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Christopher Dorner's manifesto & LAPD's recent actions raise lots of disturbing questions

All eyes are on Christopher Dorner the fired LAPD officer who is the subject on a massive manhunt that involves more than 1000 cops up and down the state of California and in Nevada. He's accused of gunning down three people including Monica Quan, a popular basketball coach and the daughter of a former LAPD captain and her fiance Keith Lawrence who is described as mentor to many and recently graduated from a police academy. ..

Dorner's also accused of shooting 3 police officers killing one in Riverside California...In an 11 page manifesto that he posted on-line, Dorner lays out the reasons he's on the rampage and why he's down to take out his fellow officers and their family members. He feels they are racist, unfair and done him dirty by tarnishing his name and reputation. In this manifesto which is an epic read, he describes in great detail a department that is corrupt and more violent than the streets he was assigned to patrol...No matter how this turns out all of us should be asking a whole lot of questions and not resting until we get solid answers..You can read an uncensored copy of that manifesto HERE

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UK inequality rises sharply in 15 years - report

© AFP Photo / Bertrand Guay
The UK's super-rich, the top 1% of earners, now pocket 10 pence in every pound, while the bottom half have seen their share of the nation's wealth drop in the last 15 years. Middle earners have also seen their earning power stagnate.

Inequality in the UK has increased sharply in the last decade and a half, according to a study by the think tank, the Resolution Foundation, 'Squeezed Britain 2013', which is to be published next week.

According to Resolution's analysis the top 1% on earners have seen their share of the nation's wealth jump from 7% in the mid-1990s to 10% today, meaning that the top 1% of earners now pocket 10p in every pound of income paid in Britain. The bottom 50% have seen their share of the pie drop from 19% to 18%, it was reported in the Observer.

Although there was a slight reduction in top earning between 2009 and 2011, the research concludes this is most likely because the highest paid employees have brought their earnings forward to benefit from reduced income tax rates, which come into force this April. The Chancellor, George Osborne, is lowering the top tax rate for all earnings over £150,000 from 50p to 45p.


Cop punches victim (U.S. soldier) for complaining it took them 45 minutes to respond to his call

The ABC7 News I-Team has uncovered a new complaint of excessive force against Vallejo police - the incident, caught on camera. The department is already reeling after a violent year, including six people shot and killed by officers.

The more I dig, the more questions I have. This story began when a package arrived in the mail from someone inside the department. It was a DVD, a police report, and a letter complaining about a "cowboy attitude" by officers and command staff.

Imagine you're a police officer on patrol. It's a warm summer day when the call comes in - a 22-year-old complaining his roommates beat him up and kicked him out of the apartment.


Charlie Sheen to alleged Los Angeles cop killer: 'Call me'

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Anger Management star Charlie Sheen released an online video Saturday urging an ex-cop accused of three killings to call him, after the actor was named in the man's chilling online manifesto.

Police are hunting for Christopher Dorner, a 33-year-old disgruntled former LA Police Department officer who threatened to go on a murder spree against police and their families to avenge his sacking five years ago.

In a rambling online statement - in which Dorner threatened "unconventional and asymmetrical warfare" against the LAPD - he at one point describes Sheen as "effin' awesome."


Abusive Arkansas law jails tenants who don't pay their rent

Jail wall
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Under a state law in Arkansas, renters can be imprisoned for failing to pay their rent. According to a report by Human Rights Watch, titled "Pay the Rent or Face Arrest: Abusive Impacts of Arkansas's Criminal Evictions Law," hundreds of tenants each year are taken to court, fined and jailed under the state's "failure to vacate" law.

"The failure-to-vacate law was used to bring charges against more than 1,200 Arkansas tenants in 2012 alone," read the report. "This figure greatly understates the total number of people impacted by the law. The vast majority of tenants scramble to move out when faced with a 10-day notice to vacate rather than face trial - and with good reason."

The report continued, "Making matters considerably worse, the law strongly discourages accused tenants from pleading not guilty. Those who do are required to deposit the total amount of rent they allegedly owe with the court, which they forfeit if they are found guilty. Tenants who are unable to deposit the rent amount but plead not guilty anyway face substantially harsher fines and up to 90 days in jail. Tenants who plead guilty face none of this."


California student planned school shooting: Deputies

© NBCSanDiego
The 12-year-old student was detained after officials seized numerous rifles and handguns from his home

A Poway student sent a threatening email over the weekend to a Twin Peaks Middle School administrator stating he planned to shoot a teacher and her 23 students at the school on Monday morning.

Detectives from the San Diego County Sheriff's Department investigated the alleged threat and found numerous rifles and handguns in the 12-year-old student's home.

According to officials, the email threat made reference to 3,000 rounds of ammunition as well as numerous firearms in the planned shooting at the Poway middle school located at 14640 Tierra Bonita Rd.

NBC 7 spoke exclusively with the teacher referenced in the email. She wishes to remain anonymous to protect her safety.

"I kept asking myself, 'Why me?' Literally wracking my brain trying to figure out who it is," she said.


India train station stampede kills at least 10

© APAllahabad, India, where Hindu devotees bathe at Sangam, the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers during the Kumbh Mela
Many feared dead and dozens injured after footbridge collapses in northern Indian city hosting Hindu Kumbh Mela festival

At least 10 people are feared dead and dozens injured in a stampede at a train station in the northern Indian city of Allahabad, where millions of Hindus had gathered for a religious festival.

The New Delhi Television channel reported that the stampede broke out after a footbridge at the station collapsed on Sunday with at least 10 people feared dead. The CNN-IBN news channel said at least 20 had been killed. There was no immediate confirmation from any local officials.


California helicopter crash: 3 people killed

© KABC PhotoThree people were killed in a helicopter crash in Acton on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013.
Three people were killed in a helicopter crash in Acton on Sunday, L.A. County Fire tells Eyewitness News.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says the helicopter was part of some sort of film production shoot.


Five dead, 3 injured in cruise ship accident in Canary Islands

© NASA/GSFCThe Canary Islands, as seen from space
Five people have been killed and three other injured after a lifeboat fell into the sea from a cruise ship while it was docked in the port of Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands, Spanish authorities say.

Three Indonesians, a Filipino and a Ghanaian were killed, the BBC reports.

The injured were all men, two aged 30, and another, a Greek national, was 32-years-old, a government statement said, citing the islands' Emergency and Security Coordination Center.

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Bereaved son billed for ambulance that failed to save his father

A Washington D.C. man is complaining after being sent a bill for nearly $800 for ambulance services that failed to save his father's life.

"I feel angry. Upset," Durand Ford Jr. told WRC-TV on Friday. "I'm disturbed that we even received this bill."

The bill for $780.85 stems from Ford's call to DC Fire & EMS (DCFEMS) on New Year's Eve when his father, 71-year-old Durand Ford Sr., began having problems breathing.