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Wed, 19 Jan 2022
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BREAKDOWN: Basic services and supply chains are rapidly breaking down all over America

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I warned you that things would get even worse in 2022, and that is exactly what is happening. Throughout the latter stages of 2022, I documented how basic services were breaking down all across the country, but this was a trend that was largely ignored by the mainstream media until now. Fear of the Omicron variant has taken things to an entirely new level, and at this point things have gotten so bad that even the mainstream media is full of stories about this crisis. For example, over the weekend this was one of the Drudge Report's main headlines: "NATIONWIDE BREAKDOWN OF SERVICES". The following is an excerpt from that story...
Ambulances in Kansas speed toward hospitals then suddenly change direction because hospitals are full. Employee shortages in New York City cause delays in trash and subway services and diminish the ranks of firefighters and emergency workers. Airport officials shut down security checkpoints at the biggest terminal in Phoenix and schools across the nation struggle to find teachers for their classrooms.

The current explosion of omicron-fueled coronavirus infections in the U.S. is causing a breakdown in basic functions and services — the latest illustration of how COVID-19 keeps upending life more than two years into the pandemic.

Comment: Or, we could be witnessing greater sickness because of the large number of vaxxed, along with the large numbers of people who've reached a negative tipping point in their health because of a reluctance to get treated early, AND the mere fact that this is also cold and flu season - where cases are deceptively attributed to the Another-con virus by hospitals paid to do so.

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"Uncharted territory": Lockdowns & ongoing supply chain issues threaten global economic outlook - World Bank

World Bank
© Andrew Harnik/AP
World Bank building in Washington
The World Bank is downgrading its outlook for the global economy, blaming continuing outbreaks of COVID-19, a reduction in government economic support and ongoing bottlenecks in global supply chains.

The 189-country, anti-poverty agency forecasts worldwide economic growth of 4.1% this year, down from the 4.3% growth it was forecasting last June. It's also down from the 5.5% expansion it estimates the global economy tallied in 2021.

In its Global Economic Prospects report out Jan. 11, the World Bank projects that the U.S. economy will grow 3.7% this year, down from 5.6% in 2021. It expects China, the world's second-biggest economy, to see growth decelerate to 5.1% in 2022 from 8% last year.

Comment: What we're witnessing has been many years in the making, but the last 21+ months have certainly accelerated matters, and with stocks so depleted that shelves are going bare and companies no longer able to absorb the soaring costs it would appear that we're most likely beyond the point of no return: Also check out SOTT radio's:

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Italian police uncover fake 'green passes' network

covid health pass green pass phone
© Rafael Henrique / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images
A nurse who 'simulated' the inoculation has been arrested and a total of 50 people are being interrogated
Police in Italy have arrested a nurse on suspicion of "simulating" administering a Covid-19 inoculation as part of an illegal network to provide anti-vaccine bribers with sought-after 'green passes.'

According to a statement from the Ancona police, a major investigation, covering several provinces in central Italy, helped to "discover a corruptive system that allowed those who did not want to get vaccinated to obtain the certificates anyway."

Out of 50 people who "now have to answer for the crimes of corruption, wrong ideology and embezzlement," a nurse in charge of Covid-19 jabs at a vaccination center in Ancona has been jailed, while four suspected "mediators" have been placed under house arrest. The other 45 have been ordered to remain in their municipalities and to report daily to the police. Searches by law enforcement officers carried out as part of the investigation also uncovered some €18,000 ($20,460) of suspected illicit profits.

Comment: It's now widely acknowledged that vaccination does not prevent infection nor transmission, and so it begs the question: just why are the government, using their security apparatus - that is ostensibly there to protect citizens - hellbent on coercing as many people as possible into suffering the experimental injections? RNA Vaccines, Obedience and Eugenics

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Kazakhstan detains almost 10,000 following failed violent coup attempt

© Reuters
Demonstrators clash with law enforcement officers during a protest triggered by fuel price increase in Aktobe, Kazakhstan January 5, 2022, in this still image taken from a video. Video taken January 5, 2022.
Security forces in Kazakhstan have detained 9,900 people regarding last week's unrest, the interior ministry of the central Asian nation said on Tuesday.

The news comes as President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who called the violence a coup attempt, is set to nominate a new prime minister in an address to parliament later in the day.

The oil-rich former Soviet republic says government buildings were attacked in several major cities after initially peaceful protests against hikes in the price of car fuel turned violent.

Comment: Following President Tokayev's speech exposing the coup attempt, that involved foreign forces as well as internal elements, a 'wave of suicides' was reported to have swept through Kazakhstan's officials.

