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Fri, 31 Mar 2023
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3 dead and dozens injured as man drives car into crowd in Graz, Austria

© EPA/Elmar Gubisch
Attack: The man drove the vehicle, which witnesses claimed as a van, into a crowd
Three people have been killed and dozens injured after a "deranged" man drove a large car into a huge crowd of people before leaping out of his car and attacking others at random with a knfe.

A 7-year-old boy is feared to be one of those killed in the horror, along with a woman in a city square in Graz, Austria.

According to Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer, a fourth person is fighting for their life while 33 others were also injured in the shocking incident.

He called the man "deranged", adding: "There is no explanation, there is no excuse".

Local news news outlets in the country reported the man, a 26-year-old Austrian with Bosnian roots, "deliberately" drove into a crowd of people this afternoon.

According to reports in Austria, police are not treating the situation as terror-related while Kleine Zeitung newspaper said he is thought to have been suffering with family problems and from mental health issues.

© EPA/Elmar Gubisch
Horror: The man was arrested after leaping out of the car and attacking people with a knife


Tens of thousands protest in heart of Britain against austerity

Thousands of people from over Britain flocked to downtown London on Saturday to march against austerity policy of the UK government, in the first big public protest since the Conservative Party was reelected in May, according to social networks messages.

The participants of the rally, organized by The People's Assembly Against Austerity, gathered in front of Bank of England occupying all space outside, videos published online showed.

Comment: People are getting fed up with austerity measures that have nothing to do with helping the country but sucking resources from the people.


4 year old Ohio girl takes police bullet meant for dog

© Reuters / Shannon Stapleton
A police officer following up on a hit-and-run case in Columbus, Ohio, heard screams coming from a neighbor panicked by a medical emergency. On responding, he was accosted by the family dog and in the struggle accidentally shot a young girl in the leg.

The mishap occurred on Friday when a Columbus police officer missed the dog and hit the girl in the right leg.

"They were carrying her, she had a blanket around her, there was some blood, she obviously was conscious, she wasn't even crying," Gary Parsley, who lives a few doors down, told WTTE Fox 28.

The police officer responsible, who remains unnamed, is receiving psychological counseling.

Comment: Police ineptitude and poor judgement continue to be displayed with the 'shoot first' mentality which will create more distrust between people and the police who are supposed to 'serve and protect' them.


Selfie queen Kim Kardashian West to give public speech... on the objectification of women in media


Two famous people
Kardashian West, the star of her family's reality hit "Keeping up with the Kardashians," wife of singer Kanye West and celebrity social media maven, recently released the book Selfish, a photo collection of her selfies. Given Kardashian West's renown as one of the most famous women in the world, The Commonwealth Club has decided to hold the conversation at the Paramount for the first time to accommodate the expected crowd. Kardashian West will speak about her famous family, the business of millennial culture, the objectification of women in media and more. No host has been announced yet for the conversation.

Media star Kim Kardashian West will speak at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland on June 30 as part of the Commonwealth Club's Inforum series.

Tickets will go on sale on Monday, June 15, at www.commonwealthclub.org, with a price ranging from $40 to $300.

Comment: It might be some form of sick joke, but no, this apparently is not satire.

Alarm Clock

German business leaders voice opposition to anti-Russian sanctions

Leaders of many German businesses are against EU anti-Russian sanctions, as the EU itself suffers from their consequences, said Heinz Hermann Thiele, Chairman of German company Knorr-Bremse.

"I've always been against sanctions, and I still think they're wrong. I'm not the only person in Germany who thinks that. I support the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin — it's time to put an end to sanctions," Thiele said during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The German businessman hopes that Europeans finally understood that anti-Russian sanctions are hurting the EU itself.

Gold Bar

Texas gives Wall Street bankers gold finger, moves to extract its gold from FED

When Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill Number 483 in his own hand this past Friday, Texas gave Wall Street a big gold "finger" and will soon bring $1 billion in gold bars back to the Lone Star State.

