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Thu, 20 Jan 2022
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The Ministry of Truth's War on "Misinformation"

raccoon meme 1

Above is my lazily Photoshopped approximation of my childhood poster
"Free inquiry on a free platform is the only practice that distinguishes a free from a slave society."

Milton Mayer, They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45
When I was little, I had a poster of a raccoon with his paw over a kitten's mouth saying, "If there's anything I can't stand, it's someone talking while I'm interrupting."

I was notorious for interrupting, asking questions, and getting so lost in thought, my mom had an ear doctor test my hearing because I was constantly saying, "What?"

That poster came to mind as I watched the Ministry of Truth campaign against "misinformation" first roll out. Today's version of that poster would say, "If there's anything I can't stand, it's someone's information contradicting my disinformation."


HUGE protests erupt across Europe against Covid vaccine mandates & lockdowns

Austria protest

A furious woman shouts as she gestures at riot police in Vienna, Austria on Saturday, January 8
The French government has confirmed that some of the draconian restrictions imposed on British travellers are set to be eased as anti-lockdown protests erupt in Europe for another weekend.

Members of the French ministerial cabinet agreed to lift certain travel rules designed to prevent Brits from travelling into the country earlier this week as Omicron tightened its grip on France with over 330,000 new Covid cases recorded.

Comment: It's telling that the best they can come up with is 'cases'. If it meant anything, they wouldn't be relaxing the travel ban.

Gabriel Attal, spokesperson for the French Government, confirmed that the list of reasons for which UK travellers would be permitted entry into France would be expanded to now also allow in-person work to be completed in the country.

Comment: Here's just some of the footage from today's Europe-wide protests:

France; Marseille, Toulouse, Montpellier, Paris, Dijon:




Also in South Korea, and Canada:

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Bad Guys

Twitter suspends Daily Wire's Matt Walsh for posting gender critical 'transphobic' tweets

Matt Walsh
© The Daily Wire
Daily Wire host Matt Walsh
The Daily Wire host and political contributor Matt Walsh has been suspended from Twitter over his tweets about transgenderism.

On Friday night, Twitter issued a suspension on Walsh's account after he made a series of tweets about recognizing biological realities over "gender identity."

"The greatest female Jeopardy champion of all time is a man," Walsh wrote. "The top female college swimmer is a man. The first female four star admiral in the Public Health Service is a man. Men have dominated female high school track and the female MMA circuit. The patriarchy wins in the end."

Comment: Suspended for speaking about reality and common sense. It really is a clown world folks.

Light Saber

Kenney rejects mandatory vaccination for Canada's Alberta citizens

Jason Kenny Jean-Yves Duclos mandate vaccines canada

Alberta Premier Jason Kenny (L) and Canada's Liberal health minister Jean-Yves Duclos (R)
Premier Jason Kenney has vowed not to force mandatory vaccinations on Albertans after federal Liberal health minister Jean-Yves Duclos said he wanted to discuss such a mandate with the provinces.

Duclos announced the idea Friday, saying mandatory vaccination "is a conversation which I believe provinces and territories, in support with the federal government, will want to have over the next weeks and months."

In a tweet responding to Duclos's plans, Kenney stated that the province had already removed the power to force vaccines into Canadians from its Public Health Act.

Cell Phone

Alec Baldwin still has not handed over cellphone to police despite search warrant: report

alec baldwin rust set
The quest for embattled actor Alec Baldwin's cellphone has now gone beyond New Mexico, and it has New York authorities enlisted to try to track down what could be a crucial piece of evidence for the high-profile investigation into the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Comment: See also:

Car Black

Texas high school teacher charged after locking COVID-positive 13-year-old child in trunk to 'quarantine'

Sarah Beam
A Texas mother has been charged with child endangerment after she locked her 13-year-old child in the trunk of her car after the child tested positive for COVID-19.

Sarah Beam was charged with endangering a child by the Cypress-Fairbanks Police Department. A warrant has been issued for her arrest, according to NBC 2.

Beam reportedly pulled into a drive-thru COVID testing site in Harris County, Texas, when an officer heard a noise coming from her trunk.

Comment: File this under 'evidence that people's minds are disintegrating'.


4th person dies in hepatitis A outbreak traced to Virginia restaurants

A fourth person has died in a hepatitis A outbreak traced to Famous Anthony's restaurants in Roanoke Valley in Virginia.

Larry Vest died on Christmas after fighting the liver disease for months. His wife Diane, who was also infected, died in the fall of 2021.

More than 50 people were infected with the hepatitis A virus in relation to an infected employee who worked at three Famous Anthony's locations at Grandin Road Extension, Williamson Road and Crystal Spring Avenue, according to public health officials. Infected people may not show symptoms for up to two weeks while they are contagious.

James Hamlin, a Roanoke County man, died Oct. 8. The name of the other person who died has not been released. About 30 people have been so sick from the virus that they had to be admitted to hospitals.

Comment: Considering that this outbreak seems to be a relatively rare situation, and there are likely other ways to prevent it, it's concerning that 'vaccinating employees' is so readily mooted as an option. Working on this logic, employees in numerous fields could be vaccinated against all kinds of diseases as a 'preventative measure'.

