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Sun, 09 Aug 2020
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Fire in one of the World Trade Center towers in Brussels

fire WTC

Fire at one of the World Trade Centre's in Brussels
A fire broke out in one of the towers of the World Trade Center in Brussels. The building is under renovation. UA fire broke out on Thursday afternoon around 3:45 p.m. in the WTC tower, located on Boulevard du Roi Albert II, in the North district of Brussels, said Brussels firefighter spokesperson Walter Derieuw. A cloud of black smoke was emerging and was visible several kilometers away.

The building is under renovation, so it is not currently occupied. Only workers were there when the fire broke out. There are no injuries.

There is no water in the tower. The fire brigade must take it from the pumper on the ground floor. The site hoist was made available to them.

Comment: There have been numerous notable fires following the Beirut blast, see here for details: New fire at Saudi Arabia's Haramain high speed train station


New York AG seeks to dissolve NRA in lawsuit accusing leaders of self-dealing, causing $64 million in losses

New York State Attorney General Letitia James
© Brendan McDermid | Reuters
New York State Attorney General, Letitia James, speaks during a news conference, to announce a suit to dissolve the National Rifle Association, In New York, U.S., August 6, 2020.
New York Attorney General Letitia James on Thursday announced that the state is seeking to dissolve the National Rifle Association in a lawsuit that accuses the leadership of the flagging nonprofit of diverting millions of dollars for their own personal use.

According to the lawsuit, the senior leadership of the NRA squandered millions in donations on personal trips, private jets and expensive meals. The failure to lawfully manage the organization's funds contributed to losses of $64 million over three years, the suit says.

The suit was filed in New York county in the New York State Supreme Court. At a press conference announcing the suit, James said the NRA was "a breeding ground for greed, abuse, and brazen illegality."

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New fire at Saudi Arabia's Haramain high speed train station

Haramain fire

Images from the Haramain fire.
The Civil Defense teams were battling to put out a blaze that broke out inside the courtyard of the Haramain High-Speed Train station in Sulaymaniyah district here on Thursday evening.

Col. Muhammad Al-Qarni, the spokesman of the Civil Defense in Makkah region, said that the Civil Defense teams rushed to the station after its Uniform Operations Center received information at 7:27 p.m. about a fire at the courtyard of the station.

The spokesman said the fire originated from the makeshift cabins being used as administrative offices, covering an area of 20x60 meters in the courtyard. Fire crews were working to contain the fire at the site that had not spread to adjacent areas and the crews were still engaged in putting out the blaze completely, he said adding that no one was hurt in the accident.

Comment: This comes on the heels of the Beirut blast, which was followed by notable fires at a market in Iraq; a market in Ajman in the UAE; Fafa food industries in Iran, and one at Brussels' Worth Trade Centre - images of some of the fires, and others, below:

beirut fires unexplained UAE Iraq

The Beirut blast and some, but not all, of the subsequent fires.
Video of the fire has been posted on PressTV's Twitter account:


'White' artificial intelligence risks exacerbating racial inequality, study suggests


Many superior robots in movies are white or played by white voices, researchers say.
Researchers suggested machines have distinct racial identities and this perpetuates "real world" racial stereotypes.

The "whiteness" of artificial intelligence (AI) risks a "racially homogenous" workforce as humans create machines skewed by their biases, a study suggests.

The University of Cambridge study examined AI in society, including in films, Google searches, stock images and robot voices.

Comment: Give. Us. A. Break.

Even NASA is apparently getting woke. From RT:
Woke NASA to crack down on 'racist' space names such as 'Eskimo Nebula' & 'Siamese Twins Galaxy'

When people gaze at the stars, some see their beauty, while others discover reasons to be offended by the nicknames we invented for them. Luckily for the latter, NASA is about to purge the star charts for the sake of "diversity."

The first target for NASA's desire to keep woke bullies appeased is planetary nebula NGC 2392. Lay astronomers know it by the nickname 'Eskimo Nebula,' which it gained because its spectacular shape resembles a head in a parka hood.

The US agency will no longer call it that, because "'Eskimo' is widely viewed as a colonial term with a racist history, imposed on the indigenous people of Arctic regions," it said on Wednesday. The content of NASA's website may need updating, however, as at the time of writing, the historic nickname was still present there.

