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Thu, 28 Jan 2021
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1000's denounce COVID lockdown in Amsterdam as chaos unfolds at "unauthorized" gathering

Amsterdam Riots

Amsterdam riots
Multiple anti-lockdown demonstrations were observed in Europe over the weekend. The largest one was seen in the Austrian capital, Vienna, Saturday, where at least 10,000 people marched against new coronavirus restrictions. Then thousands more were seen in Amsterdam, the Netherlands' capital, denouncing new restrictive measures against their freedoms imposed by the government.

On Saturday, the demonstration in Vienna was mostly peaceful, even with a massive crowd. As for protests in Amsterdam, well, many clashed with riot police in an unauthorized demonstration.

According to Reuters, the unauthorized gathering was around the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum art galleries on Sunday.
People were waving flags and carrying signs the read: "Freedom: stop this siege" and singing "What do we want? Freedom!".

Comment: There are protests against the COVID madness in many countries. The mainstream media are blatantly ignoring the protests or in some rare cases, they are just inaccurately reporting about them.


America's First Revolution Is Happening Now

Biden radical liberals blm

Biden and his base
Hear me out and you will understand the title.

There is a difference between a rebellion and a revolution. A rebellion is what occurred in the thirteen colonies in the late 18th century. A revolution is what occurred in Russia in 1917.

A rebellion occurred in the colonies, because the subjects of the king in the colonies were treated differently constitutionally and in law from subjects of the king in England. The colonists had no representation in Parliament and no voice in how they were ruled.

The rebellion resulted in political independence but not in a change in the belief system. The colonists held to belief in the rule of law to which government is held accountable and to Blackstonian legal principles. The legal and political principles that the English had fought for from the Magna Carta to the Glorious Revolution of 1688, which established the people's power to govern themselves through representatives in Parliament, were enshrined in the Constitution. The United States is the Constitution. If the Constitution is set aside and not followed, the United States is a different entity.

Bizarro Earth

'We toppled a dictator': Feminist activist endures howls of derision after tweeting 'idiotic' take on Trump departure

Amy Siskind
© Wikimedia Commons
Amy Siskind speaking at the We the People March in Washington, DC, in September 2019.
As the sun sets on the Trump presidency, commenters are falling over themselves to cram in nonsensical hot-takes. Perhaps the daftest of all has been offered by activist Amy Siskind, who claimed America had "toppled a dictator."

High on the endorphins of inauguration week, Siskind took to Twitter on Tuesday to emphatically exclaim: "Can't be said enough: we toppled a dictator."

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Light Sabers

59% of Russians oppose 'vaccine passports' - poll

© Sputnik / Pavel Lvov
A resident of Murmansk is preparing to be vaccinated against coronavirus with the Sputnik-V vaccine at the Murmansk Regional Center for Specialized types of Medical Care.
It has been floated as a way to get life back to normal, but it's not very popular. Most Russians are against the idea of introducing 'Covid Passports' for people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from the disease.

That's according to a new study by the SuperJob portal, which surveyed citizens countrywide following the introduction of passports in Bashkortostan, around 1,000km east of Moscow. The republic is the first to issue a permit for those with antibodies in a bid to kickstart the economy by allowing immunized people more freedom from restrictions.

Some 59 percent of respondents opposed the concept, while just 12 percent were in favor of implementing the proposal. It was even noted to be unpopular with those who would already be eligible for such a document, with only 18 percent of those people supporting the move.

Comment: With governments across the planet becoming increasingly totalitarian, and acting in lockstep, it's looking like there will be few places left where some form of vaccine ID won't be mandatory for everyday life:


Twitter temporarily suspends GOP Rep. Taylor Greene

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
© AP Photo/Susan Walsh
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., walks on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021.
Twitter temporarily blocked Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) after she spoke out against voter discrepancies in Georgia. She was blocked from the platform for 12-hours on Sunday.

The latest viewable tweets from Taylor Greene echoed her calls for the flawed election in her state to be fixed. Twitter further censored her speech by preventing other users from re-tweeting and liking her posts.

Comment: Twitter suspends GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for 'multiple violations' after she alleges Georgia elections were 'stolen'
Twitter has suspended Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for 12 hours after the vocally pro-Trump lawmaker sparred with a Georgia elections official, alleging fraud was to blame for the GOP losing the runoffs.

In a statement to CNN on Sunday, Twitter confirmed that it had locked the outspoken lawmaker out of her personal account for 12 hours, citing "multiple violations" of its "civic integrity policy."

Greene apparently fell victim to the recently updated Twitter policy, which envisions a system of strikes for pushing "unverified information about election rigging."

In a string of messages on Sunday, Greene squared off with fellow Republican and Georgia elections official Gabriel Sterling, after he pinned the blame for defeat on Greene, former Georgia Republican representative Doug Collins, as well as President Donald Trump.

Sterling argued that the rhetoric on election fraud coming from the trio discouraged party supporters from showing up at the polls, and ultimately "cost the GOP two Senate seats and control of the Senate," while "giving Biden and [the] Dems a free hand."

