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Fri, 03 Jul 2020
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Dixie Chicks submit to social justice, drop 'Dixie' from their moniker

The Dixie Chicks
© Reuters/Mario Anzuoni
The Dixie Chicks, Nokia Theatre Los Angeles, CA, 2007
Pop-country superstars The Dixie Chicks are the latest entertainers to heed the calls of the social justice movement. Dropping the "Dixie" due to its links with the slave-owning south, the group now simply goes by "The Chicks."

The Texas trio changed their name on Thursday with little fanfare, placing a short message on their website reading "We want to meet this moment." Further cementing their progressive position, they released a new song and music video entitled "March March," which lists the names of dozens of black people killed by police in the U.S.

Comment: See also:

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Mob unleashes brutal fireworks attack on man in Baltimore

fireworks attack baltimore
© Twitter / @lporiginalg
Disturbing footage has captured a group assault on a man in Baltimore, with multiple attackers seen discharging a barrage of fireworks, some targeted at the victim's face from point-blank range.

In a series of videos recently shared to social media, about half a dozen assailants - including one who appears to be a child - are shown shooting fireworks into a parked car to lure out a man hiding inside it.

Comment: Of course news outlets cannot even mention the perpetrators are black and the victim is white, nor that this could be a result of violent racism from BLM divisive rhetoric because that would undermine the current trend of propping up 'white fragility' while glorifying fatherless, gangster culture in black urban society that feminism and liberal victimhood proponents have worked so hard to create.

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YouTube star Jenna Marbles says she's quitting after fans claim past videos are racist

Jenna Marbles
© Matthew Simmons/WireImage
Internet personality Jenna Marbles.
Jenna Marbles, a longtime YouTube star, has announced that she's leaving the social media platform.

The announcement came on Thursday in the form of an 11-minute video in which Marbles -- real name Mourey -- apologized for various videos that she'd made in the past.

"I've tried my best to grow up and to be a better person. And first and foremost, I want everyone to know that I've always been a two-way street, and that anytime that you criticize me and tell me that you would like me to do better or to do something differently, that I always try to do that. And I try to make fun content, inclusive content, things that don't offend people or upset people, and that's kind of where I am," said Mourey, 33.

The internet personality stressed that she's "literally not trying to put out negative things into the world."

Comment: It's clear to anyone who has watched more than a few short clips of Jenna Marbles that the purpose of her videos are lighthearted attempts to make people laugh. Cancel culture is everything that is wrong and backward in todays world. The evil they 'discover' is only in their own hearts.

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Robbie Williams suggests Pizzagate conspiracy theory is true

Robbie Williams
© Instagram
Robbie has gone viral with a bizarre interview.
Robbie Williams has suggested the Pizzagate conspiracy theory hasn't truly been debunked in a bizarre new interview.

The 46-year-old sat down for an interview with journalist Anna Brees, and in a teaser clip from the second part of the interview, the Rock DJ singer appears to question the validity of a conspiracy theory alleging that several high-ranking Democratic Party officials and U.S. restaurants were involved in an alleged human trafficking and child sex ring.

The theory was widely debunked during the 2016 US presidential election, following an investigation by the New York Times and the fact-checking website Snopes.

Comment: It's easy for MSM stenographers to paint Williams as a crackpot conspiracy theorist, publishing eye-rolling articles about 'just another stupid celebrity'. But what they may not realize is that Williams feels the same way many non-celebrities feel - that they're being lied to and that the explanations offered to their legitimate questions are getting ignored or mocked. He might not know what, but clearly this popstar, like many or his fans, knows something is up.

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White anarchists try to lecture black cops about racism

obnoxious white woman
© Twitter/ Henry Rodgers
A black Metropolitan Police Department officer lectured a white Black Lives Matter protester in Washington, DC, on Tuesday evening as she attempted to accuse one of his white colleagues of racism.

"Just because you have one black friend, or a black wife, you can still be racist," she said, speaking through her mask, in a conversation captured on video by Breitbart News. "It has nothing to do with your acquaintances."

She accused him of being intimidated when he walked away.

Another officer, who appeared to be African American, intervened: "It's not intimidating. ... You're trying to have a conversation, and you have a one-track mind? There's no point. ... You have to be able to go in with both sides of the story."

She retorted: "I wasn't talking to you, sir. I was talking to the white dude."

He replied: "Oh, 'cause I can't be racist, right?"

She answered: "Systemically, no, sir. Systemically, racism can only be white."

An African American officer eventually approached.

"Let me tell you something," he said.

She backed up, trying to avoid him. "I don't want to get COVID."

Comment: Go to Breitbart for the video - warning, the woman is obnoxious. Speaking of which, here's another one:

Just another example of socially acceptable liberal racism. Then there's this, in which black protesters call black cops "nothing but house n***ers".

