of 15 US service members who were wounded in the ISIS-K explosion at Hamid Karzai Airport on August 26. He was standing 15 feet away trying to disperse the crowd when the bomb detonated, and revealed that enemy gunmen opened fire on the crowd moments after the suicide bomb detonated.

Marine snipers were on the lookout for a suspected attack but were overwhelmed by the massive crowds at the Hamid Karzai International Airport.



NHS overturns High Court ban on puberty-blocking drugs for CHILDREN

Keira Bell speaks to reporters outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London in 2020. Trans children's charity claims the ruling is a victory for common sense and young people’s bodily autonomy but campaigners vow to fight on
Children under 16 will be allowed to take puberty blockers without parental consent, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

Last year, the High Court concluded it was "highly unlikely" that a child aged 13 or under would be able to consent to the hormone-blocking treatment which used to treat children with gender dysphoria, and that it was "very doubtful" a child of 14 or 15 would understand the long-term consequences.

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the UK's only gender identity development service (GIDS) for children, brought an appeal against the ruling in June.

Comment: Numerous healthcare staff at the trust have quit their jobs accusing it of malpractice over the issue: Trans-identified children need therapy, not just 'affirmation' and drugs: Why I resigned from Tavistock

Comment: It's telling of how warped the discussion has become that some people are claiming that children are better able to judge an issue that even the High Court and top medical professionals are struggling with.

However, in the last 18+ months the manufactured crisis has revealed just how susceptible to corruption and hysteria the healthcare profession has become, and there are now numerous examples of how it is overseeing policies that, ultimately, cause harm to the people they are supposed to be helping: Also check out SOTT radio's: