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Mon, 09 Dec 2019
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'5G now America-free': China's Huawei assembles latest phones without US parts

© Pixabay.com
Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, which has been blacklisted by the US, has managed to start making devices without American parts, replacing them with components sourced elsewhere.

According to analysis by UBS and Japanese technology firm Fomalhaut Techno Solutions, seen by the Wall Street Journal, Huawei's latest phones had no US parts.

"When Huawei came out with this high-end phone - and this is its flagship - with no US content, that made a pretty big statement," Susquehanna International Group semiconductor analyst Christopher Rolland told the Journal.

Comment: As the US doles out more sanctions, countries simply find a workaround, and, increasingly, it's the US that loses out:


Watch as Hong Kong protester nearly kills 53 year old man with drain cover as he attempts to dismantle barricade

Hong Kong
© Reuters / Laurel Chor
Protesters vandalize a store in the neighbourhood of Hung Hom in Hong Kong, China December 1, 2019.
A Hongkonger nearly lost his life when an angry protester struck him on the head with a metal drain cover as he attempted to remove one of many barricades erected during anti-government unrest in the city.

The video, filmed on Saturday night, shows several masked protesters confronting a 53-year-old man who attempts to clear a roadblock outside the Prince Edward railway station in Mong Kok. The man takes out his phone, apparently to film the assailants, when one of them suddenly strikes him on the head with the metal cover. The attacker promptly flees the scene, while the bloodied victim falls and loses consciousness for several seconds.

The man later managed to regain his senses as he was being treated for injuries. He was admitted to a hospital and discharged. Police said his phone was stolen and reiterated that they "absolutely do not tolerate anyone who uses violence to achieve any goals."

Comment: The violence exhibited by some of the Hong Kong protesters is unprecedented - not to mention horrifying - and the evidence of the meddling by foreign governments, such as the US, is damning:


Sweden's sexualized LGBT church altar is not 'inclusive,' it's driving people away from modern Christianity

St. John's Church of Malmö, Sweden.

St. John's Church of Malmö, Sweden.
The obsession of many Western Christian leaders with "inclusivity" has brought sexual politics and its activists into the church, turning off many seeking a simple solution to their faith, not depictions of gay sex on the altar.

The decline in membership of the Church of Sweden should accelerate this Advent thanks to one place of worship in Malmo deciding it needed to enhance its woke credentials despite the risk of upsetting Christians elsewhere.

On the first day of the Christmas season, and try not to simply raise your eyebrows yet, it chose to unveil its new altarpiece, a homoerotic painting depicting black and white gays and lesbians cavorting naked. Oh, and the work is by Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, herself a lesbian in case there was any doubt about her allegiances.

Of course the Church of Sweden thinks this is brilliant. Maybe that partly explains why in 1972 around 95 percent of Swedes belonged to the church, while only 57 per cent identified with it last year.

Church leaders extoll the virtues of the new altarpiece as a sign of inclusion, allowing more people to identify their position within this particular branch of Christianity.

Comment: Church of Sweden unveils altarpiece of paradise featuring gay couples and transgender serpent
The Church of Sweden, the state Church of the Scandinavian country until 2000 and still by far its largest denomination, prides itself on embracing a laundry list of woke agendas. Despite this, Swedes have been leaving the Church in record numbers lately, according to surveys.

Judging by some comments on social media, the new altarpiece won't help much with stopping the exodus. "The politization has gone too far," one member commented on the news as she announced leaving the Church. Another one said that while there were plenty of enlightened priests in the Church of Sweden, radicals from a "PC-pack" have turned it into their own arena.

Mr. Potato

Claim: Climate change causes premature births

drooling baby
© Tognopop via Wikimedia Commons
Three month old infant lying on stomach.
A new study suggests climate change causes more women to go into premature labor, though the effect is diminished in warmer climates.
How Rising Temperatures Due to Climate Change are Shortening Pregnancies



To study this effect, Alan Barreca, an associate professor at UCLA's Institute of Environmental Sustainability, and economist Jessamyn Schaller of Claremont McKenna College, analyzed daily temperature and county-by-county birth rates across the U.S. in a two-decade window from 1969 to 1988. That is an admittedly old dataset, but the researchers had little choice.

"In 1989, the vital statistics system started to be more cautious about information it allowed out publicly in order to make it hard to identify individuals precisely by place or date of birth," says Barreca. "They even began masking some counties. So 1969 to 1988 gave us the most thorough information."

Comment: What spin! What's essentially an data analysis about how warmer weather can cause premature births gets spun by the researchers, and the compliant 'journalists' at Time Magazine, into 'Climate Change is Shortening Pregnancies!!!' The researchers know where the money comes from - relate your analysis back to climate change or remain unfunded. 'Temperature Affects Premature Births' doesn't sell clicks.

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Andy Ngo responds: Twitter punishes you for telling the truth

Andy Ngo
On "Trans Day of Remembrance" this year, numerous politicians and celebrities used the occasion to virtue signal on social media. They repeated the claim-turned-mantra from LBGT activist groups that there is an "epidemic" of trans homicides motivated by transphobia and racism in the U.S.

Chelsea Clinton, doing what the Clintons do best, weighed in vapidly on Nov. 20: "Since 2013, more than 150 trans people have been murdered in the U.S., the majority Black transgender women. On #TDoR2019, we remember and honor the lives lost, hold their loved ones in our hearts and must commit to doing all we can to end this epidemic of violence and hate."

Though the sentiment is valid, the claim she repeats is not. There is no "epidemic" of violent homicides against trans people in the U.S. How do I know? From data released by the Human Rights Campaign and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Comment: Facts are inconvenient, and largely irrelevant, to the ideologically possessed. It's unfortunate that a massive social media platform like Twitter has aligned itself with the crazy ideologues. When objective facts are deemed 'hateful', the fall of society isn't far behind.

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Snow Globe

Church of Sweden unveils altarpiece of paradise featuring gay couples and transgender serpent

Gay couple and transgender serpent painting
© RT
“Paradise” by Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin
A church in Malmo has a new altarpiece meant to celebrate inclusivity by replacing Adam and Eve in paradise with gay couples in suggestive poses, while depicting the serpent tempting them as a transgender woman.

The controversial work of art is not new. Photographer and artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin painted it in 2012 and tried to donate it to the Skara Cathedral just before the church was preparing to conduct the first same-sex wedding in its 1,000-year history.

The openly lesbian artist, who has a history of blending religious imagery with pro-minority activism, said at the time that she wanted to test if the Church of Sweden was as gay-friendly as it claimed to be when it embraced same-sex marriage in 2009. The Skara Cathedral politely declined the gift, saying it was about political activism and not faith.

But over seven years have passed, and now Wallin has got her way, even if it isn't in her home city. St. Paul's Church in Malmo accepted the painting called "Paradise" as its new altarpiece and unveiled it on Sunday, the first day of Advent. Helena Myrstener, the pastor, said that "history was written" in the hanging of the "LGBT altarpiece" as she tweeted a photo of the painting.


ISIS bride Lisa Smith arrested immediately after landing in Ireland with daughter

isis bride return UK
© RollingNews.ie
Ms Smith seen covered by a pink blanket as she disembarks from the plane
Lisa Smith, 38, originally from Dundalk in Co Louth, Ireland, was arrested as she landed with her two-year-old daughter at Dublin Airport - four years after she became radicalised and went to live in Syria

ISIS bride Lisa Smith has been arrested on suspicion of terror offences - minutes after she arrived in Ireland. The 38-year-old was detained by police after landing at Dublin Airport this morning.

Ms Smith, originally from Dundalk in Co Louth, Ireland, and her two-year-old daughter, disembarked from the aircraft at around 10.30am, where police were waiting.

Her daughter is being cared for by her family in Ireland while Ms Smith is questioned at a Dublin police station.

The mum was deported from Turkey early on Sunday and put on the first scheduled Turkish Airlines flight to to the Irish capital.

Comment: More on Ms. Smith and other 'ISIS brides'

Car Black

Man arrested after 12yo schoolboy killed, five others injured following hit-and-run outside Essex, UK school

Armed police outside house in Loughton
© Press Association
Armed police stand outside a house in Loughton, Essex, thought to be connected to Terry Glover who is currently wanted for questioning after a serious crash near a secondary school on Monday left a 12 year old boy dead and others seriously injured.
Police have arrested 51-year-old man on suspicion of murder and attempted murder following the "deliberate" hit-and-run collision in which a 12-year-old was killed.

Four teenagers, who are thought to be pupils at Debden Park High School in Loughton, Essex, and a 53-year-old woman were also injured when the vehicle ploughed into them outside the school on Monday.

Terry Glover was arrested after armed officers with dogs had entered a property in Loughton.

Police also revealed they are investigating if it is connected to a similar incident amid claims a car tried to mount the kerb near another school in the area.

Helen Gascoyne, the school's head, said the community is "devastated" by the death of one of its students.

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Four arrested as India shocked by brutal gang-rape & murder of young vet - UPDATE: MP calls for 'public lynching' of suspects

Priyanka Reddy, murdered Hyderabad Veterinarian
© Twitter
Priyanka Reddy, a 26-year-old veterinary doctor murdered on the outskirts of Hyderabad, India.
The charred remains of a missing Indian veterinarian have been discovered discarded beneath an overpass. The young woman was apparently abducted and raped on her way to work in yet another attack that has shocked Indian society.

The 26-year-old vet, Priyanka Reddy, suffered a flat on her motorbike on her way to an animal hospital on Wednesday and was stranded in the town of Shamshabad, where a group of men offered her "help." Reddy's sister Bhavya said she had last talked to her sometime in the evening - unaware they would never speak again.

Comment: What is it with rape in India??

It's hard to tell if it's a particular cultural problem there, or if the numbers seem high because the population is so large. In any event, Indian society is expressing outrage, and vigilantes have begun taking matters into their own hands:

Man who tried to rape 4yo beaten and PARADED NAKED in India before being handed over to police

They're being encouraged by officials, one of whom has called for the suspects in the Reddy case to be publicly lynched:

Bizarro Earth

Indian rape crisis: Mother disowns accused gang-rapist son: 'Burn my son the same way she was burned'

protest india gang rape murder
© Reuters /Vinod Babu
People shout slogans during a protest against the alleged rape and murder of a 27-year-old woman in Hyderabad, India, December 2, 2019.
The families of the four men accused of the gang rape, murder, and desecration of Priyanka Reddy in a case which has shocked the whole of India, have called for their sons to be hanged and burned for what they did.

The four accused men currently in custody for the barbaric crime are Mohammad Pasha, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen, and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu. Each of their families have faced public humiliation and intense scrutiny in the wake of the devastating crime.

"If my son is wrong, burn him the same way she was burned. Isn't the victim also the daughter of a mother? I am suffering today, I can imagine what the girl's mother is going through," Chennakesavulu's mother Jayamma said. "You hang him, kill him or shoot him dead. Will you listen if I say I want my son back? You give whatever punishment. I have a daughter too," she added while fielding questions from journalists in Telangana.

Comment: The four men have narrowly escaped being lynched by the furious public
Tens of thousands of people poured onto the streets of Hyderabad, and elsewhere across the state of Telangana, as the accused appeared before a district magistrate on Saturday. Police had to call in reinforcements to prevent lynching, escorting the suspects through the angry masses in one piece.

As the crowd grew increasingly violent, throwing slippers at the officers and refusing to let them pass, police were forced use batons to disperse the mob.

An Indian MP thought lynching would be appropriate, and said so in parliament:
Indian MP and Samajwadi Party leader Jaya Bachchan called for the public lynching of the accused rapists in the horrific Hyderabad case, which has swept the country and led to outbreaks of violence and protest.
"I think these people need to be shamed in front of the entire country. People who have not done their jobs properly. These kind of people (the accused) should be brought out in public and lynched."
Speaking at India's upper house of parliament, the Rajya Sabha, MPJaya Bachchan added: "I think the people now want the government to give a proper answer and a very definite answer. What has happened? How they have tackled it and how far justice has been done to these people?"

Further public outcry ensued when the victim's name was found to be listed on a porn site
The victim of a vicious gang-rape and murder, Priyanka Reddy, was propelled to the top of a popular porn site's trends by fake video uploaders and user searches, triggering a wave of disgust and demands it be scrubbed.

Indian and Pakistani versions of one of the world's most visited porn sites featured the name the 27-year-old woman as the number-one trend over the weekend, further sickening the people of India who are still in shock following the kidnapping, rape and brutal murder of Priyanka Reddy.

There are absolutely no indications that the rapists - who already confessed to the crime and are awaiting trial and sentencing - might have recorded their atrocities. Yet by Sunday evening, the woman's name was propelled to the top of the trends by uploaders of fake videos, abusing the viral hashtag, as well as searches by morally bankrupt visitors.

Blasting those who helped popularize the trend as latent sex abusers and rape culture enablers, hundreds vented their anger on Twitter, saying that such behavior undermines any remaining "hope in humanity." While the website has yet to address the scandal, a petition was launched urging it to remove Priyanka Reddy's name from the trends immediately.