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Administration drops proposal to require facial scans for US citizens entering or leaving US

US Customs
© Washington Post/Katherine Frey
A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer at Dulles International
Officials at the Department of Homeland Security said Thursday that they were dropping a proposal that would have required citizens to have their faces scanned when entering or leaving the United States.

Reports this week that U.S. Customs and Border Protection wanted to expand airport facial screening to U.S. citizens drew immediate outcry from privacy advocates and lawmakers, who accused administration officials of reneging on promises that the scans would remain optional for citizens.

Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass., said Wednesday that he planned to propose legislation to block the CBP from making the change. On Thursday, however, the CBP said it was withdrawing the proposal. The agency said in a statement:
"There are no current plans to require U.S. citizens to provide photographs upon entry and exit from the United States. CBP intends to have the planned regulatory action regarding U.S. citizens removed from the unified agenda next time it is published."

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Robots in finance could wipe out some of Wall Street's highest-paying jobs

robot stock trading investors
© Thinkstock
Robots have replaced thousands of routine jobs on Wall Street. Now, they're coming for higher-ups.

That's the contention of Marcos Lopez de Prado, a Cornell University professor and the former head of machine learning at AQR Capital Management LLC, who testified in Washington on Friday about the impact of artificial intelligence on capital markets and jobs. The use of algorithms in electronic markets has automated the jobs of tens of thousands of execution traders worldwide, and it's also displaced people who model prices and risk or build investment portfolios, he said.

"Financial machine learning creates a number of challenges for the 6.14 million people employed in the finance and insurance industry, many of whom will lose their jobs -- not necessarily because they are replaced by machines, but because they are not trained to work alongside algorithms," Lopez de Prado told the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services.

Oil Well

Mexico's state oil company Pemex announces discovery of 'giant' crude oil deposit

pemex obrador oil discovery

Cheering news: Mexico president López Obrador celebrates oil discovery with Pemex workers in Tabasco.
Mexican state oil company Pemex said on Friday it has discovered a deposit in southeastern Mexico that could yield 500 million barrels of crude, calling it the largest such finding in more than 30 years.

Pemex said it first discovered the field in Tabasco state in May, before beginning studies to evaluate its viability. The site, called Quesqui, is a so-called 3P reserve, made up of deposits considered proven, probable and possible.


4 dead in shooting incident at Pensacola naval base; suspect was Saudi national, officials say

© REUTERS / U.S. Navy/Patrick Nichols
The main gate at Naval Air Station Pensacola is seen on Navy Boulevard in Pensacola, Florida, U.S. March 16, 2016. Picture taken March 16, 2016.
Four people are dead including the suspect after an active shooting incident at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida, police said.

The shooter was identified as Mohammed Alshamrani, a Saudi national and member of the country's air force who was in the U.S. for flight training, law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation told ABC News. Investigators are trying to determine whether the shooting was terror-related, the officials said.

Authorities responded to reports of a shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola at 6:51 a.m. on Friday, officials said. ATF and FBI also responded to the scene.

The shooting took place at one of the classroom buildings on the base, officials said. Officers with the Escambia County Sheriff's Office arrived on the scene and fatally shot the suspect after exchanging gunfire.

Three people, including the shooter, were pronounced dead on scene, police said. One victim was taken to the hospital and died from injuries.

Eight others injured in the shooting were transported to Baptist Hospital, police said. The condition of those victims has not been released.

Comment: Alshamrani allegedly left a manifesto online before the attack, at least according to "SITE Intelligence Group":
SITE, a private organization that monitors and tracks extremist groups' online presence, published the text of the manifesto on Friday. While officials have yet to name the attacker, he was confirmed to be a Saudi military officer stationed at the naval air station for training. Posted on Twitter shortly before the gunman carried out the shooting, the manifesto attacked what it calls an American "war of attrition" waged on Muslims around the world, citing the US drone war and the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, where a number of terrorism suspects face indefinite detention.

"I'm not against you for just being American, I don't hate you because your freedoms," the post begins. "I hate you because every day you [support] funding and committing crimes not only against Muslims but also humanity," the manifesto, attributed to the attacker, read.

The document also takes aim at Washington's unmatched defense spending which, the author argues, only provides "Americans a false sense of security," warning that they won't be "safe" until US troops withdraw from "our lands."
The manifesto was released just as the New York Times reported that six Saudi nationals had been detained for questioning at the Pensacola naval base, some of which reportedly filmed the officer's shooting rampage, which injured eight in addition to the fatalities.
Either guys like this don't realize that saying things like this will only have the result of increasing the American establishment's resolve in the Middle East; or they know that's exactly what will happen, and that's why they write such things. Funny how the results of such manifestos align so well with the goals of the people behind SITE Intelligence...

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Unnao rape survivor who was set on fire wants to see accused hanged to death

indian rape victim burned
The Unnao rape survivor, who has suffered 90 per cent burns, was shifted to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi on Thursday.
The Unnao rape survivor, who was burnt alive by five men in Sindupur village in Unnao district on Thursday, told her family that she doesn't want to die and wants to see the accused sentenced to death. The 23-year-old woman, who is currently on ventilator and in extremely critical condition, was on her way to a court in Rae Bareli to attend a hearing in the rape case when she was attacked.

The five men also included the two who were accused of raping the woman in December.

"Usne kaha ki bhahiya mujhe bacha lo, mujhe marna nahi hai. Jinhonne mere sath ye kiya hai, unhe mai maut ki saza paatey dekhna chahti hu [she told me that brother, please save me, I don't want to die. Those who have done this to me, I want to see them getting a death sentence]" the brother of rape survivor told India Today TV.

Comment: India must begin addressing its society's perverse views regarding violence against its female population.


Crash and burn: Bottom falls out as libtard CNN ratings hit 3-year low

CNN Zucker
© Bottom Falls Out as CNN Ratings Hit 3-Year Low
CNN president Jeff Zucker
Far-left CNN, an anti-Trump, pro-violence, racist, fake news outlet that traffics in conspiracy theories, collapsed to a three-year low in the ratings during the week of November 25.

A three-year low.

Three years.

While Congress is impeaching the president.


Comment: Just more evidence of CNN's long slide into irrelevancy. Under Jeff Zucker's "leadership" the once-repected outlet that simply reported news transformed itself into a Democratic propaganda outlet. Project Veritas' expose made that clear. Now they are paying the price.

Eye 1

WADA's blurred lines & blind spots would lead to a moral blackout should it ban Russia

Ahead of its crunch meeting to decide on whether to ban Russia, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has demonstrated a masterclass of what happens when blurred lines and blind spots lead to the brink of a moral blackout.

The climax of the latest WADA farce will take place when an executive committee will convene on Monday in Lausanne to decide whether to impose a draconian law to declare the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) non-compliant for four whole years, excluding the nation from taking part in next year's Tokyo Games and the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.

For all it's posturing and pontificating, the reality is WADA's credibility has disintegrated to the point the organization should be scorched and built from scratch. Its razor-thin lines drawn between what does and doesn't constitute doping has seen lines drawn in the sand separating clean and unclean athletes become blurred beyond recognition.

Away from WADA's close and careful gaze that is seemingly fixed on Russia, other athletes lurk in the blind spots with Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) forms projecting a saintly image of athletic purity and immunity. Blind faith in their own questionable ability to govern sport will see WADA next week contemplate wiping Russia off the sporting map.

If so, that would represent a complete moral blackout for an organization formed with the purpose of bringing to light cheating in sport. If there is something that should be excluded, should be scrapped and rebooted from scratch, it is WADA itself.

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Scores feared trapped after 6-story building collapses in Kenya

nairobi collapse
At least two people have died after a six-storey residential building collapsed in Kenya's capital Nairobi. Rescue efforts are still ongoing, with 11 people, including children, pulled from the rubble so far.

Residents from the surrounding Tassia estate rushed to the scene and began pulling people from the rubble immediately, rescuing ten people before authorities had even arrived. The brave volunteers used their bare hands to dig through the shattered remains of the building.

Eyewitness video from the scene shows frantic efforts to remove rubble and save the lives of those trapped beneath it.

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A bridge to Far East: Russia to link Sakhalin Island with mainland in next 10-15 years

Sakhalin Island
© Global Look press / Sergei Fomine
Russia's Sakhalin island
Russia plans to complete an ambitious multi-billion-dollar construction project linking the mainland to Sakhalin Island in the Far East between 2030 and 2035, the head of the region has revealed.

The new bridge is expected to significantly boost trade, as it will provide access to year-round sea ports on the remote island, Sakhalin Region Governor Valery Limarenko told a local TV channel. The route could bring to the region "an important logistic function," as shipments from Japan to Europe could go through it, and some gas or oil refineries could be built along it.


San Francisco has nearly five empty homes per homeless resident

San Francisco
© Shutterstock
Oakland housing activists Moms 4 Housing, who made national news by taking over a vacant West Oakland house in November, frequently cite a statistic alleging that there are four empty homes in Oakland for every homeless person — a figure alluded to in the group's name.

But is this true?

The answer to that question: It's complicated. Estimating both housing and homeless populations can be a tricky chore; depending on the method, San Francisco's 2019 homeless count ranges from just over 8,000 to nearly 17,600 persons.

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