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Tue, 26 Sep 2017
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Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree - Jerry Sandusky's son pleads guilty to child sex abuse

© Centre County Correctional Facility / AP file
Jeffrey Sandusky, the son of former Penn State University assistant coach Jerry Sandusky has pleaded guilty pressuring a teenage girl to send him naked photos and asking her teen sister to give him oral sex, Friday, Sept. 15, 2017.
A son of former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky pleaded guilty Friday to charges he pressured a teenage girl to send him naked photos and asked her teen sister to give him oral sex.

Jeffrey Sandusky's plea deal comes a week before his trial was slated to begin on the charges, and nearly six years after his father was arrested in a child molestation case that shook Penn State and is still working its way through criminal and civil courts.

Jeffrey Sandusky pleaded guilty to all 14 counts, including solicitation of statutory sexual assault and solicitation of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.


London tube attack: Failed device reminiscent of 7/7 could provide valuable forensic evidence, say analysts

© Luke MacGregor / Reuters
We were watching video footage of it, and it's kind of bizarre. You have a mayonnaise bucket there, which is just burning away, Patrick Henningsen, executive editor of 21st CenturyWire.com, told RT. other experts join the discussion.

In London, 22 people were reported injured during the Friday morning rush hour in what authorities are calling a terror attack at Parsons Green underground station.

Metropolitan Police said an improvised explosive device [IED] went off in an underground carriage. They also said the IED did not fully detonate.

Patrick Henningsen, executive editor of 21st CenturyWire.com, told RT that "this looks like almost like the rerun of the July 21, 2005 'chapati flour bomb."

"I think it was a backpack bomb that failed to detonate and kind of smoked its way out, but that was right in the aftermath of the 7/7 incident only a few weeks before in roughly the same area as well: Shepherd's Bush and Parson Green are very close together - underground stations in the same sort of part of West London. To call this an IED (improvised explosive device) is almost generous. We were watching video footage of it, and it's kind of bizarre. You have a mayonnaise bucket there, which is just burning away. Everyone is just standing around taking pictures of it and getting snaps for social media, and casually chatting about it... as far as a terrorist device, it's not very effective."


War Whore

Propaganda? Almost 60 percent of Americans support military response to North Korea, poll shows

© Reuters Staff / Reuters
Almost 60 percent of Americans would support military action if diplomatic efforts fail to dissuade North Korea from its nuclear ambitions, a Gallup poll has found. But far fewer think the aggression will come from Pyongyang itself.

The results of the poll, published Friday, also found a clear political divide between supporters of the main two political parties, with an overwhelming 82 percent of Republicans in favor of deploying the armed forces versus a mere 37 percent of Democrats.

Somewhat paradoxically, only 38 percent believe North Korea will actually launch an attack on the United States itself, despite their support for a military strike.

Comment: Considering that most of North Korea's actions amount to political posturing, not a declaration towards war, it goes to show what an incredible job the mainstream media has done in whipping up fear and hysteria among the masses regarding a tiny country that is half way across the world.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that, just like the last US Presidential election, this recent poll is not an accurate reflection of the public's sentiments on this matter - and that in some manner, the gallup poll is doing what most media and news outlets are doing these days - shaping the news, discourse and opinions to steer, prod and manipulate Trump towards the Deep State's agenda.

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CNN anchor Baldwin 'triggered' when panelist declares love of "First Amendment & boobs"

Former CNN sports writer Keith Reed, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin and Fox Sports Radio Clay Travis
Anxious to discuss President Trump's tweet against ESPN (and host Jamele Hill's comments), CNN set female anchor Brooke Baldwin on the task to get to the bottom of whether Hill did anything worth being fired for or if evil President Trump was trying to crush her First Amendment rights.

The interview started to go pear-shaped very quickly.

Addressing the question of the first amendment, Fox Sports Radio's Clay Travis said...
"I'm a first amendment absolutist and believe in only two things completely - the First Amendment and boobs..."
Which seemed to 'trigger' Baldwin as she blinked and shook her head for a few seconds as if reeling from a McGregor haymaker, before asking Travis if he said "boobs" or "booze" - carefully spelling the former B-O-O-B-S (for fear of saying that unsafe word) as she reminded the panelist that she was indeed a woman.

