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Thu, 24 Sep 2020
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No fun allowed: UK teen fined £10k after hosting 50 people at his home, as police issue Covid 'party weekend' warning

crowds Brighton UK britain
© Sky News
There were large crowds enjoying the sunshine in Brighton on Saturday
The head of the Police Federation warns of the "real risk" of people organising large gatherings ahead of stricter COVID-19 rules.

A teenager has been fined £10,000 after hosting 50 people at his home - as a senior police figure warned the public against having a "party weekend" before stricter coronavirus restrictions come into force.

Nottinghamshire Police said it had issued the hefty fine to a "reckless" 19-year-old man who staged the house party at his home in Lenton on Friday evening.

Forces have the power to fine people £10,000 for organising illegal gatherings of more than 30 people, with stricter rules banning groups of more than six people set to be introduced from Monday.

Comment: The British govt surely won't be able to keep a lid on things much longer.

Eye 2

Eighty-eight percent of elite film critics love Cuties, compared to three percent of the audience

As of right now, a full 88 percent of critics approve of Cuties, Netflix's piece of soft-core child pornography, while only three percent of the audience agree.

That's not a typo.

Three percent.

Over the years, I've seen some wide gulfs between audience and critic at Rotten Tomatoes, but that probably takes the cake and the pie and the whole enchilada.

Keep in mind, Rotten Tomatoes has worked hard to game these scores to protect its Hollywood masters, and still it's 88 to three.


The one incredibly green thing Donald Trump has done: Cleaning up the USA's most toxic sites

PCB sign
© M. Scott Mahaskey/Politico
"Every one of these houses, I can tell you the people that has died," Susie Worley-Jenkins told me as she nosed her pickup down the steep ravine into her hometown. "A woman right there, she died, her dad died, her mom died. All with cancer."

Minden, West Virginia, is in a small holler — hollow, to non-Appalachians — and 40 years ago it was home to about 1,200 people. Today it's home to 250. There are around 25 homes on the main road into town, mostly low-slung or trailers, and we drove slowly so Worley-Jenkins had time to recount the dead.
"This woman here, she died of cancer. Her son's right there now, he's dying with bone cancer. And the woman there died of cancer. This guy and his wife both died with cancer; he bought this to fix it up. He was our sheriff."
Minden was born a coal town. Five decades ago, the Shaffer Equipment Company, which serviced the local coal industry, dumped its transformers into the abandoned mines above town. The machines were laced with extremely toxic industrial chemicals called polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as probable human carcinogens.

Comment: Politico does not often give the president more than passing credit for his leadership or humanitarian efforts. 54 Superfund sites were redeemed and Trump put corporations on the hook for cleanups that numbered 80% of the sites...that, in itself, is remarkable. Does everyone want these sites cleaned up? Yes. Has anyone else done it? No. Leading activist Lois Gibbs said: "You know the last time I saw something like this? Never." Green groups aren't about to focus on this Trump priority, neither will a Biden administration.

Che Guevara

The Left's extreme behavior is solidifying support for Trump. It's as if BLM was invented by Republicans

© 1 President Donald Trump • Rioters Getty Images AFP / Getty Images North America/David McNew/Reuters/Jonathan Ernst
Many people who previously would have never considered voting for Donald Trump will now do so due to the excesses of the social justice brigade. The Left's failure to understand basic human psychology could decide the election.

I've always considered myself a soft Liberal. But the last few months have really brought out my conservative side, and I'm not the only one. I've recently spoken to several working class people who were told they were being laid off just before getting an email saying the company was looking to "diversify its staff," and their responses were all the same: "F**k this, I'm voting for Trump."

One of my issues with social activism has always been that it centers around an idea and doesn't take basic human psychology into account. I understand that racism in America exists and should be eradicated. I understand and agree with the fact that there should be more people of color in white collar positions. I also understand that white, working-class people have families to feed and bills to pay, and that the only natural response to being fired and replaced by a person of color is to vote for Trump as a means of revenge.

