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Sat, 29 Feb 2020
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Israel builds new Jews-only bypass road on more stolen Palestinian land

road equipment
© Ahmad Al-Bazz ActiveStills.
Israeli road building on Palestinian land.
Israel is building yet another bypass road for use by Jewish settlers only and, yet again, it is stealing Palestinian land to do so. The land in question is in Huwwara, to the south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank.

The 7-kilometre road will start from the village of Zaatara and pass through land owned by Palestinians in Huwwara, Beita and Odala. Until now, the access route in the area has been shared by Palestinians and Jewish settlers — whose presence is illegal under international law — who often use it to raid and terrorise the residents of the local villages.

Since the Israeli government decided to build the road last April, it has led to the seizure of more than 40 hectares of land from the surrounding Palestinian villages. According to Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian official in charge of the settlements file in the northern West Bank, Israeli bulldozers have been razing everything on the land near a military checkpoint outside Huwwara.

The plans for the bypass of the village have been in the pipeline for years, although local activist Ghassan Najjar insists that the locals have been kept in the dark until a few days ago.

A 2019 report from settlement watchdog Peace Now said that the bypass is intended to serve four settlements — Yitzhar, Itamar, Har Brakha and Elon Moreh — which are home to a total of 7,132 settlers.

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Massive fire erupts near Paris train station Gare de Lyon; protesters at nearby Congolese concert suspected

Fire Paris Gare de Lyon Feb 2020
© REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes
A major fire has broken out in the vicinity of the iconic Paris train station, Gare de Lyon. The blaze prompted the evacuation of the station, while the public is advised to avoid the area.

The fire erupted near the station late on Friday. Footage from the scene shows open flames in the street outside the landmark, as well as a large plume of black smoke billowing over the area.

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B'Tselem reports at least 19 Palestinians have lost an eye from Israeli fire during Gaza protests

palestinian lose eye protests Gaza IDF Israel
© B'Tselem
Muhammad Abu Raidah, 10, with his mother Jihan.
Since the Great March of Return began in Gaza two years ago, an estimated 19 Palestinians have lost an eye as a result of Israeli fire, Israeli human rights group B'Tselem said in a new report this week.

B'Tselem collected testimony from three Palestinians who were injured in their eyes during the Great March of Return in order to highlight Israel's use of "crowd control" measures as lethal weapons.

The report details the cases of a 20-year-old young woman named Mai Abu Rawida, 10-year-old boy Muhammad Abu Raidah, and 28-year-old Saed Mahani, who all lost one of their eyes after being shot by Israeli forces in the face with "crowd dispersal" measures.



Brazen unmasked thieves nonchalantly raid London electronic store in broad daylight


Three brazen thugs have been filmed ripping electrical gadgets from their displays at a Currys PC World in Orphington, Greater London, with their faces on full display. Members of staff (far right) can be seen standing close to the group but unable to stop them walking out
This is the shocking moment a group of brazen thugs rip thousands of pounds of electrical equipment from displays at a Currys PC World store.

A member of the public recorded them walking into the Orpington, Greater London, branch on Wednesday and taking tablets, mobile phones and laptops.

The men, who appear to be in their late teens or early 20s, are seen ripping products from the stands, with one shouting he will kill anyone who tries to stop them.

Comment: It's worth noting that he doesn't have an English accent.

During the incident members of staff can be seen standing close to the group but unable to stop them walking out with the gadgets.

Comment: Crime of all kinds appear to be on the rise in the UK, and in London in particular: 3 men killed in London stabbing frenzy - Knife crime doubled since 2014


The boss who put everyone on 70K, five years on

Dan Price  gravity
© Gravity
Dan Price, founder, and CEO of Gravity Payments
In 2015, the boss of a card payments company in Seattle introduced a $70,000 minimum salary for all of his 120 staff - and personally took a pay cut of $1m. Five years later he's still on the minimum salary, and says the gamble has paid off.

Dan Price was hiking with his friend Valerie in the Cascade mountains that loom majestically over Seattle, when he had an uncomfortable revelation.

As they walked, she told him that her life was in chaos, that her landlord had put her monthly rent up by $200 and she was struggling to pay her bills.

It made Price angry. Valerie, who he had once dated, had served for 11 years in the military, doing two tours in Iraq, and was now working 50 hours a week in two jobs to make ends meet.

