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Sat, 11 Jul 2020
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Man arrested for allegedly slashing toddler's face during random attack in New York

man allegedly slashes todler new york
A man was arrested for allegedly cutting a two-year-old boy in the face Wednesday in Manhattan, New York.

"35-year-old Anthony Gonzalez of the 200 block of West 107 Street has been charged with felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon," according to ABC 7.

Police said Gonzalez approached the boy and his nanny at 110th Street and Morningside Drive at about 9:35 a.m. and allegedly struck the child with a sharp object, cutting him just above his right eye.


Riot declared in Portland, cops order protesters to leave or face arrest

mortar explorion portland riot
© Portland Police Bureau
Mortar explosion at federal courthouse in downtown Portland.
Portland police declared a riot early Friday during unrest near the federal courthouse in the city and demanded protesters leave the area or face crowd-control munitions.

Police described a chaotic scene. They said several protesters were "starting fires, throwing rocks at officers, pointing lasers at officers, and launching projectiles with slingshots at officers."

Comment: Further from RT:
Several hundred people gathered in downtown Portland for protests which, though initially peaceful, morphed into a riot complete during which mortars were fired and knives were thrown.

There was some collateral damage as one protester was injured by a firework in an incident captured in eyewitness video from the scene.

Warning: Some viewers may find footage of the incident upsetting.

Police allege the protesters unleashed "commercial-grade fireworks" throughout Thursday evening and Friday morning's unrest, and even published images of what they allege was a "mortar" exploding outside the city's Justice Center.

At 11:42 pm on Thursday, police claim protesters began firing projectiles including "large rocks, full cans, and bottles" with slingshots, triggering a firefight with police who used non-lethal munitions to disperse the crowd.

Police claim that protesters began lighting fires at the same time as they deployed the "commercial-grade fireworks" on Southwest Main Street.

"To protect the life and safety of personnel both inside and outside of the Federal Court House, at 11:52pm, a riot was declared," authorities said in a statement.

Several arrests were made at this point in the night, though exact figures were not provided. During these confrontations, authorities claim an open pocket knife was thrown at officers.

At approximately 12:46am local time, protesters returned to the courthouse and opened fire with "mortars." A small fire broke out inside the building where the glass doors had been shattered in previous clashes.

Crowd control munitions were deployed again and further arrests were made. Police claim that no CS gas was used during the protest, which was ongoing at the time of writing.
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Former NFL player Burgess Owens rips league over 'Black National Anthem' playing before NFL games

burgess owens
© Zach Gibson/Getty Images
On Thursday, former NFL star Burgess Owens ripped into the football league over reports that the NFL will play "Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing," dubbed the "Black national anthem," before all Week 1 games this season.

The retired safety suggested the move was in line with "trying" to "segregate" the nation "again."

"There is no 'black national anthem,'" Owens posted via Twitter. "Why does it feel like the country is trying to segregate again sometimes?"


American Independence Day 2020: Trump delivers epic speech against totalitarianism at Mount Rushmore

trump rushmore speech
Delivered at a ceremony held at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota yesterday, 3rd July 2020.

Happy 4th of July!

[Trump's speech begins at 37 minutes, lasts 42 minutes]


Protests in Johannesburg as Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine trials begin in Africa

Comment: Oxford University. So woke, so sciencey, so... flagrantly racist?

protest south africa covid-19 vaccine
Protesters against Africa's first COVID-19 vaccine trial burned their face masks Wednesday as experts note a worrying level of resistance and misinformation around testing on the continent.

Anti-vaccine sentiment in Africa is "the worst I've ever seen," the CEO of the GAVI vaccine alliance, Seth Berkley, told an African Union vaccine conference last week.

"In general, people in Africa know the diseases and want to protect each other," he said. "In this case, the rumor mill has been dramatic."

The trial that began last week in Johannesburg is part of one already underway in Britain of the vaccine developed at the University of Oxford. Some 2,000 volunteers in South Africa are expected to take part.

It's important that vaccines be tested in Africa to see how they perform in the local context, professor of vaccinology Shabir Madhi, leader of the new COVID-19 vaccine trial in South Africa, told reporters and others in a webinar Sunday.

Comment: Did you catch all that?

The French researcher cited above was 'racist' for saying "let's do vaccine trials in Africa!"... yet key African academics and bureaucrats are 'progressive' for saying "these vaccine trials absolutely must be done in Africa. Because Covid-19."

Should we be surprised that woke, corporate, anti-racist Covid-19 vaccine-pushers are trialing their franken-vaccines on impoverished Africans?

Hypocrisy just doesn't cover it.

In fairness to Oxford University, they probably realized that going straight to 'the Dark Continent' with their vaccines was a bad look, so they started out injecting them into poor people in Brazil first. Not so Black there. Y'know, more white than Black-Black...


'Racist fish'? Little Mermaid statue in Denmark vandalized again

Mermaid statue
© AFP / Mads Claus Rasmussen; Ritzau Scanpix
Danish police officers take pictures of the base of the Little Mermaid statue after it was vandalised on July 3, 2020.
Copenhagen's 'Little Mermaid' statue has yet again been vandalized, now with the words "racist fish" sprayed on its base. The fairy tale character's cancellation comes in spite of Disney casting a black actress for the movie role.

Denmark's capital saw the dubious description written on the landmark on Friday. So far, no one has claimed responsibility for defacing the statue of the Hans Christian Andersen character.

"We consider it vandalism and have started an investigation," a Copenhagen police spokesperson said.

For dozens of years, local protesters have been taking out their political issues on the tourists' favorite Little Mermaid statue, from feminists to the "Free Hong Kong" movement.

Comment: Maybe it's a joke on BLM? Or some linguistically challenged BLM supporters? It's hard to tell considering the nonsense passing itself off as righteousness these days...

Eye 1

Oklahoma cops face murder charges for allegedly using Taser on man 50 times

Joshua Taylor Brandon Dingman
© Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
Officers Joshua Taylor and Brandon Dingman of the Wilson Police Department in Oklahoma were charged in the death of Jared Lakey.
Two Oklahoma police officers are facing charges of murder for allegedly using their Tasers more than 50 times on a man who refused to comply with their demands, court documents show.

Wilson police officers Joshua Taylor, 25, and Brandon Dingman, 34, surrendered to authorities Thursday on second-degree murder charges in the July 2019 death of Jared Lakey, a 28-year-old man who died at a hospital days after being hit with stun guns "multiple times" by the two cops, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation announced.

Lakey, of Wilson, died two days after encountering the officers on July 4, 2019, when Taylor and Dingman responded to a report of a man running down a street naked while screaming, the Daily Ardmoreite reports.

Comment: There are plenty of stories about police violence in the US. You might not know it considering the current climate of vengeance hysteria, but it happens to people of all colors.


'We are ONE America': Ted Cruz blasts NFL's reported plans to play 'Black national anthem'

superbowl Demi Lovato national anthem
© AP Photo/David J. Phillip
Demi Lovato performs the national anthem before the NFL Super Bowl 54 football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020, in Miami Gardens, Fla.
League will reportedly play 'Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing' before Week 1 games

Calls to boycott the NFL trended Friday on social media following reports that the league plans to play the song known as the Black national anthem before all Week 1 regular season games.

Multiple media outlets, including The Associated Press and the Undefeated, cited sources saying that "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing," known as the Black national anthem, would be played or performed before the first week's games, immediately before "The Star-Spangled Banner."

The hashtag #BoycottNFL trended on Friday morning as some Republican lawmakers and others condemned the idea, saying it promoted the concept of a nation divided by race.


Trump says Democrats 'hate America' - Their attacks on Mt. Rushmore seem designed to prove him right

mount rushmore
© Reuters / National Parks Service handout
Democrats and their allies in the media are so obsessed with running contrary to President Donald Trump, their crusade against 'problematic' monuments is now targeting his July 4 celebrations and the iconic Mount Rushmore.

The South Dakota mountain is famous around the world for the 60-foot (18-meter) faces of four US presidents - George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt - that were carved out of its side between 1927 and 1941. Almost a century later, however, the Democrats declared it an insult to Native Americans and described Trump's July 4 celebration there as "a rally glorifying white supremacy" in a now-deleted tweet.

If you thought that was the end of it, you'd be mistaken. On Wednesday, the New York Times denounced Mt. Rushmore for being "built on land that belonged to the Lakota tribe and sculpted by a man who had strong bonds with the Ku Klux Klan," and featuring two presidents who owned slaves - meaning Washington and Jefferson.


Reparations already being paid, but the money's not going to black America

Denver City Hall
© Reuters/Kevin Mohatt
A protester raises a sign in front of a crowd of concerned citizens who gathered at the steps of Denver City Hall, June 29, 2020.
In the wake of BLM riots, politicians, activists and opportunists are demanding the white man pay reparations for the evils of his slave-owning ancestors. But he's already paying, and it's not his black neighbors getting rich.

From the Seattle activists asking that whites give 10 dollars to their black friends, to Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson demanding the government hand over $14 trillion in the "affirmative action program of all time," to rapper Pharrell Williams calling this week for a paid 'Juneteenth' holiday to atone for slavery, reparations are in vogue. Even the California State Assembly passed a reparations bill last month. Seemingly, it's not a question of if black America will get its payday, but when.

However, it's already happening. Now, African Americans aren't getting quarter-million dollar federal checks, like Johnson wants. Their crumbling schools aren't being replaced with free universities. Instead, money is being lifted from the middle classes and sucked up by the elite, who preach the gospel of anti-racism while enriching only themselves.