Greene fired back, claiming that the initial Georgia special election on November 3 "was stolen" with the help of Dominion voting tech, and that election officials "ignored" reports of voting irregularities.

Responding to her suspension, Greene said that she had been "silenced" by Big Tech for challenging the mainstream narrative.

"If a conservative dares to utter a political opinion that is deemed unapproved by the internet police they are now subject to the false accusations of 'inciting violence' simply for having an conservative view," she said, calling on Congress to "act swiftly to protect free speech in America."

Twitter has ramped up its crackdown on accounts voicing allegations of election fraud after President-elect Joe Biden's victory was certified by Congress on January 6, in a session disrupted by a crowd of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol, alleging the election was "stolen" from the Republican incumbent.

Twitter has introduced a five-tier system of strikes to punish repeated violators. An 12-hour account lock - the measure the platform enforced in Green's case - is reserved for those who have already received two or three strikes. In the case of four strikes, the account is suspended for seven days, and if a user invokes wrath of Twitter censors for a fifth time - then they face a "permaban."


Turkey to hold social media sites to account, will restrict bandwidth of repeat offenders

social media apps
Turkey banned social media sites that have failed to hire local representatives from advertising Monday, according to the Official Gazette.

Last October, a new social media law came into effect in the country which obligates social media sites that are accessed over a million times per day in Turkey to hire a local representative.

As part of the law, Turkey has fined social media platforms 40 million Turkish liras ($5.43 million) so far under the first two phases of the process.

Comment: Whilst the US tech giants are busy censoring any voices that happen to disagree with them, other countries appear to be taking their own steps to curtail the influence of these corrupt bodies. Russia recently announced that it will block sites such as Youtube if it is found to be manipulating and censoring what would otherwise be considered appropriate content.

Eye 2

Google and Facebook made a 'secret deal' to dominate online advertising

google facebook
The New York Times recently outlined the inner workings of a secret deal between Facebook and Google that allowed the companies to jointly dominate the online advertising market.

In an article titled "Behind a Secret Deal Between Google and Facebook," the New York Times outlines a secret deal between Facebook and Google related to the online advertising market that the two companies largely dominate.

Facebook revealed in 2017 that it was testing a new way of selling ads online that could threaten Google's control of the online advertising market, but just two years later Facebook announced that it would be joining an alliance of companies backing a similar effort by Google, seemingly abandoning its own plans that would have allowed the company to better compete with Google.

Facebook never clarified why it seemed to abandon its own project, but an antitrust lawsuit filed by ten state attorneys general last month implies that Google had extended to Facebook a sweetheart deal to be a partner.

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Bad Guys

Reimagining the world: Agroecology vs post-COVID plunder

Contingent on World Bank aid to be given to poorer countries in the wake of coronavirus lockdowns, agrifood conglomerates will aim to further expand their influence. These firms have been integral to the consolidation of a global food regime that has emerged in recent decades based on chemical- and proprietary-input-dependent agriculture which incurs massive externalised social, environmental and health costs.

Reliance on commodity monocropping for global markets, long supply chains and dependency on external inputs for cultivation make the food system vulnerable to shocks, whether resulting from public health scares, oil price spikes (the global food system is fossil-fuel dependent) or conflict and war. An increasing number of countries are recognising the need to respond by becoming more food self-sufficient, preferably by securing control over their own food and reducing supply chain lengths.

The various coronavirus lockdowns have disrupted many transport and production activities, exposing the weaknesses of the food system. If the current situation tells us anything, it is that structural solutions are needed to transform food production, not further strengthen the status quo.

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One in eight discharged COVID patients die within 5 months: UK study

UMass Memorial DCU Center
© JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images
Patients suffering from COVID-19 are monitored at the UMass Memorial DCU Center Field Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Almost a third of recovered COVID-19 patients in a UK study ended up back in the hospital within five months — and up to one in eight died of complications from the illness, according to a report.

Researchers at the UK's Leicester University and the Office for National Statistics found that out of 47,780 people discharged from the hospital, 29.4 percent were readmitted within 140 days, the Telegraph reported.

Of the total, 12.3 percent ended up dying, it added.

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Stock Up

Donald Trump leaves White House with 51% Approval Rating - Rasmussen Poll

Donald Trump
On his last full day in office, President Donald Trump enjoys a 51 percent approval rating, according to Rasmussen Reports, one of only about three polling firms that have a proven track record for legitimacy and accuracy. Most of the other polls are crap. Rigged. Fake. Not worthy of anyone's time.

Trump's disapproval rating sits at just 48 percent.

There are a lot of media polls that show Trump's approval rating in the low forties, and even in the thirties. But, over the course of the last few election cycles, we have learned that these are almost all fake polls, rigged polls, polls that in no way reflect reality. And we know this because when the ultimate poll is taken on Election Day, the media polls are all wrong. The whole point of media polls is to mislead, demoralize, and deceive the American people into believing Trump is less popular than he really is.

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