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Wed, 05 Aug 2020
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Colorado leftist Isaiah Cordova arrested after jumping curb and attempting to drive over Blue Lives Matter supporters in Eaton

colorado police eaton
As reported by Cassandra Fairbanks on Saturday — A person in an SUV hopped over a curb and attempted to run over peaceful protesters holding a "Defend the Police" rally in Colorado on Saturday.

The rally, organized by the Northern Colorado Young Republicans, was in the grass and away from the street when the driver of a red SUV attempted to hit them.

"My constituents were peacefully voicing their support for police when a SUV drove through the crowd, nearly hitting them. All Americans should be able to exercise their #1A rights, free of violence," Congressman Ken Buck tweeted. "The person responsible must be brought to justice."


Police called as unruly mob of 300+ youths rampage through mini golf center, violating COVID-19 order

putt putt rampage
© Twitter / @rahm3sh
Memphis Police were called to the Putt-Putt Fun Center on Summer Ave. Saturday night after a complainant told police that parents were dropping off multiple children at the facility.

There were about 300 to 400 people at the business which put them in violation of COVID-19 order.

One person began to throw fireworks in the crowd which caused a stampede, an MPD spokesperson said.

Comment: Another video of what appears to be the same girl spitting in the face of one of the employees:

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People are entitled to think there is an 'agenda to destroy western society': Alan Jones

Alan Jones
Sky News host Alan Jones says with militant protests on the streets, freedom of speech being destroyed, and a virus "ripping the guts out of the economy," people are entitled to think there is an agenda to destroy western society.

"You are not about to dive into a coffin if you test positive," Mr Jones said.

It comes as five million Victorians remain under lockdown as the state grapples with a out -of-control-second wave of COVID-19, while the treasurer's economic update on Thursday outlined a grim economic reality.

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US ranked second-worst place to raise a family among wealthy countries, study says

lonely girl
© Pixabay
New research by travel website Asher & Lyric has found that the US is the second-worst wealthy nation in the world in which to raise a family in 2020.

The travel site ranked 35 countries that are members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an intergovernmental economic organisation which includes most of the world's developed nations.

"We only used OECD countries because they have reliable data in a wide range of key topics useful for this study. Our definitive 'Raising a Family Index' is comprised of 30 critical statistics from trusted international sources broken down into six categories identifying favourable conditions for raising a family," Asher & Lyric wrote on its website.

Comment: It's likely the only people surprised by the outcome of this study are Americans.

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Vegan terrorism: Ukraine's President wins freedom for 13 hijacked bus hostages by urging people to watch 2005 vegan documentary Earthlings

ukraine bus hostage vegan

In the last few hours Krovishey had released an elderly woman, a teenager and a young pregnant woman.
Ukraine's president won freedom for 13 hijacked bus hostages last night by posting a video on Facebook urging people to watch a vegan documentary after a ten minute chat with the maniac holding them.

'A 2005 film, Earthlings, everybody should watch it,' President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in the six-second clip which was later deleted.

Maxim Krovishey, 44, lobbed a grenade out of the vehicle and fired twice at officers during a terrifying 12-hour standoff with police after he stormed the bus at around 9.25am in Lutsk, a city in the northwest of the country.

Comment: We've said it many times before: Vegans are crazy.

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Barbara Kay: Why I'm leaving the National Post

barbara kay national post

In a Canadian media industry that regularly lauds itself for courageous truth-telling, the goal is now to hide one’s true opinion rather than declare it.
It's been two decades since my first byline appeared in the National Post. For a woman who already was well into middle age when her career began, the experience has been a thrill and a privilege. Perhaps more importantly, it's been lively, energizing and fun. The National Post was conceived in 1998 as a safe haven from the stale pieties that dominated (and still dominate) the legacy Canadian media. Unfortunately, the spirit now has gone out of the place. And I've decided to step away from my regular column, at least for now. I've been noticing for a while that much of the best writing about Canada is increasingly taking place on platforms that didn't exist until recently (and in some cases aren't even Canadian). Numerous international writers whom I admire have decided to find new ways to reach their audience. I will now join their ranks.

There's nothing the Canadian media loves more than stories about bitter infighting within its own ranks. And I wish I had a shocking tale of censorship or workplace bullying to supply to those media critics who trade on schadenfreude. Alas, I don't. In fact, I continue to respect and appreciate the Post editors who've worked with me over the years. But the severe pressures they now experience no longer can be compartmentalized within their managerial sphere. They have spilled out into their relationship with their columnists, spoiling the weekly rites of editorial collaboration that once were one of the great joys of this job.

Comment: More from Barbara Kay:


600,000 mistakenly told they've had covid: 'I have not been tested'

Lab test
Tricare, a health care program of the United States Department of Defense Military Health System, mistakenly told more than 600,000 people they have had the China-originated novel coronavirus, asking the "COVID-19 survivors" to consider donating blood for research.

In a mass email sent on July 17, more than 600,000 Tricare users in the military health system's East Region were asked to consider donating blood for research based on their supposed status as COVID-19 "survivors," Military.com reported last week. As noted in the report, "31,000 persons affiliated with the U.S. military have been diagnosed with the coronavirus," showing a clear error in the mass email.

"As a survivor of COVID-19, it's safe to donate whole blood or blood plasma, and your donation could help other COVID-19 patients," the email stated. "Your plasma likely has antibodies (or proteins) present that might help fight the coronavirus infection. Currently, there is no cure for COVID-19. However, there is information that suggests plasma from COVID-19 survivors, like you, might help some patients recover more quickly from COVID-19."

One beneficiary posted to Facebook about the email, highlighting that he was never tested for COVID despite being told he has had the virus by Tricare. "Just wondering [if] anybody [got] an email from Tricare saying since you are a COVID survivor, please donate your plasma.?? I have NOT been tested," the user posted to social media, according to the report. "Just remember all those people inputting data are human and make mistakes."

Comment: This is what makes 'contact tracing' all the more nefarious. If they are (as often is the case) using databases of people that are 'registered' as having covid, and you come into contact with them (despite the fact that they were never tested or it was in error), you will be flagged and subject to whatever other measures they come up with, for no reason at all.


A classic fallacious argument: "If masks don't work, then why do surgeons wear them?"

face mask
A response to people who use the classic fallacious argument, "Well, if masks don't work, then why do surgeons wear them?"

I'm a surgeon that has performed over 10,000 surgical procedures wearing a surgical mask. However, that fact alone doesn't really qualify me as an expert on the matter. More importantly, I am a former editor of a medical journal. I know how to read the medical literature, distinguish good science from bad, and fact from fiction. Believe me, the medical literature is filled with bad fiction masquerading as medical science. It is very easy to be deceived by bad science.

Since the beginning of the pandemic I've read hundreds of studies on the science of medical masks. Based on extensive review and analysis, there is no question in my mind that healthy people should not be wearing surgical or cloth masks. Nor should we be recommending universal masking of all members of the population. That recommendation is not supported by the highest level of scientific evidence.

First, let's be clear. The premise that surgeons wearing masks serves as evidence that "masks must work to prevent viral transmission" is a logical fallacy that I would classify as an argument of false equivalence, or comparing "apples to oranges."

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When it comes to economic suffering, some parts of the US are feeling it far more than others

New York City
2020 has been a very tough year for the U.S. as a whole, but some portions of the country have been hit much harder than others. For example, if you live in a rural area that hasn't seen any civil unrest and that hasn't been hit very hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, the way that you are living your life now may seem nearly unchanged from the way you were living your life in 2019. But if you live in an urban area that has experienced endless protests and rioting and that has seen COVID-19 sweep through local neighborhoods like wildfire, your life in 2020 may look radically different from the way it looked in 2019. Unfortunately, conditions in our largest cities are not likely to improve dramatically any time soon.

But many people that live in rural communities are feeling pretty good about things right now. Even though more than 52 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment benefits over the last 18 weeks, the official unemployment rate in many rural counties is still in the single digits.

I know that may be difficult to believe, but that is what the numbers tell us.

Comment: And the sad fact of the matter is that we ain't seen nothing yet:


D.C. exempts lawmakers, government employees from new mask order

Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C.
© Getty Images
Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C., mayor Muriel Bowser (D.) issued a universal masking order for her city Wednesday but exempted lawmakers, judges, and federal employees.

The order mandates the wearing of masks in all indoor and outdoor settings where social distancing cannot be observed. No other designated profession is exempt from wearing a mask, except when a piece of work equipment would preclude mask use. Consequences for ignoring the order include fines of up to $1,000.

The mayor's office did not respond to a request for comment.

Comment: While the mandating of wearing of masks controversy rages on, one thing is becoming clearer among some of these political types: they hold the authoritarian and incredibly hypocritical "do I say, not as I do" perspective of the rules they seek to impose on others.

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