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Mon, 18 Jan 2021
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When conspiracy theories come true: Sunday Times under fire, brands Covid vax passports as 'freedom certificates'

Vaccination woman
© Reuters/Carl Recine
Vaccine victim Lichfield Cathedral, Birmingham, UK
The Sunday Times is facing a social media backlash for pushing Covid-19 vaccination passports as "freedom certificates" with many noting that the idea was considered a crazy conspiracy theory only a few months ago.

An article published in the UK newspaper on Sunday makes the case for "immunity passports," which would allow vaccine recipients to be exempt from lockdown restrictions.

The piece, titled 'Covid passports: a freedom certificate that may get the world travelling again', argues that several countries will start to introduce the documents, in some shape or form, and pressure will mount on British authorities to follow suit.

"Whether or not the moral, political and medical questions of favouring the vaccinated are resolved, demand from the jabbed hordes for the necessary paperwork to travel this summer is likely to prove irresistible," the article argues. The piece drew the ire of many, who couldn't help but take to Twitter to note that it appeared to be a conspiracy theory brought to life.

Comment: Some folks are in lockstep with the conspiracy theorists; others are in blind denial. You can flip a coin but both sides are coming up tails.


Prosecuted journalist tells RT that Latvia is running a campaign to DEHUMANIZE Russian media associates

Alla Berezovskaya russian journalist latvia police
© RT; Sputnik / Oksana Dzhadan / File
(L) Alla Berezovskaya (R) Latvian police
With a campaign to "dehumanize" journalists, Latvia is sending a signal that freedom of speech and human rights do not belong to those who work with Russian media, Alla Berezovskaya, a prosecuted journalist, told RT.

As a freelance journalist, Berezovskaya has for years collaborated with Baltnews - a local private news portal founded by her colleague, veteran Latvian journalist Andrey Yakovlev. And she continued to do so after he transferred control of the outlet to Russian media group Rossiya Segodnya.

In late December, Latvia opened a case against seven journalists working for two Russia-linked outlets - Baltnews and Sputnik. Berezovskaya is one of them, facing charges over the supposed violation of EU sanctions.

The journalist could now face a fine, or even imprisonment, if found guilty.

Comment: It's been a long-simmering situation, ridiculous almost, if it wasn't so dangerous.

Stock Up

Rasmussen poll shows no slip in support for President Trump

© Alex Brandon/AP Photo
On January 5, President Trump's job approval rating with Rasmussen was 47 percent. Today, the president's job approval is 48 percent.

The attack on Capitol Hill took place on January 6. Since then, there has been more than a week of 24/7, highly-coordinated media hysteria attacking the president as a traitor, as guilty of sedition, of being criminally liable for leading a violent coup against the United States of America ... and his job approval rating is up a point.

Don't pay any attention to media pollsters. Please don't. They're all crap. All liars. All proven liars who have been deceiving and lying to you for at least three election cycles. Rasmussen is one of the few pollsters you can trust, so when Rasmussen tells us Trump's support has not slipped, you can not only believe it, you are offered the opportunity to wonder why.

The main reason why is that corporate media no longer have the power to sway public opinion. Look at what's going on out there right now. You not only have the fake media accusing Trump of sedition and of starting a riot, you have all of Hollywood climbing on board and the Democrat Party impeaching him (again).

Trump was just impeached a second time, and his job approval rating hasn't budged.

Comment: Even an NBC poll shows his approval ratings haven't dropped. And he retains an 87% approval rating from registered Republicans. So the GOP better take Rand Paul's warning seriously if they want to stay relevant to their voter base:
"Look, I didn't agree with the fight that happened last week, and I voted against overturning the election, but at the same time, the impeachment is a wrongheaded, partisan notion, [and] if Republicans go along with it, it'll destroy the party," Paul said.

"A third of the Republicans will leave the party," Paul continued. "This isn't about whether it was a right or wrong debate. This isn't about anymore ... the Electoral College, it's about the future of the party, and whether you're going to ostracize and excommunicate President Trump from the party. Well, guess what? Millions of his fans will leave as well."

Arrow Up

Andy Ngo's antifa book No. 1 weeks before release

Antifa 2
Andy Ngo, the chronicler of violent antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, has broken the code on selling books.

A full three weeks before its Feb. 2 release, his Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy spent much of this week on Amazon as the No. 1 bestseller, a rarity for books not written by longtime authors and presidents.

In a note to Secrets, he said, "I just thank everyone who responded to the antifa smears and threats by ordering the book. This is a tough economic time for many Americans and yet they see the importance of 'Unmasked.'"

He was referencing the attacks on social media from journalists and others who do not like his coverage of antifa and the riots they were involved in last year, especially in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

Comment: See also:


Leaked Zoom Call shows US Fed employees conspiring to sabotage Trump Administration from within

zoom call sabatoge Trump Government
© The Gateway Pundit
Facilitator Sarah Starett, attorney for the Dept. of Labor, leading Zoom meeting discussing ways to obstruct the Trump Administration
The Deep State runs deep.

A leaked Zoom call has surfaced online showing a number of US Government officials discussing how to sabotage the Trump Administration. They admit doing this through leaking or withholding information.

The group even praised a statement by President Harry S. Truman where he said:
"I thought I was the president, but when it comes to these bureaucrats, I can't do a damned thing. So the bottom line in this is that we all as ordinary people and as federal workers have power.
The facilitator is Sarah Starrett who works as an attorney for the Dept. of Labor, which is a conflict of interest.

Comment: Millie Weaver has been subject to harassment and arrest for exposing information such as the above.

Journalist Millie Weaver Arrested, Charged With 'Burglary', Just as She Releases ShadowGate Documentary Exposing Deep State Activities - UPDATE

Snakes in Suits

Media hysteria: Man arrested in DC with pistol, ammo, 'fake pass' - turns out he was security guard just trying to get to work

Secret Service members walk National Guard
© REUTERS/Erin Scott
Secret Service members walk National Guard troops through the White House grounds in Washington, U.S., January 15, 2021.
CNN and others rushed to report the arrest of a man at Washington's 'checkpoint' with a pistol, 500 rounds of ammunition and a "fake" inauguration pass. The man said he was a security guard, and has been released.

"There's very disturbing breaking news here in Washington. CNN reports U.S Capitol Police arrested a Virginia man with fake inaugural credentials, a loaded gun and over 500 rounds of ammunition," CNN's Wolf Blitzer reported, saying there would be special coverage from the channel on the incident.

Comment: It's only disturbing because Blitzer is a serial bedwetter who salivates over the chance to ramp up the hysteria. If anyone is guilty of "incitement" it is media hacks like him and their atrocious behaviour for the past five years (their whole careers, really).

The fact that the man - Wesley Allen Beeler - also had pro-gun stickers on the window of his pickup truck when he was arrested on Friday in downtown Washington, apparently became a major red flag for the outlets choosing to highlight the detail.

Comment: Here's Beeler in his own words:


FBI arrests 'anarchist' said to have plotted attack on Trump gatherings in Tallahassee - fought in Syria with YPG

Daniel Alan Baker
Update: Near 7:30 p.m., Gov. Ron DeSantis by executive order activated the Florida National Guard to work with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to bolster security at the Capitol complex through Jan. 24.

Federal authorities have arrested a self-described anarchist on charges related to his alleged attempt to recruit the "like-minded" to violently disrupt the expected gathering by supporters of President Trump at the Florida Capitol through Inauguration Day.

The accused is Daniel Alan Baker, described in a 27-page criminal complaint as a former Army airborne infantryman who recently "has been posting messages and multimedia to his Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts that have been increasingly ripe with extremist rhetoric."

"Baker issued a call to arms for like-minded individuals to violently confront protesters gathered at the Florida Capitol this Sunday. He specifically called for others to join him in encircling any protestors and confining them at the Capitol complex using firearms," the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Florida said in a press release.

"Extremists intent on violence from either end of the political and social spectrums must be stopped, and they will be stopped," U.S. Attorney Lawrence Keefe said in a written statement.

"Daniel Baker's actions show that he is a dangerous extremist, and the law-abiding public is safer now that he has been arrested. We are, and will remain, on high alert and will take all appropriate actions against credible threats to the people of our district," he said.

