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Mon, 18 Jan 2021
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Interpol issues notices over Lebanon's massive port blast

Beirut Port area after the 2020 blast
© Reuters
A general view shows the damage at the site of the blast in Beirut’s port area, Lebanon August 5, 2020.
Interpol has issued a wanted notice for two Russians and a Portuguese man over explosive material that had been shipped to Beirut and stored at the city's port for six years until it exploded in August, the state-run National News Agency reported Tuesday.

The Aug. 4 explosion killed 200 people, injured thousands and caused wide destruction in Beirut.

NNA said the Interpol-issued Red Notices were for the owner and captain of the Rhosus, the ship that carried the 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate to Lebanon in 2013, as well as a Portuguese nitrate trader who visited the port's warehouse in Beirut in 2014 where the material was stored.

Comment: See also:

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Airbnb canceling, blocking DC reservations during inauguration week, cites 'safety concerns'

© Yuya Shino / Reuters
Airbnb announced it is canceling and blocking all future reservations in Washington, D.C. during the week of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, according to the company in a statement made earlier Wednesday.

"We are announcing that Airbnb will cancel reservations in the Washington, D.C. metro area during the Inauguration week," the statement read. "Additionally, we will prevent any new reservations in the Washington, D.C. area from being booked during that time by blocking such reservations."

Comment: Well, if no one's gonna be in town, what's with all the National Guard troops posted in Congress? Obviously someone's afraid of something.


Russell T Davies: 'Gay roles should only go to gay actors.' How will that really help?

Screenwriter Russell T Davies
© Getty Images via AFP / Frederick M. Brown
Screenwriter Russell T Davies
Artistic arguments aside, this will harm gay actors more than anyone

Screenwriter Russell T Davies says gay men must be cast in gay roles because "you wouldn't black someone up." It's not only a bad comparison but following his rule would rob us of great performances and harm gay actors the most.

Let's get something clear. Russell T Davies is an excellent screenwriter.

His blunt and brilliant drama about the Manchester gay scene Queer As Folk was a rare example of a TV show actually being 'ground-breaking' and not just having the phrase slapped on its poster. A Very English Scandal, about the Jeremy Thorpe affair in the Seventies, nailed the bizarre British relationship with class and sexuality. Years And Years was a dystopian tale to rival Orwell and made Emma Thompson the first actor to have a fascist despot and a magical nanny on her IMDb page.

Comment: So, in essence Russell T Davies would seem to be saying "You can identify as whatever you want, but you can't PRETEND to be gay."

Wait, what? The essence of acting IS pretending.


Mainstream media goes 'full Orwell' telling readers they're using the word 'Orwellian' wrong

burning books
© Pixabay/Prettysleepy
Burning books from the inside-out
Complaining about authoritarian government intrusion into one's life or surreptitious rewriting of history no longer qualify as "Orwellian," according to an article that ironically embodies the concept in trying to redefine it.

News outlet USA Today has managed to personify the term 'Orwellian' in its profoundly condescending writeup scolding readers for "using the term 'Orwellian' wrong." Published on Monday, the piece goes to great lengths to shame those insecure about their vocabulary by suggesting the term "Orwellian" can only be used correctly by liberals.
"Chances are, you've seen George Orwell's name thrown around a lot in the past week on social media, either by conservatives invoking his name with sincerity or by liberals poking fun at conservatives for its misuse..."
The article starts, smirkingly laying the groundwork for canceling out all usage of the term by those on the Right.

But the examples it holds up to mock - presidential scion Donald Trump Jr.'s complaint about the disappearance of his father's Twitter account and Missouri Senator Josh Hawley's blaming the "woke mob" for the cancellation of his book contract - are not as wide of the mark as the thought police at USA Today would have us believe.


Gab CEO pulls off the impossible for Trump...


Andrew Torba
Gab CEO completely backed up President Trump's Twitter account before it was deleted and recreated him on Gab! What's even more impressive is the did this while traffic was up 700% and under attack from leftists. Gab is currently having servers upgraded to handle the large influx in traffic but we're told it should stabilize soon.

President Trump's new account: https://gab.com/realdonaldtrump

Trump on Gab

Comment: A new avenue for free speech under a crushing and coordinated attempt to squelch it at all costs. Let's see what other paths towards countering the Dem's information warfare may be found...


Latvia wants to criminalize any contact with Moscow says journalist prosecuted for working for Russian news agency

© REUTERS / Ints Kalnins; Christophe Gateau / picture alliance via Getty Images
Seven people, who worked with Russian media outlets in Latvia have been charged with breaking international sanctions. It's a signal that the Baltic state seeks to criminalize ties with Russia, one of them told RT.

Vladimir Linderman is a veteran opposition figure and journalist in Latvia. In the past he was accused of various crimes - which he considers attempts to pressure him into stopping political activism - from plotting an assassination of the Latvian president to forging paperwork when trying to register a political party. None of them ultimately stuck in court. Linderman too failed to get the supposed target of his plot, then-President Vaira Vike-Freiberga, to pay compensation in a slander case, which he filed after she allegedly called him an extremist and a threat to Latvian society.

The experience of being in the crosshairs of Latvian law meant that when police came to search his home last month, even his cat was not bothered much, Linderman joked when interviewed by RT.

Comment: Considering Russia's increasing influence in the economic arena, one wonders how long these states will be able to keep this up without shooting themselves in the foot:

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Leaked location data shows another Muslim prayer app tracking users

Location tracking illustration
© Cathryn Virginia
Salaat First has more than ten million downloads and sold location data to Predicio, which is linked to a U.S. contractor which works with ICE.

One user travelled through a park a few blocks south of an Islamic cultural center. Roughly every two minutes, their phone reported their physical location. Another was next to a bank two streets over from a different mosque. A third person was at a train station, again near a mosque.

Perhaps unbeknownst to these people, Salaat First (Prayer Times), an app that reminds Muslims when to pray, was recording and selling their granular location information to a data broker, which in turn sells location data to other clients. Motherboard has obtained a large dataset of those raw, precise movements of users of the app from a source. The source who provided the dataset was concerned that such sensitive information, which could potentially track Muslims going about their day including visiting places of worship, could be abused by those who buy and make use of the data. The company collecting the location data, a French firm called Predicio, has previously been linked to a supply chain of data involving a U.S. government contractor that worked with ICE, Customs and Border Protection, and the FBI.

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UK's poorest hit hardest by lockdown-induced economic recession - here's the proof

school meals
© Reuters
Protest demanding free school meals for children, in London
The results are in and it turns out Britain's poorest communities situation currently resembles a walk through the pages of George Orwell's 'The Road to Wigan Pier', a harrowing account of Britain during the 1930's recession.

Research, evidence and data are coming in thick and fast now showing the strife plaguing these forgotten working class communities.

A year and a half ago the Institute for Fiscal Studies Deaton Review of Inequalities raised the possibility that inequalities in the UK were becoming so stark there would be a real threat to our economic, social and political systems unless they were properly addressed.

Comment: These problems are getting worse - particularly with nearly a year of tyrannical lockdown restrictions - but they're also nothing new, because UK citizens have been suffering the effects of crushing austerity measures for well over a decade now:

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Cambridge Analytica-linked Stanford scientist's study suggests he can tell by examining your face what your politics are

© REUTERS/Leah Millis
People rally in support of U.S. President Donald Trump outside the State Capitol building hours after news media declared Joe Biden to be the winner of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S., November 7, 2020. Picture taken November 7, 2020.
Facial recognition algorithms can be trained to recognize people's political views, Stanford-affiliated researcher Michal Kosinski claims, stating that his most recent study achieved 72 percent accuracy on liberal vs conservative.

Properly trained facial recognition algorithms can correctly guess a person's political orientation nearly three-quarters of the time, Kosinski claimed in a paper published on Monday in Scientific Reports. Using over a million profiles from Facebook and dating sites across the US, UK and Canada, the algorithm was able to accurately pick out conservatives from liberals in 72 percent of face pairs.

The most significant facial features in telling the political groups apart - aside from age, gender, and ethnicity - were head orientation and emotional expression, according to the study authors. They also explained that liberals were more likely to look directly at the camera and more likely to look surprised than disgusted.

Liberals were also supposed to smile "more intensely and genuinely," leaving them with a different pattern of wrinkles as they age. Conservatives, meanwhile, "tend to be healthier, consume less alcohol and tobacco, and have a different diet" - attributes that affected the health and texture of the skin.

Comment: Our reality is looking more and more like the movie Minority Report every single day. With this technology, there is nothing stopping them from declaring anyone who disagrees with them a "domestic terrorist," "enemy of the state" or "security threat."

The biggest tech companies and media are used by psychopathic elites to gaslight the population and to restrain real information and truth from reaching the people, in order to keep them in fear and ignorance, thus giving the elite more control and power.

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North Idaho Internet Provider blocks Facebook, Twitter after customer complaints

Mark Zuckerburg
© Alex wong/Getty Images
An internet service provider (ISP) in the North Idaho and the Spokane, Washington, area has decided to block Facebook and Twitter for its customers after some called in to complain about censorship on the platforms.

The ISP, Your T1 WIFI, confirmed that it will block Facebook and Twitter from its WIFI service for some customers starting this Wednesday, according to a report by KREM 2.

The move comes after Twitter permanently banned President Donald Trump from its platform, and Facebook locked the president out of his account "indefinitely."

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