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Thu, 24 Sep 2020
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Parents are outraged over NY high school's use of 'cops=KKK' cartoon - but the indoctrination it promotes is more sinister

high school students
© Universal Images Group via Getty Images/Education Images
Students in Westchester received a cartoon likening police to the KKK as part of an assignment that appeared to demand support for Black Lives Matter. Parents outraged by the image alone are failing to recognize a deeper problem.

The incensed mother of one student at Westlake High School went straight to the media with the assignment - which, in addition to the offending cartoon, included a laudatory excerpt about the origins of BLM and a paragraph about racism in the justice system.


25 percent of Canadians believe officials have overblown risk posed by COVID-19, poll suggests

mask masked on a train
© Metrolinx
A woman is seen wearing a face mask onboard a GO Transit vehicle.
A new survey suggests there are Canadians who believe that warnings from public officials about the threat of COVID-19 are vastly overblown.

Almost one-quarter of respondents in an online poll made public today by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies say they believe public health and government officials exaggerate in their warnings, including about the need for measures like physical distancing to slow the spread of the pandemic.

Regionally, respondents in Alberta were more likely to believe the threat was embellished, followed by Atlantic Canada and Quebec, with Ontario at the bottom.

Comment: In other words, 25% of Canadians are paying attention...

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Belarussian police neutralize terrorist group planning a Maidan-style uprising

Terror gang Belarus
Belarusian police arrested six people who formed a terrorist group that was conducting military-tactical training in the forest in the area around the city of Mogilev in eastern Belarus. The leader of this group created the channel "Partizans Mogilev" on social networks. In the meantime, this group grew to 64 members and acquired good conditions for the formation of an infantry company.

Members of this group gathered in the forest area around Mogilev, where they had training in urban warfare and guerrilla tactics in a forested area. In addition, the group conducted training on the seizure of government buildings. The Belarussian police found evidence that the members of this terrorist group also adopted basic knowledge in making IEDs (improvised explosive devices).

Comment: This news certainly fits the larger picture of all the attempts to overthrow the democratically elected president of Belarus over the last few months:


The article too controversial for Newsweek: Racism is real. But is "systemic racism"?

racism is a virus
© John Ccameron/Unsplash
Author's note: The essay below was accepted on September 11 for publication by the opinion editor of Newsweek, and after some changes by the editors not reproduced here, was published on the morning of September 14, by 7:00 a.m. or a little after. Two hours later it was taken down by the editor-in-chief, Nancy Cooper, with no explanation on the publication's website.

I was told that Newsweek would like to publish it again — for keeps this time! — a week later, but only when a piece commissioned from the opposing viewpoint could appear alongside it, in a feature called "The Debate." Would the author of that piece be able to have a look at mine? There was no reason to think not, since my essay was saved on the "Wayback Machine." But would I see the counterpoint essay before publication and be able to respond with slight revisions of my own? I was given no assurance of that.

Meanwhile a lively two-hour conversation on Twitter about my essay, with readers both pro and con, had turned into a conversation about where the article had gone. Critics, some of whom now couldn't read it, assumed that the essay was bad or intolerable in some way. If I agreed to Newsweek's terms for its reappearance, this impression would be reinforced. As many conservatives know, their views must always be "balanced" and "contextualized" in conjunction with liberal views in the mainstream media — but liberals' opinions are never treated that way.

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Stop the coup

american coup white house protest
It's time to unmask the Revolution.

Michael Anton's new article "The Coming Coup?" went viral almost as soon as we posted it a week ago today. This is not simply because figures like Lara Logan, Mollie Hemingway, Newt Gingrich, Dan Bongino, and the editors of the New York Post took note. It spread because concerned citizens began sharing it throughout the nation. We could tell it was especially effective because so many in the mainstream media maintained studious radio silence.

But hyperventilating ruling-class supporters of the Biden/BLM/Antifa coalition did predictably lash out. The epitome of these reactions is an article in New York magazine's Intelligencer, by political columnist Ed Kilgore, entitled "Trump Backers Make Case for Stealing Election, Before Biden Gets the Chance."

Comment: See also: The coming coup?

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UK government threatens citizens they may be 'weeks away' from total lockdown

uk mask
© Reuters / Toby Melville
The United Kingdom may be heading for another nationwide lockdown, Wales Health Minister Vaughan Gething has said, as the number of new coronavirus cases across the nation jumped by almost two times since late August.

Unless the country adheres to social distancing rules to "recover some ground" in the fight against Covid-19, the authorities would be forced to impose another lockdown, Gething told BBC Radio Wales.

"We have a number of weeks to be able to get to a position where we can recover some of the ground with a return to effective social distancing...or we will be forced into greater local lockdowns and the potential for another national lockdown."

Comment: Ministers are claiming the total lockdown will happen if people don't respect social distancing, and yet they provide no proof that people aren't doing so. Nor do they have any data as to what the threshold of obedience needs to be. In essence, they're scaring the public over something that they will likely go ahead with anyway.

However, many people are beginning to see through the government lies, because, as the economy continues to tank, and people lose their livelihoods, they're forced to face the harsh reality that their government is working on other agendas.

And, as this backlash builds, you can bet that the UK is also 'weeks away' from Australian-style totalitarian policing: Man in coma after Australian police hit him with CAR and stomp on his head

See also: Some commentary on the brewing backlash from mainstream media:

Below is some footage of the protest movements, from around the Western world, against the inhumane lockdowns:

Birmingham, UK

Belgrade, Serbia

Montreal, Canada




Now they're coming after handshakes, and they know exactly what they're doing

joe biden
Are handshakes oh so slightly unhygienic? Of course, they are. That is the point!

That is why a handshake is the greeting of equals. A sign not just of respect, but of a measure of trust, and a sign of equality that is the prerequisite to exploring mutual interest.

A handshake established the participants as equal, or as equal enough that they can engage in mutual enterprise, or conspiracy for that matter.

It is not despite its faint germ-sharing quality that a handshake rose to become *the* greeting of the modern world, but because of it.

Our ancestors understood at an innate level that someone who thinks himself too pure, or too contaminated to grasp your hand could not be trusted.

The willingness to engage in a little germ-sharing was precisely what was required to establish the other was neither too alien nor too warped to work with.


Four arrested for arson on the West Coast, one a 'regular attendee' of anti-cop rallies in Seattle

Anita Esquivel
© Monterey County Sheriff's Office
Four individuals — two in Washington, one in Oregon, and another in California — have been arrested for arson as firefighters battle dozens of blazes across the West Coast. One of the arrestees is reportedly a "regular attendee" of anti-police rallies in Seattle.

Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41, has been accused of arson, partially sparking the massive Almeda fire, according to the Oregon State Fire Marshal's Office. Oregon Live reported that he has been arrested on "two counts of arson, 15 counts of criminal mischief and 14 counts of reckless endangerment":
The Jackson County Sheriff's Office said in a news release Friday afternoon that on Tuesday evening, a resident of Phoenix saw a person, later identified as Bakkela, lighting a fire behind their house on Quail Lane. Because there was an impending blaze, the residents who saw him set the fire had to flee their home.


Bakkela was arrested and initially lodged in the Jackson County Jail on Tuesday on a charge of possession of methamphetamine. He remains in jail on the arson and criminal mischief charges.

Comment: This after the FBI said that reports of extremists starting the fires in Oregon were untrue. Why are arrests happening if the fires aren't the result of arson?

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'My child thought we were all going to die from Covid'

anxious child school
© Phil Boorman/Cultura RF
Children feel a lot of pressure not to put their families' lives at risk due to Covid.
When a child at school tested positive for Covid, one mother did not foresee the emotional toll the incident would have on her son

The text message arrived at 9.30am last Friday: "A child in the class has tested positive for Covid-19. Please come and collect your own child immediately."

Six days into the start of term, it was the news every parent at the North London primary school had been dreading. But one of them, a mother-of-four whose son was among those sent home when his Year Four "bubble" shut down, did not foresee the emotional toll the incident would take on him.

"He had been sitting next to the infected child on Monday and Tuesday, until the school sent [the child] home coughing. My son was sobbing when he came out of school, and saying 'you're all going to die because I'm going to catch coronavirus and pass it to you and daddy, and it will all be my fault!'

Comment: The 'Covid generation' is likely to be the most psychologically messed up of any in recent memory. Well done, government.

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Chinese defector virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan publishes report claiming COVID-19 was made in a lab (UPDATE)

Dr. Li Meng-Yan
© Fox News
Dr Li Meng-Yan has published her claims the coronavirus came from a military lab in China in a new report.
A virologist who fled China after studying the early outbreak of COVID-19 has published a new report claiming the coronavirus likely came from a lab.

Doctor Li-Meng Yan, a scientist who studied some of the available data on COVID-19 has published her claims on Zenodo, an open access digital platform. She wrote that she believed COVID-19 could have been "conveniently created" within a lab setting over a period of just six months, and "SARS-CoV-2 shows biological characteristics that are inconsistent with a naturally occurring, zoonotic virus".

Early reports of the origin of the coronavirus, or "spillover event", were that the virus jumped from animal to human within a wet market in the Chinese city of Wuhan sometime in late 2019.

Comment: More from the National Pulse:
The report opens by stating the common perception that the virus is natural "lacks substantial support" from a scientific perspective.

Dr. Yan appeared on The National Pulse show with Raheem Kassam last week to discuss the publication of the report. It is now available to read, below:

UPDATE: Is the study fake? See: Steve Bannon is behind bogus study that China created COVID

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