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Sat, 04 Dec 2021
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Swiss voters back law behind Covid vaccine certificate

Protesters in Bern
© Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images
Protesters face riot police during a demonstration in front of the Swiss parliament in Bern.
Swiss voters have firmly backed the law behind the country's Covid pass in a referendum, following a tense campaign that saw unprecedented levels of hostility. Early results on Sunday showed about two-thirds of voters supported the law, with market researchers GFS Bern projecting 63% backing.

The police fenced off the seat of government and parliament in Bern in anticipation of protests.

Results from 16 of Switzerland's 26 cantons showed 61.9% had voted in favour of the law, on a 64% turnout.

The referendum was held as the new Covid-19 variant Omicron, classified as a variant of concern by the World Health Organization, shook countries and markets around the world. The vote also came at a time when the numbers of new Covid cases in Switzerland were more than seven times higher than in mid-October.

The law provides the legal basis for the Covid certificate indicating that a person has been vaccinated or has recovered from the disease. Opponents have said the certificate, which has been required since September for access to restaurants and other indoor spaces and activities, is creating an "apartheid" system.


Mass murderer Breivik sent letters to survivors and their relatives

Anders Behring Breivik
© NTB Scanpix/Lise Aaserud/Reuters
Anders Behring Breivik in Borgarting Court of Appeal at Telemark prison in Skien, Norway
Mass murder and convicted terrorist Anders Behring Breivik has been sending letters containing excerpts from his manifesto to survivors of his attacks and their relatives, according to Norwegian state media.

In a report on Sunday, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) revealed that members of the 'Support Group' - an organization supporting the survivors and relatives of the July 22, 2011 terrorist attacks - had received letters from the incarcerated killer.

The messages, written by Anders Behring Breivik, include a handwritten greeting on top of a mass-produced open letter. In many of the letters, according to NRK, the killer repeats messages from the manifesto he made before he killed 77 people in a planned attack in 2011.

Eye 1

Mass shooting leaves 3 dead, 4 injured in Nashville apartment

Nashville shooting
Six members of a family were shot, two fatally, Friday night at an apartment in Nashville, Tennessee, police said.

A third person, believed to be one of two intruders, was also shot to death, Nashville police said.

The two family members who were killed were brothers, ages 15 and 18. Among the wounded was their 40-year-old mother, 16 and 20-year-old sisters and 13-year-old brother, police said.

The injured suffered non-life threatening gunshot wounds, police said in a tweet.

Heart - Black

Boy, 14, charged with murder of 12 year-old Ava White in Liverpool

Ava White
© Trinity RC Primary School/PA
Ava White aged 10 on a trip to north Wales. She has been described as a bubbly character who was ‘so loving and caring’.
A teenager has been charged with the murder of a 12-year-old girl in Liverpool city centre, police have said.

Ava White had been in the city with friends on Thursday after the switching on of Christmas lights when she suffered "catastrophic injuries" in an assault at 8.39pm, Merseyside police said.

A 14-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has now been charged with murder and possession of a bladed article.

Police said he has been remanded in custody to appear at a court on Monday.

Three other boys aged between 13 and 15, who were also arrested, have been conditionally bailed as inquiries continue.


Two years later, FBI still has no motive for Dayton Ohio mass shooting - Suggests friends and family are at fault for not 'noticing the killer in him years before'

Comment: If this investigation sounds crooked, that's most likely because it is...

daytona ohio mass shooting

Every mediatized mass shooting/terror attack since the Boston Bombings in 2013 has immediately been followed with a 'Strong' messaging campaign. What is up with that?
The man who gunned down nine people in Dayton, Ohio, two years ago had fantasized about mass shootings, serial killings and murder-suicide for at least a decade before carrying out the Aug. 4, 2019, attack, the FBI said Monday as it announced the conclusion of its investigation.

Shooter Connor Betts didn't share specific details with friends or family members about his fantasies, underscoring the importance of people being attuned to subtle changes in an individual, the agency said.

A phenomenon known as "bystander fatigue" may account why no one reported Betts to authorities before the shooting, according to a two-page FBI summary of its report.

Comment: So... it's the community's fault for not having amazing pre-crime abilities like the Feds??

That term is used "to describe the passivity, inaction, or inattention to concerning behaviors observed by individuals who have a close, interpersonal relationship to a person of concern due to their prolonged exposure to the person's erratic or otherwise troubling behavior over time," the FBI said.

Betts, 24, was killed by police half a minute after he opened fire in Dayton's crowded Oregon District entertainment area. Armed with an AR-15 style rifle and an extended ammunition magazine, Betts killed nine people, including his sister, and wounded dozens more.

Comment: Obviously, there's something else going on there that they won't report or look into.

Comment: So there you have it; basically zero investigation. Betts was indeed filmed in the area an hour before the shooting, dressed casually and acting completely normally, but he's seen exiting the venue just prior to the shooting, leaving his sister and friend there.

Then a MASKED gunman wearing tactical gear turns up and fires at people on the open street. The gunman never made it into the bar he's seen turning towards just before police fire 30 bullets into him.

