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Mon, 18 Jan 2021
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10 times Democrats urged violence against Trump and his supporters

While Democratic politicians and the corporate media blamed President Donald Trump for the mob riot at the Capitol on Wednesday, saying his rhetoric incited violence, many of these same lawmakers and bureaucrats have for years called for violence and physical action against those who believe differently than they do.

"Hate to break it to you but if Trump had won, there would have been violence on Wednesday, and it most certainly would have been worse. How do I know? Because Democrats have been endorsing violence as a political tactic throughout the Trump Administration," wrote Grabien founder Tom Elliott on Twitter.

In an extensive thread, Elliott outlined many examples of Democratic politicians and other leftists advocating for violence as a response to conservatives.

In 2018, Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu of California said on MSNBC that if Trump fired special counsel Robert Mueller, there would be "widespread civil unrest" as people would "take to the streets."

Similarly, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper agreed that if Trump fired Mueller, it would "set off a firestorm not only on the Hill but also in the streets."


CDC, Miami-Dade to investigate death of Miami Beach doctor following COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Gregory Michael and family
© Heidi Neckelmann
Dr. Gregory Michael with his wife Heidi and daughter
To his loved ones and patients, Miami Beach doctor Gregory Michael will be remembered as a "pure soul" and "gentle person" who enjoyed fishing and playing guitar.

The 56-year-old obstetrician-gynecologist, who died Sunday about two weeks after he received a COVID-19 vaccine, is said to have helped "grow Miami one baby at a time," delivering hundreds of healthy children into the world.

"He almost felt like a TV doctor," said Carmen Costomiris, a patient of 10 years whose son Michael delivered in 2013. "Everybody loved him."

Michael ran his own private practice at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach for 12 years, according to his website. The Miami native also worked as a clinical instructor and faculty member for the physician assistant program at Barry University and Miami Dade College.

Comment: Only the latest in a series of Covid vaccine debacles. Condolences to Dr. MIchael's family:


Ben & Jerry's slated for condemning 'white privilege' riot on Capitol Hill: 'Stop making these damn Bolsheviks rich!'

Ben & Jerry's ice cream
© Reuters / Hannah McKay
An ice cream of Ben & Jerry's, a Unilever brand, is seen at their shop in London, Britain, October 5, 2020
Ben & Jerry's has diversified from the ice cream business, appointing itself an expert on national security and racism. Its explanation of the Capitol Hill riot as "white supremacy" left a sour taste in some customers' mouths.

Ben & Jerry's is no stranger to corporate activism, and has released several #Resistance-pleasing flavors during President Donald Trump's term in office: a vegan dessert honoring kneeling NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, a 'Pecan Resist' flavor to fundraise for anti-Trump organizations, and 'Save our Swirled Now', another vegan flavor to raise awareness of climate change.

The Vermont company also regularly issues proclamations on current events, from a lengthy post this summer declaring its support for the Black Lives Matter movement to a pro-immigration lecture aimed at the UK government this fall. However, the company has taken an even more solemn tone after pro-Trump protesters vandalized the US Capitol on Wednesday.


28 times media and Democrats excused or endorsed violence committed by left-wing activists

Kenosha riot car dealership
© Unknown
Kenosha, Wisconsin: Car dealership on fire
After excusing and ignoring riots from leftists all year, Democrats and their allies in the media are ready to condemn riots now that the turmoil has shifted to fit their narrative.

On Wednesday, a mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building. It was an astonishing display of anarchic protest that delayed congressional certification of the Electoral College vote formally handing former Vice President Joe Biden the keys to the White House.

The scenes from the dark day of disaster demonstrations illustrated a deteriorating country, repulsed millions, and traumatized a nation still recovering from the death, despair, and disruption that came to define the dystopian months of 2020. Above all, what happened Wednesday served as a grim reminder that the institutional stress test of 2020 has followed us into 2021.


'It's gonna be like this wherever you go!' Trump supporters confront, heckle Lindsey Graham at DC airport

Lindsey Graham
© Susan Walsh/Reuters
Senator Lindsey Graham
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) was confronted by angry Trump supporters in Washington, DC, blasting him as a "traitor." The confrontation follows the Republican criticizing the president over the US Capitol riot.

As Graham walked through Reagan National Airport surrounded by police officers, furious protesters surrounded him and screamed, claiming the election "was rigged" and demanding the senator "audit our vote."

"It's gonna be like this forever wherever you go for the rest of your life," one protester says to Graham.

Comment: The events surrounding this fault-ridden election have flushed out those who seek truth, justice and repair for America versus those who remain glued to a self-serving fantasy bent on destroying the country from inside-out. Riding the fence goes nowhere.


Beyond DC: Protests held in California, Utah, Michigan, Washington state, Oregon, Georgia, Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona

LA protesters
© Ringo Chiu/AFP/Getty Images
Supporters of President Trump protest in Los Angeles, January 6, 2021.
As rioters stormed Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., protesters in support of President Donald Trump -- mostly unmasked -- convened in cities across the U.S.


Pro-Trump and anti-Trump protesters gathered at Los Angeles City Hall at about 1 p.m. PT., the Los Angeles Police Department said.

