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Tue, 18 Jan 2022
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Soft-on-crime Los Angeles DA ripped after child molester faces little or no time

© Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images
LA District Attorney George Gascón slammed by critics
Los Angeles' top prosecutor is under fire for allowing a transgender woman who sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl as a minor to face a no-jail wrist-slap sentence.

Hannah Tubbs, now 26, pleaded guilty to attacking the girl in a women's bathroom at a Denny's restaurant in 2014, two weeks before she turned 18, the Los Angeles Times reported.

LA District Attorney George Gascón filed charges against Tubbs in early 2020, not long after taking office. But the progressive DA has refused to try juveniles as adults, citing studies that show adolescent brains aren't fully developed until age 25 and claiming that young offenders can be rehabilitated in juvenile facilities.

At a hearing on December 14, the victim provided a written statement to the judge and was read out loud in court. She asked the judge to impose a sentence that Tubbs "deserved."


Ashli Babbitt's shooter admitted he didn't know if she was a threat, but was cleared without criminal investigation

© Screenshot
Capitol Police Officer Lt. Michael Byrd
Lt. Michael Byrd, the Capitol Police Officer and the House Chamber Commander on the day of the January 6 riots, admitted that he did not know how much of a threat unarmed rioter Ashli Babbitt posed when he shot and killed her.

During his interview with NBC, Byrd had disclosed how much he didn't know about the potential threat, despite a number of officers observing the developments in the corridor.
"I didn't even know it was a female. Until hours, way later. Sometime later on that night, before I even found out that it was a female. And because the call of 'shots fired' had went out, you know, it was later I found out that the subject did not have a weapon. But there was no way to know that at that time."

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Cell Phone

Returning travelers made to hand over phones and passcodes to Australian Border Force

Border check
© Carolyn Kaster/AP/Getty Images/KJN
Australian Border Security
A man who was forced to hand over his phone and passcode to Australian Border Force after returning to Sydney from holiday has labelled the tactic "an absolute gross violation of privacy", as tech advocates call for transparency and stronger privacy protections for people's devices as they enter the country.

Software developer James and his partner returned from a 10-day holiday in Fiji earlier this month and were stopped by border force officials at Sydney airport. They were taken aside, and after emptying their suitcases, an official asked them to write their phone passcodes on a piece of paper, before taking their phones into another room.

It was half an hour before their phones were returned, and they were allowed to leave. James initially posted about his ordeal on Reddit.

"We weren't informed why they wanted to look at the phones. We were told nothing," he told Guardian Australia.
"Who knows what they're taking out of it? With your phone and your passcode they have everything, access to your entire email history, saved passwords, banking, Medicare, myGov. There's just so much scope."
James said he has no idea what officials looked at, whether a copy of any of the data was made, where it would be stored and who would have access to it. "It's an absolute gross violation of privacy."

Comment: Honoring personal rights has become a slippery slope, a commitment Australia seems eager to let slide.

Star of David

Israeli trash is poisoning Palestinians in the West Bank

Burning trash
© Unknown
Israeli trash: Smoldering remains of appliances set on fire to extract the metal inside the Palestinian town of Beit Awwa.
The Times of Israel recently reported on what sounds like a complicated story of environmental pollution and cancer in an area near the West Bank city of Hebron. The tragic issue can be boiled down to one main reason: Israel's brutal occupation.

The pollution comes from the burning of discarded electronic equipment, or e-waste, most of it smuggled out of Israel by companies trying to reduce disposal costs. In an area where the average day labor wage is about $35 a day, Palestinians can earn double that by dismantling and reselling Israeli trash. But It's possible to pull in $160 a day burning the plastic coating off electronic cables to get the copper inside.

The clouds of black smoke from the process have resulted in soaring cancer rates. A woman whose home is in range of the smoke said, "There isn't a house on our street without someone who's had cancer or passed away." Her own four-year-old son has leukemia.


Smoking gun: Autopsy confirms 26-year-old's death from myocarditis directly caused by third Pfizer jab

joseph keating pfizer vaccine death myocarditis
© Courtesy of the family
Joseph Keating
In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Joseph Keating's mother said her son's only warning signs were fatigue, muscle soreness and an increased heart rate, yet an autopsy confirmed he died of myocarditis directly caused by Pfizer's COVID vaccine.

A 26-year-old South Dakota man who died Nov. 12, 2021, of myocarditis — four days after his booster dose of Pfizer's COVID vaccine — had no idea he was experiencing a rare and supposedly "mild" heart problem after the shot.

Joseph Keating's only warning signs were fatigue, muscle soreness and an increased heart rate, family members said.

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Joseph's father, mother and sister said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not investigated Joseph's death.

The CDC also did not contact the pathologist who performed the autopsy or request the documents which confirmed Joseph's death was caused by the Pfizer vaccine.

Comment: With the amount of data that has been accumulated on the effects of the mRNA jab on children and young adults, both anecdotally and officially, there is no excuse for another death. The risk of the jab far outweighs any risk from a jacked-up flu, that is even now fading in lethality.


Union Pacific slams LA DA Gascon for 'social justice' crime policies that lead to freight train thefts

union boss trains robbed los angeles
© The Post Millennial
After it was revealed that freight cars in Los Angeles train yards have been repeatedly ransacked, with the contents, primarily packages, discarded for miles along the tracks, Union Pacific (UP) blamed the catch-and-release policies of leftist prosecutors in LA. The losses in 2021 account for "approximately $5 million in claims, losses, and damages to UP," not including costs to customers.

In a letter to LA District Attorney George Gascon, Union Pacific's Adrian Guerrero said that in LA, "Criminals are caught and arrested, turned over to local authorities for booking, arraigned before the local courts, charges are reduced to a misdemeanor or petty offense, and the criminal is released after paying a nominal fine." Gascon faces a recall effort as well as no-confidence votes from local leaders.

Comment: Los Angeles cargo trains repeatedly looted, tracks littered with Amazon packages

George Gascon's tenure as Los Angeles DA has been an unqualified disaster for the city. As George Soros intended.

Light Saber

Family Of Amazon driver killed when tornado hit Edwardsville warehouse files lawsuit

roof collapse amazon warehouse illinois tornado 2021
© Drone Base / Reuters
The site of a roof collapse at an Amazon.com distribution center on on Dec. 11, 2021, a day after a series of tornadoes in Edwardsville, Ill.
The family of an Amazon delivery driver who was killed when a tornado hit a warehouse in downstate Edwardsville last month has filed a lawsuit against the online retail giant.

Attorneys with Chicago-based Clifford Law Offices filed the lawsuit on Monday in Madison County Circuit Court, on behalf of the family of 26-year-old Austin McEwen, one of six workers who were killed when an EF-3 tornado hit the 1.1-million-square-foot Amazon delivery depot in Edwardsville on Dec. 10.

As CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reported, McEwen's parents accuse Amazon of putting profits over safety, and accuse the company of failing to protect its employees in the new lawsuit.

McEwen tried riding out the storm in a bathroom.

Brick Wall

Mass Formation Psychosis: Poll finds close to half of Democratic voters want COVID internment camps for the unvaccinated

© nito100 / Getty Images
Majority want unvaxxed locked in their homes, close to half want people jailed for questioning jabs

A national poll has found that forty-five percent of likely Democratic voters would be ok with the government "requiring citizens to temporarily live in designated facilities or locations if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine."

The figure was registered by Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute, which also found that a MAJORITY "Fifty-nine percent of Democratic voters would favor a government policy requiring that citizens remain confined to their homes at all times, except for emergencies, if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine."

The survey also found that 48 percent of Democratic voters "think federal and state governments should be able to fine or imprison individuals who publicly question the efficacy of the existing COVID-19 vaccines on social media, television, radio, or in online or digital publications."

Comment: This totalitarian group-think has clearly been induced by the egregious rhetoric of (mostly) Western leaders whose malevolent messaging has been broadcast and amplified to become a part of the non-thinking thinking of authoritarian followers. Mass Formation Psychosis indeed! And now a good portion of the public appears to be quite willing to see greater and more horrible injustices done to their fellow citizens...

When have we seen this before??

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Epic street art mocking Biden and Fauci's COVID mandates appear in DC

anti covid art biden fauci
© Twitter/ @LeighWolf
Four Communist-style posters featuring images of Biden and Fauci with mocking messages of COVID-19 mandate compliance appeared across Washington, D.C., over the weekend.

Photos and videos of the life-size posters have now taken social media by storm, with thousands of people sharing the posts.

Twitter account @LeighWolf snapped photos of the posters taped to the outside of a building on N St. NE, just south of New York Avenue, after leaving a coffee shop Saturday.

Black Magic

Covid kills poor as rich get richer - report

Africa classroom
© Luke Dray/Getty Images
Oxfam says that the poor have died from vaccine inequality and a lack of access to treatment

Oxfam, a charity confederation, has said that while the wealth of the world's top 10 richest people has doubled during the pandemic, the poor around the globe continue to suffer due to a dearth of vaccines and treatment.

In a report published on Monday, Oxfam claimed that a 99% windfall tax on the pandemic gains of the world's 10 richest men would raise enough money to pay for vaccines for everyone on the planet.
"A 99% one-off windfall tax on the Covid-19 wealth gains of the 10 richest men alone would generate $812bn," the report states, noting these 10 men have six times more money than the poorest 3.1 billion people.

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