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Thu, 23 Nov 2017
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Yankees go home! US Marine kills elderly Japanese man while driving drunk in Okinawa

© Reuters
A US military truck collided with a light vehicle in Okinawa, Japan, killing an elderly civilian, local media reports. The driver, a member of the US Marine Corps, was drunk at the moment of the crash and is being questioned.

On Sunday morning, the driver of a US military truck reportedly violated traffic regulations, running a red light and crashing into a light vehicle at an intersection in Naha, the capital of Okinawa Prefecture, according to NHK. The Japanese driver, 61, of the civilian truck was taken unconscious to a local hospital, where he died an hour and a half later.


Cop loses control of patrol car and plows into mother and her two children

Two children were killed and their mother severely injured Thursday night when a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy plowed them down on the sidewalk after he lost control while responding to a call.

The three-car crash occurred about 7:30 p.m. in the 800 block of South Indiana Street in Boyle Heights. The impact thrust the sheriff's vehicle onto the sidewalk, where it ran into a mother and her two children, ages 7 and 9, said Los Angeles police Officer Drake Madison, an LAPD spokesman, according to the LA Times.

According to the report in the Times:
A security video obtained by The Times from Green Mill Liquor Store shows the moments after a sheriff's SUV drove onto the sidewalk and hit the pedestrians.

The clip shows the sheriff's SUV after it had already struck at least two people. The vehicle appears in the frame from the side of a building. The video shows the split second after the front of the SUV - with its emergency lights on - hit a trash can. A person rolls into the frame on the sidewalk. Because the video has no audio, it's unclear if the cruiser's sirens were on.

Just moments before, the video shows a man walking through a parking lot next to the building abruptly turning and running toward the street just as the SUV appears, apparently reacting to the sound of the crash.

The clip is about eight seconds long.

Images from the scene show the crumpled right front side of the SUV and the tire folded under its mangled frame.

One child died at the scene, and one died at a hospital, he said. The mother is in critical condition, Madison said.
The crash severely injured seven other people as well. According to Madison, in addition to two deputies and three pedestrians, someone from one of the other two cars was transported to a hospital.


Cracking under pressure? Paris cop goes on rampage - Shoots three people dead before committing suicide

© Thomas Samson / AFP
Police officers patrol next to red chemical dust left over blood stains from a crime scene on November 19, 2017 in Sarcelles.
A police officer shot dead three people and injured three others before committing suicide in the northern suburbs of Paris, according to local prosecutors. It all started as he and his girlfriend were "discussing their separation in a car."

The shooting began at around 8:45pm on Saturday night in the commune of Sarcelles, where an argument broke out between 31-year-old officer Arnaud Martin and his 25-year-old girlfriend as they sat in a car outside her parents' house, Eric Corbaux, the public prosecutor of Pontoise, told reporters.

Arnaud then shot her in the face before opening fire on two passers-by who, as a preliminary investigation has shown, tried to intervene. Both were fatally shot. The first, a 30-year-old listening to music in his car, had just stepped out to "see what was going on."

The second, who had gone out to buy cigarettes, was about to celebrate his 44th birthday with his children, his sister-in-law, Noria Madani, told AFP. "He told his children that he was coming back right away and police have come to say he will never come back," she said.

Comment: That makes 10(+3) in 10 days:

NINE French cops kill themselves in one week - 61 police suicides in France so far this year

Oy vey.


French court orders mayor to remove his nativity scene from city hall

A French appeals court has ordered the mayor of Béziers to permanently take down a nativity scene that was installed at the city hall in 2014.

The administrative court of appeal of Marseille has ruled that the nativity scene, installed by Robert Ménard after he had been elected mayor of the Béziers, had no place in the city hall.

Shortly after its installation in 2014, complaints were lodged against the religious scene, with some claiming that it breaches France's secularization laws.

Pocket Knife

Mac the Knife is back: The demand for injustice

J'accuse! The phrase of Emil Zola, that shook a nation because it demanded justice for a falsely accused man, the phrase that will ever be remembered, as will the man who wrote it, is a phrase now used to condemn people, without trial, without fair hearing, without right of reply, without justice. The phrase "I accuse" is now not a demand for justice but is considered proof of any accusation that follows it; it has become a demand for injustice.

"I accuse X of this." "A accuses B of that."

The Media (suitably horrified) calls out, "Horror! Horror! The social fabric is coming apart. Hang him. Hang her. Hang them all!"