Was that actually Connor Betts? How did he manage to shoot over 30 people, most running away from him? How were police onto this gunman "within 30 seconds" - and from both in front of him and behind him? Why did police discharge 65 bullets in total? And why were two of the victims shot by police? Was there a shoot-out directly between police and the gunman? How then did the amateur 24-year-old gunman have time/space to discharge 41 bullets in less than half a minute - with a hit rate of almost 100%?

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Flight crew forced into quarantine CAMP after one worker tests positive for Covid, British Airways suspends flights to Hong Kong

British Airways
© Getty
British Airways has suspended flights to Hong Kong amid reports more of its crew members have been forced to quarantine in a government centre.

BA confirmed it has temporarily stopped flights "while we review operational requirements for this route".

The South China Morning Post reported that one BA worker had tested positive for Covid, leading to most crew members being sent to the quarantine camp.

It follows a similar incident the week before.

In that case, a BA crew member tested positive for the virus on 20 November. The employee and other crew, classed as "close contact", were sent to Hong Kong's Penny's Bay quarantine centre.

A spokesman for Hong Kong's Department of Health told the South China Morning Post that those crew members had since returned to the UK.

Comment: See also: China risks 'colossal Covid-19 outbreak' by opening up, inadequate study finds

And check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: Omicron! Nu Variant! More Lockdowns! More Jabs!


49-year-old who survived COVID forced to get vaccine to remain on lung transplant list, dies after second moderna shot

forced vaccination lung transplant
49-year-old Texas man who recovered from COVID — but was required to be fully vaccinated against the virus before being approved for a life-saving lung transplant — died when he developed a pulmonary embolism and heart issues after his second Moderna vaccine.

In an exclusive Interview with The Defender, the man's wife, Amy Bolin, said there was no reason her husband, Bobby Bolin, should have been forced to get the vaccine.

"In the medical field, your goal is supposed to be to improve and save people's lives, and instead you're giving them one option — you either do this or you can't get a life-saving transplant," Amy said.

Comment: Sadly this is not the first time patients awaiting organ transplants have been threatened with removal from the list if they do not comply and get the vaccine. See also: And in Germany, you can't even kill yourself without taking the vaccine.


A missed opportunity: Rittenhouse's trial was a chance to red-pill the public about the politics of color revolutions

BLM Protest rittenhouse trial
© Cheney Orr/Reuters
Demonstrators hold signs as they march during a protest in the wake of Kyle Rittenhouse's 'not guilty' verdict in a Kenosha courtroom, in Chicago on Nov. 20, 2021.
This trial will not be over until the DNC and its foot-soldiers are put on trial for their color revolution scheme which led to not only the deaths of an agitated populace, but changed the course of the 2020 election.

Was Kyle Rittenhouse carrying out a premeditated act or protecting his own life when he shot three and killed two rioters in Kenosha last year? What does the trial say about the state of the criminal justice system in the U.S.? Was the November 22nd mass killing event in Waukesha the consequence of the Rittenhouse verdict?

Rittenhouse's verdict of "Not-Guilty" on all counts was a moment of shock and disappointment for millions of Americans who were unaware of the facts of the case, but had instead followed mainstream media reportage which had falsely depicted the youth as a militia member and white supremacist.

Black Cat

"A lot of mistakes": The Guardian soft-pedals its disgraceful treatment of Julian Assange

assange poster
© Frank Augstein/AP
A poster of Julian Assange is seen inside a handbag of a protestor as supporters stage a demonstration outside the High Court in London, Oct. 27, 2021.
Three years on from the explosive Julian Assange/Paul Manafort story, we question whether the Guardian has honored its stated commitment to the truth.

In 1921, the Manchester Guardian's editor, Charles Prestwich Scott, marked the newspaper's centenary with an essay entitled "A Hundred Years." In it, Scott declared that a newspaper's "primary office is the gathering of news. ...Comment is free, but facts are sacred."

One hundred years on from Scott's famous essay, and on the three-year anniversary of the Guardian's Julian Assange/Paul Manafort story, we question whether the Guardian's coverage of Julian Assange has honored the newspaper's stated commitment to the truth.

Based on private communications between a Guardian correspondent and their source inside a security company at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, as well as two exclusive interviews, we trace the events behind two of the Guardian's most explosive stories this decade.


Two court cases just blew apart the BLM narrative on justice in America

Ahmaud sign
© Getty Images/Sean Rayford
Those seeking to divide America over skin color have just been dealt two massive blows against their race hustling narrative. Justice does exist for people of color in the United States.

If you were to only look at mainstream media coverage, you may be under the impression that the United States of America is a place where justice for someone is the sole preserve of the Caucasian male. You may believe that African American men cannot defend themselves and avoid jail time, and that white men who run down and kill black men are never held accountable. One would hope that the barefaced silliness of these narratives is self-evident, but apparently not.

Many race hustlers were quietly pleased (though they would never admit it) in the wake of Kyle Rittenhouse's acquittal, as they believe it reinforces their narrative that America is innately and inherently racist. But they ignored the facts of that case, just as they will have to quickly come up with new ways to explain the racist nature of American justice following the conclusion of two other cases. Specifically those of Ahmaud Arbery's murder and Kenneth Walker, who shot a police officer in self-defense.