The interview went on for a few more seconds before a second panelist - former ESPN editor Keith Reed (and self-proclaimed 'friend of Jamele') was asked to join in and he also could not get past Travis' comment...


Evergreen State College settles claim with embattled professors for $500,000

Weinstein and his wife resign from school as part of agreement

Evergreen State College has settled a tort claim against it from embattled Professor Bret Weinstein and his wife, Professor Heather Heying, for $500,000, according to an email sent to faculty Friday evening.

"They have resigned from their faculty positions at Evergreen, effective today. The college will pay them a total of $450,000 and contribute an additional $50,000 toward their attorney fees," according to the email, sent by John Carmichael, chief of staff and secretary to the board of trustees.



Diplomats and families hit by mysterious 'sound attacks' in Cuba

© Franklin Reyes/Associated Press
The Canadian Embassy is seen in Havana. Canadian diplomats and their families were targeted in their homes by apparent 'sonic attacks' in the Cuban capital.
Origin of attacks targeting Canadian and U.S. diplomats and their families remains unknown

At least five Canadian diplomatic families were affected by mysterious "sonic attacks" in Cuba that left them with symptoms including hearing loss, headaches and dizziness.

That is a larger number of people than previously reported and suggests the Canadian diplomats were targeted intentionally and were not merely victims of mistaken identity in a wave of attacks that affected a larger number of U.S. diplomats.

But a Canadian source with knowledge of the affair told CBC News that unlike some of those U.S. diplomats, all affected Canadians have recovered from their initial symptoms, which in some cases required hospital treatment.

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said more than five — but fewer than 10 — Canadian families were affected by the attacks.

Staff at the U.S. and Canadian embassies in Havana gradually became aware that something strange was occurring toward the end of last year, when a number of diplomats reported feeling unnatural sensations inside their homes.

In some cases, they heard loud grinding or ringing noises, or felt vibrations in their bodies. Some were in bed when the sensations began. Some reported the sounds and sensations could only be felt in certain parts of the house, and that they could walk in and out of the affected area, feeling the effects shut off as they moved away from it, and resume as they moved back in.

The U.S. State Department has disclosed that some of the 21 U.S. diplomats and family members affected have since been diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injuries affecting speech and memory. Others have suffered permanent hearing loss.

Comment: Even though this mysterious event seems localized to a small area of Havana, and there is zero evidence of any outside international involvement, it does not prevent the CBC from casting unsubstantiated aspersions towards Russia in order to perpetuate the fictitious Deep State narrative.


Cuba after Hurricane Irma - A call to our combative people

© Photo by MODIS on board Terra satellite
Hurricane Irma, with its destructive power, battered our island for 72 hours, beginning the morning of September 8 until this Sunday afternoon. With winds that surpassed 250 kilometers per hour on occasion, it crossed the north of the country from Baracoa - hit hard by another phenomenon of this type almost a year ago - to the outskirts of Cárdenas. However, given its immense size, practically no province was spared its effects.

Described by experts as the largest ever to form in the Atlantic, this meteorological phenomenon caused severe damage to the country, which, precisely because of its scope, has yet to be quantified. A preliminary view shows evidence of an impact on housing, the electrical system, and agriculture.

It also struck some of our principal tourist destinations, but damage will be repaired before the beginning of the high season. We have on hand for this the human resources and materials needed, given that this constitutes one of the principal sources of income in the national economy.

These have been difficult days for our people, who, in a few hours time, have seen what was constructed with great effort hit by a devastating hurricane. Images from the last few hours speak for themselves, as does the spirit of resistance and victory of our people that is regenerated with every adversity.


