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Sun, 23 Oct 2016
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UK Islamic boarding school for girls has been ordered to shut down 'after pupil exposed its extremist beliefs'

© The Sun
According to reports Jamia Al-Hudaa Residential College for Girls in Nottingham has been ordered to close down by the Department for Education
An Islamic boarding school for girls in the UK has been ordered to close its doors after a former student claimed pupils were being taught extremist beliefs there.

Aliyah Saleem blew the whistle on Jamia al Hudaa Residential College in Nottingham two years ago, claiming students were being taught strict sharia-style rules.

Speaking to RT, Saleem said she was told "homosexuality was diseased," gay men should be executed, music was the voice of the devil and men should be allowed to beat their wives.

She says she was expelled from the school in 2011 for owning a disposable camera.


War-weary Libyans dealing with persistent chaos miss life under Kadhafi

Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi addresses African parliamentarians during a meeting in Tripoli
Five years after an uprising killed Libya's Moamer Kadhafi, residents in the chaos-wracked country's capital joke they have grown to miss the longtime dictator as the frustrations of daily life mount.

Those living in the capital say they are exhausted by power cuts, price hikes and a lack of cash flow as rival authorities and militias battle for control of the fragmented oil-rich country.

"I hate to say it but our life was better under the previous regime," says Fayza al-Naas, a 42-year-old pharmacist, referring to Kadhafi's more than four decades of rule.

Today, "we wait for hours outside banks to beg cashiers to give us some of our own money. Everything is three times more expensive."

Comment: NATO Slaughter: James and Joanne Moriarty expose the truth about what happened in Libya


Thousands rally in Budapest after top political newspaper shut down for 'falling readership'

© Attila Kisbenedek / AFP
A man holds a banner reading "I'm migrant also in my homeland! Boycott against this political system!" during a protest by journalists of Hungary's biggest opposition newspaper Nepszabadsag and their supporters in Budapest on October 16, 2016.
Thousands of people have rallied for freedom of speech in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. They were voicing their outrage at the sudden suspension of leading leftist newspaper Nepszabadsag (People's Freedom).

Some 2,000-3,000 people participated in the rally on Sunday, according to AFP. However, the Budapest Beacon, an online left-wing news source put the figure at 10,000-15,000 people.

"They are stealing our freedom!" the demonstrators were shouting. The protesters also held banners, saying "Our nation is in the stranglehold of politician criminals. Get out!" and "Stop the dictatorship of Fidesz", the ruling party headed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

"After they [the government] purchase every newspaper, every media outlet, they put their own people everywhere and manipulate the whole thing," protester Lajos Vig told AP. "It's impossible to hear anything, to hear a true word from these [remaining] newspapers."

Comment: This is a confusing situation at the moment because a "leading" leftist newspaper closing down due to "falling readership" is contradictory.


Four injured, several missing as fire engulfs factory of German chemical manufacturer BASF

© mariusmischke / Instagram
Fire and smoke have engulfed the premises belonging to German company BASF, the world's largest chemicals manufacturer, in the town of Lampertheim, local media report. Four company workers were reportedly injured in the incident.


German police report several schools across country received shooting threats

© Axel Schmidt / Reuters
Several schools across Germany have received emails containing shooting threats, local media reports citing police authorities. All messages are said to have similar content.

At least three grammar schools in the eastern German city of Leipzig have received shooting threats via email, MDR broadcaster reported on Monday. In Neue Nikolaischule, the threats have prompted students to barricade themselves in a classroom and call the police.

In Magdeburg, the second-largest city in the region of Saxony-Anhalt, two schools have received shooting email threats as well and have been searched by police. Officers have also secured the entrances to the buildings, MDR reported.

Heart - Black

Former model officer charged with molesting 12 y.o. girl

Matthew Lance Vassar
Former Perry, Oklahoma, Police Officer Matthew Lance Vassar had been called a model cop — as Perry City Manager Mary Rupp explained, "he's been a good officer, he's been productive and efficient ... so, from our standpoint, he's been a good employee for the City of Perry."

But that description comes as Vassar, who abruptly resigned, has been arrested and charged for 'lewd acts with a child' — the ongoing molestation of a girl, now 12 years old, who says she "had been touched inappropriately" by the cop multiple times over the last three years.

The unnamed victim "said during each incident she had her clothes on," according to News 9, but when she spoke with investigators she "described it hurting real bad."

