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Wed, 01 Mar 2017
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Report finds British zoo responsible for deaths of almost 500 animals

© Walz, U. / www.globallookpress.com
South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria, north west England, has been found responsible for the deaths of 486 animals in its care, some of which perished from avoidable causes, including emaciation and hypothermia.

Campaigners have called for the zoo's license to be removed, after a report found an abnormal 12 percent death rate among its animals between 2013 and 2016.

Cases such as an African spurred Goliath tortoise, which died after being electrocuted by an electric fence, were "preventable" according to the Captive Animals Protection Society.

In another incident, the decomposing body of a squirrel monkey was discovered behind a radiator, while snow leopards Miska and Natasja were found partially eaten in their enclosure in 2015. Vets later raised questions over the feeding and nutrition of giraffes at the zoo.


Exorcists strip 'possessed' woman naked, burn her on bonfire

© File photo Jan Sochor / Gettyimages.ru
An exorcism ritual in the Nicaraguan village of El Cortezal resulted in death after a "possessed" woman was thrown on a bonfire, local media report.

Juan Gregorio Rocha Romero, a pastor in a local evangelical group, accused Vilma Trujillo of being possessed by a demon.

"God told her he was going to remove that evil spirit from her and asked us to start a fire as that's where the spirit was going to be expelled," he told La Prensa.


Pedophiles face chemical castration to stem growing number of sex offences

© West Coast Surfer / www.globallookpress.com
Some pedophiles in prisons will be chemically castrated or given behavior-altering medication as part of a new national initiative to stem the growing number of sex offences in Britain.

Clinics in six prisons offer voluntary treatment to sex offenders, who can opt for measures from behavior-altering medicines to full chemical castration, the Times reports. The scheme is expected to expand further after the National Health Service (NHS) took on its national management this year.

The national chemical treatment program is being conducted by a criminal psychiatrist, Professor Don Grubin, with the prison service and the Department of Health.

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IDF soldier Elor Azarya's 'normative' support for genocide

© Twitter
Elor Azarya
Last week, Israeli medic-soldier Elor Azarya was given an excessively lenient sentence of 1.5 years in prison for the downgraded charge of 'manslaughter' for killing Abdel Fattah Al Sharif in Hebron. When the UN Human Rights Council commented on this being excessively lenient and 'unacceptable', Israeli leaders immediately started barking the usual "bias", "hate", "detached from reality", "anti-semitic" and so on and so forth.

As I had noted last week in my coverage of both the verdict and sentence, the military court based its conclusion upon the following:
"After we have examined the collectivity of circumstances, including the substantial contribution of the soldier to the army and to the country as a combat soldier, his positive personality and his being a normative person until his current complication [sic], the extended period in which the defendant had already resided in open detention, the damages caused to the defendant and to his family members due to the whole affair, and the criminal registration accompanying his very conviction, all judges were convinced, that his penalty must be set within the lower end of the range of suitable penalty."
Let us pay particular attention to the sentence "positive personality and his being a normative person until his current complication".

Black Magic

College student who killed and bit the face of one of his victims said he fled demon-like figure before murders

Austin Harrouff in police custody
A Florida college student accused of randomly killing a couple in their garage and chewing on the dead man's face told television psychologist Phil McGraw he was fleeing a demon-like figure named Daniel and only had a vague recollection of the slayings.

In a 22-minute interview released Tuesday by prosecutors, Austin Harrouff said he lost his wits as he walked back to his father's home after storming out of a restaurant where they had an argument.

McGraw asked about "the devil talking to you," and Harrouff went on to describe a "dark figure" he called Daniel.

"I got scared out of my mind," Harrouff told McGraw, who interviewed him by computer when the former high school wrestler and football player was still hospitalized last fall.

Harrouff, 20, was arrested upon release from the hospital for the Aug. 15 deaths of John Stevens, a 59-year-old landscaper, and his wife, Michelle Mishcon, 53. Both had been beaten and stabbed. He could face the death penalty if convicted of murder.

Comment: While this isn't the first story we've read about people disintegrating and engaging in violent and bizarre behavior, some things do stand out in this case. The first is that no drugs were found in Harouff's system. The second is that, if his story is to be believed, Harouff sounds as though he was demonically possessed. His claims of being "spoken to" by an entity named Daniel, seeing a dark figure, being scared of demons and not knowing what happened during the murders could be a case of psychosis (or his lying about it) but the details mentioned do give one pause to consider other possibilities.

