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French government fines TV news for allowing a skeptic to speak without being challenged

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We know what secrets they fear the most, by how they overreact

In France, the second largest news network let an economist go on air and declare he thought global warming was a lie and a scam used to justify State intervention. He even went on to say it is a form of totalitarianism. Shockingly (to the regulators Arcom), the CNEWS TV hosts did not contest this, and nor did anyone else in the studio. For this, 11 months later, the TV channel is being fined €20,000.

Too close to the truth then?
A popular French rolling news channel has been fined for broadcasting climate scepticism unchallenged

By Saskia O'Donoghue, EuroNews

During the programme, prominent economist Philippe Herlin shared personal climate scepticism - but was not contradicted by anybody else in the TV studio, including the hosts.

"Anthropogenic global warming is a lie, a scam... Explaining to us that it is because of Man, no, that is a conspiracy, and why does that have so much weight?", Herlin said. "Because it justifies the intervention of the State in our lives, and it absolves the State from having to reduce its public spending... It is a form of totalitarianism."
Apparently, the real crime here is not that he said the unthinkable, but that the TV crew didn't correct him:
After investigation, Arcom found that CNews' lack of reaction was a "failure" to meet the obligations of the channel ...
Perhaps if they'd laughed at him, called him petty names, and treated him like a leper it would have been OK? (No, seriously, there is a razor point here. There are bound to be past examples where the only response to a skeptic was to call them a climate denier, and Arcom was apparently happy with that, since they've never used this fine before.) Does Arcom approve of namecalling or social approbation as a "balanced response"? Oh. Yes. They. Do.

The regulators go on to explain that the channel:
" required to ensure an honest presentation of controversial issues, in particular by ensuring the expression of different points of view".
Which must be a new requirement since French TV has relentlessly hammered the establishment line in a one sided way for thirty years without needing any balance at all. And Arcom didn't fine them for shamelessly promoting government propaganda. Perhaps a French skeptic could ask Arcon if controversial government opinions need to be balanced "in an honest presentation" or whether it's only critics of the government who need to be held to account?
Arcom found that the views shared "contradicted or minimised" the scientific consensus on climate change "through a treatment lacking rigour and without contradiction".
Since when was it the job of journalists to promote government approved "science"?


Huge fire at military base in Spain, cause not yet known

fire military
© XA video shared online shows huge plumes of thick grey smoke rising into the air
A fire has been declared close to a popular Spanish holiday hotspot as a video shows plumes of thick grey smoke engulfing the area.

The blaze started at the military base of Cerro Muriano, Córdoba in the Andalusia region of Spain.

Locals and tourists are now being warned that the fire has spread outside the military exclusion zone.

The fire was reported by local news at around 9pm local time Friday night.

It is not yet clear what started it.

Comment: There's been a number of fires and explosions at Western military manufacturers, and bases, of late, and one wonders just what exactly is the cause? It could be the West's attempts to ramp up production is leading to accidents, or, since Russia has also suffered a relentless sabotage since starting the SMO, it may be that the question is: who is to blame? At least in Russia's case the allegiance and purpose of the perpetrators is a little more obvious: It is notable that some of Spain's politicians have been relatively outspoken in support of Palestinians, and against Israel's Gaza genocide, but, overall, they've been supportive of the West's failing proxy war in Ukraine: Spanish Premier Sanchez calls for NATO unity on Gaza similar to unity over Ukraine


Another Boeing 737 problem revealed

Over 2,500 Boeing 737 airplanes must be inspected due to a potential issue with emergency oxygen generators, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on Monday.

In case of cabin depressurization, oxygen masks drop from the overhead compartments. After Boeing detected that some of the generators might not work due to a flaw with retention straps, the FAA issued an Airworthiness Directive requiring their immediate inspection.

The order affects some 2,600 Boeing 737 Max and Next Generation models. Airlines have between 120 and 150 days to finish inspections and undertake "corrective actions" if needed, and have been banned from installing potentially defective parts.


JK Rowling slams David Tennant's pro-trans rights speech as Harry Potter author says Doctor Who star 'sure does want a lot of people to cease to exist'

david tenant
JK Rowling has slammed Doctor Who star David Tennant following his pro trans speech at an LGBT awards ceremony because he said trans critics were 'whinging'.

