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Sun, 08 Dec 2019
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Three Russian military policemen injured by roadside pipe bomb in northern Syria

russia military police syria
© Sputnik / Mikhail Alayeddin
Russian military police on patrol in northern Syria
A Russian armored vehicle was hit by an explosion while on a reconnaissance mission ahead of a joint patrol with Turkey in a Kurdish-populated area of northern Syria. Three military policemen were injured.

The incident happened on Monday in the Kobani district of Aleppo Province, along the Syrian-Turkish border, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The military policemen were on a reconnaissance trip in preparation for an upcoming patrol with Turkish forces when an improvised bomb detonated on the road.

Treasure Chest

Burglars ransack Berlin's Stasi museum one week after Dresden hit by biggest jewel heist since WWII

Stasi Museum
© Global Look Press / Gregor Fischer
An entrance to the Stasi Museum in Berlin, Germany.
A museum in Berlin on the notorious East German police fell victim to a brazen robbery just a week after thieves stole priceless artifacts from Dresden's Green Vault. This time, the criminals also got away with jewelry and medals.

It appears as though German museums are going through a rough patch, when even the infamy of the once-omnipresent and menacing East German secret police, or Stasi, cannot shield its displays from thieves' sticky fingers.

The museum, located in the former Stasi headquarters in Berlin's eastern district of Lichtenberg, was robbed during Saturday night or into the early hours of Sunday, police said in a statement, adding that a thief or thieves broke into the building through a window on the second floor, smashed several showcases and got away with valuable military decorations and jewelry.

They also had, apparently, plenty of time to escape; the theft was only discovered by a museum staff member on Sunday morning. The identities of the intruders or even their exact number, are still unknown.

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No screens, no food, no sex: Welcome to dopamine fasting, Silicon Valley's new fad

cell phone
© iStock
Dopamine fasting isn’t about getting away from your phone because it’s making you unhappy; it’s about getting away from your phone because it’s making you too happy
My friend J made a flying visit from San Francisco recently. Over dinner, we tackled some of the big, pressing questions of the day, such as the US education system, climate change, populism and what exactly Irish people mean when they say "grand".

"They mean 'posh', right?" he said, showing off the word he learned on his last visit, and now likes to invoke at every opportunity.

"No, no, no. Never. Rarely. Well sometimes," I said, before the husband and I treated him to a good 20 minutes, rich with anecdote and example, on all conceivable occasions for the deployment of "grand".

"Grand", we explained, with no small degree deal of national pride, can run the spectrum from thoroughly disappointing, to barely tolerable, to entirely adequate, to slightly uppity, to horrifically pretentious. The ambiguity is the point. As a nation, we try to avoid being forced to commit ourselves too firmly to anything, which is how we've managed to navigate our way through decades of political strife, and some of the thorny social issues of recent years.

When you live on an island this small and this damp, you spend a lot of time indoors trying not to fall out with other people, we concluded, as we triumphantly wrapped up the lecture. Ireland's secret weapon is the word "grand".

He left the next morning on the early train back to Dublin, and texted that the food, company, board games and the coffee on the train were grand. I've no idea whether he actually enjoyed himself or not. If he keeps this up, he'll be entitled to an Irish passport.

One of the other things we talked about was how we have ceded so much of our autonomy, attention and psychological wellness to the device in our pockets. He brought to our attention the latest Silicon Valley wellness fad - a phenomenon called "dopamine fasting", which is what thrusting Valley types do when they suspect their system is overrun with the so-called happiness hormone, largely because of all the time they're spending plugged into their phone, microdosing on dopamine. (J, to be clear, is not a proponent of dopamine fasting. He's grand as he is.)

Comment: 21st century penance: Silicon Valley embraces 'dopamine fasting'

Bizarro Earth

Watch French riot police knock down elderly woman... during rally for 80 year old who died after being hit in the face by tear gas grenade

gilet jaune
© AFP / Clement Mahoudeau
Police officers stand in front of a banner reading "The police mutilates, the police kills" during the march in tribute to Zineb Redouane.
French police have attracted some really bad publicity, after knocking down an elderly lady during a rally in Marseille - an event being held to honor another 80-year-old woman who died after being hit by a police grenade.

Over 1,000 people gathered in the southern city of Marseille on Saturday to remember Zineb Redouane. A resident of the city and of Algerian origins, she died in hospital last December at the age of 80 - a day after she was hit in the face by a tear gas grenade, launched by riot police during a turbulent Yellow Vests rally.

The demonstrators carried a large banner, reading "Tribute to Zineb. Batman kills, let's be Joker!" and chanted "We are all children of Zineb!" They marched past the apartment in Marseille's old city where Redouane used to live.

Comment: The Gilet Jaunes movement has attracted joint protests, and some professions have organized separate protests and strikes which include firefighters, police, farmers, transport workers, teachers unions, public servants, energy unions, and even lawyers.

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Over 10,000 evacuated in Turin, Italy over British bomb dropped during WWII

© Reuters
FILE PHOTO: An aerial view of the Northern Italian city of Turin.
A discovery of a 500-pound British WWII bomb prompted an urgent evacuation of thousands of people from the historic center of the Italian northern city of Turin, while tens of thousands more were told to stay put.

All residents living in the 'red zone' around Turin's Nizza Street where the bomb was found were told to leave their homes and evacuate the area between 7am and 4pm (local time). Another 50,000 were asked to either leave their homes in advance or stay inside for the entire period while the bomb was defused.

Both airspace over the city and the nearby Porta Nuova train station were also shut down during the operation.

Comment: Over 70 years after World War II and reports of unexploded bombs are a worryingly regular occurrence, it's probably a miracle that there have been no serious tragedies. Below is just a selection of stories recorded on SOTT:


Video shows Syrian Army repelling 'suicide drone' attack on military airport

© FILE PHOTO. Reuters / SANA
Footage posted on social media claims to show how the Syrian Armed Forces disrupted a militant drone attack on an air base in the western Hama province.

Several drones targeted the base in what appears to be an attempt at a bombing raid by militants. Yet, the UAVs reportedly failed to reach their target as the Syrian Army promptly scrambled its air defenses.

The Syrian Army's air defense units successfully repelled the attack, the state SANA news agency reported, citing its correspondent on the ground. There have been no reports of any casualties.

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Bizarro Earth

Gunmen kill up to 14 in Protestant church attack in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso
© Reuters / Luc Gnago
FILE PHOTO: Soldiers from Burkina Faso patrol on the road of Gorgadji in the Sahel area of Burkina Faso.
A Protestant church has been attacked by unidentified gunmen in the West African nation of Burkina Faso, according to media reports citing security sources. Some 14 people are feared dead in the wake of the massacre.

The incident reportedly occurred in the commune of Hantoukoura, located in the east of the country close to its border with Niger, late on Sunday, yet there's no official word on it.

The church was attacked by unknown assailants while a congregation attended a service. The assault left 10 to 14 people dead, according to various media reports.

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Why women are 'marrying' themselves

self marriage
© ABC Life: Samantha Turnbull
Holly English (centre) wanted a wedding but didn't have a partner, so she married 'existence'.
Holly English buttons up her white gown, clutches her bouquet and begins her walk down the aisle.

Friends cheer and throw petals as Holly takes her place in front of the celebrant... alone.

But she hasn't been stood up by a groom or bride. Holly is marrying her greatest love: existence.

Comment: This just seems like the next logical step in the evolution of the feminist agenda: Women don't need men and its better to languish in narcissistic singlehood than partner with a man and start a family. The idea that marriage is somehow an outdated institution and free to be redefined at will is part of a destructive ideology of which the dire consequences can already be seen.

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When disruptive students are coddled, the whole class suffers

school illustration
© Olivier Ballou
Last month, NBC Nightly News aired a segment on the latest classroom-management technique to sweep America's schools: "room clears". When a child throws a tantrum that could physically endanger his peers, teachers evacuate all of the other students from the classroom until the troublemaker has vented his rage upon empty desks, tables and chairs. The technique was virtually unheard of five years ago. But 56 percent of surveyed teachers and parents in Oregon now report having experienced a room clear in their or their child's classroom over the last year.

Surrendering the classroom to a single student: The average reader might well ask why anyone thinks this would be a good idea. Yet the policies that make this approach inevitable have been applauded by a wide range of authorities, from the Southern Poverty Law Center to the Trump-administration's Department of Education.

Che Guevara

Ahead of COP25, Child Climate Goddess Greta Demands 'Complete Dismantling of Colonial, Racist, Patriarchal Systems of Oppression'

Comment: SILENCE, SINNERS. Greta is speaking...

Greta Thunberg
© Roy Rochlin/WireImage
Far-left climate extremist Greta Thunberg unloaded on the world in an op-ed published on Friday, claiming that fossil fuels "are literally" killing mankind, and that they are a threat to "our very existence" as she said that her "climate crisis" agenda is not just about the environment, but about fighting the "colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression."

In an op-ed published in Project Syndicate, Thunberg and two other far-left climate activists attacked world leaders over their pro-capitalist policies, writing that "the politicians let the profiteers continue to exploit our planet's resources and destroy its ecosystems in a quest for quick cash that threatens our very existence."

Comment: Rumor has it she is prepared to destroy 5 countries at a time - with just the power of her mind - until her demands are met.

Her complete list of demands. Here's an excerpt:
The science is crying out for urgent action, and still our leaders dare to ignore it. So we continue to fight.

After a year of strikes, our voices are being heard. We are being invited to speak in the corridors of power. At the UN, we addressed a room filled with world leaders. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, we met with prime ministers, presidents, and even the pope. We have spent hundreds of hours participating in panels and speaking with journalists and filmmakers. We have been offered awards for our activism.

Our efforts have helped to shift the wider conversation on climate change. People now increasingly discuss the crisis we face, not in whispers or as an afterthought, but publicly and with a sense of urgency. Polls confirm changing perceptions. One recent survey showed that, in seven of the eight countries included, climate breakdown is considered to be the most important issue facing the world. Another confirmed that schoolchildren have led the way in raising awareness.

With public opinion shifting, world leaders, too, say that they have heard us. They say that they agree with our demand for urgent action to tackle the climate crisis. But they do nothing. As they head to Madrid for the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP25) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, we call out this hypocrisy.

On the next two Fridays, we will again take to the streets: worldwide on November 29, and in Madrid, Santiago, and many other places on December 6 during the UN climate conference. Schoolchildren, young people, and adults all over the world will stand together, demanding that our leaders take action - not because we want them to, but because the science demands it.

That action must be powerful and wide-ranging. After all, the climate crisis is not just about the environment. It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and of political will. Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it. We need to dismantle them all. Our political leaders can no longer shirk their responsibilities.

Some say that the Madrid conference is not very important; the big decisions will be made at COP26 in Glasgow next year. We disagree. As the science makes clear, we don't have a single day to lose.

We have learned that, if we do not step up, nobody will. So we will keep up a steady drumbeat of strikes, protests, and other actions. We will become louder and louder. We will do whatever it takes to persuade our leaders to unite behind science so clear that even children understand it.
Yes indeed, 'science' so clear, only developmentally-impaired children could believe it.

It's highly unlikely that Greta herself wrote that SJW screed.

God help Madrid for the next two weeks.

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