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Tue, 22 Sep 2020
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UK University Gets Injunction Against Protests

The UK's University of Birmingham has obtained a high court injunction barring occupation-style protests on its campus for the next 12 months.
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After a number of t occupations and protests against rising tuition fees, University of Birmingham lawyers went to the high court and won an order banning any "occupational protest action" without permission.

"The defendants shall not, without the prior written consent of the claimant, [Birmingham University] enter or remain upon land comprising the claimant's campus and buildings at the University of Birmingham ... for the purpose of any occupational protest action," states the court order.

Calling for the injunction to be abandoned, Liam Burns, the president of the National Union of Students (NUS) said, "The idea that students should seek permission for protest action somewhat misses the point of an occupation.

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US: Psychologist accused of faking robbery, rape still working for prison system

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Laurie Ann Martinez is accused of faking a rape and robbery at her home.
The prison psychologist accused of faking a rape and robbery at her Northgate home is still working for the prison system, a corrections spokeswoman confirmed Friday.

Terry Thornton, spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, said Laurie Ann Martinez's superiors do not have the final reports needed to decide whether to put her on "administrative time off."

Martinez, 36, has been charged with two counts of felony criminal conspiracy in connection with a police report she made April 10. Sacramento police and prosecutors allege that, with the help of friend Nicole April Syder, Martinez injured herself and hid personal belongings before calling police to report that she had been raped and robbed.

She did it to persuade her husband to move to another neighborhood, police and prosecutors say.

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US: California Parents Asked Man to Beat Child

© CBS News, Los Angeles
Paul Kim is accused of beating a 15-year-old boy with a metal pole after the boy's parents asked him to discipline the teen
An Irvine couple who suspected their 15-year-old son of smoking turned to a man believed to be relied on in their church to violently discipline children, authorities said.

The parents asked Paul Kim, 39, to discipline their son after finding a lighter in his possession, dropping the boy off at Kim's Chino Hills home with permission for the beating, San Bernardino County sheriff's spokesperson Cindy Bachmann said Saturday.

Kim hit the child with a metal pole about a dozen times, causing severe bruising on his legs, according to Bachmann. The pole was about an inch in diameter, investigators said.

An adult at the boy's school saw the bruises and called Irvine police, who in turn informed San Bernardino County officials, she said.

Kim was arrested Tuesday at his home and released Thursday after posting bail. He faces a felony charge of willful cruelty to a child. No court date has been set, according to jail records.


UK: Barclays Boss Reveals 'No Jerks' Rule

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Bob Diamond: no fan of jerks
Bob Diamond says he has kicked out 30 staff for breaking his new ethics rule and warns 'no one should ever not be nice'

The Barclays chief executive has imposed a "no jerks" rule at the bank.

Bob Diamond said "jerk" bankers were epitomised by an infamous 2002 episode in which six Barclays staff ran up a £44,000 alcohol tab over lunch at a London restaurant.

"Everyone gets stressed from time to time but no one should ever not be nice. You know what a jerk is when you see it," he said.

In an interview with the Times, Diamond said the rule applied to bankers considered to be prima donnas, too greedy, too ostentatious or poor team players. He said he had already kicked out 30 staff for breaking his new ethics rule.


US: Police Identify Gunman in Virginia Tech Murder-Suicide

© Reuters/Virginia State Police
Ross Truett Ashley, 22, of Partlow, Virginia is pictured in this undated photograph released by Virginia State Police on December 9, 2011.
The man who shot dead a campus police officer at Virginia Tech on Thursday before killing himself was a student at a nearby university who had stolen an SUV at gunpoint the day before, officials said.

Virginia State Police on Friday identified the gunman as 22-year-old Ross Truett Ashley, a part-time student at Radford University in Radford, Va.

Ashley had entered a real estate office in Radford on Wednesday and demanded the keys to an employee's white 2011 Mercedes Benz at gunpoint.

He drove off in the vehicle and later dumped it on the campus of Virginia Tech some time before his deadly confrontation with 39-year-old Deriek W. Crouse, an officer with the Virginia Tech campus police.