After winning celebrity ally at the LGBT Awards for being one of 'the community's most fierce allies and supporters', The Scottish actor was asked to relay a message to trans youth backstage.

During his interview the Timelord said trans youth should not feel unloved or not accepted as 'most people in the world don't really care', later adding that opposers would 'all go away soon'.

Bad Guys

UK will release prisoners early due to overcrowding, including some violent offenders, as system nears 'collapse'

uk jail prison
Prisons have been at more than 99% capacity for most of the time since January 2023, with concerns the system is about to collapse.

Prisoners who have served 40% of their sentence will be released to help alleviate overcrowding, the government has announced.

Justice Secretary Shabana Mahmood said failing to act now risks "the collapse of the criminal justice system and a total breakdown of law and order", including looting and rioting in the streets.

Comment: Or they could just build more prisons?

The newly appointed minister blamed Rishi Sunak "and his gang in Number 10" for being "too weak to heed the warning signs that were flashing".

Comment: Releasing offenders early, at a time when the UK is already suffering a crime wave - connected to the cost of living crisis and 14 years of austerity - is, obviously, a recipe for disaster; but it seems that, alongside weaponised mass migration, for some in the establishment, that's precisely the point.

And there are signs that other Western nations are also struggling with much the same problem: Meanwhile in the developing world: Russia closes 93 prisons in 7 years due to optimization and leniency (2018)


Polish military plane crashes during airshow rehearsals, killing pilot

polish crash
A Polish military plane crashed on Friday while rehearsing for an airshow, killing the pilot, the armed forces said.

Social media footage showed an M-346 Bielik crashing into the ground during rehearsals for the Gdynia Naval Aviation Brigade's 30th Anniversary event in the port city of the same name.

"It is with deep regret that we inform you that today, during an M-346 Bielik training flight at the airport of the 43rd Naval Aviation Base in Gdynia Babich-Doly, Major Pilot Robert 'Killer' Jel tragically died," the General Armed Forces Command said on X.

Separately, Polish President Adrzej Duda also wrote on X: "It is with deep regret that I received the news about the crash of the M-346 Bielik plane, in which the pilot of the Polish Air Force tragically died."

Comment: Accidents and errors do happen, but it's also notable that those nations allied with the warmongers appear to be suffering a significant number of incidents; and one might conclude that to be rather symbolic:


AT&T reveals hackers stole "nearly all" records of customer calls, texts

AT&T hacker
Surprise. Surprise. AT&T has revealed a massive hack of customer data for the second time this year. This latest batch of customer data includes "records of customer call and text interactions" that occurred "between approximately May 1 and October 31, 2022, as well as on January 2, 2023," the company wrote in a regulatory filing Friday.

AT&T said the data does not include "content of calls or texts, personal information such as Social Security numbers, dates of birth, or other personally identifiable information," but noted the data does include "periods of time, records of calls and texts of nearly all of AT&T's wireless customers and customers of mobile virtual network operators ("MVNO") using AT&T's wireless network."

Light Saber

Elon Musk: X to sue groups that conspire to boycott conservative news sites

Elon Musk
© AP Photo / Ludovic MarinElon Musk
Tesla founder and X owner Elon Musk said Thursday he plans to file a lawsuit against a collaboration of people and organizations that work to prevent advertising dollars from going to conservative news media brands.

Musk announced his intention on X while sharing video of Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro's Congressional testimony on the topic from Wednesday.

"Having seen the evidence unearthed today by Congress, 𝕏 has no choice but to file suit against the perpetrators and collaborators in the advertising boycott racket," Musk wrote. "Hopefully, some states will consider criminal prosecution."

Comment: It's not a new problem, but suppression of conservative voices on social media via monetary strangulation is finally getting some attention.

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Israeli fragmentation bombs cause horrific injuries to Gaza children, doctors say

Injured Palestinian children wait to receive medical treatment at the Nasser hospital after an Israeli airstrike in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip, on December 5, 2023.
© Anadolu AgencyInjured Palestinian children wait to receive medical treatment at the Nasser hospital after an Israeli airstrike in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip, on December 5, 2023.
Foreign surgeons in the Gaza Strip say they have seen numerous severe injuries in Palestinian children caused by Israeli fragmentation weapons.