At least there's some (unintentional) humor mixed in:
The protesters tell the officers to "put your masks on" and offer to give them face coverings. At that point, one man can be heard saying, "Make sure you put some Covid in them motherf*ckers," while another responds, "They already got it, bro. They don't have masks on." The police stand silently as they are insulted by the group and don't respond to any of their comments.
2020. The year of the idiots.


Florida bans consuming alcohol at bars as increase in coronavirus testing shows increase in confirmed cases

Florida banned alcohol consumption at its bars Friday after its daily confirmed coronavirus cases neared 9,000, a new record that is almost double the previous mark set just two days ago.

The Florida agency that governs bars announced the ban on Twitter just minutes after the Department of Health reported 8,942 new confirmed cases, topping the previous record of 5,500 set Wednesday.

State officials have attributed much of the new outbreak to young adults flocking to bars after they reopened in most of the state about a month ago, with many of them ignoring social distancing restrictions aimed at lowering the virus's spread.

Comment: Mortality rates are so two months ago when there was hardly any testing. Now that the population of Karens have been made to 'deathly' fear this virus, they can just use an increase in cases coming from an increase in testing to keep people from connecting with others and releasing tensions by treating everyone like bad children. This combined with the undermining of societal law and order creates the perfect conditions to perpetuate mob violence we're seeing unfold all over the world.


Houston Association of Realtors no longer using phrase "master bedroom" - because slavery

master bedroom
© Melissa Fitzgerald West
The Houston Association of Realtors has stopped using the word "master" to describe bedrooms or bathrooms, a change prompted by a group of real estate agents that requested a review of the term.

The association agreed to update the phrase to "primary bedroom" and "primary bath." It implemented the changes in its Multiple Listing Service and on har.com June 15.

"This topic is currently being debated across the real estate industry, and the national standards organization for MLSs will be considering a similar change that could make 'primary' the new standard nationally," according to a statement from HAR.

Tiffany Curry, a Houston real estate broker who recently became the first African-American owner of a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices franchise, supports the change.

"'Master' represents a stigma and place in time that we need to move forward from. As a progressive, diverse city, Houston should be reflective of its citizenship," said Curry, a past National Association of Realtors board member.

Some builders have already dropped the term. David Weekley Homes, for example, calls a home's primary bedroom an "owner's retreat."

Comment: Some people have mastered the art of useless outrage. Is there a master's degree for that yet?


'They didn't protect our people': Businesses abandoning riot-torn cities

minneapolis riots george floyd
© Reuters / Adam Bettcher
A Minneapolis business owner is leaving the city in the wake of violent protests that broke out after George Floyd's death, resulting in his business being burned to the ground.

Kris Wryrobek, president and owner of 7-Sigma, Inc., has decided to relocate his business out of Minneapolis after rioters burned it down. 7-Sigma was located in South Minneapolis and had been in the city since 1987.

"They don't care about my business," Wryrobek said, "They didn't protect our people. We were all on our own." He went on to say that a fire engine was sitting at the scene and didn't attempt to put out the fire.

Other business owners echoed Wryobek's words. They say the city turned its back on them.


MSM scrambles to smear 'free speech' platform Parler as Twitter censorship wave pushes conservatives out

© Reuters / Dado Ruvic
"Free speech driven" social network Parler is being smeared as a "far right" cesspool as a Twitter crackdown drives conservative signups - even as its new users include milquetoast Republican politicians like Ted Cruz.

Like Gab before it, Parler has attracted celebrity Twitter and Facebook rejects, lured by the promise of a censor-free experience, and a flood of users eager to interact with their banned idols - or just to express themselves without fear of deplatforming. And the market for alternative platforms is booming - Parler's app was the second-most-popular download in the App Store's News category as of Thursday.

Some 500,000 users reportedly joined the platform after Twitter, following in the footsteps of Facebook and stepping up its ideologically-motivated censorship, banned conservative meme-maker Carpe Donktum and locked National Pulse editor Raheem Kassam's account on Tuesday.

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#MeToo snapback: Justin Bieber files $20 million defamation lawsuit over sexual misconduct claims

justin bieber
© Reuters
Singer Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin
Justin Bieber has filed a $20 million defamation lawsuit against two women who accused him of sexual misconduct.

The Canadian pop star filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday after saying on Twitter earlier this week that a claim that he sexually assaulted a woman in 2014 was "factually impossible."

The woman, who identified herself as Danielle but said she was posting anonymously, said in a Twitter posting that has since been deleted that she was sexually assaulted by the singer at a hotel in Austin, Texas, on March 9, 2014.

The other woman, who identified herself as Kadi, said on Twitter that she was sexually assaulted by Bieber in a New York hotel room in May 2015.