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Wed, 23 Oct 2019
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Oxygen-dependent California man dies 12 minutes after PG&E cuts power to his home

power lines
A Northern California man dependent on an oxygen supply died Wednesday, shortly after power cuts by Pacific Gas and Electric Co. affected his home, fire officials said Friday.

Robert Mardis, 67, died roughly 12 minutes after PG&E cut power to his home and the surrounding area. An autopsy report concluded the man died of severe coronary artery atherosclerosis, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Fire personnel responded to a call around 3:40 a.m. and found Mardis unresponsive on the floor of his home, according to El Dorado County Interim Fire Chief Lloyd Ogan. He was found wearing a nasal cannula, used to deliver oxygen to the nose, and was hooked up to a PPAP machine for that purpose. Mardis' family told Fox 40 he couldn't reach his battery-powered tank in time.


Tensions rise as 5 injured in grenade attack in Kashmiri capital

grenade attack kashmir
© Global Look Press / File
Police barricades in Srinagar
At least five people were caught in the blast after unknown assailants carried out a grenade attack on a busy city center street in Srinagar, the capital of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The grenade was detonated on Hari Singh High Street, close to the busy Lal Chowk square. Police have cordoned off the area around the explosion and a search operation is underway. The local force tweeted that the injured civilians are all in a stable condition.



At least 16 killed in Burkina Faso mosque attack - reports

Police officer
© Reuters / Joe Penney
A police officer in Burkina Faso.
At least 16 worshipers were killed and two others seriously injured as a mosque was attacked in the West African state of Burkina Faso, security sources have said.

A group of unidentified gunmen opened fire inside a mosque in the village of Salmossi in the northern province of Oudalan, according to local media reports.

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Nurses at New Jersey hospital gave Benadryl to patients to make them sleepy, lighten workload: lawsuit


Benadryl helps to relieve allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy watery eyes, runny nose and itchy throat and nose.
A nurse is suing Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, N.J., claiming she was retaliated against after reporting that some of her colleagues working the night shift gave Benadryl to patients to make them sleepy and later falsified medical records.

Lawyers for Patricia R. Moran, of Wall Township, filed the lawsuit in state Superior Court on Wednesday. Moran, a nurse with more than three decades of experience, is represented by the firm McOmber & McOmber.

In a copy of the lawsuit posted to the firm's website, Moran claims several nurses within the adult involuntary psychiatric unit, the floor on which she worked, "knowingly misused and administered Benadryl, intentionally administered the medication, not for its intended uses, but instead to make a patient drowsy or fall asleep."

"Upon information and belief, the medication was administered by staff to lighten the workload for the night shift nurses," the suit states.


Study finds wasted health care spending tops US annual defense budget

money dollar bills drugs medical costs
© Habman18/CanStock
Up to $935B in health care spending wasted

The administrative tasks required of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are so complex and time-consuming that they squander hundreds of billions of dollars each year, according to a new analysis of health care spending in the U.S.

Activities such as medical coding and billing, recordkeeping and other clerical activities result in roughly $266 billion in excess spending annually, according to the study, which was published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

But the overall amount of money that goes down the drain is even greater. Factoring in other inefficiencies, such as a lack of price controls for health services, poor coordination of care, and fraud and abuse, the total tab that is wasted every year runs between $760 billion and $935 billion, according to the researchers. That's fully a quarter of all annual health care spending in the U.S., not to mention greater than the entire 2019 defense budget.



5 stabbed at shopping centre in Manchester, UK - UPDATE

machester stab
© John Greenhalgh via Reuters
Terrorism officers are investigating after five people were stabbed in the Manchester Arndale shopping centre on Friday.

Greater Manchester Police said a man in his 40s has been arrested on suspicion of serious assault and taken into custody.

The five victims have been taken to hospital but their conditions are unknown.

A force statement read: "Specialist officers are continuing to respond to an incident at the Arndale shopping centre in Manchester city centre.

Comment: Also in just the last 2 weeks: The Guardian reports:
The suspect, 40, was seen shouting and behaving erratically, bystanders said. He was later arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences and was being investigated for the preparation and instigation of an act of terrorism.

