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Mon, 25 Jan 2021
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Sweden's per capita deaths in line with the European average in 2020

sweden deaths 2020
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Severe restrictions on civic and economic life are the only thing standing between us and the virus spiralling out of control and killing many times more people than at present. That is the foundational belief of lockdownism. Unfortunately, it is defeated by the example of any country or state that does not impose such restrictions and does not experience such an outcome. A number of states in America fit this description this winter, such as Florida, Texas, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Sweden is the main example in Europe. It is also a good comparison for the UK as it is similarly urbanised (actually slightly more, 87.7% vs 83.4%) and the capital Stockholm has a similar population density to London.

In the spring Sweden imposed only light restrictions, including a limit of 50 on public gatherings, but did not at any point close businesses or most schools or require people to stay at home. This light-touch approach has largely continued, although the country has come under huge pressure to impose more restrictive measures.


Protesters detained at rallies in support of jailed opposition figure Alexey Navalny in Russia's Far East and Siberia

© Mikhail Sokolov/RFE/RL.jpg
Alexey Navalny
Supporters of the prominent Russia anti-corruption campaigner, and Moscow protest leader, Alexey Navalny have staged unsanctioned rallies in the eastern part of Russia. Further gatherings are expected in Moscow and other cities.

Around 250 people have rallied at a central square in the large Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk, according to the mayor's office. The protesters demand that Navalny be released. The numbers are low compared to last year's marches in support of former local governor Sergey Furgal, from the nationalist LDPR part, which attracted up to between 50,000 and 60,000 participants.

Comment: Moscow is also experiencing protest rallies demanding the release of Navalny:
The Ministry of Internal Affairs claims only 4,000 have turned out to support the anti-corruption campaigner. However, eye witnesses suggest the numbers are considerably higher, with the Reuters news agency offering a figure of 40,000. Reports suggest hundreds have already been taken into custody.

Navalny's wife Yulia Navalnaya was arrested at a demonstration in Moscow:

The liberal-leaning Echo of Moscow radio station reported on Saturday that Navalnaya had been detained on Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street in the capital's Central Administrative District. Video circulated by eyewitnesses purports to show her being loaded into a police truck.
Vladivostok had tensions running high and crowd participants became violent:
A crowd tried to stop the officers from dragging a detained protester to a police bus. Several men punched an officer in the head. Some officers lost their headgear in the struggle, and other torn off items of uniforms were seen lying on the pavement.
Vladivostok uprising
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Biden voters already regret their vote

© YouTube/The White House
President Joe Biden, Inaugural Address
Biden voters are realizing they have been conned. Text message conversations shared on Twitter show their feelings of betrayal.

Comment: Buyer's remorse is setting in...unfortunately the clock can't be turned back nor the 'goods' returned for a refund. Never fear. Biden will wear out soon and his replacement will be the next installment bent on the demise of America, the land of the greed, home of the betrayed.


Mayoral hopeful Andrew Yang polarizes public opinion claiming NYC 'needs' vaccine passports to reboot economy

Andrew Yang
© Reuters/Mike Segar
New York mayoral candidate Andrew Yang
Businessman turned-politician Andrew Yang has called for New York City to adopt a digital certificate showing proof of Covid-19 vaccination. Social media reactions highlight the double-edged nature of the proposal.

Yang, who announced his candidacy for New York City mayor last month, told CBS News that even with the rollout of vaccines, many people will still feel uncomfortable patronizing bars, restaurants, and other venues that have been struggling to survive following months of coronavirus restrictions. According to the entrepreneur, who rose to national prominence during his unsuccessful bid to become the Democratic presidential nominee, a new form of medical ID would help give people peace of mind and "speed up" the Big Apple's economic rebound.

"One way we can accelerate that process is by having a vaccine passport that you can have on your smartphone," Yang said. "You can just very quickly demonstrate that you've been vaccinated and you can go into that restaurant or venue and then take your mask off and literally breathe easier knowing that everyone there has been vaccinated."

Comment: The massive covid campaign is a cover for a more invasive and game-changing mind disease to disable society and increase control. No vaccination will mitigate these symptoms.

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33 missing children rescued in Los Angeles trafficking operation

FBI lead board
© File/Getty Images
A massive operation involving multiple law enforcement agencies resulted in the recovery of nearly three dozen missing children, including several who had been sexually exploited, authorities said.

One person suspected of human trafficking was arrested on state charges, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said Friday in a press release. Details of the arrest were not immediately available.

"Operation Lost Angels" began on Jan. 11 during Human Trafficking Awareness Month. The FBI said 33 children were rescued, including eight who were being sexually exploited at the time of recovery.

Several of the other victims had been sexually exploited in the past and were "considered vulnerable missing children," according to authorities. Two of the victims had been recovered multiple times while at a location known for commercial sex trafficking. The FBI said it's not uncommon for victims to return on their own or by force or threats.
"This harmful cycle highlights the challenges victims face and those faced by law enforcement when attempting to keep victims from returning to an abusive situation. Victims may not self-identify as being trafficked or may not even realize they're being trafficked."

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'Stripped to the bone': Israel advances plan to cut off Palestinian suburb from Jerusalem

Issam Faroun
© MEE/Qassam Muaddi
Issam Faroun pointing to a 1930s panoramic photo of Aizarya
Vehicles move slowly a few metres down the crowded main street of Aizarya, a Palestinian suburb east of Jerusalem, before stopping again.

