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Tue, 18 Jan 2022
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Producer prices grew record 9.7 percent in 2021

A worker at a GM factory

A worker at a GM factory
Producer prices rose 9.7 percent in 2021, according to data released Thursday by the Labor Department, the fastest calendar year increase on record.

The producer price index (PPI) for final demand, which tracks prices charged for goods and services that are not a part of other products, rose nearly 10 percent last year as a sharp economic rebound strained supply chains. The increase marks the fastest annual jump in the PPI since the Labor Department began compiling the data in 2010.

Even so, the PPI rose just 0.2 percent in December on a seasonally adjusted basis. Economists expected the PPI to increase 0.4 percent last month after a 1 percent jump in November. The PPI for final demand minus food, energy and trade services, also known as "core PPI," rose 0.4 percent in December, in line with economists' expectations.
"Despite annual figures that are tracking at historic highs, moderation in the monthly data supports our view that producer prices will gradually descend as 2022 progresses, especially in the second half of the year," wrote Mahir Rasheed, U.S. economist at Oxford Economics, in a Thursday analysis.

Comment: While the PTB played fake pandemic, trying to gain total control of every aspect of out lives and their attempt to install totalitarian rule over the whole planet, they disrupted the main supply chains.

The only gains from the insane anti-corona fascistic measures is the people's mental health and impending economic dissaster.

Have they done it on purpose, or it is a symptom of a rotten and faulty system by design that is rapidly dying?

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Thousands march in Brussels against 'draconian and irrational' covid rules

Brussels protest
© Nicolas Maeteerlinck/Belga/AFP/Getty Images
Brussels Protest
A rally against COVID restrictions in Brussels attracted thousands of participants on Sunday, many of whom called for Belgium's government to repeal the country's various COVID cert requirements.

"Samen voor Vrijheid" ('Together for Freedom'), the organisation behind the rally, had called on "anyone who senses that something is not right" to attend the protest.

According to a report by the Brussels Times, police put the number of attendees at the rally at around 5,000, though organisers reportedly cited a larger figure of 25,000.

Romanian MEP Cristian Terheș, who spoke to those gathered at the event, told Breitbart London that protesters had gathered in order to oppose legislation in place across Europe. He told Breitbart London:
"I spoke to a large, peaceful crowd in Brussels zealously committed to bodily autonomy and personal freedom, and who clearly want an end to draconian and irrational lockdown measures imposed by corrupt and power hunger governments all across Europe."
Terheș went on to criticise a previous call by the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, for discussions regarding the possibility of mandatory vaccination across the bloc, a suggested decried at the time as the "Chinafication of Europe".

Terheș told this publication:
"The call from European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for a discussion on mandatory vaccination shows that the EU is led by extremists and dangerous enemies of freedom and human rights. The power-hungry bureaucrats of the EU have now turned against personal freedom on medical matters as well as the democratic independence of national sovereign states. The good news is that the Europeans are waking up and are opposing the eurocrats on both counts."

Light Saber

Take your jabs and shove 'em: Supreme Court blocks Biden vaccine mandate for businesses, backs health-care worker rule

vaccine mandate protester
A lone protester stands outside the U.S. Supreme Court as it hears arguments against the Biden administration's nationwide vaccine-or-testing COVID-19 mandates, in Washington, January 7, 2022.
The mandate required that workers at businesses with 100 or more employees must get vaccinated or submit a negative Covid test weekly to enter the workplace. It also required unvaccinated workers to wear masks indoors at work.

OSHA, which polices workplace safety for the Labor Department, issued the mandates under its emergency power established by Congress. OSHA can shortcut the normal rulemaking process, which can take years, if the Labor secretary determines a new workplace safety standard is necessary to protect workers from a grave danger.

The Biden administration argued before the high court Friday that the rules were necessary to address the "grave danger" posed by the Covid pandemic. Liberal justices, clearly sympathetic to the government's position, highlighted the devastating death toll from the pandemic and the unprecedented wave of infection rolling across the nation due to the omicron variant.