The consumers of this information, the mass of the people who have been robbed of their reason and can react only as unthinking automatons, dutifully react,

Comment: While there seems to be a liberal faction that has become involved in many of the allegations, only time will tell where exactly the truth lies. There are far worse individuals than some of the celebrities currently accused. Stay tuned to Sott to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Mr. Potato

Kooky Hillary boasts Bill never tweeted policy during presidency which was 16 years before Twitter invented

We don't know which is worse. The fact Hillary actually said it or the fact that the brainless droids in the Arkansas audience wildly applauded.

Mindless Clinton sycophants.

Hillary bragged on Saturday that Bill Clinton never messed around on Twitter during his presidency. Instead? He just got things done.

Clinton was elected in 1992 and served two terms until 2001.

Twitter was invented in 2006.

Hillary is apparently using the same math which helped "lose" $6 Billion in cash from the State Department when she was secretary of state.

That money just up and vanished. Never to be seen again.


Former Florida Democratic Rep Corrine Brown pleads for mercy after being convicted of stealing funds from children's charity

I'm sure most folks who watch the news knows who Roy Moore is but do you know Corrine Brown, the former Democrat 24-year Congresswoman from Florida? She was convicted not just accused, of 18 fraud counts which could put her behind bars for the rest of her life (maxium 277 years.) She doesn't deserve special treatment. She knew what she did and did it over and over again. To me, each time she did it again she insulted all citizens and those who stood by her innocence.

Brown reminded the judge she is 71 years old when she made her plea for mercy. Age didn't matter when she was stealing money from children so it shouldn't matter when she is locked up. She will never be punished for what she did our justice system will fail us all when they let this liar and thief walk.

Just to let you know how bad Brown really was, more than $800K was deposited into the One Door for Education, the Virginia-based "charitable foundation," but only $1,200 went to charity. Over $200K went to NFL tickets, luxury vacations, plane tickets and lavish events, but she wants mercy and compassion. Give me a break!

Comment: It seems as though the Democratic Party is rotten to the core: The Democratic Party is dead, time to clean house


NYC subway is cutting mechanics while managers receive $300,000 salaries

During a long-ranging investigation, The New York Times interviewed more than 300 people and poured over thousands of documents to sketch out the history of neglect, abuse and mismanagement that fostered the New York City subway's current state of crisis in what's probably the most comprehensive explanation of the woes plaguing the MTA.

Century-old tunnels and track routes are crubling, but the Times found that the MTA's budget for subway aintenance has barely grown, in inflation adjusted terms, since 1992.

Signal problems and equipment failures are occurring twice as frequently as they did a decade ago - a sign of just how rapidly the transit system is deteriorating.

What's worse, is that hundreds of mechanic positions have been cut even as the century-old system groaned under the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy. Meanwhile, compensation for managers has ballooned to nearly $300,000 a year.

Daily ridership has doubled in the past decade to 5.7 million people. Yet, New York City is the only city in the world with fewer miles of track than it had during World War II.

Given the unconscionable state of neglect paid to its budget, it should come as no surprise that New York City's subway system has the worst performance of any major urban transportation system in the world. Only 65% of weekday trains make it to their destination on time.

Red Flag

Indian charity attempts to highlight problems of child trafficking through online game

An Indian children's charity has released an online
interactive game which aims to highlight the problem
of child trafficking in the country.

Comment: See also:

Book 2

It's a 'war on men': Southern pastors support Roy Moore

© Marvin Gentry / Reuters
Judge Roy Moore participates in the Mid-Alabama Republican Club's Veterans Day Program in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, U.S., November 11, 2017.
Pastors across the southern US are coming to the defence of Republican senate candidate Roy Moore amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct spanning decades, with some citing a "War on men" while others allege it's just the Democrats playing dirty.

Approximately 50 pastors signed a letter of public support for Moore back in August, before the allegations came to light, so this may be an exercise in PR damage limitation from both Moore and the pastors.

"More women are sexual predators than men," said Pastor Franklin Raddish of the Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries, as cited by Al.com, who also alleges that the current wave of accusations of sexual misconduct indicates a "war on men" is underway. "Women are chasing young boys up and down the road, but we don't hear about that because it's not PC."

"No one told Trump to stand down, what about the allegations against Clinton and his extramarital affair? The Democrats made a laughing stock out of those women. And now Al Franken is keeping his job," Raddish continued.

Comment: More on Moore: