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Thu, 12 Dec 2019
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Elderly, wheelchair-bound woman alleges TSA agents groped her upper and lower body without warning

TSA groping woman
The Rutherford Institute has come to the aid of an elderly Delaware woman who has alleged that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners groped her upper and lower body, including feeling inside the waistband of her pants, during a security screening at Philadelphia's International Airport (PHL) earlier this year.

In a request under Pennsylvania's Right to Know Law, Rutherford Institute attorneys have demanded copies of any video surveillance footage of the incident, which if confirmed, could support a Fourth Amendment-style lawsuit under a recent federal court ruling authorizing citizens to sue for torturous conduct committed by TSA agents. Institute attorneys point to numerous incidents in which poorly trained TSA agents have subjected elderly travelers to inappropriate touching, excessive searches and aggressive pat downs. For example, TSA employees reportedly ordered a 95-year-old leukemia patient in a wheelchair to remove her adult diaper so that agents could search her. Ninety-year-old Marian Peterson, also confined to a wheelchair, was pulled out of line for a random security check and according to her son, Joe, TSA agents "groped her. All of her body: her crotch, her breasts and everything else."

Comment: Away with the sick, authoritarian, bloated and ineffective TSA already!

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Mass shooting in Jersey City: Multiple people dead, including police officer - UPDATE: Gunmen targeted Jewish community

Comment: There's no way, surely, they can whittle this one down to a 'lone gunman'...

shooting jersey city
© AFP / Kena Betancur
Police respond to report of multiple shootings in Jersey City
Four people, including a police officer and three people believed to be civilians, were killed during an hours-long standoff and firefight Tuesday between two suspects and law enforcement in Jersey City, New Jersey, authorities said. Two suspects were also killed, Jersey City Police Chief Michael Kelly told reporters.

The fallen officer was identified as Det. Joseph Seals, a 15-year veteran of the department, Kelly said. Seals was part of a statewide anti-violence unit, and Kelly credited him with removing "dozens and dozens" of handguns from the street.

"We believe he was killed while trying to interdict these bad guys," Kelly told reporters, adding, "Once again, this is all being investigated."

The officer who was killed is believed to have been ambushed, according to a law enforcement source.

Comment: Dayum, that was crazy. Even for the USA.

Gangsters at work?

They're sure quick to rule out terrorism...


The gunfire lasted FOUR HOURS, and HUNDREDS of rounds were fired. Altogether, 6 people were killed, including 'the two suspects'. Some media suspects say there was a third suspect, but no word about what happened to him.

Today it emerges that the crime scene where the major shooting scene took place was a Jewish kosher store, located next to a synagogue. Three of the victims were Jews, part of a community of Brooklyn Jews who had only recently relocated there.

Jewish outlet Forward reports that the kosher store "serves as the de facto social center of an embryonic Hasidic community in the town."

Initially, the media and police said this was not a terror attack/hate crime, but 24 hours later, that tune is changing.

What's clear is that the police response - including snipers on rooftops - was MASSIVE relative to the 'accidental intervention of a suspect wanted for murder' they claimed first motivated a police response.

We suspect the authorities were tipped off about something major, but for some reason they're playing this down for now.

RT has a rundown of the timeline, with tweets and videos. After shooting and killing Seals, the suspects drove away, chased by police, who followed them to the kosher store where the rest of the shooting apparently went down. Jersey City's mayor said there is reason to believe the shop was deliberately targeted:
"Based on our initial investigation (which is ongoing) we now believe the active shooters targeted the location they attacked," the mayor said on Twitter late Tuesday. "Due to an excess of caution the community may see additional police resources in the days/weeks ahead. We have no indication there are any further threats."
The shooters have been identified as David Anderson and Francine Graham, with Anderson at least a "one time" member of the "Black Hebrew Israelites" (you may remember these folks from the "smirking MAGA hat kid" controversy - they were the loonies harassing the Covington students).

Anderson had apparently posted anti-Jewish and anti-police messages on social media:
Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop said Wednesday that the pair of gun-wielding attackers were captured on CCTV footage "slowly" rolling up to the Jersey City Kosher Supermarket in the Greenville neighborhood in a van before they stopped in front, "calmly opened the door with two long rifles" and "began firing from the street" into the store.

A note with religious writing was recovered by investigators from inside the stolen U-Haul van that the shooters were in, sources said.


Thousands pack Pennsylvania stadium for Trump rally, while overflow crowd watches event on big screen

Trump Pence Pennsylvania rally
© Cameron Clark/York Daily Record
Trump and Pence during the rally at Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, December 10, 2019.
The Giant Center is filled to capacity for President Trump's rally tonight.

Hundreds weren't able to get in for the president's speech in Hershey. The bridge connecting the Giant Center to the Hersheypark lot was jammed pack with hundreds and hundreds of Trump supporters decked out in red hats and some in red, white and blue apparel.

Some seemed to be disappointed that they could not get in. Others were just as festive as they were when they arrived earlier this afternoon.

Comment: Trump touted his NAFTA replacement trade victory at the rally, while bashing the Democrats' formal commencement of impeachment proceedings as "impeachment light."

In fact, Trump claims the Democrats supported him on the US-Mexico-Canada trade deal because:
"It's a huge deal and it plays down the whole impeachment because they're embarrassed by the impeachment. Our poll numbers have gone through the roof because of her [Pelosi's] stupid impeachment."


160 Iranian lawyers call for probe into deadly crackdown on protests

Iran protests
A total of 160 Iranian lawyers have called for an investigation into a deadly crackdown against protests that hit some 100 cities and towns last month.

The lawyers made the plea in an open letter to President Hassan Rohani that was published on the opposition news site Kalameh on December 9.

Calling for the accountability and transparency of the state, the letter said the perpetrators of the crackdown should be dismissed from their positions and punished.

Iranian authorities have yet to publish any definitive official death toll for the several days of unrest triggered by a sharp hike in gas prices.

Comment: It's possible, and likely, that these protests were both organic and involved outside interference:


Suicide bomb attack hits outside largest US base in Afghanistan, Bagram

Afghan National Army
© Reuters / Omar Sobhani
FILE PHOTO: Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers keep watch outside the Bagram Airfield entrance gate, north of Kabul, Afghanistan.
A powerful blast ripped through a medical facility outside Bagram Air Base, the largest US military installation in Afghanistan, killing one civilian and wounding dozens more.

The attack took place north of Kabul, just outside Bagram, and targeted an under-construction medical base being built for civilians, according to the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan.

A local woman was killed by the blast, TOLOnews said, citing officials. There were different reports on how many civilians were injured. The latest estimate is 62 wounded.

There were no US or coalition casualties, Resolute Support said in a statement.

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Nearly 175 Saudi aviation students grounded after Pensacola base shooting

Saudi Arabia Defense Attache
© Reuters / FBI Jacksonville / Handout
Saudi Arabia Defense Attache, Major General Fawaz Al Fawaz, arrives to meet with grounded Saudi students at NAS Pensacola on December 9, 2019.
Some 175 Saudi Arabian military aviation students have been grounded in a "safety stand-down," just days after Saudi Air Force lieutenant Mohammed Alshamrani shot and killed three sailors at Pensacola Naval Air Station.

"A safety stand-down and operational pause commenced Monday for Saudi Arabian aviation students," Navy spokeswoman Lieutenant Andriana Genualdi told Reuters on Tuesday, explaining that the grounding covered Naval Air Station Whiting Field and Naval Air Station Mayport in addition to Naval Air Station Pensacola.

Alshamrani, one of several hundred foreign aviation trainees at the Pensacola base, was killed in a shootout with Escambia County Sheriff's deputies on Friday morning. Police were called to the facility at around 7am local time as the Saudi soldier killed three classmates with a handgun and wounded five more; two deputies were also hit in the shootout.

Comment: See: 4 dead in shooting incident at Pensacola naval base; suspect was Saudi national, officials say - UPDATES


Nihilism, human waste, and human extinction in San Francisco

greta mural
"I think mankind is doomed to extinction," Andrés Petroselli, better known as 'Cobre', told me.

Petroselli, an Argentinian muralist, has traveled around the United States of America putting up giant murals of famous people. There's a giant Quincy Jones mural in Chicago, Frank Sinatra's big blue eyes dominate a Brooklyn street, a mournful Robin Williams used to peer into San Diego, before being demolished, and a leering Michael Jackson is splashed across a storefront in Los Angeles.

Even though he's put up murals from his native Argentina, where giant Gandhis and Frida Kahlos look down on passerby, to Lafayette, Indiana, and across Spain, he's deeply concerned about global warming.

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Student fightback sees University beef ban overturned

beef burger

Beef burgers will now be reinstated on the menu
Students have fought back against a ban on beef on their University campus as the union voted to reverse the decision.

The University of East Anglia (UEA) student union faced backlash after agreeing to take dishes like hamburgers and spaghetti bolognese off the menu at their bars or shops in order to tackle climate change.

Now less than a month after the decision was made to ban the meat it has been overturned by the same council.

Comment: Great to see people fighting back against BS 'climate emergency' austerity measures. The plus side to all this propaganda is that naturally raised pastured animals may get on the menu through the back door, leading to greater nutrition of the general public without them even realizing it. This may lead to better functioning brains and more people waking up to the CO2 hoax.

One can dream...

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New poll shows Hillary Clinton in first place among Democratic candidates

hillary clinton
Hillary Clinton would be leading the race for the Democratic nomination for president if she declared her candidacy, according to a new poll.

The online survey by Harris Poll which was released by Harvard University's Center for American Political Studies shows the former secretary of state in first place with 21 per cent of the vote.

Joe Biden, the current frontrunner, would receive 20 per cent while Senator Bernie Sanders is at 12 per cent.

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Red Flag

Resident outrage as massive Greta Thunberg 'Christmas' mural goes up on 'a-political' council wall

greta christmas mural australia
© Benalla Rural City/Facebook
A massive mural of Great Thunberg has been painted as part of a small town's Christmas celebrations.
An 'a-political' country council is finding itself at the centre of a civic storm after a local artist painted a huge mural of teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg on the side of one of its buildings.

The image was created as part of Benalla Rural City's annual Window to Window Christmas festival, in which artists paint seasonal pictures on shop windows across the town.

The town is about 212km north-east of Melbourne in the Victorian high country.

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