It's likely that the contrived coronavirus crisis has significantly contributed to normalising this kind of coercion. However, it's also true that the last 21-odd months have exposed just how compromised and corrupted some areas of healthcare has become due to the influence exerted by the pharmaceutical industry:


'Nationalists are on the rise': How protests in Kazakhstan turned violent & why Russia feels it can't stay silent

kazakhstan police car fire
© AP Photo/Vladimir Tretyakov
A police car on fire during clashes with protesters in the center of Almaty, Kazakhstan, Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2022.
Central Asian security, access to space, and ethnic Russians among reasons why Moscow can't ignore unrest in the former Soviet nation.

What's behind the current violent unrest in Kazakhstan and why is political stability in this huge former Soviet republic of such great importance to Russia?

Events in Kazakhstan are unfolding at breakneck speed, with the situation changing on an hourly basis. Initially, it seemed that protests against soaring energy prices would not turn into anything more serious. Since then, however, the country has asked for help from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), a Russia-led military bloc, and its soldiers have engaged in fierce street battles with armed marauders.

Kazakhstan has always been viewed as one of the most stable post-Soviet countries, with the transition of power from its first president to his successor, managed by the local elites, initially seen as smooth and efficient. However, today the country is perhaps facing its toughest challenge since it became independent 30 years ago. RT has analyzed the reasons behind the unrest in Kazakhstan.

Comment: More from RT:
At least 18 police officers and military servicemen have been killed in clashes in Kazakhstan, amid what the authorities are calling a "counter-terrorist" operation. No details on civilian casualties have officially been revealed.

The updated figure was published by Kazakstan's interior ministry late on Thursday. Nearly 750 law enforcement have received various injuries in the ongoing unrest, it claimed.

Only figures related to police and military casualties were made public, with no official information on killed or injured protesters, rioters, or what the Kazakh authorities are calling "terrorist gangs" available.

However, security officials had earlier described "dozens of attackers" having been eliminated in two separate attacks on the police HQ in the city of Almaty. Known as "the southern capital" in Kazakhstan, the country's largest metropolis has become a hotspot of protests, which then escalated into rioting, arson and looting of administrative buildings, businesses and shopping centers.

A UN official on Thursday alleged that a large number have been wounded during the unrest. "Almost 1,000 people have reportedly been injured in the protests" the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said in a statement on Thursday, which urged all the parties in Kazakhstan to "refrain from violence and to seek a peaceful resolution of grievances." The OHCHR did not elaborate on their sources for the number cited.
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Rip it up: the vaccine passport experiment needs to end

vaccine passport torn up
Flying anywhere right now is difficult, but for those of us who are jabbed, it is at least possible. So just after Christmas I set off for America to see my family in Connecticut, armed with the NHS app technology which we were once assured would never be used as a vaccine passport. It's now precisely that.

I tapped my phone to summon my travel credentials en route to Heathrow, but to my astonishment my vaccination status wasn't there: 'No Covid-19 records found.' My 'passport' had been suspended.

My crime, it turned out, was to have caught Omicron in mid-December. I'd had a positive result on a lateral flow test and, following the guidance at the time, several days later had taken a PCR test to confirm it. By the time I was travelling, I had recovered and was comfortably out of isolation. But the app disagreed.

'You have had a positive PCR test result,' it said. 'You must wait ten days after a positive PCR test before you can either get an NHS Covid pass or start using an existing one again.' This did not line up with the official rules. Anyone infected with Covid can now stop isolating after seven days, as long as they test negative twice. I was on day 12.


Chris Hedges: The execution of Julian Assange

Julian Assange Supporters
© Reuters/Henry Nicholls
Supporters of Julian Assange hold aloft placards and unfurl a banner outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, UK, December 10, 2021.
He exposed empire as a criminal enterprise. He documented its lies, its callous disregard for human life, its rampant corruption, and its innumerable war crimes. But, as history shows, empires kill those who inflict deep wounds.

Let us name Julian Assange's executioners. Joe Biden. Boris Johnson. Scott Morrison. Theresa May. Lenin Moreno. Donald Trump. Barack Obama. Mike Pompeo. Hillary Clinton. Lord Chief Justice Ian Burnett and Lord Justice Timothy Victor Holroyde. Crown Prosecutors James Lewis QC, Clair Dobbin QC and Joel Smith. District Judge Vanessa Baraitser. Assistant US Attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia Gordon Kromberg. William Burns, the director of the CIA. Ken McCallum, the director general of MI5.

Let us acknowledge that the goal of these executioners, who discussed kidnapping and assassinating Assange, has always been his annihilation. That Assange, who is in precarious physical and psychological health, and who suffered a stroke during court video proceedings on October 27, has been condemned to death should not come as a surprise. The 10 years he has been detained, seven in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and nearly three in the high-security Belmarsh prison, were accompanied by a lack of sunlight and exercise, and unrelenting threats, pressure, anxiety and stress. "His eyes were out of sync, his right eyelid would not close, his memory was blurry," his fiancée Stella Moris said of the stroke.

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