Court documents also describe how the child victim must have been absolutely terrified, and had told a friend about the abuse but was reluctant to come forward because she "had witnessed Vassar being violent [and] was scared of Vassar."


Thousands march in protest against same sex marriage in Paris

© Benoit Tessier/Reuters
Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Paris to protest against same sex marriage, which was legalized in France in 2013.

The protest was organized by ManifpourTous, or 'Demonstration for All'. French presidential elections are due to be held in May and the group, formed in 2012, is seeking a repeal of the 2013 law.

Protesters marched through the Place de la Concorde towards the Eiffel Tower, holding slogans such as "A father and a mother - it's hereditary" and "In 2017, I will vote for the family."

Comment: Marriage as any kind of institution was eroded and bastardized long ago. Protesting against a law that enfranchises homosexuals into something little more than a modern cultural affectation seems like futzing over the deck chairs on the Titanic. If anything, figuring out who pays the alimony and child support will provide some entertainment. If they really didn't like homosexuals; you'd think the protesters would support homosexuals' lemming-like queuing up to lose half their assets


Dresden PEGIDA rally marks 2yr old anti-refugee movement

Protesters hold banners against refugees
Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Dresden to mark the second anniversary of the far-right anti-Islam German movement PEGIDA. Dresden is PEGIDA's birthplace.

Supporters gathered at Theaterplatz Square in central Dresden to protest against the refugee policy of Angela Merkel, as well as what they see as forced multiculturalism and the continued Islamization of Europe.

Comment: Apparently democracy is only good when it's in line with the prevailing left agenda?

Evil Rays

Angry Poles 'Allergic to Ukrainian Nationalism' Petition Warsaw to Change Policy

Last week, representatives of Kresowian, a movement committed to preserving the legacy of Poland's former eastern territories, sent a letter to the Foreign Ministry, urging it to change its Ukraine policy. The group is one among many in Poland who are sick and tired of Ukrainian officials' support for radical nationalist, crypto-fascist ideologies.

Speaking to Sputnik Polska, Andrzej Zapalowski, a former MEP and the president of the Polish Geopolitical Society, explained the sources of the growing weariness toward Kiev in Poland, but emphasized that it has nothing to do with ordinary Ukrainians.

Earlier this week, Union of Ukrainians of Poland president Piotr Tyma told Polish media that the situation for Ukrainians in Poland has deteriorated to the point of being 'on the verge of pogroms'.

"Poland is home to nearly a million Ukrainians, who work here because Poland has better conditions for business than Ukrainians face at home. But they feel that they are oppressed, even though Ukrainians are the motor of the Polish economy," Tyma said.

Asked to comment, Zapalowski suggested that Tyma's remarks amount to little more than a form of political 'blackmail.' "He constantly repeats that Ukrainians in Poland are oppressed, persecuted, but nothing of the sort is anywhere in sight. If this were the case, surely they would have gone to look for work in other countries," the expert stressed.

Comment: Wonder where else we've heard constant repetitions of similar victim rhetoric. It reminds us of this:


University football coach pecks away at macho culture - one kiss at a time

© Credit Matt Roth for The New York Times
Houston Coach Tom Herman kissing wide receiver Isaiah Johnson before a game. Any player who scores a touchdown must hug an offensive lineman.
ANNAPOLIS, Md. — When the University of Houston's football players arrive for a game, they know what to expect as a prelude to the coming hours of brutality as they file into the stadium: a kiss on the cheek from their head coach, Tom Herman.

It is an unusual ritual in a sport that embodies America's most rigid ideals of manhood.

"A kiss on the cheek is when he shows his love for us," Houston safety Garrett Davis said, adding, "No one here is thinking, 'Oh, I shouldn't let him kiss me.'"

Physical expressions of affection certainly exist in big-time sports. Nothing says "Good job!" in baseball like a firm pat on the behind from a coach, and in international soccer it is not uncommon to see teammates peck each other on the cheek after a big play.

But kisses in football's gladiatorial culture seem as incongruous as a Gatorade shower at the ballet.

For Herman, 41, there is no better way to demand the painful sacrifices of the game than to forthrightly convey his affection for his players.

"How do you motivate a human being to do things against his own nature?" Herman said in an interview. "There's two things: love and fear. And to me, love wins every time."

Comment: Perhaps the "crisis of connection" that is so rampant in Western society could and would be ameliorated by more male leaders who have the confidence, love and spirit of guys like Tom Herman.