Islam Rabea, a 23-year-old minibus driver, pulls on the handbrake and begins musing again. "This town is more crowded than a can of tuna fish," he says. "There's one entrance, which is also the only exit, and I drive people to it back and forth all day."

Aizarya's only route to the outside world is to the east via an Israeli-built road, facing the entrance of Maale Adumim, the largest illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank, built almost entirely on lands belonging to the Palestinian town.

To the west is Abu Dis, another Jerusalem suburb flanked by Israel's separation wall, which forces all Abu Dis's traffic to pass through Aizarya and exit east.

Last week, however, the Israeli government approved a project that would build extensive new sections of its separation wall around Aizarya's north and east, severing it from the Israeli road and direct route to Jerusalem it has enjoyed for centuries, which now would be only accessible to Israeli settlers.


Another one: Californian dies hours after getting COVID-19 vaccine, prompting probe

COVID Vaccines
© Harvard University
The person who tested positive for coronavirus in December had been vaccinated just hours before their Jan. 21, 2021 death.
A California resident who was vaccinated against COVID-19 died just hours later — and authorities are trying to find out why.

The Placer County Sheriff's Office announced the death and the investigation Saturday in a Facebook post, but gave few details.

The county, which is in the greater Sacramento area, was "recently notified" of the person's death, the police said.

Comment: More information from CBS Sacramento:
News of a death hours after the vaccine prompted question and concern from some Californians like Britni Tucker.

"I'm really relying on the vaccine to cure this pandemic. Because I have a 9-month old daughter I'm trying to protect," Tucker said. "Now I think it's something I should definitely put more research into."

Others, like Eric Parra of Auburn, say they never planned to get it in the first place.

"This was rushed just so fast," Parra said. "I'm not getting it myself only until I can see it works after some time."

CBS13 spoke with infectious disease expert Dr. Dean Blumberg from UC Davis, to ask some general questions about the safety measures about the vaccine, as he is unfamiliar with this particular case.

"All the health care professionals are making sure to report any concerning adverse events following immunization, even if it's not related - just to pick up any kind of signal," Dr. Blumberg said.

Earlier in the week, a batch of Moderna vaccines were pulled from use in the state, after some people felt sick after receiving the vaccine. That batch has since been cleared for approval and returned to use. It's unclear which vaccine was used in this particular Placer County case.

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Russian police investigate riot cop filmed kicking woman amid Navalny protests, US police SUV ploughs through troublemakers in Tacoma

russia riot police
© Olga Maltseva / AFP
Riot police stand in formation during protests in St. Petersburg, January 23, 2021.
Officials are looking into a viral video of a Russian police officer kicking a woman to the ground amid unsanctioned Navalny protests in St. Petersburg. A local police chief reportedly apologized to the victim.

"We are studying this video," a spokesperson for St. Petersburg police, Vyacheslav Stepchenko, told the Russian RBC news channel.

A short statement on a local police authority's website said that a probe has been launched in relation to "an incident involving a woman and a police officer" that had occurred at the same location where the video was made.

A short clip, that caused outrage on social media, shows a woman approaching three officers in riot gear who are escorting a detained man. The woman asks: "Why did you grab him?" An officer responds by immediately kicking the woman in the stomach, knocking her to the ground.

Comment: See also: "Just like in Ukraine and Belarus": TikTok condemned by Russian parents association over calls for youth to attend Navalny protests


Not needed anymore? Seattle police and city attorney FINALLY take hardline stance against Antifa

seattle riots
© Ted S. Warren / AP
Construction site burns near King County Juvenile Detention Center, Seattle, USA, July 25, 2020.
As Antifa militants take to Seattle's streets on a near-daily basis following the inauguration of President Joe Biden, the city's police and Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes are responding with a promise to bring the hammer down on violent protesters.

In an announcement on Saturday, the city's interim police Chief Adrian Diaz announced that his department is coordinating with the city attorney to enact a strict new policy to arrest and prosecute protesters who destroy property during street demonstrations.

Diaz said that the new enforcement policy will take effect this Saturday, when a demonstration has been planned for Occidental Square. Prosecutions will increase under the new order.



Jabs for cash suggest US politician

Jabs for Cash
© Medscape
A Republican - of course - has floated the idea of paying people to receive the Holy Jab. Or rather, to not pay those who don't receive it.

Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers announced the other day that he wants Uncle Joe to dole out $1,400 in "stimulus" payments to Americans - but only on condition that they receive the Holy Anointing, the shot with more risk of "adverse impacts" to healthy people than the virus that doesn't kill 99.8-something percent of them.

This will, of course, scale.

Many people - leery of the Holy Needling or simply uninterested in receiving it because they do not need it - will likely decline the $1,400 if it comes at the price of having to extend their arms and let who-knows-what be injected into their bodies, with the consequences of that being entirely their problem as the vaccine-pushers have been immunized from liability for the harm they cause by the government they have turned into their bought-and-paid-for poodle.

$1,400 is not worth your life, after all. It is hardly worth one month's rent.

But what happens when the government decrees that government benefits such as Social Security and Medicare - or even the tax refund the government owes you - are henceforth contingent upon being Needled?

What if you cannot get or renew a driver's license - or a business license - without first getting Jabbed?