Comment: Baker was featured on VICE for his 'work' with YPG, and also participated in Seattle's CHAZ 'experiment'. Here's his 'call to arms' for January 20th:

Here's the entire criminal complaint, which includes the details that he claimed to have received "Soros money", and was offering cash rewards for information on Trump supporters.

Yellow Vest

Water cannons & mounted officers: Lockdown rally in Amsterdam met with strong police response

Amsterdam lockdown protest
© AFP / Robin van Lonkhuijsen
Riot police clashes with protesters during a demonstration in the Museumplein town square in Amsterdam, Netherlands on January 17, 2021.
Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters took to the streets of Amsterdam, decrying restrictive measures against the coronavirus. The unauthorized gathering was met with a strong riot police force.

The anti-lockdown protesters gathered in the center of the Netherlands capital on Sunday, despite failing to get authorization for the rally from the authorities.

Comment: Would permission have even been granted? The UK's police chief said himself that, in his opinion "now is really not the time" to exercise ones right to protest and freedom of speech.

The protesters, who largely lacked face masks and did not exactly observe social distancing rules, decried the restrictive coronavirus measures, carrying banners reading "Freedom: stop this siege" and chanting such slogans as "What do we want? Freedom!" While the Netherlands was initially slower than some countries to respond to the pandemic, it turned to harsher restrictions in December as Covid-19 cases mounted.

Comment: Pretty much every European country fell in line with orders, eventually.

Comment: Protest movements against the totalitarian restrictions are growing throughout Europe:


Saudi Arabia launches plans for underground city claiming it's part of a green future

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

The city design was presented by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman himself, who explained why he believes that a concept of a conventional city should be transformed "into that of a futuristic one".

An ambitious urban development project involving the construction of a city with no roads where 1 million people would live has recently been unveiled by Saudi Arabia.

As per the project, known simply as The Line, the new city is going to be built along a 170-kilometer long stretch of land, resulting in the creation of what is essentially a chain of communities where residents would have easy access to the shops and services they require.

Comment: Express reports:
Some described plans for The Line as little more than an empty attempt at attracting international investment.

The Economist reporter Gregg Carlstrom tweeted: "Everything about NEOM seems like it was dreamed up by a Saudi official who watched a sci-fi movie on [the Middle East Broadcasting Center] at like 4am and said 'that looks cool, let's throw $100bn at it'."

And human rights groups agreed by pointing to perceived double standards.

Reem Abdellatif, a women's rights advocate, tweeted: "The Line is Mohammed bin Salman's desperate attempt to rebrand Saudi Arabia's failed NEOM project.

"After facing challenges from local tribes and failing to attract investments, [Mohammed bin Salman] once again uses old tricks to solve festering economic issues. Clean house first."

Despite the criticism, construction is slated to start very and is expected to contribute $48 billion (£35 billion) to the local economy as well as 38,000 jobs.
We only need look at the actions of the establishment with their tyrannical, nonsensical lockdowns as proof that they do not care about people; why would the future they want for us be any different? And check out SOTT radio's: MindMatters: Pseudo-realities, Psychopathy and the Origins of Totalitarianism

Eye 1

New Jersey govt drains gym's bank account for defying lockdown restrictions, despite ongoing legal appeal

© AFP / Mark Makela
Atilis Gym owner Ian Smith
The owners of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey had their bank account unexpectedly drained even while pursuing their legal appeals against a growing stack of fines levied by the state for alleged violation of Covid-19 rules.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy "took it upon himself to empty our bank account entirely, to the tune of $165,000," gym owner Ian Smith claimed in a Wednesday Instagram post. The confiscation took place "without warning, and without permission" despite both parties being eight months into a bitter legal battle over state Covid-19 restrictions - including a lawsuit against the governor, he added.

The gym owner accused the governor "and his cronies" of "effectively and intentionally interfering with our right to council [sic]" in a Twitter post, noting that the sum taken represented "100% of [the gym's] legal defense money."

Comment: The establishment is pulling all manner of totalitarian tricks against those who attempt to resist: