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Sydney mall knife attack: 6 dead, several wounded, incl. baby, perpetrator was known to authorities

sydney terrorist
Eyewitnesses have described scenes of chaos as they fled a busy Sydney shopping mall where a knifeman killed six people and wounded several others.

"It was carnage," said a witness, who was in a cafe nearby with his two young children as the attack began.

The man, who did not want to be named, told ABC News he saw a man suddenly "stabbing people indiscriminately".

Crowds poured from Westfield shopping centre in Bondi when the terrifying incident began just after 3pm.

"It was insanity," a visibly upset woman said, as she described seeing a wounded woman lying on the floor.

Comment: If it is indeed correct that the perpetrator was known to authorities, it's reasonable to question whether someone had foreknowledge that an attack like this might happen. Because, in a number of instances, there's strong evidence showing that the establishment actually facilitated the attack. That said, it's also possible that the perpetrator just 'went off': For other examples of where the attacker was known to authorities, see:


'1930s Germany': Police shut down Palestine conference, block Gaza doctor from entering country

germany palestine  gaza
© John Macdougall/AFPPolice officers stand guard in front of the entrance to the venue of the Palestine Congress in Berlin
Renowned Palestinian-British doctor Ghassan Abu Sittah was barred from entering Germany on Friday where he is due to speak at a now cancelled pro-Palestine conference in Berlin about the challenges faced by medics in Gaza.

The New Arab correspondent Rabeea Eid, who is covering the conference, spoke to Abu Sittah who confirmed "they didn't let him in and he cannot now make a statement until the evening".

Abu Sittah, who was recently appointed rector of Glasgow University, is currently being held at a Berlin airport and will not be able to make the conference.

Comment: Former Minister of Finance of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis, who was also scheduled to speak had this to say:

And the doctor:

So those are some examples of what Germany is stopping, and the below are just a few, recent, examples of what Germany is supporting:

More on the ICJ case against Germany:


The real book about the "white working class"

train yard
Interview with Les Leopold, author of "Wall Street's War on Workers," the book neither party wants you to read

In late February a new book by journalist Paul Waldman and University of Maryland professor Thomas Schaller called White Rural Rage hit the bookshelves. The book was a compendium of Hee Haw! caricatures of hayseed America mixed with a blunt diagnosis: rural Americans are disproportionately racist, conspiratorial, authoritarian, and supportive of political violence, key culprits in the rise of Donald Trump. "Rural Americans," Waldman and Waller wrote, "are overrepresented among those with insurrectionist tendencies."

Media response was instantaneous and ecstatic. Morning Joe hyped White Rural Rage as if it were a cross of What Happened and The Grapes of Wrath; Mika Brzezinski sat rapt as Schaller described rural voters as "the most racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-gay geo-demographic group in the country." Echoing one of the book's constant refrains, Paul Krugman at the New York Times wrote about "The Mystery of Rural White Rage," complaining about the illogic of rural white disdain for Democrats, while Salon's Amanda Marcotte after reading it felt emboldened to take off the "kid gloves" and pop rural America's "racist, sexist, homophobic bubble."


Why is the WHO asking doctors to lie to promote climate alarm?

Last month, everybody's favourite intergovernmental agency, the World Health Organisation (WHO), published a "new toolkit empowering health professionals to tackle climate change". The toolkit is the latest attempt to enlist one of the most trusted professions into the climate war. But not only is this transparently ideological and condescending 'toolkit' lacking in fact, it requires 'healthcare professionals' to use their authority to eschew science and lie to their patients and politicians. The climate war is, after all, political.

The problem for climate warriors of all kinds since the climate scare story emerged in the 1980s and became orthodoxy in the 1990s and 2000s has been the rapid improvement of all human welfare metrics the world over. On the one hand, all life on Earth and the collapse of civilisation hangs in the balance - that is supposedly the implication of data that shows the atmosphere has got warmer. But on the other hand, people living in economies at all levels of development are today living longer, healthier, wealthier and safer lives than any preceding generation. The era of 'global boiling', as UN Secretary General António Guterres put it, also happens to be the era in which unprecedented social development has occurred.

That is a paradox if you accept the green premise that economic development comes at the expense of the climate. The UN, which has staked its authority on being able to address 'global' issues such as environmental degradation, is committed to defending the 'global boiling' narrative. But, at the same time, actively trying to retard the development of low-income countries risks undermining its authority in the developing world.


Best of the Web: UK: The Cass review into children's gender care should shame us all

depressed child
© James Ross / Millennium Images, UK
Why was the prescription of puberty blockers to distressed children allowed to continue for so long?

Three and a half years after it began, we finally have the findings of Dr Hilary Cass's review into NHS youth gender identity services. It is a damning indictment of how badly we, as a society, have let down a group of vulnerable and highly distressed children.

"Some practitioners abandoned normal clinical approaches" to the assessment of young people with complex lives, Cass concludes. "They deserve very much better."

Commissioned by NHS England in 2020, the review's interim findings led to the closure of the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service (Gids) last month, and the ending of the routine prescribing of puberty blockers to children with gender-related distress. For those who have closely observed the care provided to this group of youngsters, there are few surprises in the report. But it is devastating to see it all laid out in one place.

Comment: May Tavistock Clinic and the ghouls who staffed it reap all that is coming to them.


Texas AG sues to halt a guaranteed income program, calling it a 'socialist experiment'

Ken Paxton
© KENT NISHIMURA/BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGESTexas attorney general Ken Paxton sued to stop an assistance program.
Texas' attorney general filed a lawsuit on Tuesday seeking to stop a guaranteed income program set to start this month for Houston-area residents.

The program by Harris County, where Houston is located, is set to provide "no-strings-attached" $500 monthly cash payments to 1,928 county residents for 18 months. Those who qualified for the program must have a household income below 200% of the federal poverty line and need to live in one of the identified high-poverty zip codes.

The program is funded by $20.5 million from the American Rescue Plan, the pandemic relief law signed by President Joe Biden in 2021.

Federal pandemic funding has prompted dozens of cities and counties across the country to implement guaranteed income programs as ways to reduce poverty, lessen inequality and get people working.

In his lawsuit filed in civil court in Houston, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton dubbed the program the "Harris Handout" and described it as a "socialist experiment" by county officials that violates the Texas Constitution and is "an illegal and illegitimate government overreach."

"This scheme is plainly unconstitutional," Paxton said in a statement. "Taxpayer money must be spent lawfully and used to advance the public interest, not merely redistributed with no accountability or reasonable expectation of a general benefit."

Comment: A sometimes well-intended but nevertheless stupid idea:

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Ukraine to ban Olympic athletes from talking to Russians

Eiffel Tower
© Ludovic Marin/AFPEiffel Tower • Olympic Symbol
The competitors will also be discouraged from taking photos with them, giving joint interviews, shaking hands, and more...

Ukraine's National Olympics Committee (NOC) is set to roll out conduct guidelines for the country's athletes, explicitly warning them against making any contact with Russians during the upcoming Paris Games.

The governing sporting body has prepared a new protocol of conduct for the country's athletes, NOC boss Vadim Gutzeit revealed on Monday, while speaking live on Ukrainian TV. The official stated:
"These recommendations are already there, yet they have not been approved, because we need to discuss these recommendations with the NOC Athletes Commission. We're ironing out the last few issues, and it will be approved."
The conduct guidelines effectively boil down to discouraging athletes from any contact with Russians during the Games, Gutzeit explained:
"Do not congratulate each other, of course, do not stand up for any mass photos, do not give joint interviews, of course, do not shake hands."

Comment: Ukraine brings the war to the games.


Kiev's troops feel betrayed by new conscription rules - media

Ukrainian soldier
© Scott Peterson / Getty ImagesFILE PHOTO: A Ukrainian soldier.
Ukrainian troops hoping to be demobilized after three years are reportedly dismayed after a provision granting them leave was left out of a newly adopted mobilization bill, multiple Western outlets claimed on Friday.

The parliament in Kiev approved the long-debated law on Thursday but without the demobilization clause, reportedly at the urging of General Aleksandr Syrsky, the commander-in-chief of Ukraine's armed forces. This means that everyone drafted into the armed forces will have to serve until the conflict is over.

"It's a disaster," AFP quoted a 46-year-old artilleryman on the Donetsk front, identified only as Alexander.

"When a person knows when he is going to be demobilized he will have a different attitude. If he is like a slave then it will not lead to anything good," he added.

Soldier Yegor Firsov posted a rant about the new law on Facebook, arguing that the troops already in service have been "demotivated" by the last-minute change and feel "fooled and used."

"It says our efforts are not appreciated," Firsov wrote, according to Politico's EU edition, which noted the discontent among "war-weary troops."

Comment: Demobilization might be dangled in front of soldiers but it will never be given. The Ukrainians simply can't afford to lose the men.


Mayo Clinic argues it has legal right to punish professors for voicing unpopular opinions

mayo clinic michael joyner
The Mayo Clinic College of Medicine is asking a judge to dismiss three of five claims lodged by a professor suing the school, arguing it has no legal and contractual obligation to protect its faculty's academic freedom and freedom of speech.

The clinic argues in court documents its academic freedom policy is not a binding contract with Dr. Michael Joyner, the plaintiff and longtime professor of anesthesiology. The clinic states the policy "expressly reserves to Mayo the right to regulate employees' speech and conduct."

On Monday, Third District Court Judge Kathy Wallace heard oral arguments from attorneys representing the clinic and Joyner, who sued the institution last November after the college punished him for sharing his contrarian views with the media on controversial topics such as COVID-19 treatments and testosterone's effects on athletic performance.

Comment: The Mayo Clinic is one of the biggest purveyors of mainstream medical (mis)info. They really have no interest in freedom of speech. Toe the party line or you're out.

See also:


Flashback Don't Depict Putin, Kim, Assad And Others As Cartoon Villains

Collage with N. Korean leader
Despite knowing better, people's conception of a government or even an entire country often rests on the image of its leader. People thinking of the Canadian government, for example, now fixate on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Americans fixate on leaders as well, often using terms like "Trump's America" to tie the climate of social relations to their president. The head of state becomes the state itself.

But it goes even further with countries that the governments of the United States and Canada are unfriendly with. In these cases, mainstream media, pop culture and politicians speak of their leaders not only like they are the country, but as though they're cartoon villains.

Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, famously called the "mad dog of the Middle East" by then U.S. President Ronald Reagan, had a documentary released about him post-mortem by the same name. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a "butcher" gone wild who supposedly unleashed chemical weapons on an area his government had nearly retaken just because he's full of bloodlust. Magazines are riddled with covers depicting leaders, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin, as people that simply want to watch the world burn.

Comment: It is an article which hasn't aged as the cartoon depiction of adversary leaders continue unabated in the world media. A media which is fully subservient to the elite interests. Granting that such leaders are rational, intelligent people who care for their countries the best they see fit, would destroy the support which the Western populations tacitly gives to their leaders even if such support rarely is warranted. It is also the reason which media from such countries often are sanctioned, like the Russian media or severely restricted.

Owning the narrative is of key importance to the rulers. This is so important that even the speeches of foreign adversary leaders are not given for people to listen to but instead presented or interpreted in a pre-digested way, which totally distorts the content. One example is the recent Tucker Carlson interview with President Putin, where all the pundits were out in force to dissuade people from watching it or telling them what to think of it.