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Tue, 21 Aug 2018
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Investigation underway after video emerges showing North Carolina cops kicking & beating suspect while he's subdued on the ground

raleigh NC police beating Aug 2018
An investigation is underway in Raleigh, North Carolina, after mobile phone footage emerged showing cops repeatedly striking a suspect while he is on the ground.

Frederick Darnell Hall was filmed engaging in a violent altercation with officers from the Raleigh Police Department on Friday. Footage of the incident is now the subject of an investigation after officers were seen to hit Hall repeatedly, a number of times with a baton, while he was being subdued on the ground.

Bizarro Earth

South African zealots begin illegal seizures of land owned by white farmers after they refuse lowball buyout offers

South Africa land
© Uwe Skrzypczak / Global Look Press
South African authorities have reportedly started seizing white-owned land after negotiations on buying out the properties stalled. The first seizures are targeting game farms in the Northern province of Limpopo.

The government had tried to buy the lands owned by Akkerland Boerdery Ventures for one-tenth of the land's value, reports City Press, a Johannesburg-based news outlet. The company, which has been running a 3200 hectare (32 square kilometers) game farm, reportedly asked for 200 million rand ($18.7 million) for the land while the government was ready to offer them just 20 million rand.

"Notice is hereby given that a terrain inspection will be held on the farms on April 5, 2018 at 10 a.m. in order to conduct an audit of the assets and a handover of the farm's keys to the state," reads the letter received by Akkerland Boerdery earlier this year.

Comment: Radicals in South Africa now have the power to dictate how their citizens should live, and these are the last people who should have any type of authority. This is likely just the beginning of some very serious turmoil in South Africa.

See also: 'Panicking' white farmers putting land up for sale in South Africa - no buyers

Stock Up

Under Trump black business ownership jumps 400% in one year

© Gateway Pundit
President Trump's approval rating with African Americans hit 31% on Monday. This was a HISTORIC NUMBER!

On Thursday Trump's approval with African Americans jumped again... to 36%

The president's approval is up 19 points since last year at this time.

There's a reason for this. The African American unemployment rate has never been lower thanks to the policies of President Trump.

And this week a recent poll found that black business ownership under President Trump jumped 400% in ONE YEAR!


Finished with 17 years of US 'help' a homegrown Afghan peace movement is born

Afghan Peace March
© Washington Post
Afghan Peace March
A US-led coalition in Afghanistan finished its combat mission in December 2014, marking the formal end of the longest war in American history. Since then, US troops have remained in the country acting in a supervisory role, training Afghan soldiers and offering military assistance when requested.

New efforts for peace in the nation comes in the wake of clashes between the US-supported Afghan security forces and members of the Taliban radical group in the Qara Bagh district of the country's east-central Ghazni province on Friday, killing at least 120.

An Afghan people's peace movement, has sprung up in the country, decrying almost two decades of war at the hands of Washington and it's appointed supervisors.

Abdul Malik Hamdard, a computer teacher, along with 50 other peace activists, described to the Washington Post spending three days walking barefoot along a highway from Kabul, the country's capital, as a form of protest and a means to draw attention to ongoing killings.


2 Ukrainian ECHR officials accused of using position in plot to embezzle $2m in state funds

European Court of Human Rights  ECHR
© Alexey Vitvitsky / Sputnik
The building of the European Court of Human Rights
A Ukrainian judge of the European Court of Human Rights and a government official who oversees the body's work in the country have been accused of forging a court verdict and defrauding about $2 million from the state budget.

The incident in question dates back to late 2017 when the European Court of Human Rights passed a ruling in the lawsuit filed by the Zolotoy Mandarin Oil company against the power utility company of Ukraine's capital city, Kiev. Zolotoy Mandarin Oil demanded that the Kiev Energy Company pay compensation of more than 54 million hryvnas or just under $2 million for fuel that it had kept in its depots and failed to return to its owner despite an earlier decision by the Ukrainian courts.


Former Yazidi slave girl flees Germany after encountering her ISIS captor-turned 'refugee' - UPDATE

yazidi teen
© Kurdayetî / Facebook
A Yazidi teenager enslaved by Islamic State who sought asylum in Germany has moved back to Iraq after being confronted by her former ISIS captor, who had registered as a refugee in Stuttgart.

Ashwaq Ta'lo said that she was stopped by Abu Humam - a Syrian ISIS guard who had purchased her for $100 - while walking home in Stuttgart.

"I froze when I looked at his face carefully," she told Bas News, a Kurdish agency. "It was Abu Humam, with the same scary beard and ugly face."

She said that during her unexpected encounter with her former captor, Humam told her: "I am Abu Humam and you were with me for a while in Mosul. And I know where you live, with whom you live, and what you are doing."