Comment: What a wonderful idea, it seems to have been successful in more ways than Price could've imagined and a lesson for him personally. See also: What really happened at Gravity Payments with its $70,000 minimum wage


Marine commandant banishes Confederate symbols from all Corps installations

© Associated Press/John Bazemore
A protester waves a Confederate battle flag in front of the South Carolina statehouse, Thursday, July 9, 2015, in Columbia, S.C.
Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger has ordered all Confederate-related paraphernalia to be removed from Marine Corps installations, his spokesman confirmed on Wednesday.

A document showing the commandant's decision appeared online on Wednesday, though it did not say when all of the Confederate-related paraphernalia needed to be removed by.

Berger's spokesman confirmed to Task & Purpose that the commandant had sent a directive to his senior staff ordering all installations to get rid of symbols of the Confederate States of America.

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Chinese scientists desperately researching coronavirus discover that it shares human cell binding site with HIV, Ebola

© Christian Vorhofer/imageBROKER.com/GlobalLookPress
Chinese scientists have reported that the coronavirus ripping through populations worldwide is much more likely than its close cousin Sars to bind to human cells, as it contains unexpected genes which link it to HIV and Ebola.

The research comes from Nankai University in the north Chinese city of Tianjin. Published on February 14, it has already become one of the most viewed papers on the platform, indicating the massive interest both in China and abroad for the latest findings on the virus.

It is well-known by now that 2019-nCoV shares over 80 percent of its DNA with Sars virus, making the cause of the 2002/3 outbreak in Southeast Asia its closest genetic relative. Sars invaded the human body by binding to a receptor protein, called ACE2, on the membranes of cells. But this was ultimately the downfall of that virus — ACE2 is rare in the cells of healthy people, which limited the spread of Sars significantly, resulting in it burning itself out by 2004. In the end, only about 8,000 people worldwide were infected, as compared to covid-19 which has already infected over 80,000 people.

Unlike Sars though, the novel Coronavirus has a section of genes that are absent from the Sars genome, according to this research. In fact, they bear resemblance to genes found in HIV and Ebola. These genes may encode for a different pathway targeting the protein furin on human cells, which is how HIV and Ebola attack. If it operates as those other viruses do, this mutation could make it up to 1,000 times better at binding to human cells than Sars.

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'Epstein didn't kill himself' float rolls through a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans

epstein hillary mardi gras float
A disturbing float with a Hillary Clinton dummy strangling a Jeffrey Epstein figure rolled through a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans last week.

In a video, shared on Twitter by Paul Blair, the brightly-colored float is seen being pulled by a John Deere tractor.

At the front of the float, the Clinton dummy is seen with its hands around the neck of a dummy that appears to be Epstein dressed in an orange prison uniform.

The first sign on the tractor appeared to say: 'If ever I cease to live.'

Comment: If you believe that Epstein killed himself, as stated in the above, you've clearly not been paying attention.

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Rapper Zuby suspended by Twitter for tweeting "OK dude" to a transgender activist

Zuby twitter suspension
Ban celebrated by Antifa supporter called 'Pronoun Enforcer'.

Rapper Zuby was suspended by Twitter for tweeting "Ok dude" at a transgender woman who calls herself the 'Pronoun Enforcer' and the temporary ban was celebrated by the left-wing activist.

"I've been temporarily locked out of Twitter for tweeting 'OK dude' in response to someone," Zuby posted on his Instagram page. "Apparently that violates the 'hateful conduct' policy. Wow... I've appealed it."

Comment: See also:

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Students stage sit-in after Oklahoma professor quotes historical document containing N-word

student sit-in Oklahoma
Students at the University of Oklahoma staged a sit in protest after a professor quoted a historical document that contained the n-word before demanding that a Popeye's chicken restaurant be opened inside the university as part of "diversity" reparations.

Yes, really.

A letter sent by OU President Joseph Harroz Jr. explains how a female professor gave a "trigger warning" before using the word but that this did "not lessen the pain caused by the use of the word."

"For students in the class, as well as members of our community, this was another painful experience," wrote Harroz Jr.

Comment: These children have no idea how the world works. They will be woefully unprepared for life outside a University that caters to their privileged whinings. God help them.