Comment: Biden is 'acceptable under the circumstances'...really? How low are we talking about? Below bottom? Barely scraping? Trump gaining leftist votes, be it on merit or as an 'act of revenge', reveals a rapidly growing failure of confidence in a Biden presidency.


University criticized for removing David Hume's name amid racist 'distress' concerns

Hume statue
© Wikipedia
A statue of David Hume on Edinburgh's High Street.
The University of Edinburgh is to remove the name of David Hume from one of its campus buildings, citing concerns that the 18th century philosopher's views on race cause "distress" to modern day students. The building, which will be used as a student study space in the current academic year, will now be known as 40 George Square.

The university said that the decision, which it described as an interim measure, formed part of a wider review of its links to the past. However, the move has been criticised by several academics, including some employed by the university. They pointed out that Hume's wider writings offered profound insights into human nature and served as a source of inspiration to generations of thinkers.

It comes after growing criticism of Hume's views on race and his association with the slave trade, a reassessment of his legacy sparked in large part by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Comment: Cancelation of a 'dead genius' and important figure in Scottish Enlightenment, is causing as much, if not more, 'distress' to students and faculty. Here's what they say:
Holding thinkers of the past to the standards of the present is a difficult task. Hume's cancellation was met with disbelief online:
"Not sure they've really thought this through."

"The simple answer is that we judge people, including intellectuals like Hume, in the round, on their general contributions and accomplishments, not by seeking out any failing we can find and focussing all our attention on that."

The Black Lives Movement has become a purposed and funded color revolution of death and destruction, a very different kind of protest than the projection of fragile sensitivities to past-era nomenclature. To think that renaming historic monuments and building will protect against race riots or funded opposition is wishful thinking.

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Protesters set government building on fire in eastern Libya

Protest fire
© Hakeam el-Yamany via AP
Protesters set fire to tires, September 10, 2020, Benghazi, Libya
Protesters set fire to the government's headquarters in the Libyan city of Benghazi, as rare demonstrations over living conditions and corruption continued in the east of the country for a third day.

The protests late on Saturday also erupted in Al-Bayda, where the government was previously based, in Sabha in the south, and for the first time in Al-Marj, a stronghold of eastern based commander Khalifa Haftar, witnesses said.

Libya has been split into rival camps with parallel institutions in the east and west since 2014. Eastern Libya and much of the south is controlled by Haftar's Libyan National Army (LNA), which is aligned with a government and a rump parliament also based in the east.

A 14-month offensive by the LNA to take control of the capital, Tripoli, from the internationally recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) crumbled in June, weakening Haftar.

Several hundred protesters turned out in the eastern towns to demonstrate against the political elite and over deteriorating living conditions that include lengthy power cuts and a severe banking crisis.

Comment: No rest for Libya as leadership resigns and protesters react:
An interim government in eastern Libya resigned on Sunday amid street protests that erupted across the divided country over dire living conditions, officials said.

Prime Minister Abdallah al-Thani submitted the resignation of his government to Aguila Saleh, speaker of the eastern-based House of Representatives. Abdallah Abaihig, a spokesman for the parliament, confirmed the government's resignation, saying lawmakers would review it in their next meeting. No date set for the session.

The parliament on Friday accused the Central Bank and government in the capital of Tripoli of "plundering" the country and neglecting the east, in apparent efforts to deflect blame for the deterioration of public services.

The U.N. Support Mission in Libya, or UNSMIL, said at least one civilian was reportedly killed and three others were wounded.


Blocking emergency room, wishing death on ambushed officers: The final straw in BLM's PR suicide?

BLM hospital officers shot ambulance
© Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times
BLM protesters converged on the area surrounding St. Francis Medical Center attempting to block the ambulances taking two sheriff’s deputies to be treated after being shot.
Black Lives Matter may finally have found its bridge too far - the point of absurdity and overreaching vileness that finally destroys support for the "Marxist" political movement in all but the most extreme reaches of the left.

BLM has offered up many self-fails in recent weeks, the sort of anecdotes that stick in the minds of observers and turn the tide of public opinion against a cause that millions of Americans were eager to support initially. Even more than the group's nonsensical demands -- such as defunding police departments and "remaking" the US political system - its tactics are making it impossible for politically independent Americans to support.

Those tactics have included spreading false rumors about an Aug. 10 police shooting in Chicago, then racing downtown to loot the city's most posh retailers, then defending the theft as "reparations." Then there was the mob attack on a white motorist in Portland, who was pulled from his truck and brutally beaten before being left motionless in the street, and the torching of black-owned businesses around the nation.


Oracle last company standing as TikTok rejects Microsoft buyout offer

oracle buy tiktok
TikTok and the White House declined to comment Sunday. Oracle didn't return a request for comment but has previously declined comment.

The owner of TikTok has chosen Oracle over Microsoft as the American tech partner that could help keep the popular video-sharing app running in the US, according to a source familiar with the deal who was not authorized to speak publicly about it.

Microsoft announced Sunday that its bid to acquire TikTok's US operations was rejected, removing the tech giant from the running a week before President Donald Trump promises to follow through with a plan to ban the Chinese-owned app in the US over spying concerns.

TikTok and the White House declined to comment Sunday. Oracle didn't return a request for comment but has previously declined comment.

Walmart, which had planned to partner with Microsoft on the acquisition, said Sunday it "continues to have an interest in a TikTok investment" and is talking about it with ByteDance and other parties.



Unrest continues in Belarus with arrests, scuffles after women's march meets police cordon in Minsk

belarus police protest
© Reuters / Tut.By
Numerous protesters were detained in Minsk on Saturday after police moved to disperse an all-female march - police had previously taken a softer approach to these events than other mass protests in the crisis-hit country.

The woman were demanding President Alexander Lukashenko's resignation, as the fall out continues from last month's disputed election.

The protest began peacefully at Svoboda (Freedom) Square on Saturday afternoon, RT's Murad Gazdiev reported from the scene, noting a "festive" atmosphere there. The area is the location of the rebuilt historic town hall of Minsk, which is now a museum.

Footage showed several hundred demonstrators gathering to chant slogans and make noise with pots and bottles. Police trucks soon arrived, and men wearing khaki uniforms without insignias demanded that the crowd disperse. The women refused to obey and, shortly afterwards, the arrests began.

The protesters locked arms to form "human chains" and chanted "shame" at the police. Some scuffled with the troops and tried to remove balaclavas from their heads. Photos and videos from the scene showed the officers grabbing some of the women by the hair and bundling them into prison vans.

Comment: According to TASS, police detained some 250 protesters: "All of them used flags and other symbolics, which had not been registered in accordance with the established procedure, and various posters, including insulting ones."


If you think pedo-bait Cuties is acceptable but Orcs are racist and cartoons sexist, you've lost touch with reality

cuties projekt
© Netflix; wikipedia
(L) Cuties (2020) Dir: Maïmouna Doucouré; (R) Projekt Melody
With film critics and the left defending Cuties, it's clear selective outrage is alive and kicking. Orcs are apparently racist and virtual cartoon strippers are sexist, but children twerking is absolutely fine...

Selective outrage is not new, either in society or in politics. Some would say that if you want to see a hypocrite, you need only look in the mirror.

However, there will never be any progress if we can't acknowledge selective outrage when we see it. One commonality that I've noticed as the months have gone by is that the modern left likes to pick and choose what it finds offensive, without any sort of sense of what actually can do damage.

Some months ago, I wrote about an article from Wired that put forward the puzzling view that the virtual cam girl Projekt Melody was by its nature sexist, as were the people who watch it.

A little while later, I began to see selective outrage about orcs in fiction - that somehow these monsters were some sort of a commentary on racial issues, or something along those lines. Never mind that these creatures were created simply to be the 'bad guys'.

Comment: See also: