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Fri, 21 Jan 2022
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Launch date for Trump's 'TRUTH Social' app revealed

© Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.jpg
Former US President Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump's 'TRUTH Social' app is due to be released on February 21, according to a listing on the Apple App Store, paving the way for the venture to launch on Presidents' Day.

The social media platform, developed by the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), is available to pre-order and will go live in the latter half of February, according to The Guardian.

Similar to Twitter, the site will give users the ability to follow one another, discuss trending topics, and post a message called a 'truth'. Reposting another user's post will be called a 're-truth' (similar to a retweet on Twitter), according to The Verge.

A February launch for Trump's alternative social platform would come roughly 13 months after the former president was booted off Facebook and Twitter.


Wisconsin lawmakers look to add natural immunity to state's coronavirus rules

Murphy/Wis Capitol
© The Edgewater
Wisconsin Rep. Dave Murphy • Capitol building, Madison, Wisconsin
Republicans at the Wisconsin Capitol are moving to allow people who've already had COVID-19 to get credit for overcoming the virus.

The Assembly Committee on Constitution and Ethics is discussing AB 675, which would require businesses in the state to accept proof of natural immunity instead of vaccination proof or regular coronavirus testing.

Rep. David Murphy, R-Greenville, said at a hearing o the measure Wednesday:
"We can't force people to get vaccinated, and I certainly would be strongly against that. So that leaves people in the situation of either being forced to do something they don't want to do, or they leave their job."
The push comes as companies across the state wait to see if President Joe Biden's vaccine mandate for all businesses with 100 or more employees is upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, which is scheduled to hear arguments Friday on lawsuits challenging the mandate.

It also comes as Wisconsin is reporting new records in coronavirus cases, and as hospitals across the state are filling up.

Murphy said hospitals across the state have fired or pushed out hundreds of doctors and nurses for not getting their coronavirus vaccines. He said that doesn't help anyone who needs medical treatment for something other than the coronavirus.
"If I were a cancer patient, I would rather have a doctor or nurse who is unvaccinated than not have one at all. And I think we're coming down to that point where we have to choose between a perfect world and one where we're still getting health care."

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Jerusalem: Israeli authorities demolish health centre in Jabal al-Mukaber

houses demolished
Israeli excavators demolish Palestinian-built houses
Village of Sair, West Bank • August 5, 2021
Israeli authorities on Tuesday demolished a healthcare centre in occupied East Jerusalem without prior notice, according to Palestinian reports.

Bulldozers arrived early in the morning as security forces cordoned off the area around the Abdallah al-Shaikh health centre, which was treating people at the time, in the neighbourhood of Jabal al-Mukaber before the demolition was carried out.

Ghassan Jalajel, director of the centre, told Palestinian news agency Wafa the building was torn down without notice despite an appeal previously submitted to Israeli courts against the demolition order.

He said half of the centre, which serves 20,000 people living in the neighbourhood, was demolished.

Translation: Occupation forces demolish a health centre in Jabal al-Mukaber this morning


EV's and the lessons of I-95

I-95 Traffic Jam
© Eric Peters Auto
A few days ago, Virginia - home to this writer - was hammered by a sudden-onslaught blizzard that dumped almost a foot of snow along the I-95 corridor, the name we Virginians use to reference the stretch of Interstate 95 that runs from Richmond up to Northern Va, near DC - before it threads up the east coast to New York and beyond.

The snow was so fierce and heavy it paralyzed traffic on I-95, which became a kind of extended parking lot for much of the distance between Richmond and Northern Virginia, which is more than 100 miles.

Thousands of drivers were stuck inside their cars, for as long as 27 hours - which is more than one full day, if you're counting. This is extremely inconvenient - as well as uncomfortable, assuming your car isn't an RV with beds in the back and cable TV.

It could be something else - if your car happens to be electric.

EVs don't like sudden, unplanned things - because they're more likely to be not ready for them - since it takes them hours to charge, if not plugged in to a "fast" charger - and none of these are at home. You have to drive to where they are.

This is hard to do if you can't drive to where they are.


Explosion from suspected gas leak causes government building to collapse in China, 16 dead

collapse building
At least 16 people died when an explosion triggered by a suspected gas leak caused a building to collapse Friday in the Chinese city of Chongqing, state media said.

The blast at 12:10 pm (0410 GMT) brought down a neighbourhood committee building housing a canteen, trapping 26 people, the Xinhua news agency said.

In the early hours of Saturday, Xinhua put the new death toll at 16, with 10 more injured, one of them critically.