The University of Texas made headlines in 2010 by adding more than $500 million in gold to their endowment. The decision to plough half a billion dollars into gold was only the first chapter of the story. Perhaps the bigger news was the choice not to simply buy shares in a gold ETF or gold futures contracts. Custodians decided to buy physical bars instead - signaling a distinct lack of faith in paper gold.

Like most gold investors, they have seen very little to inspire confidence since. In fact, those with the fiduciary responsibility for managing the Texas gold are feeling less certain than ever. That's why they convinced state officials to build a depository and move the gold bars home from Wall Street. Texas joins Germany, Venezuela, the Netherlands, and other governments that have lost trust in New York depositories for safeguarding their metal.

Who could blame them?


Jon Stewart speaks up about the hypocrisy in American culture towards the mass shooting in Charleston

Below, a clearly emotional and fed up Jon Stewart talks about the church shooting in Charleston, correctly labeling it "domestic terrorism". Stewart began, "I have one job and it's a pretty simple job. I come in in the morning and we look at the news and we write some jokes about it."

Stewart brought up the massacre in South Carolina; the shooting, Stewart said, simply left him unable to do his job. He was all out of jokes.

"I honestly have nothing, other than just sadness, once again, that we have to peer into the abyss of the depraved violence that we do to each other, and the nexus of a gaping racial wound that will not heal, yet we pretend does not exist," he said, before launching into a critique of Americans' refusal to acknowledge the problems of racism and gun violence. "This is a terrorist attack. This is a violent attack on a church, that is a symbol for that community," he said. "This wasn't a tornado. This was a racist...And we're going to keep pretending like, 'I don't get it, what happened?'"


"Shocking lack of respect": Amnesty report finds police in every single U.S. state fail to comply with international standards on lethal use of force

© Flickr/ Thomas Hawk
A report from Amnesty International called out US police across the board for showing a "shocking lack of fundamental respect for the sanctity of human life," as every single state fails to comply with international standards on lethal use of force.

Amnesty International found that nine states have no laws whatsoever in place to deal with police use of force, and 13 states fall short of the standards set by US constitutional law, which are considerably more lax than international standards.

"While law enforcement in the United States is given the authority to use lethal force, there is no equal obligation to respect and preserve human life. It's shocking that while we give law enforcement this extraordinary power, so many states either have no regulation on their books or nothing that complies with international standards," Amnesty USA's executive director, Steven Hawkins, told the Guardian.

The United Nations' principles state that lethal force should be limited to use only when less extreme means have failed and there is no other option available to law enforcement. They also state that officers should provide warning of their intent before using lethal force — a standard that is only required by law in eight US states.

Red Flag

Man walks into predominantly black church shouting racial slurs and threatening to kill church members

© Reuters / Mike Segar
A Virginia man was taken to a mental hospital after he approached a predominantly African-American church on Thursday, shouting racial slurs and threatening to kill congregants. It follows Wednesday's shooting of nine people at a church in Charleston.

A video posted by local news outlet WRIC shows the white man outside United Nations Church International in Richmond, rapping on a window and shouting racial slurs.

"All I know is he had a weapon in his hand, banging on the glass, and calling us n*****s," the church's senior pastor, Bishop Oren Pullings, told the station.

Church member Lydia Jones said the man was shouting "You're taking over!" at those inside.

The incident began around 8:45 p.m., when children inside the church first spotted the man.


Charleston shooting: The government and media narrative of terrorists is mainly informed by the shooter's race

© Reuters / Jason Miczek
Police lead suspected shooter Dylann Roof, 21, into the courthouse in Shelby, North Carolina, June 18, 2015
Had a black person or a Muslim carried out the Charleston shooting, the media narrative would have been completely different and much of the blame has to do with US public policy, says Solomon Comissiong, host and founder of Your World News Radio Show.

On Wednesday 9 African-Americans were killed in a church in South Carolina, allegedly by a white man named Dylann Storm Roof. The attack took place during evening prayers at the city's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church, one of the oldest in the United States which has one of the largest black congregations in the south. Nevertheless, US officials and the President do not seem to see any hate crime in this story.

Is America colorblind only when covering crimes involving whites? For more on this, RT's show "In the Now" talked to Solomon Comissiong, host and founder of Your World News Radio Show.