But the court's 6-3 conservative majority expressed deep skepticism about the federal government's move.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, said during arguments that he thinks it's hard to argue that the 1970 law governing OSHA "gives free reign to the agencies to enact such broad regulation."

Comment: However, the Supreme Court has upheld the equally unconstitutional vax mandate for healthcare workers:
But the court ruled in a 5-4 vote in favor of upholding the vaccine mandate for health care workers, which applies to the more than 17 million people across around 76,000 facilities that participate in Medicare and Medicaid. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh joined the liberal justices in the majority.
This bring the US broadly in line with the EU, incidentally, where the vax is mandatory for healthcare workers. All march forward in lockstep...

Cell Phone

Pegasus spyware used in 'jaw-dropping' phone hacks on El Salvador journalists

Nayib Bukele
© Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele in January.
Dozens of journalists and human rights defenders in El Salvador have been subjected to "jaw-dropping" phone hacks using the Pegasus spyware allegedly deployed by governments around the world against dissidents, reporters, diplomats and members of the clergy, according to internet security researchers.

Reporting on its latest findings about the use of the Israeli firm NSO Group's spyware, the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab said it had identified a Pegasus operator working almost exclusively in El Salvador in early 2020.

Citizen Lab found that 35 journalists and civil society activists had been targeted over a 16-month period that coincided with their investigations into allegations that the government of President Nayib Bukele was negotiating a pact with El Salvador's street gangs to reduce violence and win their electoral support.

The news comes two months after the Biden administration put NSO Group on a US blacklist after determining the spyware company had acted "contrary to the foreign policy and national security interests of the US".

Although the researchers could not conclusively link the hacks to Bukele's government, the report said "the strong country-specific focus of the infections suggests that this is very likely".

Bad Guys

Pfizer CEO: COVID-19 could be 'controlled' by annual vaccines, pills to treat

pfizer vaccine
© Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images
The CEO of the first company to win approval for a COVID-19 vaccine said Monday that he hopes the virus will be "controlled" by annual vaccinations and pills to treat illness when people get sick.

Albert Bourla, head of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, said on CNBC that annual COVID shots could become the norm, just like yearly flu shots.

"We will have perfectly normal lives, with just injection maybe once a year. And the pill in case we are sick will make it more flu like rather than life-threatening disease," he said. But Bourla added: "Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection, if any."

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Pfizer's COVID treatment pill late last year, but so far it is not widely available.

Red Pill

People 'governed by fear,' says Man Utd legend as he brings up Bill Gates in Covid comments

Patrice Evra
© Getty Images for Amazon Prime
Ex-Manchester United defensive stalwart Patrick Evra has made an appearance on French television where he brought up Bill Gates and questioned the narrative surrounding Covid-19.

Retired since 2018, the 40-year-old Evra is best known these days for bizarre Monday Motivation social media posts made to 9 million followers on Instagram, which are finished by his catchphrase "I love this game".

On Thursday afternoon, though, Evra grabbed headlines for a TV appearance in France where he first defended the rights of people not to be vaccinated then went on a rant that included a mention of Microsoft mogul Gates.

"At the moment I think we are talking too much about this Covid," Evra told BFM TV.


NCAA caves: Athletes who have had Covid will be considered 'fully vaccinated' - new guidelines

march madness covid cancel basketball
© Yahoo! Sports
The NCAA recognizes natural immunity. Here's what it means.

The NCAA on Thursday released its new COVID-19 guidance for winter sports, and the guidance contains some important news.

As ESPN reports, the NCAA's COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group updated its definition of "fully vaccinated" to account for various new vaccinations, boosters, and immunity factors.

"Fully vaccinated individuals now include those within two months of receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, five months of receiving the Pfizer vaccine series or six months of receiving the Moderna vaccine series;" reports ESPN staff writer Jeff Borzello, "and individuals who are beyond the aforementioned timeline and have received the booster vaccine."


Canada drops vaccine mandate for its truckers after pressure from industry

Canada will allow unvaccinated Canadian truckers to cross in from the United States, reversing a decision requiring all truckers to be inoculated against the coronavirus, Canada's border agency said on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had faced pressure from the main opposition party and trucking lobby to drop the vaccine mandate for truckers, due to come into force on Saturday, saying it could result in driver shortages, disrupt trade and drive up inflation.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said that unvaccinated, or partially vaccinated Canadian truck drivers arriving at the U.S.-Canada border will remain exempt from pre-arrival, arrival and post-arrival testing and quarantine requirements.

However, truckers from the United States will still need to be vaccinated or they will be turned back at the border from Jan. 15, a CBSA spokesperson said.

Light Sabers

Tulsi Gabbard rips Joe Biden for 'divisive' voting rights speech

biden and gabbard
© AFP / Sean Rayford
Ex-presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has called out President Joe Biden for delivering what she described as a shockingly divisive speech on voting rights, and even some close allies in the Senate admit he went "too far."

Gabbard, an outspoken critic of the president before she dropped out of the 2020 primary and traded in her distaste for the career politician for a guarded endorsement, has renewed her criticism of Biden, accusing him via Twitter on Wednesday of smearing his ideological opponents as "domestic enemies, traitors, and racists."

The former Hawaii congresswoman argued that Biden's speech in Georgia on Tuesday was even worse in terms of dividing the American people than the words of failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who infamously said in 2016 that half of Trump's supporters were "a basket of deplorables," which some suggested helped deliver the vote to Donald Trump by alienating potential swing-state voters. Clinton has since said she regrets using the term, which some Trump supporters took on as a badge of pride.

Eye 1

The disturbing truth: How porn can fuel sex trafficking

porn child trafficking
It was 21 days after "Jane Doe's" 22nd birthday when she boarded a flight to San Diego that, unbeknownst to her, would change her life forever. That day, she would become one of hundreds of young women who had been filmed for GirlsDoPorn, a wildly popular porn production company which garnered well over a billion views,1 ranking around the 20th most popular channel on Pornhub,2 and reportedly generating an estimated $17 million dollars in revenue.3 But what most of GirlsDoPorn's millions of viewers did not realize was that Jane — and many other women involved with GirlsDoPorn — was actually a victim of sex trafficking.

See, Jane never agreed to do porn at all.4 She had flown to San Diego to participate in what she was told would be a fitness modeling job. But when she arrived, she was met by several men who took her phone, intimidated her into signing a contract she wasn't allowed to read, plied her with drugs and alcohol, and trapped her in a hotel room where they told her she would be filmed for a porn video. Even after she tried to run away, the men physically forced her to comply. With no way out, Jane was violently raped on camera for over 6 hours.

The nearly hour-long video of her abuse was then released on the GirlsDoPorn website and published on nearly every major porn site,5 even using her full legal name in the title.6 When Jane first learned that videos of her rape had been published, she ran to the bathroom and was violently sick.

Comment: Fight the New Drug has a wealth of information on their website and medium page that is well worth checking out.

While some countries move towards controlling access to porn, and card companies like MasterCard announced new rules for banks processing credit card payments to pornography websites, Fight the New Drug argues that bans "tend to add fuel to the flame by making the illegal substance or activity illicitly attractive. A much more effective way to decrease the demand for pornography is to make people aware of its unfortunate reality."

They summed up their thoughts on banning porn below:
Bottom line: we aren't here to bully lawmakers into outlawing porn, we're here to get to the deeper source of the issue and educate people on the very real harms of porn, and then let them decide for themselves. Because someone deciding against something freely is much more effective than forcing someone to do something they don't agree with.

Fight the New Drug believes that if people truly understood how pornography can negatively affect the consumer, relationships, and society, and understood the often exploitative ways the industry operates, they would choose for themselves not to support or engage with porn.
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