Another example of a supposedly 'racist' nickname that NASA wants to eradicate is that of the 'Siamese Twins Galaxies.' It refers to NGC 4567 and NGC 4568, a pair of galaxies in the Virgo Galaxy Cluster, which are separated by just 52 million light years and are in the process of colliding with each other. The colloquial term for conjoined twins was deemed inappropriate by NASA, which may now roll back to the other nickname for the same objects: the 'Butterfly Galaxies.'

The space agency's goal is that "all names are aligned with our values of diversity and inclusion, and we'll proactively work with the scientific community to help ensure that," associate administrator Thomas Zurbuchen explained. Diversity, inclusion, and equity experts in the astronomical and physical sciences will help NASA identify more candidates for the chopping block.

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There is no second autopsy of George Floyd's death

George Floyd
I have searched the Internet and cannot find the alleged second autopsy — the so-called "independent autopsy" hired by "George Floyd's family." I have no difficulty finding the official medical examiner's report, but there is no sign of a second autopsy. Those of you who are convinced it exists please send me the URL. It will prove that you are a better Internet searcher than I am.

Based on the available information, the "second autopsy" consists of an assertion by CNN, a collection of liars that other presstitutes echo. Thus, the presstitutes created a non-existent "second autopsy" just as they created Russiagate and Russian bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops in Afganistan that President Trump allegedly refuses to do anything about. Precisely how does Trump do something about something that does not exist? Try to imagine people so stupid that the morons think the Taliban has to be paid by Russia to kill the American troops who are trying to occupy Afghanistan. The Taliban have been killing the US occupying troops for two decades! Why suddenly are Russian bounties necessary for the Taliban to kill US troops? It is just more concocted anti-Trump propaganda.

Similarly, how can a second autopsy that allegedly concludes that officer Chauvin murdered Floyd be refuted when no such autopsy exists?

What does exist is a twice fired former medical examiner, first fired by New York City and then by Suffold County, who serves as a hired gun to give inflamatory statements to the media in support of civil lawsuits for money. His name is Michael Baden.

Comment: See also: Leaked bodycam footage shows entirety of George Floyd arrest - supporting cops' AND protesters' narratives (DISTURBING VIDEO)

Book 2

Ex-NYT reporter publishes new anti-lockdown book, calls out '90% of media' on parroting same lines on Covid responses

covid protests
© REUTERS/Bryan R Smith
Alex Berenson's latest chapter in a series of books about Covid-19, the first of which was briefly censored by Amazon, questions both the media's coverage of the pandemic and the effectiveness of lockdowns.

"I think it's really important, at a time when 90 percent of media... is saying the same thing, with very little pushback or smart questioning, to get different perspectives," Berenson told Fox News about the self-published 'Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns: Part 2: Update and Examination of Lockdowns as a Strategy.'

"Even if you disagree with me completely, it's always good to know what other people are thinking," he added.

The first part in the reporter's series of Covid-19 books was censored by Amazon for allegedly spreading misinformation about the pandemic. The e-commerce company refused to publish the work, which questioned the hysteria around coronavirus, but ultimately folded after many blasted the company, including SpaceX founder Elon Musk, who accused the company of being a "monopoly."

The main theme of Berenson's second book is questioning whether lockdown measures taken by various states in the US are a good strategy in battling the spread of a virus.

Comment: See also: Amazon backs down after many, including Elon Musk, slam it for censorship of book questioning Covid-19 threat


Gina Carano's formidable stand against BLM bullies is a much-wanted victory over cancel culture

Gina Carano BLM twitter trolls
© REUTERS/Morris Mac Matzen/Henry Nicholls
Gina Carano
MMA fighter and Deadpool star Gina Carano has been accused by social justice warriors on Twitter of being "racist" for not showing enough support to Black Lives Matter and daring to express herself.

#Ginacaranoisoverparty began trending on Wednesday as the woke mob set Carano in their sights after days of her pushing back against critics. The controversy appears to have kicked off with Carano posting a black-and-white wartime photo of men giving the infamous Nazi salute with one circled, as he's refusing to take part in the gesture.

The Mandalorian actress was then hit with tweets from trolls, who claimed they were trying to "educate" her while accusing her of being racist and not supporting the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement through her social media.


This reporter took a deep dive into the science of smoking pot. The facts are frightening

Alex Berenson  reporter marijuana book
© Craig Geller
Alex Berenson
Alex Berenson's new book delves into research linking heavy use with violent crime and mental illness.

It's been a few years since Alex Berenson has "committed journalism," as he likes to say. As a New York Times reporter, Berenson did two tours covering the Iraq War, an experience that inspired him to write his first of nearly a dozen spy novels. Starting with the 2006 Edgar Award-winning The Faithful Spy, his books were so successful that he left the Times in 2010 to write fiction full time. But his latest book, out January 8, strays far from the halls of Langley and the jihadis of Afghanistan. Tell Your Children is nonfiction that takes a sledgehammer to the promised benefits of marijuana legalization, and cannabis enthusiasts are not going to like it one bit.

The book was seeded one night a few years ago when Berenson's wife, a psychiatrist who evaluates mentally ill criminal defendants in New York, started talking about a horrific case she was handling. It was "the usual horror story, somebody who'd cut up his grandmother or set fire to his apartment — typical bedtime chat in the Berenson house," he writes. But then, his wife added, "Of course he was high, been smoking pot his whole life."

Berenson, who smoked a bit in college, didn't have strong feelings about marijuana one way or another, but he was skeptical that it could bring about violent crime. Like most Americans, he thought stoners ate pizza and played video games — they didn't hack up family members. Yet his Harvard-trained wife insisted that all the horrible cases she was seeing involved people who were heavy into weed. She directed him to the science on the subject.



New York Judge requests testimony from Julian Assange in Seth Rich case

Seth Rich
A New York magistrat judge is requesting testimony from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in a case involving slain DNC voter data director Seth Rich.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn requested the international assistance in order to get the testimony.

The parents of Seth Rich are suing FOX News and Judge Netburn wants Assange to testify on Seth's role in the leaked DNC documents.

Julian Assange has repeatedly said the documents did not come from Russia. And Robert Mueller interviewed hundreds of witnesses in his anti-Trump witch hunt but never got around to questioning Julian Assange who was the source of leaked DNC documents.

The parents of Seth Rich believe he had nothing to do with the leaked documents to Wikileaks.

They may not like what they find out.

Comment: The sad fact of the matter is that Judge Netburn will likely never receive that testimony from Julian Assange - unless Trump or those allied with him are determined enough and savvy enough to make it happen. The truth about Seth Rich's murder would not only demonstrate conclusively that Russia didn't hack the DNC servers, but that Rich himself was the leaker - and in all probability murdered by operatives allied with the DNC.

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Apple Red

Overdue antidote to Black Lives Matter's poisonous ideology arrives in the form of Britain's 'strictest teacher'

Katherine Birbalsingh
© Getty Images / Anadolu Agency; Getty Images / Dan Kitwood
Katherine Birbalsingh (inset); Protesters take part in a demonstration for the All Black Lives Matter movement in London, United Kingdom on August 02, 2020.
The toxic ideology of the BLM movement is promoted by its race campaigners at the expense of any other idea. Unless you agree with its false claims and the underlying belief that Britain is intrinsically racist, you are the enemy.

Negotiating your way around any conversation centred on race has become a social minefield. Say the wrong thing and 'boom!' you're treated as a card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan and ostracised from your bien pensant pals for life.

BLM campaigners in the UK push one line: black people are the permanent victims of oppression, white people are collectively guilty of perpetuating discrimination.

That's it. No ifs, no buts, no grey areas, no dissent. Own it!

In this country, BLM is a secretive, opaque umbrella organisation of many different groups with no distinct leadership yet, somehow, through marches, pulling down statues and by seizing hold of the narrative on social media, they have become the arbiters on race matters.

But maybe some relief is here. The newly-launched Equiano Project, named after the 18th Century former slave Olaudah Equiano, the British African community's first political activist, brings a cool breeze of common sense into the stifling atmosphere created by the UK adherents of the Black Lives Matter movement and their toxic, imported brand of identity politics.