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Shot in chest by IDF, 14yo Palestinian boy left handcuffed to ICU bed, 9yo girl shot in foot

© Ma'am News Agency
Palestinian boy shot by the IMF, chained to his bed
A Palestinian teen shot in the chest by an Israeli rubber-coated steel bullet has been left handcuffed in intensive care. Israeli forces also shot a 9 year-old girl in a raid on the Shufat refugee camp.

Abdullah Haroun al-Anati, 14, from the Shufat camp in occupied East Jerusalem, was shot by the IDF during a raid on Monday. Israeli forces accuse the teen of throwing stones at military vehicles, a charge his mother denies.

"The bullet ripped through his left hand [right hand?] and his lung and has caused internal bleeding," his mother Abir said.

Abir was walking Abdullah and her daughters home from school and as they reached the camp, which is surrounded on three sides by a separation wall, there were clashes near the checkpoint. After losing sight of Abdullah as he walked ahead, moments later she was told that he had been shot.

Comment: Israel has become all the things it fears and despises.

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Norwegian asylum center worker charged with sexually abusing up to 15 children

© Nafo filmkanal / YouTube
A social care worker in southern Norway has been charged with sexually abusing up to 15 refugee minors in different asylum centers between 2013 and 2016.

The man, whose identity has not been released, is "charged with violating Penal Code Section 304, which deals with sexual acts with children under 16 years of age," Terje Kaddeberg Skaar, head of the Agder police district's prosecution unit, told Norwegian Faedrelandsvennen, which first reported on the scandal.

"Charges apply to sexual acts against more than ten children," Skaar added. The Faedrelandsvennen investigation revealed that at least 15 children fell victim to the suspected predator. That number has also been confirmed by VG news.

Comment: The plight of these poor children is made worse by the Western elite, whose proclivity for pedophilia, & the media's penchant for covering up for their crimes, only encourages their victimization.

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National disgrace: Facebook photos of disregarded elderly veterans in pain at North Carolina VA sparks massive outrage

© Hanna McMenamin/Facebook
Photos posted on Facebook of suffering elderly veterans waiting for hours to receive care at a Veterans Administration hospital in North Carolina have triggered online outrage directed at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Retired Marine Stephen McMenamin and his wife Hanna documented their February 24 visit to the VA hospital in Durham, North Carolina, posting to Facebook photos of older men, one lying on the floor, who had waited for hours to see a doctor while in agonizing pain.

Hanna McMenamin wrote that a nurse in the waiting room was rude and unaccommodating to the elderly patients waiting for care.

"The man bent over grabbing the chair, was yelling in pain and was borderline convulsing and almost falling out of his chair he was in so much pain," she wrote. "No one paid him any attention until I approached a nurse to please check on him. This gentleman sat in the waiting room in extreme pain for hours upon hours with very little attention paid to him."

The Facebook photos, in which all faces were redacted, have been shared more than 112,000 times and have 14,000 comments, with many people sharing not only their views of the photos, but their own negative experiences with VA hospitals and general medical care in the US.

Comment: For the psychopathic warmongering elite, human beings are fodder for war to be disregarded when they are no longer useful.


Singapore teen jumps to his death in tragic Snapchat stunt gone wrong

© LiveLeak
A teen from Singapore died on Friday while trying to perform a risky stunt for a Snapchat video.

Johnathan Chow, 17, jumped over the railing at a Singapore mall hoping to land safely on a ledge just beneath him. But the ledge couldn't support Chow's weight and he fell through the plasterboard material to his death four floors below, according to local news outlet TODAY.

His friend, Ruth, who declined to be identified by her full name, told TODAY that she watched the tragedy unfold. "We both thought the ledge was made of concrete, but when he jumped, he fell straight through," Ruth said. "I knew it was dangerous, but before I could stop him, he already jumped over."

She said that the 17-year-old came up for the idea for the stunt while they were clothes shopping at the mall. "Help me take a Snapchat video and I'll jump," she said Chow told her.


Tucker Carlson induces cognitive dissonance in Bill Nye the Science Guy over climate change

Here is the best (and weirdest) example of cognitive dissonance you will ever see. The set-up is that Bill Nye, an engineer by training, and a proponent of science, is defending climate science on Tucker's show.

The first weird thing is that Bill Nye starts by talking about cognitive dissonance being the only reason that anyone would be skeptical of global warming. But he seems to not understand the concept of cognitive dissonance because he believes only the other side could be experiencing it. The nature of cognitive dissonance is that you don't know you're in it when you're in it. It is only obvious to observers. If Nye had been objective, he would have noted two equal possibilities: Either the skeptics are experiencing cognitive dissonance or the proponents of climate science are experiencing it. But whoever is in it can't know. It is only obvious to the other side. That's how it works.