She recorded a video detailing the encounter.

Comment: Update August 19: German prosecutors say they are taking Ashwaq's claim seriously, but need more precise information to identify the man. When they attempted to follow up she had already left the country and is now at a refugee camp in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Frauke Koehler, spokeswoman for federal prosecutors, said, "if we get any further information to firm this up, we will pursue this, but to do so, Hami would need to return to Germany. Our powers end at the German border."

Road Cone

Entrance structure collapse injures 14 fans before Backstreet Boys Oklahoma concert

Thackerville concert
© Reuters
Crew attend to fallen metal structure at Backstreet Boys concert in Thackerville, Oklahoma
At least 14 people who gathered for a Backstreet Boys concert in Oklahoma have been injured after a severe storm blew over an outdoor entrance structure.

The outdoor show of the legendary group was due to take place at the Colosseum at WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, 190km from Oklahoma City on Saturday evening.

Organizers said they spotted lightning within four miles (6.4km) of the casino, which prompted them to start an evacuation. "However, about 150 patrons who were standing in line for the Backstreet Boys concert did not heed staff's warnings," the statement said.

Bizarro Earth

France: 7 injured after young man refused entry to nightclub rams crowd with car

France nightclub attack car ram
© REUTERS / Benoit Tessier
An 18-19-year-old man took issue with a nightclub guard in Cambrai, (Nord prefecture) France, AFP reported. After a row with security, he got into a car and rammed it into a nearby crowd.

The young man suspected of ramming his car into the crowd near a nightclub in Cambrai, (Nord) France after a dispute with security personnel, was taken into custody Sunday, AFP reported, citing its sources.

At least seven people were injured as a result of the offense, including the guard. Two of the injured persons are reportedly in critical condition and have been taken by helicopter to hospitals in Lille and Valenciennes.

Comment: Just what is going on? In under a month there have been at least 5 instances of car ramming attacks: and there are many other strange random acts of violence that have hit the headlines recently:

Red Flag

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey goes on CNN & admits Twitter has 'left-leaning bias'

Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted to CNN's Brian Stelter on Saturday what has been obvious for some time; Twitter employees have "more left-leaning" bias. And while that's not exactly a shocker, Dorsey waxed eloquent about the company's responsibilities, suggesting they operate in a neutral manner and not "according to political ideology or viewpoints."

"We need to constantly show that we are not adding our own bias, which I fully admit is...is more left-leaning," said Dorsey.

Dorsey's CNN appearance was the latest stop in Twitter's rehabilitation road-show after evidence emerged that they had been "shadow banning" conservative users through a variety of methods; including hiding tweets from followers and hiding conservative users from search results.

Comment: Dorsey's admission is especially relevant considering the fact that a California judge ruled Twitter can be sued for their 'left-leaning bias' . Breitbart reports:
A California judge has ruled that Twitter's policy of banning users "at any time, for any reason or for no reason" may constitute an "unconscionable contract", and that a lawsuit against the company brought by self-described "white advocate" Jared Taylor may proceed on that basis.

The judge rejected Twitter's motion to dismiss the lawsuit from Taylor, who was banned by the platform in December last year.

In particular, Twitter's argument that it has a first amendment right to ban whoever it likes from its platform, for whatever reason was rejected.

The judge ruled that Twitter's belief that it had a right to ban users "at any time, for any reason, or no reason" could be a legally unconscionable policy on the company's part.

The judge also ruled that Twitter could be sued on the basis of misleading its users, due to the platform's promise - frequently expressed, frequently violated - not to ban accounts on the basis of viewpoint or political affiliation.

"This ruling has massive implications for the platform going forward," said Noah Peters, Jared Taylor's lawyer. "this is the first time that a social media company's argument that it can censor user speech has been rejected by a court."
Further reading:

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'Amazing photos': Lockheed Martin receives gruesome images instead of cool weapons photos in failed Twitter campaign

Children's backpacks at the site of an airstrike in Saada
© Kareem al-Mrrany / AP
Children's backpacks at the site of an airstrike in Saada, Yemen
Lockheed Martin's social media appeal to send them the best photos of its products went horribly awry, as unimpressed Twitterati responded with gruesome images of the horrors of war.

The world's largest defense contractor and one of the top defense manufacturers posted a tweet last week, asking Twitter users to send them an "amazing photo" of a Lockheed Martin item. It is unclear what the company expected to receive, given that it produces deadly weapons of war, but the campaign backfired spectacularly.

The "amazing photos" Lockheed received show what appear to be parts of their own missile that struck a Yemeni school bus, killing dozens, as well as children's school backpacks covered with blood. The initial tweet was deleted, but screenshots taken by vigilant users are circulating on social media.