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Education Secretary Cardona solicited NSBA letter comparing protesting parents to domestic terrorists: email

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona
© Joshua Roberts/Getty Images
The controversial NSBA letter followed a "request" from Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, according to emails reviewed by Fox News Digital.
NSBA official said controversial letter followed 'a request by Secretary Cardona'.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona solicited the much-criticized letter from the National School Boards Association that compared protesting parents to domestic terrorists, according to an email exchange reviewed by Fox News.

The email exchange indicates Cardona was more involved with the letter's creation than previously known.

President Biden's Department of Justice relied on the NSBA letter, which suggested using the Patriot Act against parents, in creating its own memo directing the FBI to mobilize in support of local education officials.

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German police pepper-spraying 'violent hooligans' at anti-lockdown march

german protest anti-lockdown
Authorities say officers used the irritant after being pelted with cobblestones and bottles.

Protests broke out across the German state of Saxony on Monday night, with three officers in the city of Bautzen sustaining injuries after the anti-lockdown demonstrators bombarded police with cobblestones and bottles.

The violence in Bautzen escalated when law enforcement attempted to break up a march, with approximately 600 protesters taking to the city streets to vent their anger at Covid restriction measures.

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Tax the unvaxxed! Quebec wants to tax people unvaccinated against COVID-19

François Legault

Quebec Premier François Legault
Quebec's plan to impose a tax on adults who choose to remain unvaccinated against COVID-19 is already being called "constitutionally vulnerable" by critics — but experts say the province is well within its rights, and challenges are likely to fail.

Details about the proposed tax are slim, but Premier Francois Legault said Tuesday the penalty would be "significant." Those with a medical exemption would be exempt from the tax.

Legal experts say provinces have a constitutional authority to levy direct taxes in order to pay for services like health care, and that it makes sense from a fairness perspective to force those who pose the most burden on the health care system to pay more for it.

Comment: Canada has a long history of punitive taxes as a means of affecting public behavior. Taxes on cigarettes and alcohol are some of the highest around (never mind that it's quite likely that the taxes don't work to alter behavior). In other words, it would seem that Canada generally doesn't see anything morally wrong with ham-fisted attempts at altering their citizens rights to live as they see fit. Liberal authoritarianism, anyone?

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CNN wonders whether media is 'out of touch'

CNN host Brian Stelter
© Getty Images / Kevin Mazur
CNN host Brian Stelter is shown at the network's "CNN Heroes" event last month in New York City.
The network's hosts lament that people are ignoring mainstream messaging on Covid-19 and 'living their lives'

CNN has turned introspective, apparently discovering that most Americans have tuned out its coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic, reflecting a disconnect between legacy media outlets and the general public.

Host Brian Stelter broached the subject on Monday, asking whether the media is "out of touch with the public about Covid." CNN's senior media reporter Oliver Darcy replied that based on what he's seen in his travels, much of the press is "very out of touch" with the populace.
"If you travel the country, people are not really living in the same bubble that it seems that most of the media is messaging toward," Darcy said. "And so, I think this is an issue because if people are tuning out what's going on in cable news, if we're not messaging toward the general population, they're just ignoring everything and living their lives, and we're not really getting the information that they need to them."

Comment: They are just like big babies, crying when people don't give them any attention when they lie and spread fake news. What were they expecting? People are not that stupid. They know when someone is lying and manipulating them.

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FAA briefly halted some U.S. West Coast flights around time of N.Korea launch

Southwest Airline
© REUTERS/Mike Blake
A Southwest Airlines plane approaches to land at San Diego International Airport in San Diego, California, U.S., January 6, 2022.
Washington - The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Tuesday said it briefly halted departures at some West Coast airports on Monday around the time of reports that North Korea had launched a ballistic missile.

A U.S. official told Reuters the FAA paused some West Coast operations for less than 15 minutes "due to initial reports of events in the Indo-Pacific region," without directly tying it to the missile launch. Earlier on Tuesday, the United States condemned North Korea for a ballistic missile launch, saying it violates multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions and poses a threat to its neighbors and the world.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) did not issue any warning following the launch, a spokesperson said.


China locks down 3 cities after coronavirus detected, 14 million residents to be tested

china beijing
© AP Photo/Andy Wong
Commuters waiting for their buses as they head to work during the morning rush hour in Beijing, Monday, Jan. 10, 2022.
The numbers are small, but the major port of Tianjin may be facing China's first local outbreak of omicron of any size, less than a month before the Winter Olympics open in nearby Beijing.

State broadcaster CCTV said the government has divided Tianjin and its 14 million residents into three levels of restrictions, starting with lockdown areas where people are not allowed to leave their homes at all. In control areas, each household is allowed to have one family member leave to buy groceries every other day, while in prevention areas, people must remain inside their immediate neighborhoods.

Buses and trains from Tianjin to Beijing have been suspended and people are being told not to leave the city unless they have pressing business.

Comment: One wonders why China continues with its zero-Covid policy when it's clearly impossible? More so considering it's hosting the Olympics in less than a month's time.