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Tue, 07 Feb 2023
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Fire Tornado Caught on Camera in Hungary

Fire Tornado
© Reuters
A fire tornado is created during a blaze at a plastic processing factory in Kistarcsa near Budapest, Hungary.

These striking photos were captured during a huge fire at a plastic processing plant in Kistarcsa, a suburb of the Hungarian capital Budapest.

Around 70 firefighters were sent to tackle the blaze, which engulfed an entire industrial unit and sent a terrifying tower of flames swirling into the sky.

A witness at the scene said that 15 foot high flames also ravaged the building, and several explosions were heard.

So far, no casualties have been reported in the inferno, which broke out at 8pm local time on Tuesday night. The cause of the fire is unknown.


Wisconsin Voters Launch Recall Campaign Against Eight GOP State Senators


Last month, ThinkProgress reported that Wisconsin law allows any elected official who has served at least one year of their current term to be recalled from office. Today, a group of Wisconsin voters took the first step towards invoking this recall process. According to a Wisconsin Democratic Party e-mail that was obtained by ThinkProgress:
This morning citizens from around the state took the first steps by filing recall papers against key Republican Senators who have stood with Scott Walker and pushed his partisan power grab that will strip thousands of middle class teachers, nurses, librarians and other workers of their right to collective bargaining. And we learned just last night that their disastrous budget that will cut millions from our schools and universities. . . .

Make no mistake, these Republican Senators are vulnerable to recall for their radical partisan overreach. Senator Randy Hopper won his last election by just 184 votes. And Alberta Darling won her last race by only 1,007. By recalling just three of the eight Senators [Democrats] are targeting, [Democrats] can regain control of the Senate.

Heart - Black

US: Colorado boy, 12, in custody after deadly shootings

Burlington - A 12-year-old boy who reported shots fired at his eastern Colorado home was in custody Wednesday after officers arrived to find his parents dead and two of his siblings in critical condition.

The boy called 911 Tuesday evening to report at least three people had been shot at his Burlington home, said Steve Johnson of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

When officers arrived, they found the bodies of 50-year-old Charles Long and his wife, 51-year-old Marilyn Long. Two of their children were wounded - a 5-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy.

It was unclear whether the 12-year-old suffered any injuries.


Egypt's Labor Unrest Extends Even to Nation's Famous Antiquities Showman

Zahi Hawass
© Testo/Silvia Dogliani
Zahi Hawass
The man in charge of Egyptian antiquities starred in a TV show about his exploits, sports an "Indiana Jones"-style fedora and triumphantly declared that the nation's heritage was mostly unscathed after the revolt that toppled the president.

On Monday, however, he was under siege, the target of angry protesters who want him to quit.

"Get out," a crowd of 150 archaeology graduates chanted outside the office of Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass, who threw in his lot with the old order when he accepted a Cabinet post in the last weeks of Hosni Mubarak's rule.

Whether Hawass, entrusted with preserving Egypt's museums and monuments, will go the way of Mubarak and resign is uncertain. But the scorn directed him at personifies the messy business of transition in a nation, now ruled by the military, where much of the old governing structure remains intact.

The demonstration in a leafy enclave of Cairo was one of many protests and strikes that have sprung up in Egypt as people voice their grievances for the first time after Mubarak's heavy-handed reign over the last three decades.

Mr. Potato

Libya: Gaddafi's nurse has passport confiscated after drunken rant

Galyna Kolotnytska
© Reuters
Galyna Kolotnytska arrives at her appartment block in Brovary town outside Kiev on Monday this week

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's personal nurse had her passport confiscated on returning to her native Ukraine on Sunday after allegedly verbally abusing fellow passengers and crew in a drunken rant.

Witnesses told the Ukrainian daily newspaper Segodnya that 38-year-old Galyna Kolotnytska was drunk when she got on the plane that took her from Tripoli to Kiev and needed help to stand on her own two feet.

She flew into a drunken rage, they added, when she realised that the plane was a military cargo plane and not a passenger liner.

"She began to shout the odds ... demanding the pilots' names and threatening to fire them. She was very aggressive and said that she was Gaddafi's woman and that he would not permit her to be insulted," one witness claimed.


Council and police blasted for hiring 'sniffer wardens' to smoke out drivers who light up in company cars

Drivers who light cigarettes in company cars are being hunted down by 'sniffer wardens' after a council teamed up with police to smoke them out.

Tendring District Council and Essex Police are so eager to catch employees having a puff behind the wheel that they've set up road blocks across the county.

Armed with nothing but a heightened sense of smell, the sharp-nosed enforcers lie in wait, sniffing inside the cars of suspected lawbreakers, and scouring for used ashtrays.
© Unknown
Zealous: Armed with nothing but a heightened sense of smell, the Tendring District Council and Essex Police enforcers lie in wait, sniffing inside the cars of suspected lawbreakers, and scouring for used ashtrays.


Manning hit with new charges; could face death penalty

© Associated Press
Pfc. Bradley Manning. Manning, in an undated file photo, faces 22 additional counts
Washington - Following an intensive seven-month investigation, the Army on Wednesday filed 22 additional charges against Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused of illegally downloading tens of thousands of classified U.S. military and State Department documents that were then publicly released by WikiLeaks, military officials tell NBC News.

The most serious of the new charges is "aiding the enemy," a capital offense which carries a potential death sentence.

Pentagon and military officials say some of the classified information released by WikiLeaks contained the names of informants and others who had cooperated with U.S. military forces in Afghanistan, endangering their lives. According to the officials, the U.S. military rounded up many of those named and brought them into their bases for their own protection. But, according to one military official, "We didn't get them all." Military officials tell NBC News, a small number of them have still have not been found.

Bad Guys

UK Judge Rules Assange Can Be Extradited; Could Eventually Face US Death Penalty

Lawyers for Assange immediately said they would appeal against the decision, which they fear could eventually result in Assange facing imprisonment in the US.

London -- WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden to face rape charges, a British judge ruled on Thursday after throwing out defense arguments that he would face an unfair trial.

Lawyers for Assange immediately said they would appeal against the decision, setting up a lengthy legal battle through Britain's courts that could postpone the 39-year-old Australian's ultimate fate for months.

"As I am satisfied that extradition is compatible with the defendant's (European) Convention rights, I must order that Mr Assange be extradited to Sweden," judge Howard Riddle said.

Speaking after the hearing at the top security Belmarsh Magistrates' Court in southeast London, Assange criticized the European system under which he was detained in December at Sweden's request.

Black Cat

Charlie Sheen, Mind Control, 9/11 and The Sixth Extinction


Mind melding with the CIA - Is Charlie Sheen an MK-Ultra victim?
Why has Charlie Sheen 'gone off' in such spectacular fashion? Admittedly, it's not exactly unusual for a Hollywood star to go on a drink and drug-fuelled 'bender' and end up in rehab, but for most of them that's usually the extent of the acting out. Charlie Sheen however appears to be in a different category. While he has an alleged history of drink and drug abuse dating back to 2005, his dramatically swift fall from grace really began late last year when he was arrested for causing $7000 worth of damage to a hotel suite during a weekend of drugs and prostitutes. Since then, his behavior has grown increasingly bizarre and, most recently, he seems to have adopted a 'god complex' that does not appear to be dependent on, or fueled by, any substance abuse (although there is obviously a strong possibility of him being bipolar).

Here are a few snippets of his recent public comments:

Heart - Black

You've got 10 seconds to say goodbye to your kids: What father accused of killing daughter by driving into river told his estranged wife

© Unknown
Tragedy: Christopher Grady is accused of murdering his five-year-old daughter Gabby and attempting to murder his six-year-old son Ryan after driving his car into a river whilst they were sitting on the back seat
A father drove two of his children into a river after telling their mother: 'You've got ten seconds to say goodbye to your kids and then they are dead,' a court heard yesterday.

Christopher Grady issued the chilling threat after turning up at Kim Smith's door with Ryan, six, and Gabrielle, five, in the car, the jury was told.

As she made a frantic grab at the car door to get them out, he sped off with the children screaming in the back seat.

Witnesses watched in horror as he drove the car at full speed into the freezing water, the court heard.

Ryan was rescued, but Gabrielle was pronounced dead in hospital after firemen fought for two hours to rescue her from the sinking car.

Grady, a self-employed welder and blacksmith, who was separated from Miss Smith, 39, had been arguing with her about seeing the children, the court heard.

He was alleged to have previously told her: 'If I can't have them, you can't.'