The state police said they have not been able to establish any prior contact or connection between Ashley and Crouse and still do not know why the part-time student walked up to the officer and shot him before turning the gun on himself in a nearby parking lot.

The incident prompted a lockdown of the campus on Thursday and revived memories of a gunman's 2007 rampage that left 33 people dead in one of the worst shooting incidents in U.S. history.


Sterilization: Peru's Darkest Secret

women in peru demonstrating
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An investigation into whether Alberto Fujimori's government carried out mass forced sterilisations in the 1990s has been reopened

Victoria Vigo shows no flicker of emotion as she recounts how she discovered - by chance - that she had been surgically sterilised against her will. Heavily pregnant, she was admitted to a public hospital in the city of Piura, on Peru's northern coast, in April 1996 to undergo a Caesarian section. Within hours of the procedure, her ailing new-born child had died and Ms Vigo, 32 at the time, was being consoled by two doctors.

"I was exhausted and just wanted to go home," Ms Vigo says. "The doctors were trying to comfort me and one told me I was still very young and could have more children. But then, afterwards, I overheard them talking and the other said that it would not be possible for me to conceive as he had sterilised me."

Not only had Ms Vigo never given her permission for the procedure. The doctor had omitted it from her clinical records and failed to inform her. "I felt totally violated and brutalised. I still cannot understand what motivated him," Ms Vigo says. "He sterilised me and then hid the evidence. I could have tried for years to have another child without even knowing I could never conceive."


Max Keiser: Crazy Cameron suicidal with knife in Euro gunfight!

The Euro's future has been dealt a severe blow at eleventh hour talks in Brussels, as the UK refused to sign up to new EU treaties, leaving the rest of Europe to figure out a different approach. Marathon overnight talks mean the core Eurozone states will now make any further agreements among themselves, while other European countries can still join in to work out budget rules and changes. Max Keiser, financial analyst and the host of the 'Keiser Report' here on RT, says PM Cameron wants the whole world tolerate London as capital of fraud and sponsor it.

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Average US household lost $21,261 of net worth during 2011 Summer

The average US household lost $21,261 of net worth this summer, the largest decline in family wealth in nearly three years.

The drop in the third quarter, tied to falling home values and a cratering stock market, is the second straight quarter of eroding wealth, according to the Federal Reserve's quarterly report released yesterday.

Prior to the back-to-back quarterly declines in household net worth, which wiped out $2.55 trillion of hard-earned wealth from families' ledgers, Main Street had experienced three straight quarters of growth, the report said.

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China warns of 'severe challenges' to exports to West

Falling China exports
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Sales to Europe and the US comprise just under 40% of China's total exports, but have been falling
China faces "severe challenges" to its exports due to economic difficulties in key Western markets, the country's commerce ministry has warned.

Data due to be released on Saturday will show a sharp slowdown in export growth in November, the ministry said.

Sales to Europe and the US, which comprise about 40% of total exports, were not expected to recover next year.

The ministry said China would instead target exports to developing markets in Asia and Latin America.


Plane Crashes into Philippine Slum Killing 12

© Cheryl Ravelo/Reuters
Fire-fighters spray water as investigators examine the site of an aircraft crash in Paranaque City, Metro Manila December 10, 2011. Thirteen people were reported killed when a light aircraft crash-landed in a residential area, resulting in a fire that razed 50 houses, local media reported.
A four-seater cargo plane crashed into a crowded Philippine slum on Saturday, sparking a fire that killed 12 people including three children and left at least another 20 injured, officials said.

The crash killed the pilot and co-pilot, while the rest of the victims are thought to be residents of the shanty town, said police chief inspector Enrique Sy.

"The plane struck one house but the others also went up in flames. These are informal settlers, packed into rows of houses," Sy told reporters.

Resident Maribel Savedoria tearfully recounted on local radio how her husband perished in the blaze after pushing her and their four children out through the window of their rented room.