Comment: Other gas explosions and fires in the news recently:

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Video shows cop shoot without warning at man firing into air

Canton Police shooting
© Canton Police Dept. via AP
This still image taken from from Canton Police Department body camera video shows officers holding up their weapons before entering a house Saturday, Jan. 1, 2022, in Canton, Ohio. James Williams, 46, of Canton, was shot in the chest and pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.
Police in Ohio released body camera footage Thursday showing an officer firing multiple rounds through a wooden privacy fence without warning at someone shooting gunfire into the air on the other side.

James Williams, 46, of Canton, was shot in the chest minutes into the new year and pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. The video was released by the Canton Police Department.

The video shows the officer approach the tall privacy fence in a residential area as the sound of multiple gunshots ring out. Smoke from what appears to be a gun can be seen spurting into the air above the fence.

Comment: Graphic video:

Bizarro Earth

Most voters believe American society & culture "is in a state of decay" - poll

American flag
© Todd Berkey/The Tribune-Democrat via AP
The sun rises behind an American flag posted outside of Petrunik's Kitchen, Door and Moore store at the old Eureka Department store in Windber, Pa., Wednesday, July 10, 2019.
A new poll finds that most U.S. likely voters believe American society and culture is in decline — including large majorities of self-identified Democrats, Republicans and independents.

The survey by the Trafalgar Group revealed that 76.8% of respondents from all political affiliations said that "American society and culture is in a state of decay," compared to only 9.8% who said "a state of progress." The remaining 13.4% said they were unsure.

Voters on both sides of the aisle are unhappy with the current state of hot-button social and culture war issues for different reasons, said pollster Robert Cahaly, who founded Trafalgar Group in 2016.

Comment: By most metrics, the US empire (along with many of its allies) are at a stage of terminal decline, and possibly teetering on the edge of total collapse: Also check out SOTT radios': NewsReal: Kabul Airport Atrocity - What Actually Happened?


'Expert' pilots make increased mistakes after flying breaks due to Covid

Qantas airline

The memo noted that air and ground crews have both been affected by disrupted flying schedules.
Reduced flights, staffing stand downs and global disruptions may have affected the skill level of pilots returning to work, according to internal communication from Qantas.

Internal memos obtained by nine newspapers show airline bosses noting a reduction in "cognitive capacity" and "recency" (the skills and regulation compliance required to fly) among expert pilots.

The memo also noted incidents in which pilots have misidentified "altitude as airspeed," instances of planes "commencing takeoff with (the) park brake set," and the loss of "situational awareness".

"Combined with reduced flying across the network, we recognise a flow on effect for flight crew's focus and familiarity with the operation," they said.

"Routine items that used to be completed with a minimum of effort now occupy more time and divert attention away from flying the aircraft."


Detained tennis star Novak Djokovic breaks silence over Australia visa row

Novak Djokovic
© This is the Coast UK
Tennis ace Novak Djokovic detained in quarantine facility in Melbourne.
Novak Djokovic has broken his silence over his ongoing Australian visa row to thank his fans for their support.

The world number one was detained on Thursday after he was denied a visa to enter the country for this month's Australian Open.

He remains detained in Melbourne as he appeals against the decision and while holed up at an immigration facility in the city took to social media for the first time since.

"Thank you to people around the world for your continuous support," he wrote on Instagram. "I can feel it and it is greatly appreciated."

Djokovic has been detained since Thursday morning after his visa was cancelled following scrutiny of the medical exemption over the Covid vaccine he had secured to enter the country.


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Second Australian Open tennis player detained by Australian Border Force for having vaccine exemption

Renata Voracova
© AP
Renata Voracova of the Czech Republic returns a shot.
Veteran Czech Republic tennis player Renata Voracova has been detained by Australian Border Force officials and had her visa revoked just days before the Australian Open.

It is understood she had entered Australia with a vaccine exemption on the basis she had been infected with COVID-19 in the last six months, the same reason used by men's world No.1 Novak Djokovic, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

It's believed the 38-year-old is being held at the same Melbourne immigration detention hotel as Djokovic, who is contesting his revoked visa in a court hearing set for Monday morning.

Comment: Voracova has actually been in Australia since December and even played in a pre-Open warm-up tournament!

It's likely that the players with exemptions only went to Australia because it was made clear to them that they could play in the Australian Open without being vaxxed. The Australian government apparently reneged on that deal essentially deceiving them. They're currently using Djokovic's high-profile status to send a message to the unvaxxed: 'we will get you'.

It remains to be seen whether the government will back down and let him in to play, and even if they do, it has stimulated yet another polarizing vaxxed-vs-unvaxxed 'debate'. Divide and conquer...