When some pro-Trump protesters attempted to "take" an intersection, they were met by anti-Trump protesters, resulting in a physical confrontation, police said. "The LAPD's Metropolitan Division was at the scene but did not engage in any crowd management or crowd control," police said.

An unlawful assembly was declared and six people were arrested: three for carrying unpermitted items while attending a public demonstration, two for failing to disperse and one for resisting/obstructing an officer.

Comment: Confrontations minimal, MAGA protests around the country were reported to be orderly and law-abiding.


Massive explosion at a Chinese battery factory sends a huge mushroom cloud into the air, killing one and injuring 20

Ningxiang explosion

A battery factory in southern China's Hunan Province was rocked by an explosion yesterday evening, according to authorities. One person has died and another 20 have been injured
A massive explosion has torn through a Chinese battery factory, leaving one dead and 20 injured, according to authorities.

Dramatic footage shows the blast sending a giant mushroom cloud into the air yesterday evening in Ningxiang, southern China's Hunan Province.

Six people were seriously wounded while 14 sustained minor injuries, the local government said on Friday. Officials were investigating the cause of the incident.

The explosion occurred in the factory of Brunp Recycling Technology, which is reported to be the biggest company in China to recycle scrapped and old lithium-ion batteries.

Comment: There have been a number of explosions at industrial plants all over the world in recent years, and, whilst some can be explained by negligence or accidental causes, it would appear that some are related to the shifting conditions on our planet, and others are likely due to sabotage:


Pseudo-reality: Michigan State prof says telling someone you can't understand their accent is 'linguistic racism'

can't hear you
A linguistics and education professor from Michigan State University claims that telling somebody that you can't understand him is an example of "linguistic racism."

More specifically, it's "racist" to ask a person to repeat what he said because you "don't understand [his] thick accent" (does anyone actually say that ... especially the "thick" part?).

Another example is someone "openly say[ing] only English is to be spoken in the workplace" despite the presence of multilingual employees.

So says Professor Peter De Costa, who in an interview with MSU Today defines "linguistic racism" as "acts of racism [...] perpetuated against individuals on the basis of their language use."

De Costa places some of the blame for current linguistic racism on the outgoing presidential administration due to its "jingoistic sentiments that target speakers who do not use the dominant language." Those who don't (or can't) speak English, the prof says, are "perceived as being unpatriotic and unwilling to embrace American values."

There's also the president's "false labeling" of COVID-19 as the "Wuhan Virus" which "fueled xenophobic resentment" against Chinese and Chinese-Americans. Such gave the virus an "ethnolinguistic quality," De Costa says, which subjected that demographic to "blatant dehumanization" and "unnecessary ostracization."

Comment: This is what happens when you combine an academic's IQ, a ridiculous theory, and an academic's tendency to not want to appear as an idiot. They assume that other smart people understand the ridiculous theory, and so they strive to 'understand' it. When they do, they turn into very smart idiots like this professor.

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Rasmussen: Trump's approval rating rises after DC protests

© Boston Globe
US President Donald Trump
The Rasmussen poll, one of the most accurate polls of the 2020 election, finds President Trump's approval is actually rising after Wednesday's protests.

As Democrats move to impeachment and some establishment Republicans call for the 25th Amendment to remove Trump, the poll finds 48% approve of the President's job performance.

A source close to the polling firm tells Newsmax that the rolling survey saw Trump's approval soar to 51% on Thursday night.

Trump's approval has been up overall, jumping from 45% just before Christmas.

"Americans are disgusted that cities burned for months and Washington and the media did nothing," our source says, "But they still like Trump."

Comment: Totalitarian states need a large population of "domestic terrorists" against which to battle. They have successfully managed to create a pseudo-reality in which that is true. For a long time, the U.S. was seen as the world-standard for "freedom and democracy." For many years, this has been a lie. Now it's an absurd joke. Welcome to 2021.

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UK police threaten lockdown fines over snowball fights, backtrack following online backlash

© pxfuel.com
Police in England have deleted an angry Twitter message and issued a clarification, apparently trying to save face after being ridiculed for seemingly threatening to impose fines for throwing snowballs amid a Covid-19 lockdown.

"We were trying (to) highlight that leaving your home to carry out acts of antisocial behaviour could be considered a breach of the Covid-19 regulations," West Mercia Police tweeted on Friday. "On reflection, we really didn't word this very well. Sorry."

Comment: Evidently the police don't get it, because it's not about how it was worded, it's that these 'emergency powers' are now being routinely abused by the police, and this serves as a prime example. It would appear that the police no longer see themselves as servants of the public, 'keepers of the peace', and an increasing number are instead willing, callous enforcers of a totalitarian government.

The incident in question occurred late Thursday night, when three people were allegedly seen throwing snowballs at the homes of elderly residents.

Comment: Using the manufactured 'crisis' as cover the establishment have sufficiently corrupted the system of law that they've successfully legalized criminal activity within all areas of government, and they're now pushing for new laws aimed at recruiting children as spies, as well as the ability to prosecute those speaking out against lockdowns, and at giving police the power to break into people's homes over the mere suspicion citizens are 'breaking lockdown'.

See also: Two women out walking in England fined £200 each for 'taking unnecessary exercise and drinking beverages'