Six volunteer doctors, who had worked at Gaza's European and al-Aqsa hospitals in the past three months, said a majority of their operations were on children hit by small pieces of shrapnel that leave barely discernible entry wounds but create extensive destruction inside the body.

Speaking to The Guardian on Thursday, they added that the Israeli fragmentation bombs, which are loaded with shrapnel, contribute to alarming rates of deaths and amputations among Gaza children.

Feroze Sidhwa, a trauma surgeon from California, who worked at the European hospital in April, said that he had encountered "splinter injuries".

"About half of the injuries I took care of were in young kids. We saw a lot of so-called splinter injuries that were very, very small to the point that you easily missed them while examining a patient. Much, much smaller than anything I've seen before but they caused tremendous damage on the inside," he added.

"Children are more vulnerable to any penetrating injury because they have smaller bodies. Their vital parts are smaller and easier to disrupt... The artery that feeds the leg, the femoral artery, is only the thickness of a noodle in a small child. It's very, very small. So repairing it and keeping the kid's limb attached to them is very difficult."

Comment: The article is disturbing, and so are the question it can lead to.

When considering the broad support given by many, especially Western Governments, to what is happening in Gaza, is the way Israel fights in Gaza how several Western Government expect to eventually fight their own citizens if the citizens decide not to support the policies their governments would like to force upon them? Another question is if such a possible conflict is what some actors would even like to provoke intentionally in order to have the government help to weaken the populations and countries in order to facilitate them taking over the spoils? Notice also how there are discussions about establishing ceasefires in Gaza, but when Gaza deal must allow Israel to keep fighting - Netanyahu are such discussions used by Israel to wear down the psychology of the people in Gaza by repeated waves of hope for peace alternated by violent oppression? However, just because governments or nefarious actors might have certain intentions, does not mean that all goes according to plan.

See also:
Israel has deliberately destroyed all of Gaza's hospitals with US approval and support
The Lancet study estimates death toll in Gaza 186,000 or even more

1) A fragmentation sleeve is metal casing fitted to the outside an explosive device. When the explosive detonates the sleeve fragments and the fragments move away at high velocity from the point of detonation. The way the sleeve fragments depends on the construction and the material used for the sleeve. In addition to the sleeves fitted on the outside, there can also be small metal pieces packed below the main casing.

2) According to the article in the Guardian, used as referenced in the article from PressTV, the most common size of the wounds were one or two millimetre. From the article it is possible to find additional information about the means used to create the havoc: the Spike missile, the 120mm Anti-Personel/Anti-Material Tank Cartridge, M329, and the Hatzav 120mm M339 High Explosive Multi Purpose Tank Cartridge. A video uploaded by Elbit Systems Land shows how it works. Elbit Systems Ltd acquired IMI Systems and renamed it Elbit Systems Land. It is traded as ESLT.

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Worlds largest vacuum to suck carbon out of the sky (and money out of wallets)

© in Iceland, Mammoth is Climeworks' second commercial DAC+S plant, which is about ten times bigger than its predecessor plant, Orca.
In a world of turmoil, trust the Sydney Morning Herald to ask the key question of the day:
Should Australia house a giant vacuum cleaner to suck carbon from the sky?

In May this year, on the flat plains of an Icelandic geothermal reserve, a gigantic vacuum cleaner designed to suck planet-warming carbon dioxide out of the sky was switched on.

The machine, called Mammoth, would not be entirely out of place on a Mad Max set....
The big machine in Iceland and will soon start pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere each year and turning it into calcium carbonate rock underground.

In a world where humans make 37 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually the project will be able to remove 36,000 tons of CO2 each year, which is approximately one millionth of human annual emissions.

Cost estimates are said to be "closer to $1,000 a ton" to remove the CO2. Effectively, we're spending 36 million dollars US to convert one millionth of human annual emissions of a fertilizing gas into limestone rock we don't need.

Flagrant Big Government wastage doesn't get much more pointless than this.

File this away for the history books of the future like the quest for perpetual motion machines.