Police said he had been assessed by specialist doctors and compulsorily detained under the Mental Health Act. They said they did not believe there was any wider threat to the community and it was thought he acted alone.

"We don't know the motivation for the attack. It was brutal and extremely frightening for everyone who witnessed it. We don't believe anyone else was involved, but we are keeping it under review," he added.

The investigation into the attack was focusing on whether the suspect was incited by Islamist propaganda and how big a part mental health issues may have the played.

The man arrested was not believed to have previously known to counter-terrorism authorities. He was not on a list of 3,000 current subjects of interest run by MI5 or their list of 20,000 former subjects of interest.

Sources stressed the motives in the case seemed initially harder to discern than normal and that the investigation was at a very early stage in understanding what drove the attack.

Police have asked the public for any images or footage that may have been taken at the scene and said anyone who may have information that could assist the investigation should call 0161 856 0394.

Witnesses described people screaming and "running for their lives" after the man was seen shouting and using racial epithets near the Superdry store in the shopping centre.

Janet Loudon, 21, and a friend, who wanted to remain anonymous, had just met up when they heard a disturbance outside the Arndale. Loudon said she came out of work at 10.30am and encountered a black man shouting racial slurs including the N-word and being hostile towards an Arndale worker, who was also black.

"It wasn't clear what the man was saying but he was swearing and telling the public, 'I'm going to fuck you up,' repeatedly and he got more and more agitated. He was pointing at the police and Arndale workers," she said, adding that he claimed he was being targeted because of his race and referred to himself using the N-word.

"Everyone was panicking and frantic. We saw a victim slouched between an ATM which was a horrific sight and she was taken away to be helped."

A 19-year-old woman, another woman for whom no age was given and a man in his 50s were taken to hospital with stab wounds.

A fourth victim - a woman in her 40s who was not stabbed - did not need to go to hospital following assessment by paramedics. Another woman has since gone to hospital with a superficial wound.

Video footage and photographs showed armed police officers deployed around the Exchange Square side of the shopping centre. One clip showed officers using a Taser and holding a man to the ground before arresting him.

John Greenhalgh, 30, who captured the footage, was travelling on a tram when it stopped suddenly. "You could tell it was something quite serious," he said. "There were a lot of armed police. They were there very quickly.

"The tram was evacuated and we were put in the back of a van. We weren't told what was happening. There was a guy sitting on the floor screaming."

In other video and pictures posted on Twitter, a large number of emergency service vehicles were seen arriving at the centre. Footage showed people being taken away on stretchers, and members of the public were asked to stay away from the centre.

Armed police officers wearing face coverings were stationed outside the centre as a long queue of ambulances arrived and a police helicopter hovered overhead. Plainclothes detectives arrived at the scene while uniformed officers told people the Arndale would be closed for some time.

Bernadette Westhall, 55, said she saw people "running for their lives" and screaming as the attack unfolded. She was in the toilets on the ground floor near a Starbucks cafe when she heard a commotion. "I was coming out of there and everybody was just screaming and running for their lives. I ran straight into a shop and stayed in there until the coast was clear. It was a lady that he attacked."

Shazia Asif, 40, a carer from Oldham, said: "I was upstairs shopping in the Next. I looked down to outside the Starbucks and saw a woman had been stabbed. There was a lot of blood.

"Somebody had a scarf around her arm - I think she had been stabbed in the arm. They then said, 'Get out.' I was just shocked. I didn't see anyone running away."

One man, who did not wish to be named, was working in a fire and security services office across the road from the Arndale and spotted police detaining a man with a knife just before the alarm was raised about the stabbings.

He said: "They pinned a guy against a wall. Then I saw a policewoman with them holding a foot-long knife in a tube - I didn't see if it had blood on it. It was about 12 inches long and looked like a machete."

On Friday afternoon a cordon remained around the shopping centre as forensic teams searched the area. Shops in the centre remained closed as some workers were allowed back in to collect their personal belongings.


Boeing: FAA determines 5% of 737 Next Generation planes have cracks connecting wing to the fuselage

Boeing jet
© Boeing
Cracks were found in a vital reinforcing component known as the ‘pickle fork’ – which attaches the wings to the plane’s fuselage - in three of the jetliners last week, prompting the FAA to launch an emergency investigation.
Boeing's woes continue to mount after several of its 737 Next Generation (NG) aircrafts have been grounded following an emergency investigation that found cracking in a critical device involving the jets' wings. Cracks were first found in the reinforcing component known as the 'pickle fork' - which attaches the wings to the plane's fuselage - in three of the jetliners last week.

The discovery prompted the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to launch an emergency investigation, ordering the inspection of some 1,900 737 NGs across the US.

A leaked report obtained by aviation analysis firm Leeham shows that of the first 500 surveyed, 25 - or five percent - of the jets had suffered cracks to the pickle fork. It's not yet clear where the cited jets are located, the kinds of conditions they were flown under, or how many different airlines have been affected.
© Boeing
The pickle fork, named so because of its resemblance to the kitchen utensil, is a component that helps attach a plane’s fuselage to its wing structure, helping to manage the stress, torque and aerodynamic forces that bend the connection between the wings and the body of the jet. Though no crashes or incidents have yet been attributed to the cracked pickle forks, the consequences would be dire should the mechanism fail mid-flight.

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UK mom sues Tavistock children's clinic over 'misleading' & 'experimental' gender change treatments

© Pixabay
England's first state-sponsored child gender reassignment clinic has been slapped with a lawsuit by a mother of a patient and a former nurse at the center, who say "experimental" treatments are being forced on kids as young as 11.

The suit, first reported by the Times, alleges the Tavistock clinic in Leeds, and its Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), painted an "inaccurate and potentially misleading" picture about the risks of hormone blockers, which are used to delay sexual development in children who wish to switch genders.

The case was brought by the mother of a 15-year-old patient at the clinic - who has only identified as "Mrs. A" - and Sue Evans, who worked there as a mental health nurse between 2003 and 2007. Evans told the Times she was concerned with how rapidly children were recommended for hormone treatment at the clinic, which some experts say can have serious medical risks, including loss of fertility and the ability to have an orgasm. Families are not made aware of some of those dangers, Evans said.

Mrs. A - who said she wanted to remain anonymous to protect her child's identity - expressed concern that "no one, let alone my daughter, understands the risk" of the hormone procedure, which she called an "experimental treatment." Proper informed consent cannot be obtained under those conditions, she added.

Comment: See also: Doctors & drugs FOR LIFE: Big Pharma's profit on the transgender craze


Russia to create rival to Wikipedia - protect knowledge from 'erosion', fake news

man with books
© Sputnik/Vitaly Belousov
The Russian equivalent of Wikipedia will become a reliable source for "safe," verified, data without any ideological or political agenda, and could be accessed by 15 million people a day, its creators said.

The ambitious undertaking, which is powered by the Great Russian Encyclopedia (GRE) publishing house, is going to receive 2 billion rubles ($31 million) in state funding between 2020 and 2022.

The nationwide interactive encyclopedic portal is aimed at protecting contemporary knowledge from "erosion" and sheltering online users from misleading information, GRE communications chief, Anna Sinitsyna, said.

With the avalanche-like growth of all kinds of falsifications (including those in scientific, historical, statistical and demographic data) and fake news, generated by some media and private users online, we see it as a particularly urgent task to create a database of safe information (verified by the scientific community).

All the entries on the portal will be of purely scientific and educational nature, "free of any political or ideological agenda."

Comment: See also:

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Indiana AG: 165 more fetal remains linked to late doctor

Abortion clinic
Indiana's attorney general said Friday that 165 sets of fetal remains have been found in the Chicago area inside a car owned by a late Indiana abortion doctor, boosting the total number of abandoned sets of fetal remains discovered at properties linked to him to more than 2,400.

Attorney General Curtis Hill said the 165 remains were discovered Wednesday in the trunk of a Mercedes-Benz parked at a business property in Dolton, Illinois, where Dr. Ulrich Klopfer had kept a total of eight cars.

Those remains are believed to be from abortions Klopfer performed in 2002 at his three Indiana abortion clinics, Hill said.

Last month, 2,246 sets of fetal remains were found in Klopfer's Will County, Illinois, garage, after relatives stumbled onto them while cleaning out that building after he died Sept. 3 at age 79.

Comment: See also: Family of abortionist makes grisly find after his death