Facebook lays out its plan for censoring disagreeable content

Earlier this morning, Facebook Vice President of Media Partnerships shared a new blog post on the company's website detailing precisely how they intend to censor content with which they happen to disagree. Apparently all content providers who share "clickbait or sensationalism, or post misinformation and false news" will be deemed ineligible to monetize their efforts over Facebook.
To use any of our monetization features, you must comply with Facebook's policies and terms, including our Community Standards, Payment Terms, and Page Terms. Our goal is support creators and publishers who are enriching our community. Those creators and publishers who are violating our policies regarding intellectual property, authenticity, and user safety, or are engaging in fraudulent business practices, may be ineligible to monetize using our features.

Creators and publishers must have an authentic, established presence on Facebook - they are who they represent themselves to be, and have had a profile or Page on Facebook for at least one month. Additionally, some of our features like Ad Breaks require a sufficient follower base, something that could extend to other features over time.

Those who share content that repeatedly violates our Content Guidelines for Monetization, share clickbait or sensationalism, or post misinformation and false news may be ineligible or may lose their eligibility to monetize.
Ironically, the biggest peddlers of "clickbait or sensationalism, or misinformation and false news" these days seems to be the largest, and 'most respected' mainstream media outlets...presumably there is a carve out for the likes of CNN, NYT and Wapo?


Russian cities inundated with bomb threats causing the evacuation of over 20,000 of people

© Mikhail Dmitriyev / RT
Over 20 shopping centers, railway stations and universities had to be evacuated in Moscow, following warnings that they had been rigged with explosives. In total, 190 sites have been evacuated across 17 Russian cities after bomb threats, a security source told RIA news agency.

"This appears to be a case of telephone terrorism, but we have to check the credibility of these messages," an emergency service source told Tass news agency, noting that the calls began at the same time, and continued after the evacuations had begun.

Tass reported that over 20,000 people had been affected by the evacuation in Moscow alone.


© Anton Vaganov/TASS
The Kremlin has described as "telephone terrorism" the torrent of false bomb threat calls received in various Russian cities. President Vladimir Putin has been briefed on the situation.

"It goes without saying that this is telephone terrorism, telephone hooliganism. The president was properly informed as soon as the string of outrageous phone calls began," presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"The agencies and services concerned have been taking all necessary measures to track down those behind the phone threats. We are waiting for the results of their work," he added.

Peskov refrained from commenting on rumors about the likely source of the calls.

"It is absolutely pointless to make comments on these speculations," he said. "Interpretations will be hardly possible here. It is essential to wait for the concrete results of the measures being taken. It is inappropriate to discuss any versions. Let me say once again: this is telephone terrorism and there is no other way of describing it."

Russia's intelligence services are probing bomb hoax calls across the country, no special instructions from the Kremlin are needed,he went on. He said 'no' to the question whether the Kremlin has given any instructions to concerned agencies in connection with a wave of telephone terrorism across Russia in the past few days. "This is the situation in which no additional instructions are needed. The intelligence services perform their functions doing all that is necessary in this situation," Peskov added.

He said Kremlin won't be influencing the coverage of this issue by concerned agencies and federal TV channels. "Or course, as soon as results (of a probe into a chain bomb alert telephone calls) come, relevant agencies will inform the population about this. But this is not an easy job, it necessitates patience," Peskov went on. "As soon as the results come, they will be made public," he added.

Cell Phone

Facial recognition in the wrong hands: Don't trust the police around your new iPhone X

On Tuesday, the world watched as Apple unveiled their tenth-anniversary special edition iPhone, the iPhone X. While iPhone boasts a newer more secure phone-using its patented new facial recognition system-internet sleuths were quick to point out the ominous implications behind the new tech.

As RT reports, the iPhoneX replaces the iconic "home" button, featured on all previous versions, with a new "TrueDepth camera system." A little black bar at the top of the phone contains several sensors, cameras, and even a dot projector that all work together to create a mathematical 3D model of the owner's face.

However, there are some ways this technology can actually be used against you.

Imagine for a moment, you are one of the countless individuals who just filmed a gruesome act of police brutality. Many of those countless individuals, as TFTP has frequently reported, have found themselves subject to unlawful detainment and illegal search and seizure as cops attempt to erase any evidence of their wrongdoing. Now, imagine that the only thing standing in the way of a coverup of an innocent person being killed by police is the password on your phone to protect the video from police deleting it.